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Lilian Benitez CUIN 3313

The importance of Microsoft excel in education

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Microsoft Excel is an important tool in Business management, Human resources and many other
professional businesses. That is why is important for teachers to educate students about the many uses
of the tool.

(Introduction to Excel)

Excel is created with many applications that has thousands of features and it also includes hundreds of
ribbons. Within Excel, users can organize data, create charts, and perform calculations. For a beginner
such as a student, it can be difficult to navigate Excel and access the features.

Teachers can fill the gap to educate newcomers and take them to the next level of creating

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First benefit to use excel in education (3 seconds)

As the teacher is explaining the lesson or the material for the day, lets say is related to mathematics.
That is when the Excel worksheets may be use to make calculations and create graphs for a better
understanding of the lesson. Excel has many graphs or charts available in spreadsheet programs. This
spreadsheet can be use for any math level.

(Pictures of students using excel)

Students can also use Excel to solve arithmetical problems and algebraic equations. All these tools are
tools that get them a step closer to the real world uses of Excel. Creating charts and graphs to display
the progress that they are making in the class can also be helpful to guide students to a higher

Excel can also be use for computer class and English lessons. For the computer class they can learn how
to gather data from different documents and create data graphs with that information. They can also
learn about conditional formatting to format spreadsheets using different colors and italics to show the
most important data. As for English, the row and columns can be use to create vocabulary lessons by
linking different sheets to the sample words and definitions.

Picture of students using Excel in a college campus (3 seconds0)

Microsoft Excel is suitable for many subjects and applications. Having the knowledge on how to use this
program, can open many doors for many graduates and undergraduates. People that are pursuing a
degree in Business Management and Human Resources can benefit from the tools in this program.

Even engineers have a use for this program, with many complex tools and formulas that can use to solve
any problem that is related to electricity or computer systems. Using the IF, AND, OR, and comparison
functions can inspire students to become engineers.
Lilian Benitez CUIN 3313

Picture of teachers using excel (3 seconds)

Developing Excel skills can help students and teachers in their job activities, making teaching
methodologies effective and efficient while saving time and effort to greater extent.