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V4 project – research report

The common project of the Civitas Europica Centralis
Foundation and the FORUM Minority Research Institute
supported by the International Visegrad Fund was
successfully closed at the end of October 2017. The objective
of the project was to examine with economic-sociological
methods the possible effects being still utopian of those
cross-border transport infrastructure that had been agreed
by the governments of Hungary and the Slovak Republic in
Szada, in 2014, and that had been concluded by a
government decree published in Hungary in January 2016.
The research report containing case studies of settlement-pairs directly affected, as well as
the main conclusions (‘utopian forecasts’) and recommendations (‘inspirations’) has been
published with the title of ‘Births of EU-topia along the Hungarian-Slovakian borders –
Forecasting demand for new public services at planned Hungarian-Slovakian border crossing