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«? Lethioneige University of Leth PR ridge, Faculty of Education OFESSIONAL SEMESTER TWO Formative Assessment The purpose ofthis fem i ist prone te 5 | + The teacher associate Should compiet a } + The student teacher setae ao # intervals during the practicum (@ g every otner week} | + Todocument the student teas " ow 2 ‘records: it'§ not submited to tne Field Experience Office ‘um. place a checkmark, oF week 1, week 2 etc. in the oa Some written comments on page @ ofthe form elevant and signiienen Outcome every time the form is Completed - you may wish to stonificantstrengins and areas for growin Sopeane, on he mace THE STUDENT TEACHER: (KSAS M1, 3, 6,9.and 13) Tepropnate Dace m me cneckoox Bless Se Bac as orovce oo | | + us not necessary io piace a oncex, | leckmark ne, [concentrate on tne 3:6 most : 1, PLANNING AND PREPARATION rn a acher with Specific feedback during the PSIl| Practcum (ED 3600) { oe g 2 : ee | G8 | Hon UG | Planning and Preparation 3g Zé gg 1. Demonstrates knowledge and skils Suoect major I 'n the Subject mater of lessons cluding Naiher 2" Incorporates a variely of appropriate resources and Wain rer ‘eS0UrCeS and wetruclonallassesemer Strategies into lesson plans “ L | 3 _Fransiates learring outcomes from the Aiberia Program ol Slides Wo Tova SAG Fp Sapigeaate learning objectives for ne lessons and unts being megre curturalinguistic background, Organizes content into appropriate components and sequences for instruction Plans appropriate content and activities for the time allotted Prepares isson lans fr al lessons taught using 3 mal. geTAGd STCSUTG WHF includes tearing objecvels) an mnroducton and osu erated peenoure ie instuctons, Key quesions. eating stteges aS ican cent ee azscaument of eeson goscien, Prepares unit pian(s) in subject major Wal nude ralGnale GveNiew STAD outcames, teaenngicarning actues, and sessment lan [integrates information and commuicdton tehroloy ste ASUUGLan W SO5eE | major and other subjects, where epproprate KIN SYS SISINS [10 Optains and organizes equipment and matenals for instruction 2, INSTRUCTION (KSAs i, 5,9 and 10) | § 5 Pr B 3 ge Hon if | a5 if be Communication £ [1 Giese an dpa ey SOE ka aT rai sf (2. Uses vocabulary appropnate to students’ age, background and interests. [ a2 t hisiner vowe for audionity and expression. a S t tunication and mstucton. 4 Demonsiraies cutural sensivwity in communication 3 Unwersity of Lethbridge: PS. 1! Formative Assessment (May 23, 2006) (Revised. Janvary 2017) _agson introduction 5 ESabISNES So. eViws pray earmng uses motwating attention ‘sont a } eters, prove __ previous l@8mniNg aS appropriate 5 aN overvey, eCtvELs) and expect ) Generat Lesson Deve lopment trea ne Yesson to ~ fo. incorpo es atoges er naivataG age [2 matter and activities, Ser 2k i i 2] & Fe a i hw \AI\IS | 1 Uses 3 varely of istuclonat svatoges to adgramsaseres | [ratte learning styles and individual needs inchesine oe ou eames, subjoc male | 14, Uses a broad range of instructional strategies specitt nese sent Or 5 Specie to subject major (tT | 15. Uses appropriate materials and resources, 1 ~ | 16, Demonstrates flexibility and adaptabiny, WA Questioning and Discussion a | 17. As lear sed, well-sequence : | 17 Asks cleary phrased, well-sequenced questions ala varely ol cognave mela | —> | 18 Provides epproprat “walt tine” ater posing questo ovis 19. Seeks clarification and elaboration of student responses, where appropriate. tv 20. Leads and directs student paricipaton in cass discussion efeclvely and GavOUes G. | msstons appropnate v— Faeus on Student Learning : | 21. Circulates in the classroom, intervening when necessary. checking on individual and | Wi | ‘r0up understanding of activtyfeontent. vw, [BE Recognizes and responds appropriately to individual differences and group learing TW71 needs. 23, Reinforces student learning, building on previous learning, reviewing, and re-teaching re [Giosare z= aos | 28 Achieves closure TorTessons, Conscidatng eas or conceals Ivough survmanes, | 1 j [Sete oancian re meats Wo) [725 roves homework when epproptate and eras agnor aly 4 | 3. CLASSROOM LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT (ksAs #7 and 8) ot 2 : | gs 8 28 | aD eerie 3é ae % gol 36 | 88 Ciessroom Leadership a 1 Aseunes a leadership Tole the classroom, taking charge of classroom actvites | Showing confdence. prse, composure, and presence iv 2. Creates and maintains an effective learning environment, seting Nn Ree and J Sancarés for student learning, attending to student vara ly Socio-economic status, and cuturatingustic BaCkg! _ iY ee L_ Models appropriate behaviours. as ! \ Fy Eswpisnes postive relatonships and a Gassroom clmate base 1 respect sessment ay 23 2006) Revised January 2017) : University of Letnordge .S. 1! Formative Asst Fa defines and reinfor [s craty FEES classroom Procedur Fee 8 ang ‘Clearly communicates and rein outings, 1° Yorees expectations [7 Monts stusent behaviour and ie aware ap aamee ome aden behaviour re Of Studer | Responds to inappropriate ben Seas Tt behaviour at all times, 1 om: firmly, and con low-key and ngher level responses. or WS School decipine poicrer gio e oPoroprale — oles and proveaures 4, ASSESSMENT («SA #11) pd procedures, | | ing tations Assessment Not Meeting Expectations mM Expe Exceeding Expectations 1 Skesesses SUSE eave ea rear | instruments (eg, observations, conversions past ssseariont achnguay ar gerornance-based ad wren sasesona seme, Sesing al woe essment, quizzes. teste 2, Checks frequently for understanding Seazes tet) 3. Provides timely and effective feedback on learing to sudou Modifies and adapts teaching based on a sot ia and GE (0g. employs aternaive leaching srateges ovetwsek weet 5, Analyzes and evaluates measurement data to assess student leaming 6 Explains to students how learning will be measured 7. Develops and maintains accurate records of student achievement eg Grade sheets, databases) and communicates results to students, parents, and the schoo} effective) SINS S @ s. proressionaL ATTRIBUTES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (KsAs #2, 15 and 16) Q Professionalism Unacceptable 1. Presents a professional appearance and manner. [2 Fuints professional obigations (i... punctuality, routine administrative duties) 3. Demonstrates maturity and professional judgment is knowiedgeable about professional issues and demonstrates a commitment io the teaching profession Zaiablahes professional relationships withthe educavonal communi and wider community (where appropriate). [Professional Growth % - Accuralely assesses and documents the effectiveness of lessons, identifies strengths and weaknesses and couraltely te suggestions for morovenei. ishniiicsle:iaaraabld nis SoD ES ET gcd RDTNE WING HATE BOT OIE DO TTT ISI IMM accent — ‘ihers by istening interpreting, and implementing suggestions. & Responds appropriately to feedback from vision of teaching 9. Develops and communicates a personal ision of jading goals, evidence of progress toward goals, To Bevciops-s professional portforo andlor growth Pe” nudes os prea fect on ou a 1 BS sa Beg Be RUTH SERNA eT aN SH TT Carries out the roles and responsibil WAIN L_polices and other relevant legsaton — wis encaton soon 12 Applies the knowledge. skils and a 206) (Reise Janvary 2017) us ar vemoidge, PS. I Formate Assessment Wy niversty of Leth ES ITO all persone wi oa sexual onentation. gender identity, physical ena oo eUaIC® a8 'o race, religious belels, colour. gender. signa eer oun sol at avn ap sy 14, Treats students with dignity and respect and ig 75. Does nat divulge information received in Conk except as required by law or where to do a0 reat or Ge olessional duties about s student ‘sin the best interest ofthe student. 16. Does nat undermine the confidence of stude; 17. Does nat criicize the professional competen: 18. Acts in a manner that maintains the honour and dignity of he prolecaion 19 Does not speak on behalf of the Facul 'y of Education, the Universi of Lethbridge, the school or the Profession uniess authorized to do so. AILS RISES FEEDBACK ON PROFESSIONAL GROWTH Strengths/ Professional Learning Achieved: Suggestions/Areas for Growth: yrsary 2017) nin Acisossenent (May 23, 2008) (Revised: Janvaty 2