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News Package #3: Unsung Hero

Deja Lakin

What The Story Is About: Dianne Grainger always loved music and would pursue
percussion at the age of 14. She refined her skills by taking private lessons and refining
what she had learned with her father and professional drummer, Gregory Grainger.
Through hard work and determination, Dianne was awarded a music scholarship to
Howard University. While at Howard, she played in both the concert and marching
bands, eventually becoming one of the most celebrated percussionists in Howards

After graduating from Howard University, Dianne became a full time music education
teacher at Deer Park Middle school in Baltimore County. There she would continue to
enrich the music program and introduce computer music to her students, alongside being
a professional musician herself.

While she had became a music educator, she could feel the void of not having music in
primary and secondary schools. She witnessed all the inner-city youth that did not have
the same opportunity to continue their education and eventually get music scholarships
like she did. She was inspired to start a music program from a concept created by her
Uncle Glen. Dianne and her dad, Gregory, talked about trying to make that plan a
reality. Soon thereafter, Dianne connected with one of her Howard ensemble mates,
Jeffery Tribble, Jr., who had also begun developing a similar concept. Dianne, Jeffery
and Gregory had a meeting about their shared vision and the beginnings of The
MusicianShip were born.

Unfortunately at the age of 24, Dianne passed away in an accident but her dream
continued to live on though the non profit MuscianShip. With the help of help of Jim
Reznikoff, Eric Jacobs and Anja Broer, Jeffery and Gregory, they were able to make
Diannes dream become a reality.Now, music enthusiasts who view music as a vehicle to
change lives spearhead MusicanShip. Since their founding, they have recieved the
support of internationally recognized musicians and constantly work to engage people
who are willing to serve a dual role as not only music educators, but also as mentors.
They have several programs that teach everything in music from instruments to vocal
lessons both during the school year and in the summer time.

Jeffery Tribble, Jr.
Greg Grainger
Program Participant and/or parent

Stand Up: Possibly a demonstrative stand up incorporating the practice space and
or an instrument.
What Will Make Your Story Stand Out: My story will stand out because the
program is a continued dream of one young woman. And to see that it is thriving
makes it even more of a feel good story.