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Miyana Wills

TLED 430

Mobile Applications Assignment

Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating

Subject English/Reading
Grade Level First Grade First Grade
Learning Objective 1.9 The student will read and 1.9 The student will read and
demonstrate comprehension of a demonstrate comprehension of a
variety of fictional texts. variety of fictional texts.

c) Relate previous experiences to what is g) Retell stories and events, using beginning,
read. middle, and end.

Activity The teacher will introduce the lesson by reading The teacher will have different pictures sent to
two very short stories to the class. students devices and the students will be
The students will be able to use their devices to responsible for uploading those pictures to the app.
create a drawing and pick their favorite event (from The students will then be split in to small groups (5
either story) while the teacher is reading. The max in each group) and given a short story book.
students are encouraged to save their digital Before beginning the assignment the students will
drawings because the students will create a new have 10 minutes in their groups to read the story
drawing of an event in their personal life that together and discuss it.
relates to their first drawing of the event from the Each group will be responsible for ordering the
story. pictures from the events in the story from
A brief discussion will be conducted afterwards beginning middle, to end. The app also allows the
comparing the two events and exactly how the student to put little digital sticky notes next to their
event that they choose from the story relates to pictures for a short explanation.

the personal life event that they chose.

Afterwards a brief class discussion will be held with
each group sharing their picture orderings.
Miyana Wills

TLED 430
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