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3 Progress Test 40 minutes Name Score 100

8 The film is based of/in/on a very successful novel.

1 Complete the table with crimes, criminals or 9 Theres a demonstration tomorrow to protest
against/for/about the cuts in salary.
crime criminal verb 10 The coat I wanted to buy has been reduced
looting 1 looter loot
at/with/to half price.
2 robber 3
11 Theyve named the baby for/after/of the town she
burglary 4 5
was born in.
6 7 kidnap
12 Tonys parents never worry for/with/about money.
8 thief 9

10 mugger mug 13 Maria managed to convince everyone

shoplifting 11 12 about/of/with her innocence. 15

13 bribe
vandalism 14 15
4 Complete these second conditional sentences
with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
arson 16
1 If I found (find) a mobile phone on a train
 I d take (take) it to the lost property office.
Imagine you (have) the chance to travel
2 Fill in the gaps with one word. 2
for six months, where you
1 The police arrested three men last night.
2 Two boys were charged vandalism.
3 Assuming I (be able to) go wherever I
3 She has been to eight years in prison.
wanted, I (go) to South America.
4 Why did he such a terrible crime? 4 Supposing you (not have) enough money
5 The thief was 200. to get home, what you (do)?
6 The first witness gave in the trial today. 5 John (buy) himself a sports car if he
7 The man was of all charges and was (have) enough money.
allowed to go home. 6 If you (be) really hungry, you
8 He was taken to for stealing a car. (steal) some food?
9 The jury found the man and he was 7 If I (find) a bit of money on
to prison for five years. the street, I think I (keep) it.
10 Shes been convicted a serious crime. 12

11 My cousin was arrested shoplifting.
5 Complete these third conditional sentences with

11 the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1 Emma would have been (be) terrified if she
3 Choose the correct prepositions.
d been (be) there when the thief broke in.
1 Im shocked of/ by /with what I read in the papers.
2 If I (see) the accident, I
2 He always insists on/in/at driving the car himself.
(call) the police.
3 I want to apologise to/for/with everyone by/for/to
3 We (not be) late if the car
behaving so badly.
(not break down).
4 Our company has succeeded on/with/in making a
4 How you (get)
profit in its first year of business.

home if Gary (not lend) you his


5 Im not sure I can cope of/at/with all the extra

work Ive got.
5 Our journey (might be) quicker if
6 I complained to/for/at the manager
with/by/about the terrible food. we (take) the train.
6 If I (know) it was a secret,
7 She decided to apply of/for/to the same bank
for/to/after a different job. I (not tell) anyone. 10

242 face2face Second edition Upper Intermediate Photocopiable Cambridge University Press 2012 Instructions p233 242
a Whats the matter, Jo? You look awful.
6 Put these words in the correct order. Add a b Im not feeling well and Ive got people coming to
comma if necessary.
1 you / very / would / round / If / rich / the / were /
a Oh dear, poor you. 1 Let me help you get ready.
you / world / go / ? b A re you sure you 2 ?
If you were very rich, would you go round the world? a No, not at all. 3 I tidied the
2 d / for / If / I / working / this / enjoy / look / living room?
another / I / for / didnt / job / company . b Well, itd 4 .
a Then 5 go to the supermarket
for you?
3 friends / somewhere / stay / a / Imagine / give / b Thanks, thatd 6 .
your / to / room / needed / you / them / would ? a Have you got a list of the stuff you need?
b Yes, its over there on the fridge.
a Oh yeah, I see. 7 cook dinner
4 worried / hadnt / been / my / would / If / phoned / when I get back?
b No, thats OK. I 8 .
we / have / parents .
a W hat about the kids? Ill look after them this

evening, 9 .
b T hatd be fantastic. Theyd love that as long as
5 done / you / if / police / What / have / arrived / 10
would / the / hadnt ?
a No, of course not. 11

them from school first?

b No, Fionas doing that on her way home from
6 free flight / I / wouldnt / even / me / there / if /
college, but thanks 12 . 11
offered / go / again / somebody / a . 
8 Tick the correct sentences. Change the incorrect
7 hadnt / have / time / We / got / if / traffic / d / we
/ there / got / in / on / stuck . 1 He got a lot of critical for what he did.

2 My grandfather used to be a doctor.

3 I can get by in Russian and Japanese.
4 Were you hearing all that noise last night?

5 I wish she wasnt so judgement about other people.
7 Fill in the gaps in the conversation with these 6 I go running in the park every so often.
7 I wasnt aware at the dangers.
Let me would you like me to be a great help 8 You must try to behave more responsible!
for offering wouldnt mind What if I Why dont I 9 Hes travelling round Europe since July.
you dont mind be wonderful if you could
10 Did you remember buying some stamps? I need
Would it help if if you like can manage
one for this letter.
11 Dave cant get used to working at night.
12 The thief robbed 2,000 from my bank account.
13 Hes always leaving the front door open.

14 Im really sick for working so hard.


15 I cant really see the point of going there.

16 I didnt used to enjoy going to school. 14

243 Instructions p233 Cambridge University Press 2012 face2face Second edition Upper Intermediate Photocopiable 243