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ED 345 Calvin College Teacher Intern Formal Observation Report R.

Posthumus, Supervisor
Teacher Intern: Abby Dykema Date: Observation #
Mentor Teacher: Time of Observation: Approx. time spent planning this lesson:
Grade Level: 3 Subject/ Topic: Math
[*Sections denoted with * are for supervisors use only.]


Main Focus: Assessment of strategies learned
Brief Context: Students will take a short test that asks basic fact questions, word problems, and for the
students to explain the strategy they use and how they use it
Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills: Multiplication facts and strategies
Objectives: [Indicate connections to applicable national or state standards.]
Students will demonstrate understanding of multiplication facts
Students will be able to share and explain a multiplication strategy
Students will be able to apply multiplication strategies through word problems
Assessment: [Formative and Summative]
Formative: Observation of flashcards & multiplication station
Summative: Test
Worldview Integration:
Instructional Resources:
Multiplication Station Worksheets

Universal Design for Learning Networks/Domains (see UDL Guidelines )

Multiple Means of Multiple Means of Expression Multiple Means of Engagement
Options for Perception Options for action/interaction Options for recruiting interest
Students have the opportunity to Students have the option of
move around the room and work working on multiplication station
with peers on assignments or completing a color by
multiplication worksheet

Options for Language/Symbols Options for Expression Options for Sustaining Effort &
Students will be able to write their Students will write out their work Persistence
answers and thoughts down. as well as explain how they got Students have the option of
their answers working on multiplication station
or completing a color by
multiplication worksheet
Students will play a game with
Options for Comprehension Options for Executive Function Options for Self-Regulation
Students will apply and explain Students will continue
learned strategies multiplication and document their

* Supervisors Comments:
COVENANT MANAGEMENT: Relationship & community building (Note any specific ways in which you plan
to build or strengthen relationships and community student-student & teacher - student.)
Students will work with peers for help and support. Teacher will walk around and guide and prompt as

CONDUCT MANAGEMENT: (Behavioral expectations, strategies to encourage self regulation, etc.)

Identify at least 2 ways you will gain whole group attention:
I will remind students of the expectations of participating in class activities/discussions
I will ask students to repeat answers and explanations
Strategies you intend to use to redirect individual students:
If students are distracting one another, I will move them to an assigned seat

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Note any specific ways you will use the environment to contribute to the
Students must take the test at their desks. Students may move around the room to complete assignments
and handouts.
*Supervisors Comments:

Motivation/Opening/Intro: [Think creatively about how to engage your students into the content.]
1. Instruct students to take out their flashcards
a. Put a timer on the board for 30 seconds
2. Have students work with their table partners
a. Explain that they are going to quiz their partner to see how many flashcards they can get done
in 30 seconds
3. Do this 4 times so that each student gets a chance to go 2 times
Development: [It may help to number your steps with corresponding times.]
1. Explain that I have a short test
a. Students should work by themselves to complete it
b. If they come across a question that they are unsure about, let them skip it and come back to it
c. Explain that there is a question asking for a student to explain a multiplication strategy
d. When they finish, instruct students to keep working on their multiplication station worksheets
2. Handout test
a. Walk around and answer any questions the students might have
3. When all students have finished the test:
a. Handout the color by multiplication worksheet
b. Allow students to complete this around the room with peers
1. If there is extra time:
a. Have students play a multiplication by 5s game
i. They will use the same cards as they used previously for the 2s game
ii. This time they must multiply by 5
iii. Put the game board and game chips on the front table

*Supervisors Comments: (Communication with students, questioning strategies, student engagement,

assessment in instruction, flexibility & responsiveness)
CANDIDATE NOTED EVIDENCE OF PROFESSIONALISM: Please note recent evidence of your efforts as
a professional.

Confidence/Teacher Presence:
Enthusiasm/ Energy Conveyed:
Pace & Flow:
Professional Appearance:

*Supervisors Summary Comments:



What about your lesson went especially well? What evidence is there to support this?
What might you re-consider if teaching this lesson again? Why?