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I am Uatu, known to denizens of Earth teach them how to control and use the minds of many non-mutants.
and the cosmos as a Watcher. My life their mutant powers. The X-Men were During this time, the Morlocks, a
has been dedicated to observing the also formed to counter evil mutants community of mutants living in the
events unfolding around me without and super-powered villains who sewers of New York, were discovered
interfering with the natural course of began to menace humanity. by Mister Sinister. A mysterious man
fate. One group of interest to me is In the early years, the X-Men whose nature and motives are
the race of humanity called Homo witnessed the emergence of many currently unknown. Sinister sent his
Sapiens Superior, also known as foes to their cause: Juggernaut, the assassins, the Marauders, to murder
mutants. Sentinels, Magneto, and the the Morlocks. In an ensuing fight,
Mutants have run the gamut from Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, to name Colossus, Shadowcat, and
being superheroes to being one of the but a few. As time went on, the team Nightcrawler were severely injured
world's greatest problems. Currently, spent more time fighting against these and replaced on the team by
humans are extremely distrustful of super-powered foes and less time on Longshot, Psylocke, Dazzler, and
mutants, and even the heroes their studies. Havok. During this assault, the X-
themselves are split as to how to While investigating reports of a Men's base (Professor Xavier's
handle the public's reaction to their mutant on a South Sea island, the Academy for Gifted Youngsters) was
powers and freedom. group was kidnapped by Krakoa, the also destroyed. Because of this, the
In the following pages, you'll find my living island. Krakoa, with its need to X-Men became a less structured band
Chronicles on the time from the aptly- feed upon life energy and mutant of heroes, moving around more often,
named Fall of the Mutants to the powers, sent Cyclops back to bring unable to find a safe haven. Then the
recent Mutant Genesis detailed for mutants for the island to feed on. Fall of the Mutants came and the
your edification. Learn well the In response to this threat, Prof. X team would never be the same again.
lessons contained herein as not to and Cyclops gathered together a new After the collapse of the old X-Men,
repeat the mistakes of heroes past. team of mutants to rescue the old Professor X started a new team of
In this section, you'll find a brief team. The new team consisted of mutants called the New Mutants. The
history of the Marvel mutants leading Storm, Thunderbird, Nightcrawler, team was designed to train the youths
up to the Fall of the Mutants where a Colossus, Sunfire, Banshee, and in the use of their newfound powers.
more detailed history starts. For more Wolverine. They rescued the old X- This idyllic situation lasted for a while,
information about this time in the Men, and later, all of the older but the reality of the world eventually
mutants' lives, see The UNCANNY X- members left the team save Cyclops. intruded upon the young pupils. The
MEN Special! Campaign Set. Sunfire also returned to his native first major blow to the team occurred
The X-Men were the first organized land rather than join the new team. when Prof. X left the school and
group of mutant heroes. They were With this band of mutants appointed former villain Magneto as
brought together by Professor Charles experienced in the use of their their new headmaster. Magneto tried
Xavier under the auspices of powers, the team's focus shifted to to manage the children, but failed
Professor Xavier's Academy for Gifted primarily a heroic one, dedicated to miserably in this role. Magma returned
Youngsters. Professor X, as he protecting humans and mutants from to her homeland and Karma went to
became known, was a mutant with forces threatening them. Team Madripoor. During the months leading
telepathic abilities. He gathered members came and went through the up to the Fall of the Mutants, the New
together Cyclops, Marvel Girl, the years. As the X-Men changed, so too Mutants were a very fractured team
Beast, Iceman, and the Angel in order changed the world. As time went on, with the worse still to come.
to public opinion of mutants deteriorated.
Eventually, just being a mutant was
cause to be suspect in
The original X-Men, after working for
other teams or alone, came together
under the team name X-Factor. What
prompted the creation of this team
was the "resurrection" of Jean Grey.
After the death of Phoenix, Jean
continued to heal in the energy
cocoon where Phoenix had placed
her. When she was discovered and
reunited with her teammates, they
formed X-Factor.
The name and initial direction of X-
Factor was formulated by a college
friend of Angel, Cameron Hodge.
Unbeknownst to the team, Hodge
hated mutants. He suggested the
team become a civilian group of
mutant hunters. Hodge's stated goal
was to capture and train young
mutants whose powers were just
emerging. Though X-Factor did help
some mutants, the public's fears of
dangerous mutants were fuelled by X-
Factor's actions. Hodge manipulated
X-Factor's publicity to reflect
negatively on mutants and to whip up
anti-mutant hysteria.
There was internal strife in the group
as well. Though Cyclops and Jean
Grey had long been emotionally
involved, Cyclops didn't tell Marvel
Girl he was married until several
weeks after the team was formed. The
Beast reverted to his human form and
later, Angel's wings were amputated
due to serious injuries. At the same
time, Hodge leaked information that
Warren Worthington (Angel) was the
financial backer of X-Factor. The
Angel committed suicide and his
teammates mourned his death. The
Fall of the Mutants had just begun.
In the following pages, the recent Adversary. This world's use as a As a result of Adversary's
histories of each major heroic mutant prison was ironic for Forge and Storm machinations, time went crazy in
group are presented. This material because it met the dream they wanted Dallas. Dinosaurs and future men
was adapted from these Marvel most; to be alone together. walked the streets together. Chaos
comics: The Adversary soon took over the flourished as did Adversary's desire to
UNCANNY X-MEN 225-227 dwelling place of Roma. Roma, the bring about the victory of chaos over
X-FACTOR 24-26 Omniversal Guardian, was a captive order.
NEW MUTANTS 59-61 in her own Starlight Citadel. When In Dallas, Destiny encountered
Forge and Storm finally escaped from Colossus and was shocked to see
Fall of the Mutants their prison, with Storm's powers him. She claimed that he wasn't
rejuvenated, they joined Roma in her supposed to be there, that he wasn't
X-Men prison. in any of the futures she'd seen. Using
The X-men struggled to keep The X-Men consisted of Psylocke, her mental powers, Psylocke revealed
Charles Xavier's dream of peace Storm, Longshot, Rogue, Havok, the identity of the apparition who had
between Homo sapiens and Homo Wolverine, and Madelyne Pryor. prompted Colossus to rejoin the team:
sapiens Superior alive. The event Flying to Dallas to rescue Storm, they Roma. Colossus was Roma's wild
known as the Fall of the Mutants encounter the mutant group known as card to use against her enemy. After
signaled a change in the mutants' Freedom Force. these revelations, the X-Men fought
views of the world. Just before the Fall Originally made up of former mutant their way to the top of Eagle Plaza to
of the Mutants, the X-Men were very criminals, Freedom Force made a confront their destiny.
fragmented. The team was scattered deal with the United States Part of Eagle Plaza blew up, trapping
across the globe, busy following government to be their hired guns. the X-Men and a reporter in the
separate agendas. This Fall pulled Destiny (a mutant with the power to building. The reporter had a camera
mutants and humans together to see the future) had seen the X-Men's that transmitted the following events
honor the X-Men's sacrifice. death in a cataclysm at Eagle Plaza in for the whole world to see. Psylocke
The Fall of the Mutants began at the Dallas, Texas. Mystique (Rogue's sensed Storm and Forge in Roma's
Continental Divide in Yellowstone, adoptive mother and head of Freedom Citadel high above the Earth. The X-
Wyoming. Adversary (aka the Force) warned Rogue to stay away Men managed to get aboard the
Harbinger of Chaos or the Trickster) from Dallas, but the X-Men choose to Citadel with the aid of Longshot's luck.
disguised himself as Forge's old meet their fate. Using metal knives, Wolverine's claws
mentor, Naze. He tricked Storm into At Eagle Plaza, Forge's seat of and Colossus' metal body, the X-Men
stopping Forge from closing an mystic power, the X-Men were were able to injure the Adversary.
unnatural hole in reality that the stopped by the building's defenses. Rogue attacked Adversary next and
Adversary needed. After climbing a Freedom Force arrived and the two attempted to absorb Adversary's
mountain to reach Forge, Storm teams began to fight in the plaza. power, but only obtained the powers
stabbed him before realizing she'd Magik, the New Mutant sorceress, of Naze, the man Adversary had
been duped by the Adversary. was contacted by her brother taken over. Using Naze's knowledge
Together they jumped off of Forge's Colossus after he received a strange and mystic spells, Rogue opened a
mountain and disappeared into a visit from an unidentified apparition in dimensional portal to banish the
dazzling display of light. Scotland. She teleported him to Eagle Adversary from Earth. Adversary was
Expecting to die, Storm and Forge Plaza and Colossus' arrival helped the almost sucked into the trans-
instead found themselves in a unique X-Men battle Freedom Force to a dimensional gate but resisted its pull.
prison. They'd been sent into to a standstill.
perfect, uninhabited world by
Because of Adversary's battling and X-Factor villain. Joining with X-Factor, they
the power needed to resist the force For X-Factor, the Fall of the Mutants drove Apocalypse off. Apocalypse
of the portal, his power over Storm began when Apocalypse teleported took Caliban with him and left the ship
and Forge waned and they were them to his ship. X-Factor discovered in trade for the almost powerless
freed. Forge had the magical ability to his plans to cause a war between mutant.
shut the gate but he needed nine mutants and humans; he wanted a
souls for the spell to work. The X-Men final battle to determine which New Mutants
willingly gave up their lives so that "species" would survive. X-Factor For the members of the New
Adversary would be imprisoned fought the Horsemen of the Mutants, the Fall of the Mutants
forever. Apocalypse, holding their own until ended in tragedy. The New Mutants
To the benefit of Earth's mutants, another Horseman, Death, entered were captured by Dr. Animus due to
this drama was televised worldwide. the fray. Death was the Angel, their friendship with one of his
In England, Kitty Pryde lay recovering allegedly dead but now remade by creationsBird Boy. Commander
from wounds sustained on Muir Island Apocalypse into a metallic winged Hodge and the Right financed Animus
and she saw the entire X-Men machine of chaos, and he soon but grew suspicious of the doctor's
incident. Believing their teammates captured his former teammates. motives. Hodge visited the island
dead, Kitty Pryde and Kurt Wagner With X-Factor out of the way, the while the New Mutants were captives
were without a team. Captain Britain Four Horsemen were loosed upon and a fight erupted. In the melee,
also believed he'd lost his sister, New York City. Caliban, betraying X- Doug Ramsey (Cypher) was killed
Psylocke, in Dallas. Thus the "death" Factor, pledged himself to Apocalypse while protecting Rahne (Wolfsbane)
of the X-Men helped shape the group if he could gain great powers like from a hail of bullets.
which became known as Excalibur. those bestowed upon the Angel. Maddened by Doug's death, Magik
Back in Dallas, the reporter and During this exchange, the Beast and further lost control upon hearing of the
Forge were transported back to Earth Iceman managed to free X-Factor. X-Men's fate. She blamed Forge for
after Adversary was defeated. With Beast and Iceman stayed on the ship her brother's and the X-Men's deaths.
his involvement in the death of the X- to fight Apocalypse while Cyclops and Magik and the New Mutants went
Men, Forge was reviled by many, and Jean Grey went out to find and defeat after Forge, but encountered Freedom
Mystique in particular considered him the Horsemen. Force before they reached him.
a murderer, despite the fact that the With the help of Power Pack, Destiny had seen this event coming
X-Men gave themselves willingly to Cyclops and Jean successfully and was waiting for them.
save the rest of the world. stopped the Horsemen. On board Magik, after a battle with Freedom
Roma, stating that Adversary could Apocalypse's ship, the Beast Force, managed to teleport her friends
not be locked away forever, altered managed to disable the ship, causing and Forge to Limbo, where she nearly
his imprisonment to hold for mere it to appear above New York and killed him in revenge. She stayed her
centuries. By this action, she restored begin to fall toward the ground. The hand and allowed Forge to liveto
the X-Men to life and returned them to ship's descent was stopped by Jean live with what she believed was the
Earth, proclaiming them to be and Power Pack's Molecula. They guilt associated with his part in the
legends. The X-Men kept their guided the ship to the harbor safely death of the X-Men. This bloodthirsty
existence secret for a time, using their while the Horsemen returned to the side of Magik's personality was the
deaths to operate more effectively in ship and the battle continued. first sign of the Inferno that would
secret. During the fight, Death was duped strike the mutant groups next.
into believing he had killed Iceman.
Shocked, he broke Apocalypse's
conditioning and turned on the
Between Events 1 half-a-world away, the alien Brood
made landfall in the Rio Diablo
X-Men versus the Reavers mountains in New Mexico. They
When the X-Men returned to Earth began to consolidate their powers by
from Roma's home, they found taking over the local population.
themselves in Australia. There they The X-Men discovered the existence
encountered the Reavers, a group of of the Brood's nest on Earth and went
cyborg mercenaries, and Gateway, an to Denver to destroy them. During the
aborigine able to open a teleportation ensuing battle, the X-Men learned that
gate to anywhere in the universe. these Brood were mutants and
Inevitably, the X-Men and Reavers possessed extraordinary abilities
fought with the X-Men emerging beyond the normal Brood powers.
victorious. Finally, the team defeated the alien
After the battle, Roma appeared to invaders. During the fight, Havok was
the X-Men and gave them the Siege forced to kill two people who were
Perilous. Siege Perilous was a implanted by the Brood, which preyed
magical item which gave anyone on his conscience.
entering it a new start in life. Roma
told them that only the naked eye Genosha
could detect the X-Men now. No Genosha is an island nation, north of
electrical device could see them Madagascar, which uses
except for the sensors in their new manufactured mutates as slaves. The
home, the Reavers' old base. The following two incidents started the
team decided to remain in Australia chain of events leading to the
and set up their home in the Reavers' exposure of the existence of Genosha
old base. and their terrible policies. A mutate in
Upon further examination, they Genosha managed to smuggle a baby
discovered that the base's computer off the island before being killed by
was technically advanced, much more the mutant-hunting team known as the
so than they believed the Reavers' Magistrates.
capable of constructing. The X-Men The Press Gang, a group of mutant
theorized that the base may have Magistrates, tried to recapture another
been an old Sentinel Base, escaped mutantJennifer Ransome.
abandoned long ago. Longshot found They attacked her plane, being flown
a room where the Reavers stored all by Madelyne Pryor, when it landed at
their loot and felt compelled to return it a remote airstrip in Australia. Pryor
to its rightful owners. The X-Men, radioed to Rogue to help them, but
using Gateway's teleportation powers, the X-Men arrived too late. Ransome
gave all the bounty back to its rightful and Pryor were abducted and sent to
owners. Genosha by Pipeline, a man able to
reduce people into binary electronic
The Return of the Brood
At the same time the X-Men were
setting up camp in Australia,
impulses and send them through sawthe inhumanity being Phillip in order to help him escape, but
phone lines where they would be perpetrated upon the mutants in were recaptured when Phillip was
reintegrated on the other end. Genoshashe accomplished her observed on the security cameras. It
Using his tracking powers, Wolverine goal. appeared as though Phillip was
led the X-Men to a hospital where Meanwhile in Genosha, Rogue talking to thin air. The cameras
members of the Press Gang began to emotionally experience all couldn't detect Wolverine and Rogue.
continued with the second part of their the personalities of the people whose Because the Genoshans had
mission: to recapture the smuggled powers she'd absorbed. This imprisoned Rogue and Wolverine
baby. After an initial encounter, phenomena was caused by the loss of before, they knew the two mutants
Pipeline transmitted more Magistrates her powers which had protected her were invisible to electronic devices
in to help combat the X-Men. The X- from the psychic fallout of her mutant and sent out a detachment of guards
Men won, but not without casualties. ability. The most prominent to capture them.
Wolverine and Rogue were captured personality in Rogue's crowded mind Meanwhile, the X-Men had launched
and transmitted back to Genosha. was that of Carol Danvers, formerly an attack on Genosha to free their
In Genosha, Wolverine and Rogue Ms. Marvel. Danvers took over teammates. Back at the Citadel,
had their powers stripped by the Rogue's body with Rogue's consent. Rogue and Wolverine made a bid to
mutant Wipeout. They were then Using Danvers' extensive spy escape. About the same time, the rest
taken to the Citadel, the headquarters background, they broke out of the cell of the X-Men infiltrated the compound
of Genoshan State Security, and where they were being held. Once as well. The Magistrates were
imprisoned there. freed, she broke the ailing Wolverine defeated and Rogue and Wolverine
Once in Genosha, the mutants were out as well. Without his healing regained their powers when Psylocke
sent to the Genegineer whose job was powers, the wounds he'd sustained took over Wipeout and forced him to
to take mutants (and people with during the fight with the Press Gang reverse the effects of his power. The
latent mutant abilities) and manipulate had left him weak and unsteady. X-Men took Phillip Moreau and Jenny
their powers into avenues benefiting Wolverine and Rogue, disguised as Ransome with them so the former
the state of Genosha. These mutates Magistrates, escaped the Citadel and Genoshans could continue their battle
lost all sense of identity, were worked on a plan to escape from against the Genoshan government in
assigned numbers instead of names, Genosha. While plotting in a bar, they the international courts.
and were supposed to be totally saw the Genegineer's son get into a
subservient to their human masters. fight. As a result of the brawl, he was X-Factor
The Genegineer's son, Phillip Moreau, thrown onto the Mutie train, the In the aftermath of the Fall of the
rebelled when he discovered that his transportation to the Mutant Mutants, X-Factor helped the New
fiance, Jenny Ransome, possessed Settlement Zone where the mutates York City police save the lives of
latent mutant abilities and his father live. Wolverine and Rogue followed many citizens which helped to sooth
had transformed her into a mutate. because they admired the boy's anti-mutant feelings running rampant
Eventually, the X-Men teleported to attitude. At the camp, Phillip at the time. With the sacrifice of the X-
the jail where the members of the witnessed what actually happened to Men and the humanitarian work of X-
Press Gang were based. Psylocke the mutates when they went home Factor, mutants enjoyed much public
scanned a member of the group to each night. The camp was no better popularity. Unfortunately, it didn't last
find out where they were from and than a jail. It resembled a long.
what their mission was. Though concentration camp along the lines of X-Factor freed the mind of Ship from
violently repulsed by what she Aushwitz. the lock Apocalypse put on it. It
Wolverine and Rogue approached
was revealed that the Ship was a humans into revoking the Act with a child at the orphanage where Nanny
sentient being. Ship became a friend demonstration of what mutants could hid her Victims. A fight ensued
and basically another team member of really do. between the two members of X-Factor
X-Factor. The Beast recovered in time to help and Nanny, and she was battled to a
Infectia (a mutant who could impart his teammates battle the Alliance of standstill. In the midst of the fight the
temporary mutant strength and Evil. He was back to his old furry self servants of N'Astirh came and
disfigurement on humans and then and stronger than ever with his full grabbed as many of the mutant
control them) wanted to get onto Ship. intelligence intact. X-Factor had the children as possibleincluding
She tricked Iceman into saving her situation in hand when Freedom Nathan Christopher Summers.
from one of her own creations and Force arrived to mop things up. The Cyclops and Marvel Girl finally
falsely befriended him. Using some of Beast registered as a mutant since his stopped Nanny, but not in time to
her slaves, she managed to capture identity had become public rescue Christopher.
Iceman and was about to use her knowledge. The rest of the team
power on him when the Beast got in signed, but only under their code New Mutants and Gosamyr
the way and took the punishment names. Rusty Collins, who helped the During the interlude between The
intended for him. Infectia escaped and team subdue the Alliance, refused to Fall of the Mutants and Inferno, the
the Beast collapsed in Iceman's arms. sign what he called an "odious New Mutants had an adventure of
Because of Apocalypse, every time document." Instead he burned it in his their own. Lila Cheney (interstellar
the Beast used his strength his hands in defiance. thief, rock-star, and friend of the New
physical strength increased and his Cameron Hodge, who still alive Mutants) was kidnapped during a
intelligence decreased. Infectia's kiss though believed dead in a plane performance. During their search for
triggered an unexpected reaction in crash, made a deal with the evil Lila, the New Mutants encountered
the Beast's body prompting his creature known as N'Astirh. Hodge's the alien woman called Gosamyr.
teammates to ask Ship to strap him arrangement with the evil spirit was as She caused conflict between the
down in order to keep him from follows: In exchange for living forever, members of the team as they tried to
hurting himself and others. Hodge would provide the location of rescue Lila from Gosamyr's former
While he was restrained, the Beast mutant children for N'Astirh to use in master, Spyder. Gosamyr's race
went through many transformations opening a gateway between Earth caused men to be attracted to them
from human to furry and back again to and Limbo. and women to dislike them.
humangetting stronger each time. Archangel traced the disappearance Consequently, squabbling among the
He became so strong Ship was forced of Candy Southern, a former girlfriend team members increased. Finally, the
to keep increasing the strength of the who had disappeared, to the Right, a New Mutants freed Lila and escaped
bonds which held him. While this was group of mutant haters led by Spyder's clutches, only to find
occurring, the Alliance of Evil returned Cameron Hodge. Archangel fought his themselves embroiled in Inferno.
and began destroying parts of New way into the inner chamber where
York City to protest the Mutant Hodge had Candy strapped to a death
Registration Act. machine. Hodge killed her during the
The Mutant Registration Act was a battle to get revenge on Archangel.
government regulation forcing Cyclops' son, Nathan Christopher,
mutants to register with the disappeared. Jean Grey and Cyclops
government. The Alliance of Evil suspected that Nanny and the
believed they could intimidate Orphan-Maker had captured him and
started their search for the missing
Inferno Mutant Massacre. Havok and revealed that Madelyne was a clone
Inferno information is taken from the Madelyne became closer and it soon of Jean Grey he had created.
following issues: became apparent that some sort of Madelyne escaped the clutches of
UNCANNY X-MEN 239-243 influence was working on him. During Mister Sinister when he foolishly
X-FACTOR 37-39 their bargaining, N'Astirh insisted on underestimated her power.
NEW MUTANTS 71-73 calling Pryor the Goblin Queen. N'Astirh appeared with Nathan
X-TERMINATORS 1-4 Using the computer in the Australian Christopher Summers and gave the
EXCALIBUR 6, 7 base, Havok located the Marauders in child to Madelyne who was turning
the sewers of New York City and the into the Goblin Queen. X-Factor
Madelyne's Story X-Men teleported there. A fight fought Pryor and N'Astirh's servants,
The Inferno came about because of ensued during which the X-Men took but they were unable to wrest the
three factors: the scheming of N'Astirh no quarter. New York City was in the child from the Goblin Queen.
to open a gateway between Limbo throes of the Inferno in which the Under the influence of the Inferno, X-
and Earth; the emergence of the demons of Limbo, led by S'ym and Factor and the X-Men continued to
Darkchilde as the dominant entity in N'Astirh, began to invade the Earth. squabble and skirmish among
control of Magik, aka Illyana Rasputin; Pryor encountered Mister Sinister, themselves. In one of these fights,
and the plans Mister Sinister had for the leader of the Marauders, who Cyclops chose to save Jean Grey
Madelyne Pryor. claimed to be her father. They battled over Madelyne Pryor thereby
The first portent of the events to and during the fight, Madelynes only confirming to Madelyne her
come occurred at the X-Men's ally, N'Astirh, teleported away to take transformation into evil and
Australian base. During Madelyne care of other business of his own, transforming her completely the
Pryor's shift at the monitoring station, leaving her to the tender mercies of Goblin Queen. Havok joined
she saw Cyclops with Jean Grey on Mister Sinister. Madelyne and N'Astirh and was
one of the video displays. In a fit of The X-Men and Marauders renamed the Goblin Prince to bring
anger and jealousy, she punched the continued to fight in the City of the next step of the transformation
monitor. The screen exploded and Nightmares. Colossus learned that his spell to completion.
Pryor was knocked unconscious. sister, Magik, had been overthrown as Jean Grey sensed that Madelyne
While unconscious, she had a the leader of Limbo by S'ym and was going to sacrifice her son to
nightmare in which she made a deal N'Astirh. He discovered that S'ym and complete the spell, so the X-Men and
with the being known as N'Astirh. N'Astirh were planning to remake X-Factor launched an all-out assault
Pryor awoke and believed that this Earth into the image of Limbo and the against the Empire State Building.
bargain was a dream, but which was spell they were concocting would The combined teams destroyed
in reality a real agreement. center on the Empire State Building. N'Astirh, but at that point, the Goblin
The evil of Inferno began to take its Queen appeared and sent her
Prelude to Inferno affect on the X-Men, corrupting their demons against the mutants.
As time went on, it became apparent nature into something more evil than The combined teams battled the
that Madelyne Pryor held more power good. They began to quarrel among demons and Madelyne Pryor to
than she'd let on. In her pact with themselves and became selfish, to the rescue Christopher Summers and
N'Astirh, she obviously had the upper point of ignoring other people's close the gateway to Limbo.
position. She made this deal to suffering. In the end, the piece of Jean Grey's
recover her son and to gain revenge Meanwhile, Mister Sinister memory that the Phoenix stole and
on the Marauders for all the suffering gave to Madelyne was returned to its
they caused during the rightful owner and Jean gained both
Madelyne's and
the Phoenix's memories, making her The teams came together and put up New Mutants
whole. All the destruction wrecked a combined front against Mister When Magik tried to use her
upon New York City disappeared. Sinister and Malice. Psylocke teleportation disks to get the team
Madelyne was dead. Jean and coordinated the fight, but all these back home from Gosamyr's former
Nathan Christopher were alive. machinations were only diversionary master's ship, they ended up stranded
Just as New York City was returned tactics. The real fight was being in Limbo. Limbo, once Magik's
to normal and Madelyne was killed, fought between the captive Cyclops domain, was now controlled by her
Mister Sinister launched an attack and his brother, Havok. Cyclops had former servants S'ym and N'Astirh.
upon the mind of Jean Grey. He been chained by Mister Sinister Magik was able to get the team back
began destroying her newly-integrated because he feared the power of to New York, but was unable to shut
memories from inside. Psylocke took Cyclops eyebeams. Havok kept the gate behind her thereby allowing
the X-Men into Jean Grey's mind and blasting his brother, which could only the Inferno onto Earth.
fought Sinister on his own ground. annoy him because the brothers were Magik fought N'Astirh while the New
After he was beaten back the X-Men, immune to each other's powers. Mutants teamed up with the X-
in their real bodies, rushed to his Sinister kept taunting Cyclops to fight Terminators to shut the gate and
headquarters which turned out to be back until Cyclops saw Jean in rescue the people of New York City
Professor Xavier's old mansion. They danger. Enraged and fearful of Jean's against the invading demons. In the
fought, capturing Malice, then Sinister life, Cyclops' eye blasts destroyed end, Illyana, who had been
blew up the mansion to keep the X- Sinister with a single blast. transformed into the Darkchilde,
Men from learning anything from their renounced her Darkchilde persona in
captive. a choice of good over evil. She
restored New York City to normal as
she relinquished her Darkchilde
powers, appearing to perish in the
process. However, instead of dying,
she was reverted to the age she was
before Belasco had imprisoned her in
Limbo in the first place.
At the end of Inferno, the X-Men
returned to Australia. X-Factor, now
knew their friends the X-Men were
alive and with a psychically
reintegrated Jean Grey returned to
Ship. The New Mutants survived the
ordeal and brought the child Illyana
home. Gosamyr returned to space in
order to save the team from bickering
over her all the time.
Between Events 2 project received the necessary federal Amphibius, and Gazajoined the
support for its successful completion. dinosaur-riding men when they and
The Siege Perilous Rogue was the first member of the the X-Men clashed. The X-Men won in
Rogue, with Carol Danvers having X-Men to go through the Siege. Later, the end, but not soon enough to
taken control of her mind, went back others followed. prevent Lorna from being captured by
to New York City to get her (Carol Longshot left the X-Men to find the Savage Land forces. Havok
Danvers'), life in order. As she arrived, himself. He believed himself a lost managed to get one of the Savage
there was a disturbance in a nearby soul. Longshot has recently returned Land soldier's uniforms and went
shipyard. Being a good crime fighter, to Earth and has been reunited with undercover to try and save Lorna from
she responded to the distress call. At Alison Blaire. He has not yet been her captors.
the shipyard she fought a reunited with the X-Men nor have his When Zaladane put Lorna into a
reincarnation of Master Mold. Now activities been revealed. Transmuter designed by the High
integrated with the future mutant Then, Nanny attacked the X-Men in Evolutionary, Havok tried to make his
hunter Nimrod. an attempt to save them from move. Unfortunately, Zaladane had
Meanwhile, in another part of New themselves. Everyone but Storm fell been aware of his presence the whole
York City, Senator Robert Kelly and under her control. Storm attempted to time and he was easily subdued by
Sebastian Shaw discussed the take the Nanny's ship down, but was the mutate known as Lupo. The
possibility of a mutant hunter program caught by the ship's defenses. Havok, transference continued uninterrupted
at the Hellfire Club. Driving home, the disorientated from just coming out of and the machine gave Lorna Dane's
car carrying Kelly and his fiance Nanny's control, fired a blast at the power to her supposed sister,
Sharon was struck by Master Mold. fleeing ship which caught Storm as Zaladane. The ruler of the Savage
Sharon was gravely injured. well. Her body was recovered at the Land then threw Havok and Lorna into
The X-Men arrived and easily crash site and she was believed to be a cell for the mutates to play with until
defeated Master Mold because his dead. Actually, Nanny had faked she had further use for them.
computer sensors were unable to Storm's death for her own purposes Meanwhile, the rest of the X-Men
detect them. However, Master Mold which the X-Men would discover later. were captured and put under the
reintegrated himself again and this Lorna Dane contacted the X-Men control of Zaladane by the power of
time its sensors could detect his and left a message with their Worm. Worm is able to generate a
mutant foes. In an attempt to get rid of computer that she needed their help. slimy substance which forces the
the robot, Dazzler threw the Siege Her personality was more and more victim to follow the orders of Worm.
Perilous behind the robot's head, under the control of Malice and she In the dungeon, Lorna suddenly
attempting to blast it into the portal. needed the X-Men's help to get rid of exhibited new powers such as super-
In a last ditch effort, Master Mold the malevolent villain who had taken strength and invulnerability. She broke
grabbed Rogue, using her as a shield. over her body. Havok and herself out of the prison
Rogue talked Dazzler into blasting the When they found the note, the X- and the two of them stormed
robot into the portal anyway, hoping Men used Gateway's teleportation Zaladane's throne room. Havok's blast
the robot would lose its grip on her. power to locate Lorna. Meanwhile, knocked Worm out and this freed the
Unfortunately, Rogue was blown Lorna had been attacked by men X-Men from his control. The X-Men,
through the Siege as well. riding small dinosaurs, servants of Ka-Zar, and Shanna, who had also
Sharon died as a result of Master Zaladane from the Savage Land. been captured, escaped the palace in
Mold's attack and Senator Kelly told The mutates from the Savage a flyer. Havok tried to level Zaladane's
Shaw to continue with the Mutant LandWhiteout, Barbarus, citadel with a blast, but a force field
Hunter Project Nimrod. Kelly promised had already
he would see that the
been raised. Gateway teleported the Reavers. They staked him to a searching for her.
X-Men back to Australia from the flyer wooden "X" in the desert then tortured On Muir Island, where Moira
leaving Lorna, Ka-Zar, and Shanna and tormented him. Jubilee watched MacTaggart maintained a mutant
alone in the vehicle. this from her hiding places in the base research facility, Banshee and Moira
Back in Australia, Psylocke and during a fierce rainstorm, when received a distress call from Lorna
convinced the X-Men to go through Wolverine pulled himself off of the Dane. Lorna had taken a boat to get
the Siege Perilous to gain the new life stakes, helped him find a place to hide to the island, but during the trip, the
Roma promised they would have. The within the tunnels of the base. They crew members began fighting among
X-Men entered the Siege just as the successfully escaped the cyborgs and themselves. Lorna didn't know this
Reavers were about to launch an made their way toward Madripoor behavior was caused by her
attack on them. Psylocke knew the where Wolverine planned to recover mysterious new powers and pleaded
Reavers were coming and knew the from his injuries. for help. Banshee arrived just as the
X-Men were in no condition after their boat was sinking and saved Lorna by
encounter with Zaladane to fight the The Return of the X-Men taking her back to Muir Island.
cyborgs. Pierce, the Reavers' leader, In Mississippi, Storm, who had Meanwhile, the Reavers concluded
destroyed the Siege crushing it in his escaped the explosion of Nanny's ship that Muir Island would be the first
hand in frustration. only to be reverted back to her youth, place a wounded Wolverine would go
was discovered by the authorities and to and the island became their next
The Reavers placed in the hospital. A policeman, target. At the same time, Banshee
A young mutant, Jubilee, snuck onto Inspector Reisz, took an interest in and MacTaggart received a call from
the X-Mens base through one of Storm and made an attempt to see Amanda Sefton that she was coming
Gateway's portals from Hollywood. her. Reisz was actually the Shadow for a visit. When Banshee arrived at
She lived at the base for weeks King. An almost immortal, powerful, the mainland dock, Sefton had
without any of the X-Men noticing her. evil being. included Brigadier Alysande Stuart in
Meanwhile, an event that would His goal was to gain revenge upon the trip to the island.
impact both Jubilee and the X-Men, Prof. Xavier and all his students. As Banshee, Sefton, and Stuart
occurred across the globe. Alexander Professor X had once defeated the returned to Muir Island the Reavers
Pierce, a former member of the Shadow King in a psychic battle while discovered them and tried to kill them.
Hellfire Club who hated mutants, the Shadow King was using the body During the conflict, Banshee was shot.
escaped his prison and took over the of Amahl Farouk. Storm sensed that Using her magical powers, Amanda
leadership of the group known as the Reisz was the "evil one" and escaped teleported the three to the relative
Reavers. The Reavers were a group from the hospital before the villain safety of the island.
composed of cyborg beings. They set reached her room. The Reavers continued their attack
out to kill as many mutants as While in his spirit form, Forge on the mutants, striking next at the
possible, starting this campaign by encountered the Shadow King in his civilian section of the compound. Prof.
heading toward their former base in Amahl Farouk persona and witnessed Xavier's son, Legion, put up a shield
Australiacurrently occupied by the Storm being turned into a youth. He to protect the children, but let it down
X-Men. and Farouk psychically arm wrestled, causing Sunder to be hit. Legion's
Wolverine, who had taken a leave of but the contest was cut short when multiple-personality disorder
absence before the X-Men went to the Forge's bionic hand disrupted the compelled him to play both sides
Savage Land, returned to the contact. Forge now believed Storm throughout the fight. This was to
Australian base only to be was alive and began amuse some of the personalities who
overwhelmed and captured by the wanted the fight to continue.
In America, Freedom Force and Reavers in Australia, Wolverine and villain. A truce was made and the
Forge formed an uneasy alliance to Jubilee sailed into Hong Kong Harbor. heroes left the island.
help the people trapped on Muir Due to the stress of his injuries, In Soho, another X-Men returned
Island due to the Reavers onslaught. Wolverine hallucinated and saw from the Siege Perilous: Colossus.
They flew to the island and joined the images of Nick Fury and Carol Now living as the artist Peter
fight. Danvers who spoke to him and gave Nicholas, Colossus had no memory of
Destiny, the team's precog, forced him advice. He experienced problems his life with the X-Men. Still, his heroic
Mystique to get out of the jet and help with his healing factorit was not as nature continued to surface, such as
her hated foe, Forge, fight the quick to act as it had in the past. when he helped some expatriate
Reavers. Destiny had foreseen the Wolverine and Jubilee were captured Genoshans fight back against
moment Legion would destroy the by the Hand. Wolverine was placed in Magistrates who came to take them
plane and wanted to get her beloved a sensory deprivation tank while forcibly back to that island nation.
friend out before Legion killed them Psylocke did her best to psychically Alison Blaire was the next X-Man to
both. Legion did destroy the plane and convert her former teammate to the surface. She was discovered washed
killed Destiny, an act which was cause of the Hand, but Wolverine up on a beach in California by Guido,
ultimately attributed to the Reavers. resisted the brainwashing. In a an employee of Lila Cheney. Dazzler
The Reavers teleported away after desperation attempt, the telepath tried had also lost her memory, but the
Forge killed one of their number, to use her psychic knives to subdue high-tech house where Guido brought
Skullbuster. The heroes had their own Logan, but it had an unintended Dazzler informed her of most of
casualties as well Destiny, Sunder, affect; Wolverine's psychoses became Dazzler's history.
and Stonewall. Psylocke's own. She saw Wolverine's On Muir Island, Legion donned
Psylocke was washed onto the hallucinations of Nick Fury and Carol Cerebro in an attempt to locate the
beach of a south China Sea island Danvers and made their actions real once presumed dead, now suspected
and taken captive by the Hand. The by unconsciously using her powers to still-living, X-Men. During this attempt,
Hand was a group of assassins-for- imitate the effects of bullets. Legion's unique psychic make-up
hire working in the region. A member Wolverine escaped from the tank and caused a massive feedback within
of the Hand offered his services to the together Psylocke and Wolverine Cerebro resulting in a psychic blast
Mandarin, long-time foe of Iron Man, defeated the guards. which knocked everyone on the island
promising to make the former X-Man They formulated a plan and Psylocke unconscious. Forge and Banshee left
into the Mandarin's chief assassin. presented a supposedly dead the island after recovering from the
The Hand brainwashed her and Wolverine to the Mandarin. In her psychic blast, suspecting some evil
trained her in martial arts. She anguish, Jubilee, who wasn't in on the influence behind the scenes on Muir
exhibited a new version of her psychic deception, used her power in the most Island.
powers, psi-daggers. When she gets devastating explosion she had ever Legion took control of Muir Island
close enough to thrust them into her released. In the following confusion, and was in turn taken over by the
enemy's brain, the psi-daggers render Psylocke took advantage of the Shadow King. Eventually, everyone
her opponents unconscious. With her situation and attacked the Mandarin, on the island came under the sway of
training and conversion complete, she dropping all pretense of alliance. The the Shadow King.
was allowed to use the Mandarin's two foes were fighting for control of Banshee and Forge were on their
rings in battle and was renamed Lady the rings when Wolverine snuck way to Cairo to investigate Amahl
Mandarin. behind the Mandarin and threatened Farouk when they saw a picture of
Meanwhile, after escaping the to kill the Dazzler in a magazine. They
changed their plans and decided to go appeared to help them. In the fight, The Shadow King now focused his
to Hollywood and talk to Dazzler, to Peter was stabbed, but no blood attentions on capturing the young
find out what really happened to the came out of his wound. He had Storm. He set his Hounds, men and
X-Men. The plane they were unconsciously transformed to his women that he had taken control of,
supposed to take to Cairo was blasted Colossus state. They overcame after her. Storm fought them briefly
out of the sky by the Strucker twins. Masque when another Morlock, and managed to escape with the help
Thinking quickly, the mutants got out Bouncer, teleported them out of of the mysterious man known only as
of the area and headed to the United harm's way. Using previously Gambit. Gambit was able to imbue
States, allowing the people who tried collected tissue samples. Forge energy into items that would then
to kill them to believe they had restored his teammates. Peter still explode when he threw them. They
succeeded. had no recollection of the X-Men. eventually lost the Hounds and
Forge and Banshee ended up in the Once again, the Magistrates made became a pair of modern day Robin
lower levels of Xavier's ruined an attempt to recapture Jenny Hoods in New Orleansstealing from
mansion when they saw Jean Grey on Ransome. This time, she was on X- the rich and giving to the poor.
the property. She was attacked by Factor's Ship. Wipeout used his Nanny went after Storm but the duo
monsters wearing costumes similar to powers to temporarily negate Ship's managed to defeat her and in the
the X-Men's and lost the fight. They defenses and Pipeline sent some of process, Storm regained her full
rescued her and, when they were the Press Gang onto the ship. For a memories and better control of her
safely in the mansion, she told them while, the Genoshans held the upper powers.
that the X-Men were alive. hand, but when Forge and Officer Finally, Rogue returned from her
Jean Grey and Banshee were Jones eliminated Wipeout's influence passage through the Siege Perilous.
teleported away from the mansion by after eluding their Genoshan She ended up at the Australian base
an unknown assailant. Forge armed pursuers. Ship reasserted it's and learned that the woman she
himself and went into the tunnels to personality and recaptured the considered to be her mother,
find his friends. He succeeded in intruders. They were repatriated to Mystique, had been shot and
finding them, but their captor, the Genosha. apparently killed. In an attempt to fly
Morlock Masque, had changed them. to Gateway, she jumped out the
Instead of arms, Jean Grey had Gambit window and plummeted to the ground
tentacles while Banshee had no In Cairo, Illinois, Storm managed to right at the feet of the Reavers.
mouth. escape the Shadow King and was Pierce, seeing no use for Rogue,
Meanwhile, Masque also captured making her living stealing from the ordered them to kill her. Just then, Ms.
Peter Nicholas and the beautiful rich. She had regained partial control Marvel showed up and saved Rogue,
woman he had been chasing after, of her powers. who fled the scene heading for
who turned out to be Callisto The Shadow King, in the disguise of Gateway. The Siege had split the two
transformed by Masque. Peter was Reisz, took over Val Cooper and sent women apart, which is a possible
transformed into a flesh Colossus her to kill Mystique. Mystique was explanation for the length of time it
when Masque recognized who he was waiting for Val Cooper, thanks to a took for Rogue to reappear.
and he and Callisto were given an note written by Destiny before she Rogue absorbed Gateway's power in
hour to find their way back to the had been killed, and was able to take an attempt to teleport away but Ms.
streets before the Morlocks went after the government agent's place using Marvel caught up to her just as she
them. her shape-shifting powers. To the rest jumped through the portal. Rogue was
Just as Masque and the Morlocks of the world, however, Mystique was sent to the Savage Land and Ms.
were attacking the fleeing duo, Forge, reported dead. Even the powerful Marvel ended up on Muir Island. Ms.
Banshee, and Jean Grey Shadow King fell for the ruse. Marvel was taken over by
the Shadow King who had established armor. Being so confined drove her who were on-board at the time, along
this island as his new base of crazy prompting her bizarre behavior. for the ride. Ship entered hyperspace
operations. Nanny and the Orphan-Maker and ended up orbiting an uncharted
Rogue spent some time in the escaped in a cloud of smoke after planet. Recognizing the language of
Savage Land before Ms. Marvel found Jean found her sister's children the planet, Ship gave each member of
her. Sent by the Shadow King to gain hidden in the ship. X-Factor continued X-Factor a translator.
revenge upon Rogue, the two fought. on to Washington and turned the The planet's social structure was
In close proximity, they were leeching children over to Freedom Force who broken up into three major classes;
away each other's power and life had begun looking for their parents. the Chosen, the Rejects, and the
energy. Each one started to Meanwhile in England, a troll Beginagains. The Chosen were
decompose, as only one of them witnessed a teenager, Thomas Jones, physically perfect mutants, but
could live with the energy they shared. turning a pen into gold. The troll frowned upon public displays of
Magneto stepped into the conflict and abducted the young man at its first power. The Rejects were strong
saved Rogue. She was restored by a opportunity. Ship informed Cyclops of mutants but physically different and
machine of Magneto's making without the young man's disappearance and reveled in the use of their powers. The
the memories of Carol Danvers but X-Factor went immediately to Beginagains were a cult of mystics
with the powers of Ms. Marvel. England. They followed a trail of gold who encompass disgruntled members
which led beneath the streets right of the other two groups. They were
X-Factor into the lair of five trolls. The trolls pacifists and tried to work as
X-Factor had taken responsibility for captured X-Factor using their mediators between the other opposing
the children, both mutant and human, strength. groups. The Celestials had arrived at
that were found at an old abandoned The Trolls wanted to ruin England's the planet, and were judging the
orphanage during Inferno. Nanny and economy and force the people to people of this world.
the Orphan-Maker tried to take the return the control of the British Isles to The team encountered a Celestial,
children away from X-Factor as they the magical creatures of the past. who scrutinized Ship and then
were transporting them to Washington Some of the trolls left, taking Tom with teleported the team to the surface into
to be returned to their parents. They them, to make their opening salvo. the middle of a war. In the melee, the
battled and Archangel stopped Nanny X-Factor escaped, and ultimately team got split up and they were
by slicing what he thought was a Tom saved himself by turning his pushed further apart when the
robot. It screamed and Warren captors into gold. This powerful young Celestial began to land on the planet.
realized that within the egg-shaped mutant decided to stay in England and Archangel was captured by the
armor was a person. go to the University to learn more Chosen Lord Rask and was forced to
It turned out that Nanny had worked about biochemistry in order to control fight in the arenas. Iceman lost his
for the Right, pioneering cyborg his powers. memory and believed himself to be a
technology, until she discovered that Chosen Dueler. The Beast ended up
the Right was using her technology to Judgement War with the Reject Rjade clan. Cyclops
destroy mutants. She tried to stop A few weeks later, Ship was was rescued by the Beginagains who
them, but they captured her and compelled to leave Earth on an thought he was their prophesied world
locked her in her unknown course, dragging X-Factor, savior.
At this time, Marvel Girl began
having problems integrating the New York against Apocalypse's because he wasn't worthy. Magneto
personalities of Phoenix and wishes to gain revenge on Sabretooth won the duel but the New Mutants
Madelyne Pryor, which she now held for killing his fellow Morlocks. First, he refused to follow him, seeing his
as a result of Inferno. Each encountered a weakened Archangel ruthlessness returning. He released
personality was trying to gain control and decided to kill him since he was them and told them that they were
of Jean Grey's body. She was injured his master's first creation and Caliban free to go and forge their own
when a psychic Jammer onslaught was jealous. He didn't succeed and destinies. Another result of this
occurred during the fight. left a critically injured Archangel at the combat was the ousting of Sebastian
The Celestials drained Ship of all the feet of the police. Shaw as a member of the Inner Circle
information it had gathered then left Bobby Drake met Opal and asked of the Hellfire Club.
Ship to its own course, which was to her out on a date. She accepted but From Asgard, Hela took over
the side of its friends. the Morlock, Mole, didn't trust Iceman. Danielle Moonstar because the young
In the end, all the people banded They had a short fight, then Iceman mutant was a Valkyrie as well as a
together when the Celestials landed to and Opal helped Mole return to the member of the New Mutants. The
judge the planet. All the strength and Morlock tunnels. mistress of Hel sent Danielle on a
will of the people was exhibited in a Archangel broke free from his rampage that was eventually stopped
power blast from Cyclops, which was restraints because he was by the New Mutants with the aid of Dr.
increased by the power of the Phoenix hallucinating that everyone around Strange.
left in Jean Grey. It destroyed the him was a pawn of Apocalypse. Forge Freedom Force came after Rusty
Hand of the Celestial which was about and Banshee arrived to help recapture Collins a young mutant who the New
to pass sentence on the planet. The the insane hero, but just as their plan Mutants tried to help. During the fight,
Celestials left the people to their own was about to work, Crimson and the Dr. Strange felt that Danielle was too
course. group of psychic vampires known as dangerous to remain on Earth. He
After saying farewells, X-Factor the Ravens plucked Archangel from transported the New Mutants to the
returned to Earth in Ship. Upon its the heroes' grasp. Using her powers, source of her possessionAsgard.
return, Ship landed in New York City Jean Grey followed Warren's trail and There they helped the Asgardians
situating itself so it looked like a X-Factor eventually rescued him from repel an attack against Asgard
building. the vampires. This encounter also intended to kill Odin and allow Hela to
Meanwhile, Sabretooth returned to helped to return sanity to Archangel. rule the legendary city. Danielle
New York to finish off the rest of the elected to stay in Asgard as the New
Morlocks. He killed one Morlock, but New Mutants--Enter Cable Mutants returned home.
the second Morlock he encountered, After Inferno, at Xavier's mansion, Back on Earth, Rusty Collins and
Mole, escaped and was taken in by the New Mutants and the Hellfire Club Skids were rescued from Freedom
Opal. Sabretooth soon found a met. Magneto was challenged by Force by the Mutant Liberation Front.
different foe, Archangel, and they had Sebastian Shaw because he no A new player on the scene, Cable,
a bloody battle in which both mutants longer controlled the New Mutants nor was captured by government agents
were poisoned and seriously injured. was he involved with the X-Men. after tangling with the MLF and was
Caliban (altered by Apocalypse to Shaw claimed Magneto could no interrogated by Freedom Force. He
have strength, invulnerability, and longer remain as the White King escaped the facility and stayed one
other powers) teleported himself to step ahead of his pursuers until he
ran into some members of the New Canadian mutant joined Cables group
Mutants on the streets. They helped to save the captured New Mutants
him fight and defeat the Blob, Pyro, from the MLF. Cable and Stryfe met in
Crimson Commando, and Super one-on-one battle which was
Sabre. unresolved when the building where
Cable assumed the leadership they were fighting blew up. The New
position vacated by Magneto and Mutants were saved only to be
began assembling the teenagers into plunged directly into the X-Tinction
an efficient fighting force. The first Agenda.
menace they faced with Cable as their
leader was Sabretooth in the
Morlock's tunnels. In the end, they
had a ringside seat for a vicious battle
between the enhanced Caliban and
Sabretooth, one in which Caliban
bested the savage Sabretooth quickly.
The next test of the New Mutants
came when Cable and Sunfire shared
the common goal of tracking down the
MLF in Madripoor. Sunfire's intent was
for a lethal new drug to be destroyed
before reaching Japan and Cable's
interest was revenge. Though their
motives weren't the same, they led to
the same groupthe MLF. Part of the
team faced Kamikaze, Sumo, and
Dragoness, the part of the MLF that
operated in this part of the world.
Stryfe, the worldwide leader of the
MLF, and Zero, the team's teleporter,
showed up and tipped the advantage
to the villains' side long enough that
the heroes were defeated.
Meanwhile, Cable's group
encountered Wolverine. Though
Cable and Wolverine knew each
other, they still managed to get into a
fight. After a minor tussle, Rictor got
between them and broke it up. The
X-tinction Agenda More mutants were captured by hammering away until all that was left
Commander Hodge (Wolverine and of the villain was his head which was
X-tinction Agenda information comes Psylocke, to name two) and the free tossed off the side of the Citadel and
from the following issues: mutants, led by Cyclops and Cable, landed at the feet of Wolfsbane. She
UNCANNY X-MEN 270-272 proceeded to launch an assault on the ripped it apart and threw it toward the
X-FACTOR 60-62 Citadel to rescue their comrades. recently demolished building. Rictor
NEW MUTANTS 95-97 The Genegineer transformed Storm used his power to destroy the Citadel
into a mutate, subservient to the will of even more, burying Hodge's head
The X-Men and New Mutants were Genosha. But he realized that under the structure's debris.
both living at Professor Xavier's Commander Hodge was becoming Havok and Wolfsbane decided to
mansion and tensions were becoming increasingly more insane with the stay in Genosha to protect the
strained between the two groups. The passage of time, so he altered Storm. mutates and insure that some good
Magistrates from Genosha When she came in contact with came of this catastrophic battle.
unexpectedly attacked the mansion another mutant, she would restore Back in the United States, the New
and were able to capture Boom that mutant's power and she would Mutants poured Warlock's remains
Boom, Rictor, Storm, Wolfsbane, and regain her memory, her adult body, over Doug Ramsey's grave. Unknown
Warlock before the rest of the teams and her powers. to his departing comrades, what
could help them. Though more out of control, Hodge remained of Warlock began to
Cameron Hodge, with a captured most of the remaining sparkle. Given his level of power and
reconstructed powerful cyborg body, mutants. Havok regained his memory resilience, this might suggest that the
was now a Commander in the because of Cyclops' badgering and alien may not be dead after all.
Genoshan government. He attempted decided to maintain the illusion of a
to meld Warlock's shape-shifting faithful Magistrate to help his friends
ability to his new mechanical body so at the right moment.
he could at least mimic humanity, but The mutants, some with their powers
Wolfsbane interrupted the procedure restored by Storm, attacked Hodge
and Hodge was denied the power. who used his phasing power to run
Warlock was apparently killed in the away. Storm, with her power to
process. restore stolen powers, released
A group of mutant heroes, made up Rahne from the control of the
of the remaining members of the X- Genegineer. But when Rahne
Men and X-Factor, headed to transformed into her wolf-form, it was
Genosha to rescue their captive larger and stronger than before. The
teammates. When they arrived in Genegineer had brought her innate
Genosha, they were immediately strength to the fore and Rahne
attacked by Havok and a group of pledged to use all of it against Hodge
Magistrates. Havok had returned from for his crimes against her kind.
the Siege Perilous without his memory Rictor and Wolfsbane faced off
and became a citizen of Genosha. against Hodge and soon were joined
Cyclops went one-on-one with his by the other freed mutants. Finally,
amnesiac brother. Havok had Pipeline Cyclops and Havok, the Summers
transport the Magistrates out of the brothers, teamed up and blasted the
area when they started to loose the now inhuman Hodge with all the
fight. power they could muster. They kept
Between Events 3 broke in and threw his energy- Starjammers fired upon the X-Men
charged knives at Gladiator. thus saving their lives. The X-Men got
After the X-tinction Agenda, the Deathbird took advantage of the aboard the ship and carried the fight
various mutant groups gathered opportunity and sliced open Xavier. to the Starjammers, where it was
together at Professor Xavier's Gambit freed Lila Cheney and the revealed that they were not the
mansion in Salem Center. The various teleporter released Deathbird but left Starjammers but really war-skrulls.
group leadersStorm, Cyclops, and behind the two X-Men. Gambit and Lila and some of the X-Men
Cabledisagreed about how the Jubilee combined their powers, teleported to the Maul, a group of
teams should progress from this point. causing a large explosion which drew asteroids containing atmosphere,
Cable announced that he would run the attention of the rest of the team. where they confronted the group of
his team his own way, i.e., militarily, While investigating the explosion, war-skrulls impersonating Xavier,
and promptly left with his group. Then Wolverine sensed something amiss Jubilee, Wolverine, and Psylocke.
Scott Summers and Jean Grey left the and abruptly, without any explanation, During the fight, the real Xavier
mansion, just before Lila Cheney killed Xavier. Before he had a chance managed to communicate with Lila
appeared and asked for the X-Men's to explain, Psylocke used her psi- and she teleported away to bring the
help rescuing Professor X. daggers on him, rendering him rest of the X-Men to the scene. The
The remaining mutants teleported unconscious. To further complicate whole team triumphed and the captive
into space with Lila, directly into a trap matters, Lila and Deathbird returned members were freed. Lilandra
set by Deathbird. The coordinates had and teleported Storm, Forge, and regained the crown to the Shiar
been implanted in Lila's brain and she Banshee away. They ended up on a Empire as Deathbird had grown tired
had no control over the destination. devastated world, one which of it.
The mutants were all captured and Deathbird blamed Xavier for killing. Xavier, after a reunion with his
informed that they were going to help Meanwhile, Lila gathered weapons students, learned of the dire threat of
Deathbird kill Xavier. together and armed the team the Shadow King from the mind of
Wolverine broke free with the help of members she'd brought with her. Storm. The team, including Xavier,
Jubilee and went after Deathbird. Then they launched into space, were teleported to Earth, to rescue
Jubilee freed the rest of the X-Men as heading toward Deathbird's ship. They their friends.
Lilandra and the Starjammers arrived ran into the Starjammers who had Meanwhile, while most of the team
on the scene. Together, they defeated tracked Deathbird through a hidden was in space, SHIELD launched an
the Imperial Guard. Wolverine brought bio-tag and a battle ensued. Deathbird attack on Zaladane's stronghold in the
back an unconscious Deathbird and had Lila teleport her elsewhere, once Savage Land, but the initial group was
the X-Men were reunited with Charles again leaving the X-Men to face the defeated. Magneto, Rogue, and Ka-
Xavier. threat. Zar faced Zaladane and her troops,
Gambit and Jubilee, while sneaking On the ship, Wolverine and Jubilee while the next group of SHIELD
around the spaceship, discovered discovered that they were captured by agents made their way into the
evidence that Xavier had turned to the Skrulls. They were placed in the Savage Land, this time led by Fury
cause of evil and was plotting to take Cadre's matrix to be copied. Xavier and including some Soviet soldiers as
over the Empire. When Gladiator was was also a prisoner and he was being well. They beat Zaladane's troops and
about to kill the helpless Deathbird, copied by the real threatPrime, a formed an uncomfortable union
Gambit could watch no longer. The War-Skrull. against the strength of Zaladane.
Cajun X-Man Hidden aboard the Starjammers' The combined forces were launching
ship, Gambit interfered just as the an attack on Zaladane's troops when
one of the Russian
soldiers shot Magneto as he was X-Factor Apocalypse Returns
flying to join the battle. The Russian The members of X-Factor struggled X-Factor was further plagued by
blasted him to gain revenge for the to develop some semblance of a conflict when a group of beings were
death of his son by Magneto years normal life. Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, sent by Apocalypse to destroy Ship.
ago. Magneto and Shanna were was endeavoring to start a They broke into Ship and disrupted its
captured by Zaladane and much of relationship with Opal. Bobby and functions, while other members of the
Magneto's power was transferred to Opal were attacked later in a super group went after Nathan
Zaladane. Only his force of will kept restaurant by a group of Japanese Christopher, a child Apocalypse
him alive through the process. cyborgs. They defeated Iceman and believed would grow up to be a
As he was being led back to a cell, kidnapped Opal, who was actually a powerful force for good. Askani, a
Fury, Rogue, and Ka-Zar broke granddaughter of the master of the woman from the future, came to this
Magneto free and he struggled to get Tatsu clan. time and tried to protect the child. She
on the machine and reverse the When Bobby awoke, he learned of referred to him as one of the Chosen,
effects of his loss of power. He Opal's past from her adopted parents but X-Factor believed that she was
succeeded and quickly had Zaladane and headed to Japan with Jean Grey part of the invading force and attacked
at his mercy. During their time in the to rescue Opal. In order to rescue her. This allowed the real villains to
jungle, Rogue and Magneto had Opal, Bobby found himself battling escape with the child.
gotten close, but her pleading did not without his powers against Hiro, the Despite the damage caused by the
convince him to spare Zaladane's life. cyborg servant of the Tatsu clan. Hiro invaders, the Beast found a way to
Magneto still killed her in cold blood. lost the fight on purpose when he communicate with Ship and learned it
He had taken another step on the realized his built-in powers was going into orbit and planned to
path to evil. automatically took over and he destroy itself so that no further human
couldn't fight without them. He faced lives were threatened. Ship did
defeat instead of dishonor. explode, but its personality and X-
Factor were kept alive and
transported to the moon by the
Inhumans. Apocalypse had recently
attacked the Inhumans, and the two
groups teamed up and attacked the
villain at his base. In the battle, Askani
saved the Beast's life. Together they
defeated Apocalypse, but not before
he infected Nathan Christopher with
the same virus which had attacked
Askani told them the only way to
save the child was to allow her to
bring him to the future, where he
would be cherished and needed. To
save his son's life, Cyclops agreed.
(Note: The virus had already affected
the right eye of the child. It is possible
that this child could be Cable or
Muir Island Saga What ensued next was a battle on the X-Men. The first team, code
the astral plane between Prof. X and named Gold, was led by Storm and
The Muir Island Saga took place in the Shadow King. The evil creature was made up of Colossus, Iceman,
the following issues: was able to cripple the Professor's Angel, Marvel Girl, and Forge. The
UNCANNY X-MEN 278-280 body during this fight. While the second group, code named Blue, was
X-FACTOR 69,70 Shadow King was busy fighting led by Cyclops and contained the
Xavier, a small band of X-Men made members Wolverine, Gambit,
After dealing with the anti-mutant their way to the pan-dimensional gate Psylocke, Rogue, and the Beast.
menaces in Genosha and the United and Psylocke severed Lorna Dane Sentinels attacked the Reavers' base
States, Prof. X and Colossus met X- from the link by using one of her psi- in Australia and destroyed many of
Factor in Washington in order to daggers. The Shadow King was the Reavers. Only Pierce, their main
rescue their friends from the Shadow dissipated and the mind of Legion target, and Lady Deathstrike survived
King who had taken over Muir Island. winked out of existence. the initial assault.
Though Rogue, Wolverine, Forge, and These Sentinels, more powerful than
Banshee remained free on the island, Current Events any other in the past and able to
most of the other inhabitants had repair themselves in the middle of a
been taken over by the Shadow King. Mutant Genesis is the saga most fight, were sent by Trevor Fitzroy in an
Prof. X and the team (including Val recently played out in Marvel Comics' attempt to gain control of the
Cooper and Inspector Reisz, who was mutant titles. The following "Kingship" of the Hellfire Club's
really the Shadow King in disguise) information is culled from these Upstarts. Shaw's kingship had been
made their way towards the island. issues: had been wrested from by his son,
X-Factor squared off against the X- UNCANNY X-MEN 281 Shinobi.
Men who were under the Shadow X-MEN 1 Using Gateway, Pierce momentarily
King's control. It was then that Reisz X-FACTOR 71 escaped the Sentinels by ordering
made his move trying to strangle Prof. X-FORCE 1 Gateway to teleport him to whoever
X in the plane. Val Cooper, whom was responsible for the attack.
Reisz thought he had under control, X-Factor Coincidentally, Fitzroy was attacking
shot him before the Professor was X-Factor (Havok, Polaris, Guido, the White Queen, the Hellions, and
killed. Cooper turned out to be Wolfsbane, and Jamie Madrox) was the X-Men at the Hellfire Club.
Mystique who had taken Val's place. formed to take the place of Freedom Pierce brought three Sentinels
Part of the strike team found the Force as a U.S. government strike through the teleportation gate with him
nexus to the astral plane being held force. Val Cooper, who survived her and they began attacking any mutant
open by Lorna Dane. In order to trap encounter with Mystique, was the in sight. Before they were driven off,
the Shadow King, the gateway government liaison. The team was Jetstream and Tarot were dead and
needed to be closed. Before they formed to work on the public's image Jean Grey was assumed dead also.
came to a conclusion on how to of mutants and to repair the damage Emma Frost was taken by Fitzroy as
resolve this problem, The Shadow done to it by evil mutants, including proof that he had won the right to be
King found himself a new host in the previously-mentioned Freedom called King of the Upstarts.
Legion and destroyed much of the Force. The X-Men returned to the mansion
island in a single blast. It was only with a Sentinel's head and the body of
through the powers of Jean Grey that X-Men-Gold Team Jean Grey. Forge was
the X-Men were saved. The team split into two field groups
in order to better manage the amount
of mutants who had joined
able to get some information out of fray, cutting through all the opposition. about them. They fought to a standstill
the head of the Sentinel, enough to Fitzroy, in a last ditch effort to and were separated at the end of the
guess the location of the Sentinel's salvage a victory, drained the life fight.
basea floating iceberg. Professor X energy from his remaining captives
also said that he would have sensed and opened the largest portal to the X-MenBlue Team
Jean's death, so she must have sent future that he had ever attempted. The X-Men Blue team, led by
her consciousness into another The beings who came through had Cyclops, encountered Magneto on
person's body, probably the White some sort of pact with Fitzroy, that their first mission. Nick Fury, calling as
Queen's. Prof. X accompanied his they would act as his warriors and the head of SHIELD, asked Xavier to
team to the location of the base to they fought the X-Men at his investigate Asteroid M orbiting above
pinpoint Jean Grey's psychic command. Fitzroy's gambit failed, the Eurasian continent.
emanations. however, when the mutant named Magneto had resurrected the sunken
Fitzroy's power was revealed to be Bishop came through the portal and submarine. Leningrad, one that he
the ability to open time portals with the grabbed Fitzroy. Fitzroy managed to had destroyed in self-defense years
energy he steals from other people. escape as the X-Men battled the man ago after it had launched missiles at
This energy drain killed the victims in known as Bishop. Bishop seemed to him. His intent was to salvage the
the process. When he used his power think that the X-Men he was fighting nuclear missiles for self-defense. The
on Emma Frost, Jean Grey asserted were impostors, as the legends he X-Men confronted him and a battle
herself and attacked her captors. This had heard in the future had said such began when talks between the two
alerted Professor X and the X-Men impossible things parties broke down. It was a
quickly entered the stalemate when Magneto left
with the missiles, ordering the X-Men to better handle his mutant power and people should choose their own
to leave him alone. Rogue flew after not seemingly drive him insane. destiny wouldn't let him stop the
Magneto and talked him into Incensed that he had been young mutant. Sunspot gravitated to
reconsidering his decision when a manipulated so, he encased Moira in Gideon and became his student both
Russian jet launched an attack on a thin sheet of metal. He then in combat and in the business world.
Magneto but hit Rogue instead. The prepared himself for another assault James Proudstar joined the team
Master of Magnetism flew Rogue to by getting one of his Acolytes to after his village was apparently wiped
safety and then detonated one of the brainwash his X-Men captives into out by the Hellfire Club. He proposed
nuclear devices in the upper believing that they were followers of that if Cable's team would help him
atmosphere, annihilating the planes Magneto. with his revenge, he would help them
which had attacked him. Once again, The Gold team was called in to with their battles.
fate had intervened and caused rescue the captured Blue team. In the A being known as Shatterstar
Magneto to continue along the path of ensuing battle, Cortez, one of appeared in the Danger Room and
mutants against humans. Magneto's acolytes, fled Asteroid M identified himself as a blood-warrior of
Rogue ended up in a Genoshan and activated the plasma cannon as the Cadre Alliance. He was sent by
hospital and was attacked by a group he simultaneously detonated all of the the Cadre Alliance to seek the X-Men
of mutants pledged as Acolytes of nuclear weapons on the base. Cortez to help them battle Mojo V and his
Magneto. The X-Men, having located wanted to use Magneto as a martyr executioner. Spiral.
their teammate after a call from the for mutants to inflame and inspire their At the same time, Boom Boom
Genoshan government, came to her rebellion. Magneto prevented the discovered a cat-being known as
rescue in the nick of time. Then, nuclear explosions, but the plasma Feral in the mansion. Feral was
Magneto appeared and declared cannon destroyed the asteroid. The X- running from Masque and his
Asteroid M a sovereign world with the Men managed to escape, but, from all Morlocks and thought the New
only requirement for citizenship being signs, Magneto perished within the Mutants could help her. Robots
that one is a mutant. Magneto then asteroid as it exploded. teleported into the mansion to bring
told the X-Men that the Acolytes were Shatterstar back and Masque arrived
under his protection and any attempt New Mutants/X-Force to capture Feral. The New Mutants
to stop him or harm them would be A mysterious man called Gideon had fought them all off and decided to
dealt with accordingly. Sunspot's father killed and made it move their base so all their foes
After transporting his captives to look like a heart attack. At the wouldn't know where they were.
Asteroid M, Magneto discovered that mansion where the New Mutants were Shatterstar and Feral decided to stay
his genetic structure had been staying, an assassin named Deadpool with the team as well. They also
tampered with. His suspicion proved attacked Cable, calling him Nathan changed their name to X-Force,
correct when he kidnapped Moira and and saying that Mr. Tolliver hired him officially ending the existence of the
Prof. X and forced the truth from to kill him. With the timely arrival of New Mutants, The team has since
them. In the past, Magneto had been Domino, an old friend of Cable's, been confronting and fouling all MLF
reverted to infancy by the Mutate Deadpool was captured and sent back plots they meet. The young team has
Alpha, in order to give him a second to Mr. Tolliver. also encountered and defeated the
chance at life untainted by evil. Moira, Sunspot, after learning of his father's new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and
wanting to give Magneto a chance to death, decided to leave the team and assorted other foes.
grow up with a better viewpoint of the received a cold farewell from Cable.
world, had manipulated his genetic Cable's belief that
makeup during that time in order for
his body
Excalibur the Omniversal Majestrix, who reset reunited to fight Necrom and the
The British superteam, three of its Widget with the correct coordinates. Anti-Phoenix with their new allies
members former X-Men, spent much Recently, the team had split Kylun and Cerise.
of its time travelling through the temporarily, with Meggan and Phoenix
dimensions, trying to find its way back searching for Meggan's past. Freedom Force
to their own world. They were on a Nightcrawler forming a team, the N- Freedom Force, a government
locomotive powered by a large, Men, from the members of the controlled mutant group, has been
wingless dragon that was able to Technet to investigate a series of disbanded. Mystique, the former
cross the dimensions, with help by the mysterious thefts in England and leader of the group, has been working
creature known as Widget. Captain Britain facing the rest of the with heroes such as Wolverine, while
They returned to their own Captain Britain Corps and coming to other former members have returned
dimension with the aid of Saturnyne, grips with his power and his place in to crime like Blob and Pyro.
the team. They have only recently
Hellions New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants former member, Donald Pierce and
Emma Frost, the White Queen of the Under the organization and has claimed that he has finished the
Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, leadership of the Toad, Blob and Pyro White Queen, Emma Frost. Whether
manages a group of super-powered (formerly of Freedom Force) set out to she is actually dead or not hasn't been
youths known as the Hellions. The reconstruct the Brotherhood of Evil revealed yet. The Strucker Twins,
membership of the team has Mutants. The Toad was a member of known collectively as Fenris, are
remained fairly stable: Jetstream, the original Brotherhood, which was considered members, yet it hasn't
Tarot, Roulette, Catseye, and Empath led by Magneto. The other member of been revealed how they managed to
make up the core members. New the group is Phantazia, a mysterious gain entrance to this twisted club.
members include Beef and Bevatron. woman, who apparently has the It seems that the Black Queen,
Firestar was a member of the power to scramble electrical fields. Selene, is behind the machinations of
Academy Frost runs, but was never The first act of this new group was the Upstarts, but the labyrinth of evil
an official member of the group. In the forced transformation of Dr. Lykos about this club has not yet been
fact, Ms. Frost renounced any claim into the being known as Sauron which penetrated.
that she believed she had on the fiery rounded out the new membership,
mutant when the Hellions lost a fight The team sought other mutants to X-Terminators
to Firestar's current team, the New ally themselves with and decided on The junior members of X-Factor took
Warriors. talking to the remaining Morlocks led on the name X-Terminators and
The future of the Hellions is in doubt by Masque. In the agreement fought against the demons during the
at the current time. During a combined between the two groups, the Inferno. The members of this group
attack on the Hellfire Club by a group Brotherhood promised to destroy X- were Boom Boom, Rictor, Artie
of Sentinels and Fitzroy, Tarot and Force, the mutant group of heroes Maddicks, Leech, Rusty Collins,
Jetstream were killed and Emma that had repeatedly foiled Masque's Skids, and Whiz Kid.
Frost and Beef were gravely injured. plans. At the end of the Inferno, the older
Whether the Hellions ever reunite as a members of the team joined the New
team is unknown at this time. Upstarts Mutants and eventually found their
This isn't really a cohesive band of own places in other mutant groups in
Morlocks mutants, more like a society where a the ensuing months. Boom Boom
After the Mutant Massacre, the member is added once a task is stayed with X-Force. Rictor left the
Morlocks were led by the mutant accomplished. In this case, the task New Mutants for Genosha and hasn't
known as Masque. They now have one has to perform to enter this group been seen since. Rusty Collins and
very antagonistic dealings with other is the termination of a member of the Skids were rescued from jail by the
mutants since Masque took over, Hellfire Club's Inner Circle. So far, this Mutant Liberation Front and they
focussing much of their time toward group has five official members. remained with that group out of a
revenge upon the ones that ravaged Gideon killed Emmanuel Da Costa to sense of gratitude. The younger
their numbersthe Marauders. With join the group. Shinobi killed his own members of X-Terminators, Leech,
the help of Caliban, they have meted father, Sebastian Shaw to gain entry. Artie, and Whiz Kid went back to
out this revenge upon Sabretooth. Trevor Fitzroy killed a school.
Excerpts from Forges Verbal Trickster and she has to come to I'm not getting anywhere with this.
Journal terms with that. The emotions rage inside, second
guessing my every move during the
The following are excerpts from To Break Free-log 10405 time in Dallas. I can't get the words
Forge's Verbal Journal in Finally finished the device to break out of my ears ... murderer, murderer.
chronological order. the blocking of Storm's powers. Had I know what I did was right, but was
to scavenge parts from my bionic leg there anything I could have done
Mutant research-log 10210 and since the power source has to be differently that would have saved their
The US government has solar, there'll only be one shot for it to lives, including the life of my beloved
commissioned me to engineer and work. Now, I've got to wait for Ororo to Ororo?
build a weapon used to strip the return from her self-exile. I wish we
powers from a mutant. I can't refuse had the option of staying here and X-Men Past One-log 10459
my government, but I also can't bring raising a family uncluttered with It seems that all the information I had
myself to betray my own brethren. So, society and civilization, but that is recorded about the X-Men has
I've come up with a compromise what the Trickster is counting on. We somehow been wiped clean from my
which I will not allow the officials to can't let him have our home world as systems. I was doing a regular
know. Instead of a device to strip the a personal playground for chaos. systems check when I noticed much
powers from an individual, I've Ororo, please return soon. of the information I'd recorded was
produced a gun that blocks the use of gone. I've salvaged what I could from
a power. The results are the same, Death-log 10425 hard copy records, but much of it was
yet no one will know the difference in As I walked down that street in completely gone. I assume it has
the government. Their scientists won't Dallas, hearing the accusing shouts of something to do with the events at
be able to grasp the fundamentals of "murderer," I had no choice but to Eagle Plaza, but have no confirmation
the design anyway. This way, both force myself to ignore everything of this hypothesis. Consequently, I'm
obligations are fulfilled and my even my own feelings. I did send the going to re-enter as much lost
conscience can be salvaged. X-Men, including my beloved Ororo, information as possible from memory,
to their deaths, albeit they did so and what better place to start with
Adversary's World-log 10339 willingly to save the world from the than Ororo, known to the world at
I've finally constructed this crude Adversary. That doesn't heal the open large as Storm.
recording device in order to keep my wound of my shame and loss. If I
log going on this world. And what a hadn't let my grief and anger rule my X-Men Past Two-log 10460
wondrous world it is! actions when I opened that vile gate in My first vision of Storm, as I
Pristine, unaffected by the blemish of Vietnam, all my friends would still be remember, was of her in flight, her
man's technology. And now I'm alive. The worst part of this is that white hair flowing with the wind. By
introducing my technology to this land Mystique is correct. I am a murderer, my ancestors, she was beautiful.
while I wait for the other occupant of of the Vietnamese soldiers in the past, Then the prototype gun had to be fired
this created worldStorm. Beloved and of the X-Men now. by that self-serving man, Henry
Storm, off to find peace within herself. Gyrich. No matter that it was aimed at
She had been fooled completely by Desert Sickness-log 10432 a supposed criminal, Rogue; it struck
the Sick to my stomach, I headed out to Storm and stole her powers away. It
the desert to ponder my future and to has been a long road back to
regain my sense of spiritual balance. friendship and more, but it looks as if
That's where I am now and it is slowly working out.
X-Men Past Three-log 104061 Magik Attack-log 10527 not because I want to, but because I
The X-Men, as far as the The death of the X-Men continues to have to, in order to save my friends.
government records I saw indicated, haunt my dreams and today, it came
have become a close knit group of back to haunt me physically. The Death Again-log 10562
members in the years since their sister of Colossus, now known as Another death, this one totally
rescue of the original team from the Magik, came to kill me for the death of without merit, without justification.
hands of a living island. Members her brother. Initially, I fought the Destiny has been killed by Donald
came and went from the active team, sorceress with my own magical might, Pierce and his cyborg servants, the
but a core group formed. Some of the using the spirit form of Cheyenne Reavers. Again, Mystique has
members included Wolverine, Storm, sorceries as my armor and shield. Her suffered a loss and blames it on me
Nightcrawler, Colossus, and anger was too much for me to bear, totally. I'd say the shapechanger and I
Shadowcat. so I gave her the choice to kill me or will never be on cordial terms except
not. One thrust of her sword almost for the strange conversation I had with
X-Men Past Ten-log 10469 killed me, but she decided not to finish Destiny before she was killed. She
At the time of their deaths, the the deed. Guess she let me live with told me to keep my heart open for
membership of the X-Men consisted the guilt. Mystique, even after I told her my
of Storm, Wolverine, Longshot, May her soul find the peace that it heart was spoken for. What did she
Psylocke, Rogue, Colossus, Dazzler, obviously doesn't have now and that see about Mystique and me with her
Havok, and Madelyne Pryor. her friends survive the upcoming future sense before her death?
From all indications, this particular weeks as her power seems almost out
combination of mutants came about in of control. Places-log 10579
the aftermath of what has become My attempt to gain the balance
known as the Mutant Massacre. A Freedom Force-log 10554 between my mutant half and my
mysterious villain, known as Mister Val Cooper has asked me to aid the heritage as shaman and medicine
Sinister, brought together a large "government" agents, Freedom Force, man for my tribe has been
group of super-powered beings, to help the people of Muir Island fight progressing, slowly but steadily. I'm
named the Marauders, and set them off an attack from a group of cyborgs. coming to terms with myself and my
loose against the relatively I do not relish the thought of facing place in this world of humans and
defenseless Morlocks in their home in Mystique again, as she still blames mutants, learning that I can't run away
the sewers of New York City. What me for the death of her adopted from the problems facing my kind in
resulted was a slaughter of life, daughter Rogue in Dallas. Still, there the world today. The racism I've faced
stopped only by the intervention of the are friends on that island and once I growing up in America as an Indian
X-Men, who suffered some casualties made the decision to enter the public has better prepared me to combat the
of their own. Colossus, Shadowcat world of mutants, it seems my fate ignorance of mutant haters, better
and Nightcrawler were seriously has been sealed alongside that of the than most of my companions at this
wounded and were transported to X-Men. point.
Muir Island for more intensive care. My other reservation is the allies I'd
Havok, Longshot, and Psylocke have at my side, the so-called Ororo is Alive-log 10782
joined the team at this time as well. reformed citizens of Fred J, Dukes Just came out of a spirit walk and
and St. John Allerdyce, the Blob and have to get this recorded before
Pyro, respectively. How can the anything fades from memory. I saw
government sanction the activities of Ororo in a cage. She was old then
these criminals? I'll work with them quickly faded down to her youth. A
fat middle-eastern man challenged me us. Thinking quickly, Banshee flew us all the X-Men. We managed to defeat
to arm wrestling, during which his away from the airstrip and we are now the menace of the Shadow King with
hand transformed into an amorphous on the way to the US. Our first stop is Charles' help at the expense of Muir
shape. Only my bionic hand saved going to be Xavier's Mansion. Island and Charles' son, Legion. It is
me, but what is most important is that comforting that he has returned at this
she's alive. Storm survives and I have Thinking-log 10835 juncture in our lives. With Cable's
to find her! I feel alive again! I managed to save Jean Grey and larger following and the activities of
Scan from a horrible fate just by the Mutant Liberation Front gaining
Choices Lost-log 10805 thinking ahead and getting lucky. I'm more prominence, a level headed
It seems that my destiny has been grateful there was time to prepare and leader is needed.
intertwined with the fate of the X-Men that I had an inkling of who we were
and other mutants worldwide. The going to face. Masque, of the Roles-log 10939
choice of running away and living on Morlocks, gets perverse pleasure from I find myself in the position of advisor
my mountain isn't available to me manipulating other people's physical to Charles and a non-combatant in
anymore. I've decided to stay with form into anything that the monster most situations. We have enough
Moira and Sean on Muir Island to help desires. By taking a small sample of front-line soldiers at this point,
them locate the other X-Men. my friend's cells, I was able to restore (hmmm, maybe Cable has had some
them from the shapes Masque left affect on my thinking), so my talents
Banshee-log 10811 them in, a multi-tentacled woman and are best used behind the scenes,
About Sean Cassidy, a new-found a mouthless man, into their original designing weapons, defenses, and
close friend, we've developed a bond forms. If only all battles and other devices.
forged from similar pasts and similar encounters could be so forecast.
present goals. We're about to embark Chess-log 10945
on a trip to find as many of the Genosha-log 10876 Charles' chess playing skills are
missing X-Men as possible. Our first Something has to be done about the exceptional. He beat me even with the
stop will be Egypt, since we have island nation of Genosha. Their psychic dampener in place during the
seen the image of Amahl Farouk and mutant hunting tactics endanger not game. I'm not used to being beaten so
that suggests Cairo. only mutants, but civilians anywhere easily. Note to myself: practice more
near their "repatriation" efforts. After and read Kasparov's chess manual
Close-log 10823 observing particular Genoshans again.
This is being recorded on a hasty during their attempt to capture Jenny
flight to the United States. Sean and I Ransome, I found one named Pipeline Consequences-log 10981
made one of the best decisions in our an extremely dangerous individual With the Genoshan government
lives today when we made the choice within a group context. His enacting reforms, Magneto out of
to ditch the idea of continuing on to "teleportation" power allows for instant commission, and the Shadow King
Cairo. Luckily, we spotted a picture of reinforcements and instant escape destroyed, I wonder what threat is
Alison Blaire, the Dazzler, in a routes for Genoshans and their going to rear its head next? Will we be
magazine and decided that it was a prisoners. A priority target early in any up to the challenge this time? In times
stronger lead than the tenuous one conflict. like these, we can't afford to lose even
we had been following. one time. The consequences are too
The plane we had been scheduled to Charles-log 10909 great.
take to Cairo was destroyed in a fiery Charles Xavier has returned to Earth
blast, obviously designed to kill to spearhead the leadership of
These opinions and reviews were would make the assimilation to X- Bevatron: A recent member of the
found under the heading of "Potential Force that much easier. Hellions, so I don't have as much
New Recruits" in Cable's files. The following are the individual information on him as I'd like. From all
student reviews for the surviving reports, he's cocky, but still a novice in
Iceman Hellion members: the fighting department. His range
Very undisciplined, the proverbial power could make him a potentially
hot-head with the power of ice. Roulette: Her good luck/bad luck valuable addition to X-Force, but do I
With his enhanced power and disks brings into question her have the time to train him for the field?
experience, and a dash of direction, effectiveness as a soldier. A good That reminds mewe need some sort
he could prove to be a welcome fighter should be able to control his of offensive weapon usable from a
addition to my strike force. actions and know the consequences distance. Talk to Domino and get
He could be too willful though, so it of an action. recommendations for new members
may be best for X-Force to continue This mutant's powers go in exactly that would fit into this category with
on without an attempt to gain him for a the opposite direction, where more combat experience than
member. Such an action would also randomness is the end result of her Bevatron.
alienate his friends in the X-Men, and, abilities. So far, according to reports,
although we're not on the best of her disks have worked effectively for Catseye: Already have one feline in
terms, I wouldn't want them actively her, but there is no way to predict how the group, and I don't see the need for
working against me. her good or bad luck will affect the another one. Feral is enough trouble
other members of any attack force. to control without adding another
Angel This leads me to believe that, furred mutant to the mix.
His violent attitude and razor-sharp although her powers show some slight
wings could prove beneficial for the merit, I believe it advisable not to X-Terminators
war, but his ferocious temper seems approach her. I've already got one of this defunct
to be getting dulled recently. He team's members involved in the battle,
seems more relaxed and comfortable Beef: More muscle, and not exactly Boom-Boom. If these other members
with his altered state. Would this what I need, now that Proudstar is prove to have the same spunk and
hamper his effectiveness in the long growing in size and strength and attitude as Tabitha, then they may
run? Also, the same concerns with the confidence as each day goes by. After make useful additions to my team.
X-Men that I have with Iceman apply the beating Beef took at the hands of
here as well. Fitzroy, it's still a question whether he Artie Maddicks: This child may have
will ever fully recover. powers that could serve the team
Hellions extraordinarily well. Being able to
Now that Emma Frost is out of the Empath: He has an excellent power, mindlink with another person would
way, it may be possible to recruit to control emotions, but he is an give us a great advantage in finding
some of the students of the uncontrollable individual. His frequent out the plans and locations of our
Massachusetts Academy. I wouldn't disobedient episodes with Emma recurring foes, especially the MLF.
want to inherit the whole group, but Frost are well known and if a telepath Maddicks' powers would go a long
some of the member's powers have of Frost's strength had trouble way towards putting a stop to their
interesting possibilities. controlling Empath, I'd probably end terrorist activities.
The fact that they are used to a up having to shoot him. Ultimately, not He is still a child, which is a plus. We
strong leading force, such as worth all the trouble he'd cause. could mold him into an effective team
presented by Ms. Frost's command, member if he makes the
decision to join X-Force. The key to Fallen Angels her inclusion in the war. Definitely a
getting Artie Maddicks may rest in Ariel: This alien's powers of instant mutant to look up and put a proposal
convincing his friend and partner in transport and psychic coercion could on the table. Talk to Domino to make
mutant affairs, the power dampener, come in handy, but her somewhat the meeting take place.
Leech. (See the Leech entry for more questionable past makes her a
information) dangerous security risk. With the Morlocks
These two young mutants, if of the short-lived mutant-filled group known We need a mode of quick transport,
right mindset, would be exceptional as the Fallen Angels, she arranged for similar to that served by Zero for the
assets to my team. Look into an angle members of her own team to be MLF or Pipeline for the Genoshans.
for getting them involved in X-Force's captured for study by her home The Morlock who helped Masque
upcoming missions. planet's scientists. escape Forge and his little group of
Sure, she changed her mind and mutants could be useful for this
Leech: What a powera power used her powers to help them escape, purpose.
dampenernot only of mutant but it could have easily gone the other I must ask Feral about "Bouncer"
abilities, but of other super powers as way. I can't risk essential members of and the mutant's view on the world. If I
well! If I could work up enough my team with an irrational, emotional could convert him to our cause, it
protection for the kid, we could child. Another negative is the fact that might make my job easier and the
transport him into the middle of our her space warping power needs some team a more effective strike group.
enemies and hit them while their sort of doorway as a focus. Not that Maybe there are other mutants down
powers were not functioning, this minor inconvenience would there that could help us that don't
Does the youngster have the guts eliminate her completely, but taken in quite agree with the way Masque is
and determination to become a conjunction with her history, it paints a running things in the tunnels. A quick
member of the team? Would he be sorry picture. If we're not able to come excursion down there may prove very
willing to take the chances necessary up with another mode of beneficial.
to win every battle? It would be worth transportation, Ariel may look more
the almost certain trouble to find out enticing, but at this point, I think it Alchemy
whether this kid has what it takes to prudent to go with my initial Just recently heard of the British
be an effective soldier in the battle. assessment and pass on any further mutant known as Alchemy. His ability
The records that I perused indicated action in this case. to alter substances could be useful to
that control over his power has grown us in the war, but even more so for
considerably with age. This makes Chance: Another mutant member of our opposition. Alchemy should be
him even more desirable as a team the Fallen Angels and another power watched, if not for recruitment, then to
member, as other abilities may that affects the effectiveness of other's prevent our enemies from capturing
surface as he grows. powers. This girl's ability has an him for their own plans. Note: Find
Take note of his documented interesting twist to it, though. She can address and set up a monitoring detail
friendship with Artie Maddicks. These increase the limits of another's powers for him.
two kids, taken separately and as well as decrease them. Just
together, could represent a major imagine, Proudstar with even more
force in the years to come. Best keep strength, or Sam with more speed and
a close watch on any new maneuverability. There is potential
developments in their lives. here.
Her background, growing up in
streets and surviving, bodes well for