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DORCHESTER SHOOTING VICTIM FUNERAL-SOT vo 3 Duration: 0:34 [Anchor MARIA] {**MARIA"**} A final goodbye to a beloved teen. (TAKE SOTI{***SOT FULL***} <0075/33:43 nats of music/singing inside funeral> [TAKE: CONT VOK***CONT VO} Loved ones filled a church in Dorchester to remember Raekwon Brown. The 17-year-old was Killed in a shooting outside his high school last week. Brown's family is hoping change will follow his death. Religious leaders spoke about an end to violence in the community. [TAKE: SHOT CHANGE] [TAKE SOT INCUE: "what I'm saying..." OUTCUE: ...folks alone.applause" To: 0:08 DURATION:0:08)(***SOT FULL**} <***75/13:49 Pastor: what I'm saying to you, is if you're a gang banger - play the game with people that want to play the game, and leave innocent folks alone. APPLAUSE> [TAKE: CONT VO]"**VO™} Three other people were injured in the shooting. No arrests have been made. DORCHESTER SHOOTING VICTIM FUNERAL-SOT VO | Printed:6/16/2016 21:31 by News Intern Page 1