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Department of Teacher Education & Learning Sciences

Elementary Education Program

Formal Observation Reflection

Directions: Complete the reflection questions and submit your response to your observer prior to having a post-
conference to discuss the observation. If a conference is held immediately after the observation you will submit
your responses to the observer the following day via email.

Name: Delaina Hawkins Date: October 2, 2017

1. To what extent were learning outcomes appropriate and achievable to your students?
The learning outcomes were appropriate and achievable, as they were based on the grades
level standard for social studies.

2. How effective were your instructional strategies? What changes would you make in
your instructional approaches if you taught this lesson again? Why?
I believe that my instructional strategies were effective, however, to make this lesson better I
would allow more time. I would also be sure to go more in depth with the instructions while I
still had all of their attention. (Explaining the worksheet and the steps to follow)

3. Evaluate the effectiveness of your oral and written communication with students.
(Consider how well you communicated learning objectives, clarity of directions, use of standard English, quality of
questions and effectiveness of discussion techniques.)
Students knew that they were going to be learning about budgeting for the lesson. We defined
as a class some key vocabulary that was needed at the beginning that we needed to be able
to talk about budgeting. I could have asked for questions at better times so that all students
could benefit from the questions that were being asked.

4. Evaluate the level of student engagement in your lesson. (Consider how you presented the
content/skills, the activities and assignments for students, grouping of students, and structure and pacing of the
The students were very engaged and were making lots of connections. They seemed to really
enjoy the real-life scenario and being able to have choices. The students were all conversing
with one another about the topic.

5. How effectively did you use instructional materials, resources, and/or technology?
I used the large screen at the front of the class to display and accompany my lesson. Students
also all had their own individual worksheets to keep them actively paying attention and on

6. To what extent were your assessment strategies effective? What changes would you
make in your assessment approach if you taught this lesson again? Why?
It was difficult to gage where students were at throughout the lesson. I wanted to
ensure that they were given enough time to compute but didn't get too chatty and off
task. In the future I would circulate the room more to keep tabs on where everyone is
and how they are doing. I plan to gather the worksheet later to gain further insight into
the success of the lesson.
7. To what extent was your feedback to students accurate, substantive, constructive,
specific, and/or timely?
I tried to be specific in what I really appreciated in their responses and to pull that out and
confirm why it was a good idea or example. I also tried to further probe students and have
them think of their own ideas for why something happened.
8. To what extent did the classroom management and environment contribute to student
learning? (Consider your classroom procedures, your use of physical space, and the students conduct.)
I feel like I need to utilize a few more classroom management techniques, especially ones for
particular students. I do not think my lack of diverse classroom management techniques
negatively effected the learning environment, but had I done more it defiantly could have
improved it.
9. Did you make modifications to your lesson plan during the lesson? If so, what were
they and what motivated these changes?
Yes, I had to leave out the art integration section in order to have some closure to the lesson before we
ran out of time.
10. Was your Teaching Behavior Focus goal met?
I believe at the beginning of the lesson I did a good job with wait time, but at the end
when I was trying to quickly wrap up the lesson I may have not done as well with the
wait time.