The word mission, heard thousands of times in life making its affiliation with the action flick since childhood. Never thought that we ourselves would be in the action in creating a mission. Our aim in this project is to form a mission statement for our conceptual organization. Inspired by an old adage that says “If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else.” Keeping these words in mind we plan to form a business of our own choice and give it a mission which is new and achievable. Work divided and focused we kick started the process of understanding the project requirements and the energy it will get. The following report will focus on the business we are starting and the mission statement of the same. The initial parts of the report talks about the mission as in what it is and what it serves for with some examples of the people who followed their mission and gained success in their life. Then we discuss the business we are planning to start and the mission of the business followed by the interviews of the sage people in the particular business. The essential part will begin with the SWOT analysis of the business. The last part comprise of the probable strategies for future pursuits. The first thought that came to our mind was food, the thing three of us live for. So based on the love we consider starting a fast food business and for that we worked diligently. At first we decided cuisine, thinking something unique we went for Mexican fast food. The main fast food will be tacos. The restaurant will be launched at local level and will be based in Karachi at the initial working. The name of the restaurant will be “TIDBIT-O-TACO.”

organization. So in the following paragraphs we will discuss the overall gist of the research carried to define mission statement. What is Mission statement? • Mission statement is a key statement which identifies the prime values of our organization. or group. whereas business strategies and practices may frequently be altered to adapt to the changing circumstances. Mission to dictionary has approximately about five to six meanings and organization apart. Wikitionary • Written declaration of a firm's core purpose and focus which normally remain unchanged.UNDERSTANDING MISSION: The research for the term to be understood went by days and nights. BNET • • A declaration of the general objectives and principles of operation of an organization. Business Dictionary . • A mission statement is a brief statement of the purpose of a company. A short memorable statement of the reasons for the existence of an organization business dictionary.

First the small one… • 1. the mission statement should ensure the customer satisfaction & to upload the interest of shareholders." She started her company with only a million 15 years back but according to 2007 report she has $39. We have a way of going after the client we want. Mission statement act as an umbrella for the organization. If you can't live by your mission statement. I see that they don't have a strategic plan. one very large and one comparatively small. Running the organization without any mission statement is very risky and the organization could collapse at any time. then there's no reason for you to even be in the business. owned by woman named Naheed Syed. I see all kinds of entrepreneurs around me. what are the responsibilities of the organization toward these clients & what are the main objectives supporting the company in accomplishing its mission. Mission statement explains the purpose of existence of the company.. sometimes struggle to write a mission statement.Importance of mission statement: Every company needs one. both new and existing. It depicts the company’s philosophies. The name of the company is Global Resource Management Inc. for avoiding all the future problems. or articles of incorporation. staff augmentation and applications development (onshore/offshore) company. The elements which normally should be present in the mission statement are the purpose and values of the organization. The company situated in Suwannee. Examples providing evidence for the importance of mission statements for an organization : There are two examples of two organization. It is a step which should be taken before starting any organization. Sometimes organization use mission statement to attract customers. They don't know who they want to go after and why. but the basic intention behind making mission statement is to aware the people about their work. She says "We live by our mission statement. A business is not defined by its name. She comments on the importance of mission statement in her business. It is defined by the mission. . which provides Global IT consulting.9 million. under which all the work is done. statutes. The important point is that. A mission statement can be a very strong motivational statement for staff and employees and can also be a strong marketing and branding tool to customers. Many companies. Georgia. goals. ambitions and mores.

for that they need to form a strategy. no matter how good it sounds in theory. and the world’s knowledge. It’s a mission and strategy that not only governs our big picture in terms of where we want to go. It is a key statement that facilitates planned strategic mission. everything organization does is the direct reflection of its mission statement. and a clear sense of where we want to go in place. As I’m sure you’d agree. In short.2. Who when met with situation of re-organizing the company looked up to their mission statement and made changes with respect to the same. any strategy. but also our day-to-day in terms of how we’re going to get there. at the end of the day. creating value for our customers. Second example comes from a very famous search engine and email service provider Yahoo. EVP of Yahoo! Network Division. ” Since then Yahoo! Has not only produced innovative Communications products such as Mail and Messenger but also Community and Social Media properties including Groups. Flickr and Bix. and making this strategy a reality. new Search products including Web Search and Answers. the Media properties comprising of News & Information and Entertainment business units. Jeff Weiner. commented that “So. our attention is now very much focused on connecting the dots.” So there it is: our corporate mission as a strategic framework for the Network Division. what’s the rationale behind putting all of these assets under one roof? The answer to that question lies no further than our mission statement: “To connect people to their passions. Why it is necessary? . communities. It is a tool in helping one to stay focused so that one achieves the preferred future identified. They wanted to introduce the new products in the process. With the re-org now behind us. is only as valuable as its ability to be executed.

and 33% failing by the time the businesses cross their tenth year. a recent report states that “With 40% of small businesses failing between the first and fifth years of inception. It’s just like preparing yourself for future aspects (all kind of aspects. What we think: The mission is any thing that can be viewed as the roadmap. mission statement is necessary to make your company unique among all others. For example. the lack of a well-written (and well communicated) mission statement is one of the foremost causes of small business failure. 27% failing between the sixth and tenth year. positive or negative). . The organization states it to be focused and commissioned to overall promise. You have to be the best in your business and cannot be one among the many.” Mission statement makes an organization far better than other organizations having no mission statement. That makes them professional in their work and keeps striving for the change.Simply.

We seek for success while satisfying the needs for fast food and to give people scintillating experience. with customer satisfaction and excellent quality.MISSION STATEMENT FOR TIDBIT-O-TACO “We want to give everybody a chance to live life as Mexican once in a week.” . Our top priority will be low cost food.

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