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_ABBOTT DONATES PROSTHETIC-VO Duration: 0: [Anchor MARIAK**MARIA"*} A third-grader from Beverly... who's faced pain NO nine-year-old should... is enjoying life again. (Anchor ED ED") And it's thanks to local students and Marathon Bombing survivor Heather Abbot. [TAKE VO] -info Bar\ \ \ BEVERLY 9-YEAR-OLD GETS NEW LEG FROM LOCAL STUDENTS Swapna Oslund was born without part of her foot, enduring over 18 surgeries in her short lifetime She's worn through 5 prosthetic feet over the years.... Needing a better solution And she got one from Heather Abbot. She told students at Blake Middle School in Medfield to read a book about a high school runner who lost a limb... And that’s when kids decided to raise the money, with events like this, to get ‘Swapna the leg she needed... (TAKE: Dz} [TAKE SOT OUTCUE: my new running leg DURATION:0:071¢**SOT FULL") TAKE: CONT VOI**CONT VO"} The prosthetic leg that WOULD have cost 20 thousand bucks... is giving ‘Swapna priceless joy. Printed:6/2/2016 20:12 by News Intern - Page 1