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TPACK Template Tiffany A Green

Subject Mathematics:
Grade Level 4th Grade

Learning Objective 4.2 The student will


a) compare and order fractions

b) represent equivalent fractions

Activity The teacher will explain how to recognize and find the equal
value of fractions. After giving several examples of the
fractions on the board, she will assign her students in groups of
four to participate and practice what they have learned with
the SMART board technology as a collaborative activity.
- The instructor will use the smart board as a review
learning tool to make sure the students understands
the material
- The students will discuss the question on the Smart
board among their groups from slide 3, What fraction
of each topping should go on the pizza for each
- After making their predictions, each group will take
turns coming to the Smart board (2 minutes per group)
to add their toppings on the pizza for each person.
- Slide 5 will present the answer of the number of pieces
of pizza they would eat. Then I would explain why the
answer is correct to the groups.
- On slide 6 there will be another fraction problem for
the groups to collaborate and answer the question.
- Again the students will come up by their group and add
the toppings to the pizza on slide 7; from the fractions
that were given on slide 6.
- For slide 8, the instructor will erase the Smart board to
reveal the correct answer.
- In the following slide the groups will create their own
pizza, add whatever toppings, and let the teacher now
how much toppings will they be using.
- Slide 10 explains the amount of toppings in fraction
form for three students.
- Slide 11 one student from each group will drag the
correct fraction to the pie with their group members

cheering them on.

- The last side will reveal the sources.