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MAY 2007

Welcome to our new owners/residents since last year. The LPHTA Board distributes this
newsletter at least once a year to keep everyone informed of activities. It is advisable to
keep it with your records for future reference. If you are planning to move this summer
we’d appreciate you leaving a copy of this newsletter for the new occupants.

Current Officers of the Board:

President: Don Barletta 416 Gerald St.

V.P.: Anita Ditz 398 Gerald St. 238-1641
Treasurer: Kevin Lantzy 436 Gerald St. 234-1080
Secretary: Karen McCullough 400 Gerald St. 689-2175

Email is the preferred means of contact for the board. Since we all receive copious
amounts of email, please include LPHTA in the subject line of your emails so they are
certain to receive the appropriate attention.

You may use Kevin’s email for any questions regarding dues/payments. If you have any
questions about property maintenance or regulations for the Board you may forward them
to Don or Anita.

Please share your own email address with Don as a means of contact to receive
announcements and minutes of meetings.

Board Elections:

Our bylaws require board elections to be held every year. Board Elections will be
held ???? If you are interested in learning more about a position please contact the
current officer to get the details.
Not willing to commit to an officer position but still want to be involved? No problem,
there are numerous tasks, both big and small, that the board can delegate to those who are
willing. Do you have specific skills that can be put to good use or have any ideas for
improving the association? Contact a board member and we’ll see what we can do.

Financial Report

Our general expense categories are fixed: electricity, trash, snow removal, lawn
care/landscaping, and insurance. These general operating expenses continue to increase.
The reserve fund is not to be used for normal operating expenses.

As a result we anticipate a $10 dues increase in 2008.

Actual Expenses for 2006

Snow $1,236.50
Insurance 9,601.00
Electric 582.43
Garbage 5,011.20
Office 56.90
Lawn Care 10,118.46
Maintenance 1,581.65
Capital Improvement 2,800.00
Total Expenses $30,988.14

Deposits- Monthly Dues $30,245.00

Deposits- Reserve Fund 3,200.00
Total Deposits $33,445.00

Estimated Expenses for 2007

Snow $3,000.00 Pd. $2,310.23
Insurance 10,900.00 Pd 10,866.00
Trash 600.00 Avg. $50/mo.
Office 250.00 Pd. $193.89
Lawn Care 11,000.00
Maintenance 1,500.00
Parking Lot 4,000.00
Total Est. Expenses $36,300.00

Estimated Income- Dues $75.00 x 12 mo. x 32 units= $28,800.00

Estimated Income-Reserve $75.00 x 32 units= 2,400.00
Total Est. Income $31,200.00
Important Issues:

Parking Lot Resealing: We are scheduled to having the parking lot resealed on May ?-?
with rain dates scheduled for ?-? On these days cars must be moved to??? any cars left in
the parking lot WILL BE TOWED at the owner’s expense. If you plan to be out of town
during these dates you will need to arrange for a friend, neighbor, or board member to
move your vehicle.

Satellite Dishes: Our Code of Regulations expressly prohibits modifications to the

exterior of the units. While recognizing that satellite dishes can be considered a utility
resource, they are NOT allowed to be attached to the buildings. Any satellite dishes
attached to buildings must be removed immediately at the owner’s expense.
Additionally, any damage to the building’s exterior caused by the installation of satellite
dishes (or any other modification) must be repaired at the owner’s expense. Please
contact a Board member when considering satellite installation. The board must approve
any new satellite dishes. We will work with you and your provider to find the most
aesthetic position with consideration towards alternative locations and placement.

Animal Clean-up Policy: Reminder, you must clean-up after your pets. In October
1999, the Board passed a resolution that the Board would act upon information and
complaints against a unit, and issue a warning letter. A second offense would result in an
assessment of $25 against the property owner. The Board endeavors to keep complainant
information confidential, but please recognize that you may be called upon as a witness.
College Twp also enforces clean-up regulations, and you may request their enforcement
231-3021 (and their fines are much higher!)

Parking: We have had some problems with non-residents using our parking lot. Please
keep your eyes open and if you believe that someone is inappropriately using our parking
lot please contact a member of the board ASAP with the description of the car and a
license plate number.

Garbage: We have also had problems with people dumping their garbage in our
dumpsters, which often peaks during the summer months with people moving. Again, if
you see someone inappropriately using our dumpsters please get the license plate number
of the car and contact a member of the board ASAP with this information.