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Patel 1

Ayushi Patel

Professor Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

September 29th, 2017

Topic Proposal: Global Warming


Global Warming has impacted our environment for many years throughout the world. It

has impacted many things around us such as environment, humans, animals, etc. Global warming

is effected by carbon dioxide, burning fossil fuels, methane and other gases. These causes have

affected our environment by us, not every day but often in our lives. We dont realize it,

however, when we turn on air conditioner at home or in our vehicles. Factories around the world

have a great cause in global warming because of the constant waste of carbon dioxide in water

and in the air.

According to an article by Mark Bregman, surface temperature rises every year by 1 to

3.5 degrees Celsius. Moreover, increase in temperature has threaten our health every year that at

least three million cases were reported for illness and 150,000 deaths according to US

government health article in 2007.

To be more specific, I am going to write about health impacts on human and animal life

by global warming. Because of polluted water by carbon dioxide, it has increased water borne

diseases such as diarrhea for low to middle income countries, who dont have access to clean

drinking water. A 14-year-old boy, was infected by amoeba bacteria after diving in Lake Havasu.

According to doctor, increase in water temperature, water created an amoeba bacteria and

leading to infectious disease for humans. Even though the world that we live in, has created
Patel 1

many greenhouse- gas emission since 1990, there are 150 countries who are impacted by global

warming at a high level such as Japan, India, China, etc. Have you wondered by why this year

we have been getting hit by so many hurricanes? Its all because of global warming and changes

in our environment. Increase in temperature causes heavy storms, drought, sever heat, fire,

hurricanes, etc. Which causes many health-related factors such as hyperthermia (increase in body

temperature), stroke, phenomena, respiratory disorder, asthma, etc.

My paper is also going to be focusing on why countries like India, Pakistan, and China

have high amount of air pollution than any other countries in the world. Pakistan is one of the

highest polluted countries in the world, then India, and then China. I am hoping to know more

about causes reasons for such a high rate of air pollution.

I am going to use Atkins Library database and scholar google articles for my proposal. I

found an article from scholar google article, Examining the Human Impact of Global Warming

which talks about health impacts from global warming and different health related cases.

Another article from Atkins Library called Global Warming: Not just hot air, gives us some

background information and facts into global warming. I am also going to be using a government

researched based website which gives us current information about global warming around the


Initial Inquiry Question(s)

- How are students being educated about global warming?

- Are students taught ways to prevent increase in global warming?

- How come global warming is increasing even with so many greenhouse gas


- Which one is more effective towards global warming, cars or factories?

Patel 1

- What are some factors that can be done to help improve increasing amount of

global warming each year?

My Interest in this Topic

Im interested in global warming as my topic because growing up my mom has always

talked about global warming and how its increasing every year. She always talks about how its

going to hurt us and our future generation, if we dont start improving on on such situtation. I

thinking learning about my birth country, India and countries around it (China and Pakistan), will

help me learn more about my culture and environment that I grew up for first 10 years of my life.

Few things that I already knew about this topic are the affects about climate from global

warming, but as I started to research more, I got more interested in health impacts and factor

causes around the world. Learning about health issues has always been my interest and career

passion in the future.

Next Steps
I am going to revisit all the website that were mentioned previously and start writing

down key points on my notes, to help me know what I need to refer to. I am also going to look

into a global organization called World Health Organization (WHO) websites and research

more into health issues and case studies that were found around the world. Few peer edited

review articles were found in Atkins Library database which gives me more facts and basic

background information on global warming. I will continue to look more into Atkins Library

database and hoping to find more information on reasons why countries like Pakistan, India, and

China have high rate in air pollution.