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NH RYE FLASHER WARNING-SOT VO Duration: 0:48 NH RYE FLASHER WARNING-SOT VO [Anchor:ED] (“ED***) Police are still searching for a man who DISTURBED kids at a New Hampshire State Park. TTAKE voyr**yo***} info Bar\ \ \ SEARCH FOR FLASHER IN RYE CONTINUES The popular Wallis Sands State Park in Rye now under watch after a man EXPOSED himself to three young girls Tuesday. The girls were playing in the tide pools when the suspect pulled down his pants. They ran to parents who called police. The man took off. the girls said he was a middle-aged white man with a green tattoo on his left arm. (TAKE: SHOT CHANGE} (TAKE SOT INCUE: "I have a 12 year old” OUTCUE: "not sending her, its scary TO: 0:07 DURATION.0:07]***SOT FULL**} [Duration:0:07] [TAKE: CONT VOK*"* CONT VO**} Police also said he was wearing a white shirt and black shorts at the time. They are asking for any help in identifying the suspect. | "Printed:6/15/2016 18:14 by News Intern Page 1