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1. THW allow prisoners to volunteer for drugs trials in exchange for a lighter sentences
Well continue to our team split: Im XXXX as the first speaker I will deliver my argument from
giving definition of this motion, the parameter of the prisoners who will be a volunteer and the
benefit for a prisoners in a health side . And XXX as a second speaker, who will deliver arguments
the advantage for prisoners in the economic side. And last XXXXX as a third speaker who will
deliver the vivisection theory.
Definition of the motion
a. prisoner, also known as an inmate or detainee, is a person who is deprived of liberty against
his or her will. This can be by confinement, captivity, or by forcible restraint.
b. Volunteer is a person that that actively takes on a task, responsibility, or project on his or
her own accord without needing to be assigned, ordered, or told to do so. (Read more:
c. Also known as clinical trials, drug trials are one of the concluding stages in an extensive
and carefully planned research process. Biotechnologists and Scientists will indentify a
molecule in the laboratory that may have potential and this molecule will then be tested in
order to determine whether it is safe and effective enough to be used by humans. Research
scientists conduct clinical trials to ensure that new drugs or treatments are effective and
safe for human use.
From the motions, we will give our theme line: That we as the affirmative team absolutely agree
that allow prisoners to takes on a task or project for drugs trials to ensure that new drugs or
treatments are effective and safe for human use. And as the reward prisoner can exchange for a
lighter sentences.
Here, I create a parameter that prisoners has a right to become a volunteer :
1. The age of prisoners must be productive for drug trials. Categories age of productivity
range from 17 - 40 yrs. Because at that age, the body's metabolism is still working properly.
So, it is suitable for use them as a volunteer in drug trials.
2. Before to be a volunteer, prisoners should be have a medical tests to knowing their health
condition. With the good health condition, the prisoners can be a volunteer.
3. The prisoners have a right to become a volunteer is a prisoner with severe penalties, for the
example, the death penalty. Why? because they can choose whether they could die or live
as prisoners as a volunteer drug trials.
My argument is there prisoners will have a benefit for prisoners who become a volunteer of drug
trials. That is the prisoner have smaller risk of the disease that the medicine at tested to them self
between who did not follow the drugs trial. Because their bodies has formed antibody in the
stimulation of drugs in the trial.
The second argument is prisoners can have advantage from the economic side. From the economic
side, the prisoners who be a volunteer dont need to compete with the other volunteer to drugs
trials. Based on the fact, pharmaceutical companies in the UK Glaxo Smith Cline recorded that
more than 340 thousand people from 75 countries in the world want to be a volunteer from that
pharmaceutical companies and the volunteer will be pay by xxxxx every person. so they will get
incomes by becoming volunteers and of course it is very profitable for them especially with their
status as prisoners who have a bad label in community and hard to find a job. With being a
volunteer, they will find easy ways to get incomes.
Other, prisoners will be more useful better than stay in the cell. Can you imagine that the prisoners
just doing the activities that cannot make them grow up. And lets see with them to be a volunteer
as a drug trials. Prisoners can development their skill and they can be a hero for the better drugs
to cure the diseases.
Third argument is Vivisection theory. This theory said that the researcher agree that the drugs trial
using human. Because in this case, the purpose of drugs trial is to cure the disease in human body.
So, there is dont need the animals to using in drugs trial. And the human means in this case is
prisoners. prisoners would be volunteers and it would be better for them.
The conclusion is the prisoners can be a volunteer in drugs trial is very useful not just for the
prisoners but for the other people who need a new drugs. And with that, we can help the prisoner
to be a better person and we can open people mind that the prisoners can be useful for us.
So the honorable adjudicator, time is yours. Thank you.

1. Using a prisoners becomes a volunteer is a big mistakes. Why ? because we couldnt know
the effectivity of that drugs trial using that volunteer. The result of the drugs trial cannot
be accountable especially the prisoners have a history that the prisoners using narcotics and
drinking alcohol. Therefore, it will be more better that using the people to be a volunteer
with the good quality in health. Based on fact, pharmaceutical companies in the UK Glaxo
Smith Cline recorded that more than 340 thousand people from 75 countries in the world
want to be a volunteer from that pharmaceutical companies. So I absolutely agree that we
use all the people to be a volunteer.
2. With using prisoners to be a volunteer for drugs trial. It will violate human right. Because
every people have a right to be a volunteer for drugs trial. Should people be a prisoners if
they want to be a volunteer? Of course not, because all of the people have a right to be a
volunteer. Because there is have a good effect to be a volunteer like the volunteer get good
antibody stimulation of drugs trial.
3. Bad News came from France, when testing a new drugs trial in human. Terrible effect
found that never be predictive before. In 7 January, the pharmaceutical companies from
Portuguese named Bial. They do the drugs trial with using 128 volunteers and one of them
died, one of them get permanent brain damage, and five others got a very serious illness.
From that case, we can see that the companies didnt ready for drugs trial. And what will
happen when we used a prisoners to be a volunteer in drugs trial? It is too dangerous to the
prisoners live because the risk of that drugs trials. So the subject that we must be noticed
that the companies must be ready and have a license to get the research of drugs trial
and when the companies get ready and have a license, all of people around the world
can be a volunteer not just a prisoners.
4. Most medical lab rats has genetically almost identic, except for gender. According to the
National Human Genome Research Institute, that will help homogenize the result of the
drugs trials. As a minimum requirement, the lab rats had the same race.
Another reason rats are used as models of drugs trial is their genetic, biological
characteristics and behavior are very similar to humans, and many of the symptoms of the
human condition can be replicated in rats.
"Rodents are mammals that have a lot of processes such as humans and can be used to
answer a question a lot of research," said representatives of the National Institutes of Health
(NIH) Office of Laboratory Welfare Jenny Haliski.
So, we can use a rats in drugs trial. With their characteristic and behavior are very similar
to human it will be help at the drug trial. I totally agree that using rats in drugs trial between
using the prisoners that we didnt know their health condition.
Solusi : masyarakat luas dapat berpatisipasi menjadi drugs trials dan kita juga dapat menggunakan
tikus putih.