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Activity Two: Planning for/Developing Routines and Procedures

Plan the routines for one of your classes. The activity expects that you will teach the class. It may be a class that you teach for an observation
by your MST/MCT or just a practice class that you teach with the permission of your MST. The lesson can be incorporated as one of your
formal observations if your MST/MCT decides. In order to complete the activity you are required (whether the lesson is one of your formal
observations or not) to fill in and submit the planning sheet below.
Before you begin to complete the table talk a little bit about the class/lesson in which this plan for routines is to be used. Include:

Lesson objectives
Main activities in the lesson
Grouping of students during each main activity
Behaviour expected during each activity (e.g. sharing resources; changing stations; presenting)
Where are the transitions in the lesson? What are they: (e.g. moving from plenary to group work between main activity one and main
activity two)

Class/Year Routine Routine Routine

Learning Objective of the Follow, To be quiet and organize in class. Routine: is remember the class room
routine/procedure respond rules, and to learn children to keep their
(what it hopes to achieve) and place clean. When they are using the
respect the clean-up, when they sit in circle area,
classroom activity. Make the transition line-up
rules. when they move from one area to
another, when they have break time
and lunch duty.
Anecdotal Evidence
(e.g. pictures of your class during the
routine; posters of rules etc.)

Place in todays class (when will you In the The children do their activity that
perform the routine) circle time, teacher require from them in their
the centers.
what they
learn to do
today and
explain the
activity in
this place.
Importance to the smooth functioning To keep
of todays class children,
and what
should do
after this
How well did this routine work in Those are the daily routine the
todays class children do with the teacher each
day, so I help them to be organize
and know what should do after
this part.
If you had to teach this class over, how I would keep remember children
would you adjust this routine and why about this routine to saved and do
it every days.