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E7 TAXI TV-ON CAM Duration: 0:57 Topical Bug and Live Option Hi, I'm ‘ ITAKE Vol*yorty An EXPLOSION of dirty water in Brockton! Awater main erupted shooting water and rocks FORTY feet into the air. It took crews an hour to stop the water. The cause? The weight of trucks on the pipes as fresh asphalt was put down. ITAKE Voy"yor™} Tom Brady not ready to give up his fight! The team asked a federal appeals court in New York to rehear the case. New papers filed show that the last ruling has NO scientific proof! Brady's four-game suspension was reinstated last month by a three-judge panel. The papers also say the Patriots "strongly believe" no one touched the footballs at the 2015 AFC Championship. [TAKE Voys*yor} So you think YOU'RE athletic? Check out this SIX-MONTH-OLD water skier from Florida! Zyla now holds the record for the world's youngest water skier! Just this week she was on the water going over 200 yards! [TAKE: on cam] Keep up with the latest news, day or night, anywhere in the world. Log onto WCVB dot com, or download our mobile app. Vm Printed:5/25/2016 17:23 by News Intern Page 1