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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Teacher: Mallory Sullivan Mentor: Kelly Keough Date: November 28, 2017

School: Fort Collins High School Room #: M121 Content Area: Social Studies Title: Middle Ages power structure Kings and Clergy

Lesson Idea/Topic and Rational/Relevance: What are Students will learn about the basic power structure of the Middle Ages, important key players in the
you going to teach and why is this lesson of importance formation of a powerful Holy Roman Empire and English Kingdom. Some of the structures created
to your students? How is it relevant to students of this during this time are still seen today, so over 1000 years these things have lasted. Before break we
age and background? Why are you teaching this lesson had the students watch a movie as an intro to the Dark Ages, and this lecture/mapping activity will
now (what came before/what will come after)? What help explain some things more clearly. Yesterday they did a GGREAATT on either Russia or Byzantine.
teaching methods/strategies will you use and why? Tomorrow will be an in-depth look into the structural living situations and economics of the people
in the kingdoms, which I will have gone over today. I will use Cornell Notes, mapping skills, and the
co-teacher will do Plickers.

Content Standard(s) addressed by this lesson: (Write Content Standards directly from the standard)


Understandings: (Big Ideas)


Inquiry Questions: (Essential questions relating knowledge at end of the unit of instruction, select applicable questions from standard)


Evidence Outcomes: (Learning Targets) AND (Success Criteria)Using ABCD Objective

List of Assessments: (Note whether the assessment is formative or summative)

Summative: Map Page, Cornell Notes page, weekly sheet these will be graded when turned in at end of week, students will take quiz over information to know
they understand the material.

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Planned Lesson Activities

Name and Purpose of Lesson Middle Ages power structure Kings and Clergy
Should be a creative title - Think of the purpose as The purpose is to teach them chapter 13 in the unit so they understand why cultures mix
the mini-rationale or stay separate in some areas
Approx. Time and Materials 50 minutes
How long do you expect the activity to last and what Power Point, Unit 4 Packet, textbook
materials will you need? Pencil, colored pencils or highlighters
Anticipatory Set Warm up: pg 372 map Qs 1-2
The hook to grab students attention. To put
This is the co-op teacher Mr. Currans activity where he goes over the questions on an
students into a receptive frame of mind.
app called plickers, and allows the kids to write down the correct answer afterwards
To focus student attention on the lesson.
because these questions will be on the quizzes and final exam.
To create an organizing framework for the
ideas, principles, or information that is to
follow (advanced organizers)
An anticipatory set is used any time a different
activity or new concept is to be introduced.
How do you intend to engage your students in The strategy I intend to use is technology based answer app called PLICKERS
thinking during the Anticipatory Set? I am using this strategy here because: each student has their own multiple choice answer
Why are you using it at this point in your lesson? sheet and it scans the answers, by showing what is the right answer it gets the students
How will you know they get it? engaged, competitive, but they also learn the content.
Teacher Actions Student Actions

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Procedures ~10 minutes warm up ~10 minutes fill out weekly sheet: learning
(Include a play-by-play account of what students and ~15 minutes Map Activity target and success criteria and answer
teacher will do from the minute they arrive to the ~25 minutes Lecture notes warm up questions
minute they leave your classroom. Indicate the ~15 minutes follow along and complete the
length of each segment of the lesson in minutes. map activity
Indicate whether each is: ~25 minutes follow along and write Cornell
-teacher input notes
-questioning strategies
-guided/unguided:-whole-class practice, group
practice, individual practice, check for
understanding, other
How do you intend to engage your students in Scaffolding and answer questions during the lecture involve them and relate it to the
thinking during the Anticipatory Set? united states (Magna Carta) and parliament. Get them to reflect.
Why are you using it at this point in your lesson?
How will you know they get it?
Closure Students finish weekly sheet, two things they learned during the lesson and then
Those actions or statements by a teacher that are complete a 3-sentence summary on the lecture notes. If you were having dinner with
designed to bring a lesson presentation to an your mom or dad and they asked you what you learned in history what would you say?
appropriate conclusion. Used to help students bring
things together in their own minds, to make sense
out of what has just been taught. Any Questions?
No. OK, lets move on is not closure. Closure is used:
To cue students to the fact that they have
arrived at an important point in the lesson or
the end of a lesson.
To help organize student learning
To help form a coherent picture and to consolidate.

How do you intend to engage your students in This is something we do every single day so students should be practiced and well used to
thinking during the Anticipatory Set? the requirements for the class.
Why are you using it at this point in your lesson?
How will you know they get it?
Differentiation: Students who need modifications to the lesson work with Mr. Curran in separate groups.

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Differentiation should be embedded Either an easier word search, poem, map activity but still try and get the information
from the chapter. These history classes are FC, so the majority of the class has an IEP
throughout your whole lesson!! and/or a 504. Accommodations are usually made before the class, but it is just lecture
This is to make sure you have met the and these notes will be available to them at all times before the final.
needs of your students on IEPS or 504
To modify: If the activity is too advanced for a child,
how will you modify it so that they can be
To extend: If the activity is too easy for a child, how
will you extend it to develop their emerging skills?
Assessment Reflection: (data analysis) Students will be answering the questions correctly and will be quizzed on them tomorrow
How will you know if students met the learning during the warm up. Students write the summaries of what they completed. The map
targets? Write a description of what you were activity will be done together so hopefully they will all have that page done and can ask
looking for in each assessment. questions if they are still confused.
Post Lesson Reflection

1. To what extent were lesson objectives achieved? (Utilize assessment data to justify your level of achievement)

2. What changes, omissions, or additions to the lesson would you make if you were to teach again?

3. What do you envision for the next lesson? (Continued practice, reteach content, etc.)

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