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C3 CHESTNUT HILL BIRTH 911 CALLS-SOT VO 1_ Duration: 1: ‘CHESTNUT HILL BIRTH 911 CALLS-SOT VO 1.mxf [Anchor MARIA] Tonight, we're hearing the phone call to the dispatcher as a woman gives birth in a PARKING LOT His careful coaching made sure the baby was safe. TAKE: DIzz} [TAKE SOT OUTCUE: water just broke DURATION:0:09](**SOT FULL"*+} SOT of screams 911 call Kevin Donovan/Dispatcher asks: "Is your daughter breathing right now?" Mother of woman in labor: "Yes, the water just broke.” ITAKE Voy") info Bar\ \ \ DISPATCHER DELIVERS BABY OVER PHONE Kevin Donovan has been working as a dispatcher for 6 years. but this was a FIRST for him Friday momning he received a call from the parking lot of this shopping center in Chestnut Hill. He led THE MOTHER of the woman in labor through the delivery By the time police arrived the action was already over and the baby GIRL was safe and sound. [TAKE: SHOT CHANGE OUTCUE: smoothly DURATION:0:08]{*"*SOT FULL"*} Clip 16 at 27:42-27:48 Kevin Donovan/Newton Dispatcher says: "It doesn't happen every was kind of crazy, but I'm happy it went smoothly. It was a good outcome." [TAKE: CONT VO}*VO"**} Newton Police said thanks to dispatchers like Kevin who stay calm during these calls. Printed:6/7/2016 19:05 by News Intern Page 1