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+Muscles or +Agility
Violence is exactly what it sounds like: trying
BASIC MOVES Read a Person +Drama
When you read a person in a charged interac-
to hurt or kill people. The stat you roll depends
on how youre going about it. If its up close,
+ stat tion, roll +Drama.
On a 10+, hold 3.
with a melee weapon or fisticuffs, roll +Muscle. On a 7-9, hold 1. While youre interacting
If its from a distance, with guns, bows, bazoo- Love Scene +Magnetism Stunts +Muscles or +Agility with him or her, spend your hold to ask their
kas, grenades, or anything else of that ilk, roll When you have a love scene with someone, PC When you perform a badass stunt, roll either +Agili- player questions, 1 for 1:
+Agility. or NPC, roll +Magnetism. ty or +Muscles, depending on the type of stunt. is your character telling the truth?
On a 10+, choose three. On a 10+, choose two. On a 10+, you do the cool stunt you were whats your character really feeling?
Inflict terrible harm (+1 harm) On a 7-9, choose only one. attempting and you feel like a total badass do- what does your character intend to do?
The target drops something +1 when you protect or help your lover ing it. Take +1 forward. You may pass this +1 what does your character wish Id do?
The target is knocked down for the rest of the film forward to one of the other PCs instead if you how could I get your character to __?
You make a mess (-messy) Your head is clear for days; +1 for the scene. can work them into the stunt.
Something explodes (-loud) The head of your lover is clear for days; On a 7-9, the stunt is successful. Take +1 for-
You hit a whole bunch of people (-area) he or she takes +1 for the scene. ward. However, youve left yourself in a precar- Camaraderie Move
You can escape or close in Your lover will die during the course of ious position; choose one below. When you attempt to draw on the strength of
On a 7-9, choose one. the movie. When he or she does, you On a miss, choose one: your fellowship to accomplish great feats: Roll
You inflict harm but you take some, too. may invoke the Vengeance move just as You fall 2d6 and add +Camaraderie:
You inflict harm but are driven back. though a fellow PC had died. You lose something On a 10+, pick two:
You inflict harm but a friend is hurt Your lover will show up during a mo- You leave something behind On a 7-9, pick one:
badly in the fight. ment of danger to provide critical aid. You hurt yourself (1 harm) Heal one level of harm
On a miss, The Director may use your lover The Director makes a move against you. Find an awesome new weapon for the
to complicate your life in the near future. It duration of the movie
Getting What You Want +Magnetism may be that he or she is captured. He or she Read a Situation +Swagger Do an extra level of harm to the films
Manipulate someone in order to get something. may betray you. Maybe its just a quick death. When you read a charged situation, roll +Swag- Villain
On a 10+ You get what you want and its bet- Whatever it is, you will take -1 for the scene ger. If you succeed, you ask the Director ques- Get inspired by your friends. Hold one
ter than you expected. If used against a PC, he from the stress it causes when it happens. tions. When you act on one of the Directors to make a future roll an automatic 10+
or she can refuse but takes a -1 forward until
answers, take +1 forward. The characters gain a great insight into
he or she gives in.
On a 10+, ask 3: their friendship and themselves. Give
On a 7-9 Get what you want but it comes Killer One Liner +Swagger
On a 7-9, ask 1: all the PCs one XP and lower Camara-
with an added cost. A PC can outright refuse. When you deliver an awesome one liner or
wheres my best escape route / way in / derie by -3 (to a minimum of -3).
On a miss, youve managed to infuriate catchphrase roll +Swagger.
way past? On a miss, pick one:
someone. The Director may make an appro- On a 10+, your line is hilarious, well-timed,
which enemy is most vulnerable to me? Lower Camaraderie by a further -1.
priate move against you. and cutting. Choose one:
which enemy is the biggest threat? Automatically fail your next roll in your
Take +1 forward to your next roll.
what should I be on the lookout for? primary stat.
Emote +Drama Your buddies are impressed. +1 to Camaraderie
whats my enemys true position? GM makes an immediate move against
Pick an emotion to convey via speech or physical On a 7-9, as above, but also pick one of the
whos in control here? one of your compatriots (not you!)
movement. When you display that emotion in following
A fight breaks out immediately between
a melodramatic fashion, roll +Drama. Someone is enraged and immediately
you and one of the other PCs.
On a 10+, as below and you take +1 forward attacks you. Vengeance
when acting on your emotions, as well. Someone you care about is hurt. When a PC dies, the Vengeance move gives
On a 7-9, choose a PC or NPC to witness The comment slows an action scene you a special hold. You may spend this hold
to your emotional display. He or she feels the down (and not in a good way). to get an automatic 10+ on a Combat or Stunt
same emotion as you. It is up to the Director On a miss, the line falls flat. Take -1 forward move provided it is done in direct pursuit of
to decide how the witness reacts. If a PC acts as youre rattled by how lame your line was. avenging your comrades death. If more than
on the emotion, he or she takes +1 forward The Director may make a move against you. one PC dies, you still only get one Vengeance
On a miss, the rawness of your emotions has move per movie. Use it wisely.
exhausted you. Take -1 forward.

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