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Thank God!
Here is a Method,
that Ensures
You Speak
Meaningful We live in an impatient world. Who has the time to
patiently listen to other persons utterings, and to
English, decipher its meanings? If the first sentence is not
exciting, most people close their ears, and start
Confidently thinking something else!

On the Spot! Companies expect their future employees to speak

with confidence, poise and style while responding
on the spot. It is imperative to match the English
Surprisingly, more and more people ruin their level that the job demands. If not, they even start
career just because of one reason: They are not suspecting the validity of his/her BEs, MBAs, and
able to respond in English On The Spot! all those certifications he/she amassed over years!

One might be confident about his grammar skills. Responding smartly on the spot is a mental habit.

However, studies say, over 98% of the candidates And, those acquired this habit attract success.

falter when the pressure is up and the heat is on! Like car driving or swimming, the ability to speak

Result? He reveals his worst, instead of English convincingly on the spot is a cognitive skill

showcasing his best! that can be acquired only through special efforts.

All ordinary spoken English classes fail. But you

You may have all the proper degrees, book
need not fail. Benefit from the research by a 52
knowledge and the technical expertise. But, how
member team of global professionals to ensure
do you speak to people when you know that there
you speak on the spot & secure a bright future!
is no second chance?
Listen to Experts. Youll Come to Know Why Do Ordinary Spoken English Classes Fail?

Experts Advice-1: Experts Advice-2:

Out of the four language skills, People do not learn the pieces of
Speaking is considered as the most the language and then put them
essential skill to be mastered. together to make conversations.
t he Oral language is a powerful learning
Speaking is Speaking is Instead, infants acquiring their first
tool, which Shapes, Modifies,
basis for learned through language, and people acquiring
! Extends and Organizes thought. second language learn the
all learning Speaking Only!
components of the language
Oral language is the foundation of all through meaningful interaction
language development and therefore with other people.
the foundation of all learning. It is
the basis for the other language - (Ellis,1990; Gass,1997; And
strands like Listening, Reading & Larsen-Freeman & Long, 1991)

- Martin Bygate (1987, Oxford)

How does ordinary Classes use this advice? They How does ordinary Classes use this advice? They
ignore! Because they dont see oral language as a ignore! Because they think as student learns grammar
learning tool (path). They see it as a destination. rules and build vocabulary, he/she start speaking
automatically start speaking.
Speaking is the last priority. They focus on reading.
Listening and writing. On most occasions, in spoken They also believe, when students learn more and
English classes' there is no time for speaking. more grammar, they start speaking more fluently.

Experts Advice-3: Experts Advice-4:

Reduce teaching speaking time in Students are fed up with
class while increasing student meaningless communication
speaking time. Step back and lessons in classrooms.
observe students.
We Need Content M
ust For instance, "A traditional
Actionable Do not correct students Motivate classroom exchange in which one
Feedbacks! pronunciation mistakes very often Inspire student asks Where's the
while they are speaking. (Correction library? and another student
should not distract student from answers It's on Green Street,
his/her speech). opposite the bank, when they
can both see the answer, is not
Provide timely, factual, and much like real communication".
convincing feedbacks that is
actionable. - (Harmer, 2001, p. 85)
- Hayriye Kayi (2006)

How does ordinary Classes use this advice? They How does ordinary Classes use this advice? They
know but they ignore! Because their methods of ignore! The contents they use in the class room doesnt
teaching cant motivate a student to stand up and ask a excite anybody. Students refuse to own it as they are
question or make a comment. sure such words dont bring them to limelight. They
The teacher ends up doing all the speaking. Teacher lose trust the class. They dont return to the class.
condemn students for their inability to speak English Stupid methods: Stage managed skits, dramas Five-
even after all my hard work. No actionable minute mock interview by a familiar person are
feedback. Students get frustrated and lose confidence. considered innovative ideas. But is of no use!

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Experts Advice-5:
Why SpeakEnglishGym is the
The ability to speak on the spot is the
Only Solution?
most crucial skill of the 21st century,
and performing under pressure is a Its Speaking Based: It ensures students speak from
moment of truth. In a professional the very first minute, thanks to Worlds first
Spoken English Simulator.
Under setting, everybody is talented.
re, However, ability to perform under
Pressu It Customizes Learning Paths: Personalization by
Spot! pressure is the real talent.
On the evaluating the short-comings in his/her speaking
Whenever there is something at stake, (content & style). Targeted, Focused learning!
you reveal yourself by how you
It Helps Learn through Ideas: Acquire
speak, think and act. Some people
Grammar-rules & Vocabulary through Meaningful
crumble under pressure. Others
Ideas. Because adults can acquire English skills
thrive under pressure. And, this skill
only through their favorite themes.
can be easily mastered.
Its Content is Original & Contemporary: Ready
- Hybel (2001)
to use lessons designed by a global team of industry
professionals after analyzing the contemporary
How does ordinary Classes use this advice? They social and business needs and requirements.
ignore!They think what and how a person talk is
linked to his/her command of domain knowledge. Its Original Interactive Software Excites, and
Challenges the Learner: Based on cognitive
They dont think that the development of answering
educational psychology. It seduces and motivates
reflex, the ability to think on ones feet, the ability to
the learner in every aspect - experiential learning!
deliver an articulated response on the spot etc are key
skills to be developed in verbal communication.
It Develops the Answering Reflex, And Help
Learners Realize Talking is Fun: The skills to
talk on the spot is built by creating realistic
conversational situations full of anxiety and tension
- any number of times!
Experts Advice-6:
The anxiety, nervous It Builds the Ability to Think on Ones Feet to
mannerisms, and unconscious Deliver Quick Meaningful Responses: Learners
glaze that come over many are put in the moment to face quick questions and
people when they are asked to formulate purposeful responses.

No Band-Aid speak are merely symptoms of a

deeper and more significant It Helps Fine-tune Body-language: We capture
Solution for the facial expressions, gestures and postures when
state of mind. The boil can be
Speaking! treated physically, but something the learner faces and undergoes tense/anxious
else is happening physiologically. situations. This is evaluated. It uses body-language
The boil is the effect, not the to enhance communication.
cause, which runs deeper than the It Ensures Timely, Factual, Actionable
external symptoms. Band-aid is Feedbacks: It is achieved through the Feedback
not the solution. module of the simulator, the learner gets timely,
- Kenneth Wydro pin-pointed feedbacks that he/she cant

How does ordinary Classes use this advice? They We dont leave you until you mastered the
ignore! For ordinary spoken English classes Band art! In SpeakEnglishGym, one can practice
Aid is the only solution. They treat the effect! realistic conversations any number of times,
They try hard to establish that mugging-up grammar
refer to sample answers, receive actionable
rules and vocabulary lists is the solution for feedbacks, implement them and try again
everything. If a student fights back and counters, Repeat the iterations until one mastered the
they are offered life membership to the institute! skill!

SpeakEnglishGym: Result of Eight Years of Research & Development

that Ensure You Outsmart Others
Spoken English Simulator Contextual Feedbacks
Over 300 sessions of 10 to 12 Ensure Actionable feedback
questions! Real interviewers ask that is factual, timely and
them at random! Real time convincing so that it triggers
capture for evaluation! focused learning.

CBI Methodology Refining of Body-language

Content-based Instruction - the We hate others just because of
only way for an adult to acquire their poor body-language.
Versatile Modules: superior English skills. However, are we aware of our
Customize Them for Customisation of Lessons body-language???
Makes leaning efficient. Ensure
Your Benefit! Faster learning, Longer retention
(More on

It is highly useful predominently in the following and Quicker recall.

two environments:
1. Occasions where it is imperative to respond
verbally in challenging environments. Enroll Today
2. When it is imperative to ensure faster Englsih
acquisition by precisely customising it for that
for a Better Tomorrow
Everybody has the will to win. But, only champions have the will to
Some of the applications include: practice. Speaking is a unique skill that needs to be made second
nature, or habit. Therefore, the need of the hour is to embrace a program
Spoken English Training
that is habit forming. Practice wont make you perfect. Only perfect
Executive Communication prtractice will make you perfect.

IELTS & Similar examinations Customizable to your present level and future ambitions.

GMAT/CAT Examinations Durations from 4 days full-time, to 2 months part-time.

Teacher Communication Magnifies your Technical/Managerial/HR skills On the Spot!

Sales Interactions Training Life Transforming Experience- Priceless gift to life!!!

Negotiations Visible, Demonstrable Improvements - Everyday!

Adding Value, that no college education will be able to add!

Innovative Programs for You! Success guarantee! Generations ahead of other programs!
> Smart English through Technology
Leads to Peak Performance! Industry and society crave for!
& Science.
> Smart Communication through
Management Ideas.
> Smart English through Success
Secrets Our programs and products have
ONE major idea and purpose behind it:
> Smart Communication through Wit
To ensure you professionally respond
& Wisdom smartly on the spot
High school level to GRE/GMAT level.
even when the stakes are very high &
there is no second chance!
Customizable. Over 24,000 example
sentences. Over 6000 audio sessions in
US/UK accents. Over 300 Interactive Tests.

(More on

The Power to Speak. On the Spot!

Developed based on Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Educational excellence and ISO-9000 quality systems at Oxford, England & Ann Arbor, Michigan, United
States. Patents applied for. Information in this brochure is for the Indian edition. To ensure your installation, contact: Espoir Technologies Private
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