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Citation of References:

Please follow the following format for citing references:

Tatavarti (1987) for citing single author reference.
Tatavarti and Narayanan (1992) for citing references having two authors.
Tatavarti et al (2004) for citing references having more than two authors.
The references should be typed as follows:
1. Journals: Give complete information such as name(s) of all author(s), year, Title of the paper,
Journal, year of publication, volume, number and pages.
2. International Conferences: Give all information such as name(s) of all author(s), year, Title
of the papers, Conference details like organizers, the publisher, Editors of the proceedings, page
No. and place.
3. Books: Give all information such as name(s) of author(s), year, Title of the Book, Book details
including publisher, page no. and place.
All references should be typed in alphabetical order at the end of the report / thesis.
Appendix A


<Times New Roman, Font 20, Bold, CAPS>

A project review report / thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements

for the degree of
<Times New Roman, Font 14, Italic>

Master of Technology in Structural Engineering

<Times New Roman, Font 22, Bold>

by <Times New Roman, Font 14, Italic>

Name of the candidate
<Times New Roman, Font 16, Bold, CAPS>

Month, Year
<Times New Roman, Font12 >

Appendix B
<Times New Roman, Font 14, Underlined, Bold, CAPS>

This is to certify that the project review report / thesis entitled TITLE OF THE
THESIS submitted by NAME OF THE CANDIDATE, for the award of the degree of Master of
Technology is a record of bonafide work carried out by him/her under my supervision, as per the
VIT code of academic and research ethics. The contents of this report have not been submitted
and will not be submitted either in part or in full, for the award of any other degree or diploma in
this institute or any other institute or university. The report / thesis fulfills the requirements and
regulations of the University and in my opinion meets the necessary standards for submission.
<Times New Roman, Font 12>

Place : Chennai
Date :

Signature of the internal Guide

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Signature of the external Guide
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