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Journey to Spiritual

Realms Beyond
by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
There is a story about a little girl who spent time with her grandmother. One
day a friend of the girl asked what she did at her grandmothers house each
The girl replied, Well, I play. But Grandma spends all her time reading the holy
Why does she do that? asked her friend.
Well, said the little girl, I think she is cramming for her final exams!
This anecdote has deep meaning. We seldom devote time to the afterlife until
our final days, when our entry there draws closer. Each will one day leave the
body for good and journey to the Beyond. Yet few have researched what it is
like and how to prepare for our move there when our residency in this world
ends. If we inherited property in a faraway place and were to move there, we
would find out as much as we could about that place. We would check maps
for its location, read about its climate, and learn its special geographic features.
We would learn its culture, language, and traditions. We would take a trip be-
forehand to experience the place before we permanently settled down there.
We take great care when it comes to a move from one location on this planet
to another, but when it comes to the greatest move of allfrom the physical
realm to the Beyondwe remain in ignorance. Have any of us ever given se-
rious thought to the property in the afterlife reserved by the Creator for our
inhabitancy after our existence here ends? We seldom consider this topic. We
drift through life as if we were going to be here forever. We do not take mov-
ing to our residency in the Beyond seriously unless we receive a doctors report
informing us we have a terminal illness or that we are in a serious accident and

placed on the critical list.
Since we have only about sixty, eighty, or a hundred years here, and have an
eternity after death, it may be worthy of consideration to investigate the spir-
itual lands Beyond.
When we think of the regions beyond, many think of it as a place above us or
as a distant land beyond the seas or skies. However, we should consider the
question: Where are the regions beyond? To illustrate, there is an anecdote
about a devout man who spent his entire life saving money for a pilgrimage
to a holy city. After many years, he saved enough money. On the day he was
to leave, a woman with several starving children came to his door. They were
wearing ragged clothes and had grown thin. The woman asked him if he had
any money to feed them. Moved by their plight, he gave what little he had
savedthe money for his travel. He knew that giving them the money meant
he would not be able to go on pilgrimage. Sad and dejected that he could not
make the journey, he prayed to God to help him. That night, God appeared to
him and said, By your love for your fellow beings, your pilgrimage has been
This story tells us that we do not have to go anywhere to find God. God is with-
in us. We can find God by cleaning our heart through love. The spiritual realms
are not in outer space or above us; they are within.
Since each will journey to these mystic lands after death and reside there for a
much longer time than in our temporary earthly residency, it may behoove us
to explore what awaits us. The spiritual realms are vast and filled with numer-
ous types of experiences.
Accounts of near-death experiences confirm what spiritual Masters through
the centuries have taught. Saints past and present who have journeyed to
spiritual regions beyond describe realms of Light more ethereal than this one.
As one ascends to higher regions, one experiences greater consciousness and
more Light, celestial Music, knowledge, bliss, and love.
Those who have an NDE and meet the Being of Light at the threshold of death
say that it emanates a love a thousand times greater than that of parents and
children on earth. The Light of the Beyond is greater than any light on earth. If
the love and Light at the threshold of death at the border to the higher regions
are so great, I leave it to your imagination as to how much greater are the Light
and love in the highest regions. Mystics have said that the Light of the highest
region is brighter than one hundred thousand outer suns! In packing for the
journey, though, we do not need sunglasses, for the Light there is not scorching
like that on earth! Its Light is soothing, all embracing, and full of love.
Each region is filled with divine Music. The energy emanated from God is a
principle that manifests as Light and Sound. The Sound is a divine Melody that
reverberates without instruments or vocal chords. Its vibration emits various
Sounds in each region. The Sound changes along with the vibratory rate of the
degree of spirit or matter in each realm. The more consciousness there is, the
more ethereal the Sound. The more matter, the less ethereal the Sound.
These experiences are filled with love, Light, Music, bliss, consciousness, eter-
nal ecstasy, peace, or happiness.
To visit the spiritual realms Beyond during this lifetime, and have the best pos-
sible experience there after life when we live there permanently, we can pre-
pare for the journey now. Saints and Masters share the secret to experiencing
the realms within. We do not need a traumatic experience to reach there. We
can journey there in this lifetime through a simple technique to know for cer-
tain what lies beyond. That method is through meditation.
More than a million people have learned meditation in the past century
through the spiritual Masters who have taught the science of spirituality. Daily,
millions of people who have received initiation from a Master experience inner
Light and Sound in meditation.
Through meditation, we can explore the spiritual realms of Light and love.
Meditation is open to all. Light and Sound is for all. To proceed higher, we can
start from today to glimpse the regions of Light and journey to the highest re-
gion and attain permanent peace, bliss, and joy.
There is a story of a kingdom in which the people selected a new king every
five years. During those five years, the king was the supreme ruler and all had

to obey his every word. Yet at the end of the period, the people took the king
to a dense forest filled with wild animals and reptiles and left him there. When
a new king was chosen, he would rejoice and celebrate. However, five years
later, when his term was up, he would be led away, miserable and dejected at
his fate. The kingdom saw many kings come and go in this fashion.
One day, a new king was chosen and he gave deep thought to what would
happen to him in five years. He was intelligent and concerned about his fate
after his five years was over. After much consideration, he secretly began to
send workers into the forest to clear some trees. In the clearing, he planted an
orchard with beautiful gardens. He constructed beautiful buildings with lovely
landscaping. Soon the place was converted into a magnificent kingdom. When
his time was up and he was told he had to leave for the jungle he smiled with
joy, and said, Yes, let us go. The people were amazed to see the king rejoicing
when he was to be banished to a forest with wild creatures.
He explained to them, I have already prepared the place to which I am des-
tined to go and have moved all my possessions there, so I am not afraid of
going. I will enjoy my comfort there. Here I had responsibilities, but there I will
not have to work and can enjoy my life in beautiful surroundings.
We also have the opportunity to prepare for the day when our term of life is
over. We can build our magnificent palace in the next world by choosing wisely
how we spend time in this world. If we devote our life to love for God and our
fellow beings and to meditation, we will prepare a beautiful sojourn for our-
selves in the spiritual realms Beyond.
For those interested in journeying to the mystic lands, the ticket is free, and no
passport or visa is required. One merely learns the lift-off technique of medita-
tion and abides by the laws of Gods country: to love. The journey is available
to all. It is up to us to take advantage of this blessed inheritance from God and
journey to the spiritual realms in our lifetime.