Ques 1.

Analyse jollibee s growth since its inception and comment on the strategies followed by the company to establish itself firmly in the fast food industry in the philippines?

Ans 1.Tony want to do something bigger in the food business-in the form of a fast food outlet chain.His vision was inspired by the global popularity of companies like Mc Donald wendy s & burger king. By establishing jollibe in 1978,tony decided to differentiate his company by making it a symbol of filipino pride . Tony tang cakting set up a two outlet icecream parlour business in city of manila.

Strategy made by tony

Especially the expansion plans lifted the company s growth. During recession Jollibee continued to expend while other competitors like McDonald s slowed down their expansion plans, Jollibee went on expending. Strategies were the trick for its success like it targeted those countries which have slightly high numbers of Filipino people. All food products were prepared keeping in mind the taste and flavours prevalent in the country. Jollibee became the undisputed leader in the fast food industry as the prices of foreign fast food outlet were high It practice of greeting customer in the traditional Filipino way soon become industry norm.

The company opt for globalization due to the economic recession plaguing South East Asian countries in the late 1990s.from the front to the back of the house.It would have helped to know how to deal with the external parties.like cities and countries. Critically comment on jollibee s globalization strategies.Jollibee initially expanded into Indonesia. Yes the company make a mistake by not tying up with an experienced US partner because there would have been a lot of advantages if we have partnered with the American company that was familiar with US operations.forming a ready customer base for the company s product.Thus.Ques 2. Jollibee s decided to expand into those countries first where Filipino nationals were working in large numbers. .where a lot of Filipinos were working.Why did the company opt for globalization?Did the company make a mistake by not tying up with an experienced US partner? Ans 2.Hong Kong and Brunei.