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We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to

our teacher Mr.Mark Christian Siwa as well as our principal

Mrs.Celerina De Guzman who gave as the golden opportunity to

do this wonderful project on the topic Extra Judicial

Killing, which also helped us in doing a lot of research and

we came to know about so many new things. I am really

thankful to them. Secondly I would also like to thank my

parents and friend who helped us a lot of finalizing this

project within the limited time frame. Finally we made it

because of your cooperation and helped we didnt forget

this. Thank you so much!


This study aimed to know the effect of implementation of

Extra Judicial Killing to our society and also we made it to

contribute some information to reduce the number of drug

addicts in our country without any violent action and

killing people. We made it to emphasize what is Extra

Judicial Killing if it is good to our country because there

are many people died without the process of law so in order

to summarized the people who died its composed by sin and

innocent people.


Extra Judicial Killing or also know as Extra Judicial

Execution is the killing of a person by governmental

authorities without the sanction of any Judicial proceeding

or legal process. We all know that some innocent people die

because of that implementation and it is the one problem of

our country that facing us because of that. Extra Judicial

Killing might be result of a sin because thousands of

potentially innocent people are being abducted, brutally

murdered and then dumped on the streets, because they

labeled a user or dealer.

Extra judicial punishment is essentially punishment

carried out by the government,official bodies or a group of

citizens supported by the government without the permission

of a court or legal authority. Though extrajudicial

punishment are known to be prominent features of repressive

governments,the governments of many large democracies also

employ such methods in certain circumtance In nations where

there is politically instability,armed conflict,natural

disaster or other situations in which a proper judicial

system is not present or cannot function, extrajudicial

punishments are common place. In many cases extrajudicial

punishment and execution occur due to lack of proper

government structure or a weak judiciary.

The most relevant and serious extrajudicial punishment is

extrajudicial killing,which is usually carried out directly

by the government or with their silent approval. These

killings are usually masqueraded and justified as

disappearances,suicides and self-defence responses and are

usually committed by department of the government,the army

or police task force.

Considering that such practices occur outside and in the

absence of the judicial system, those living in conflict

areas are extremely susceptible to such finish. In Syria and

other middle eastern countries,the political instability and

frequent armed conflict has given rise to a large number of

such extrajudicial punishments being carried out by both

government and rebels against civilians,humanitarian actors

and journalist. Additionally,the conflict have made it

particularly difficult for any action to be taken against

the perpetrators of such punishments. Considering the

serious human rights violation that occur thought these

punishments it is of utmost relevance and importance that we

find solutions to the issue.


There are many ways aspects of the presidents solution to

violence and crime that I can understand and even support.

Placing curfews on teenager,alcohol consumption, and more

are smart Presentive measures.

However, having said all that, I do not believe that SHOOT

TO KILL is the way to achieve a goal of a safer country.

When did fighting five with fire ever actually work in the

long run? There has to be a better middle ground. If the

president mandate of shoot to kill is followed what we would

end up with are even more vigilantes walking the streets

with a convoluted sense of wild wild west justice. This is

not the way to make things safe again,in fact,things might

get even more dangerous.

We all want to live in a safe society. We want to able to

raise the children in a safer world. I commend the president

on his mission to stamp our crime, drugs and violence in the

Philippines. On the note, we are all aligned in wanting a

better country. However,there has to be a way to do this

while letting DUE PROCESS and the rule of law prevail. I

remember the Latin legal phrase let justice be done though

the heavens fall. Fair justice should always

prevail,especially when lives are at stake.

It is not necessary to the eye of people that surround from

us in every day living in this country. Extra judicial

means: out of law so the law is upheld anymore. The

president shows his disrespect for law and order. But law

and order is exactly what protects the people from wrong

doing s by other. It is part of democracy. (even though in

the Philippines it needs some improvements because it is

slow and if you have high placed friends you have a good

chance of not getting punished). Our president has much

power to do that. But what he does is really wrong and he

seems to feel guilty by it:he will even break the ties of

your country with the USA and EU in order to not need to

face Obama or any other real democratic president. And the

Philippines people who will also suffer for that.

There are many ways to do in order to lessen the number of

drug addicts here in our country incase of killing people

without sanction or process of the law. The situation is not

necessary for us because there are many people who died and

in order to summarize that it is composed by a sin and

innocent people. The question how did we gave justice for

the people who dies which is an innocent people? Also we all

need to have a rights in order to protect and secure your

self as long as you are right

Republic of the Philippines

Sto.Domingo National Trade School

Baloc,Sto Domingo Nueva Ecija






Lack of methods for collecting information about

extrajudicial punishments, due to reason such as but not

limited to: unwillingness to report such actions for fear of

retribution. Witness intimidation, subversion of such cases

due to the ascendancy of bodies individuals delivering such


The attempts of nation where extrajudicial punishment is

unacceptable to conduct such punishment overseas in other

member nation where these extrajudicial actions are


Extrajudicial punishment on the basis of gender identity and

sexual orientation by certain social and cultural groups

The use of extra judicial punishments as a weapon in the war

against terrorism, by punishing or executing people deemed
suspicious by governments

with a special concern regarding its misuse and overuse .

The prevalence of such extrajudicial measures being employed

in nations facing political unrest, where the judicial

system is dysfunctional. This is an extremely pressing

problem considering

Our president implement other law or way to lessen the

number of drug addict maybe he create an propaganda that the

people who do not have a job can apply in order to sustain

their daily needs.

Pushing some activities in every Barangay maybe will lessen

the number of drug addicts because maybe they did not have

an hobby or work so if the president implement that the

number of drug addicts will become lesser and we will become

Peoples are created by GOD and no one from his creation is

perfect. we made a mistakes and rights but in this report we

want you to encourage that help people that you know it is

involved on drugs. Motivation is the one who can change us.

It is not too late, many life that we can save soon as

possible if we help them because it is not for his or her

life it is also for us.we all know that many people who died

for the extrajudicial you want to increase again

that number of people who die?

In that implementation people who has given power by the

government do not need to kill. Remember it is a life and

according to bible god can only get our life because he is

the one who create us so hopefully for the policeman do not

shoot the suspect give his/him a chance to change his/her


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