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Newsletter June 2008

Dear Parents House Points are as follows:-

Southesk 185
It is hard to believe there is only just over a week Dalhousie 192
of the term left and that we still have lots to do! Panmure 226
The school trips were all very successful and well Strathmore 243
received by the pupils. We are all grateful for the
contribution to the cost of the buses from the Well done Strathmore!
Fundraising Committee of the Parent Council.
Sports Champions
Staffing 08-09
Girls 1st Dana McFarlane
Additions to the list sent out last week are as fol- 2nd Kara Lee Moir
lows:- Kianna Pyper
P1 Miss Fitchett & Miss MacGregor
P6 Mr A. Tough (Principal Teacher) & Miss Boys 1st Tony Houston
Fairweather 2nd Joseph Will
Our Music Specialist next session will be Mrs 3rd Fergus Hill
Herron. The new teachers have visited the school
and I am sure will be made very welcome by the The trophies will be presented at our end of term ser-
school community. vice.

Mrs Kennedy is beginning to get to know all our Parking at Andover

pupils and has already met many of you.
Next week we say goodbye to Mrs Cartlidge and You may have seen reference to this on the school
wish her a happy time in her post as Head website. Shortly, the raised crossing area will be
Teacher at Inverkeilor Primary School. Mrs painted black and white so it is highlighted as a safe
McIntosh, Miss Campbell, Mrs Hill and Mrs crossing place for the children. Parking bays with
Smith (Nursery) are also leaving us and it is with barriers, next to the pavement are to be created at the
sadness that we say goodbye to so many great roundabout for the buses. This should alleviate con-
team players. gestion slightly but will definitely make the front of
Mrs Hill and Mrs Smith are both leaving as a re- the school safer for the children. Please refrain from
sult of a change in number on the school roll. parking in the bus area next term.

School Sports Uniform

The weather for our school sports could not have The school order will be sent off shortly. Please get
been better and everyone had a great afternoon. your order form back to the office as quickly as pos-
Thanks to Mrs Williamson and Mrs McLaren for sible.
helping with the refreshments and to the Fund-
raising Committee for supplying the much
needed water and fruit.
Make Ten

Our focus for the last two week of term is “being

kind to each other” All children who made “Ten”
three or four times in the first part of this term en-
joyed a picnic and afternoon at the park ten days
ago. They behaved really well. It was a real treat
for Mrs Kennedy and I to take them out! Our next
treat will take place on the last Wednesday of
term. Please continue to talk with your child/
children about how he/she can “Make Ten”.

School Website

The school website is looking really colourful and

has lots of useful information. If you haven’t
Dates for your Diary
logged on already please have a look.

School Improvement Plan

Wed. 25 June Final Make Ten treat
Thurs. 26 June 2 p.m. Church Service at
At this time of year the plans are set for the com-
Gardner Memorial Church & presentation of tro-
ing session. There will be an opportunity for par-
ents to view the planning summary and ask ques-
Fri. 27 June 12.00 Term ends.
tions early next session.
Monday 18 August School open for staff and
for parents to uplift uniform orders
Sponsored Walk
Tuesday 19 August Term resumes for all pu-
The grant total of £4,500 was raised. Thank you to
October 29 Learning Festival 6.45 p.m.
all parents and friends who sponsored the children
More information to follow. Please put this date in
and of course well done to the children who
your diary.
walked to many laps of the
cricket pitch!
Over the last year there have been many staff
changes and quite a lot of new pupils have entered
the school. I am looking forward to a period of
greater stability and know that I can count on you
all for your continued support. We are fortunate to
Summer Reading Challenge—Team Read
have a beautiful school to work in and a very con-
scientious and caring staff team.
Next week invitations will be issued to all pupils
for the annual Reading Challenge. As reading will
Thank you for your support and contributions to
be a priority development for us here next session
school life. I look forward to seeing all the chil-
this summer project is an excellent beginning.
dren safely back in August.
All children will be encouraged to read six books
from the local library. There will also be activities
Yours sincerely
and quizzes available to encourage participation.
There will be certificates and medals for the win-
ners so please encourage your family to take part.
For younger children (0-5 years) The Bookstart
Crawl will be organised over the same time pe-
Head Teacher
riod. In previous years this activity has been well
supported and enjoyed by many of our young
readers. It is a really good activity for a wet day.

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