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Glendale Community College


Fall 2017, Class #20579
August 22, 2017 - December 15, 2017
Tuesday-Thursday, 1:00 - 2:15
GCC Main Campus HT2 (Room 152)

Instructor: Safiya OBrien

Required Texts: Nadell, Judith and Langan, John. The Longman Writer: Rhetoric, Reader, Research
Guide and Handbook. 9th ed. Boston: Pearson Education, Inc., 2015. Print. ISBN: 9781323467442
*This book is available for purchase in the book store.
Course Format: Lecture, Face-to-face
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor Availability: I am also always available to meet in person by appointment or after class. If
youre having trouble, dont hesitate to ask. Please dont hesitate to email. I will ALWAYS answer.
Please allow 48 hours for a response though I usually answer within 24. Weekend response times
also apply

Emphasis on rhetoric and composition with a focus on expository writing and understanding writing as a
process. Establishing effective college-level writing strategies through four or more writing projects
comprising at least 3,000 words in total.
Requisites: Appropriate writing placement test score, or a grade of C or better in ENG091 or
ESL097 (You MAY not take this class if you have not.)


Writing projects and writing assignments will focus on research that emphasizes academic inquiry using a
wide range of electronic and printed credible scholarly sources from across college disciplines.
Computer-generated essays will adhere to MLA or APA manuscript format and citation.


1. Analyze specific rhetorical contexts, including circumstance, purpose, topic, audience, and writer, as
well as the writing`s ethical, political, and cultural implications. (I, III)
2. Organize writing to support a central idea through unity, coherence, and logical development
appropriate to a specific writing context. (II, IV)
3. Use appropriate conventions in writing, including consistent voice, tone, diction, grammar, and
mechanics. (I, IV)
4. Summarize, paraphrase and quote from sources to maintain academic integrity and to develop and
support one`s own ideas. (III, IV)
5. Use feedback obtained from peer review, instructor comments and/or other resources to revise writing.
6. Assess one`s own writing strengths and identify strategies for improvement through instructor
conference, portfolio review, written evaluation, and/or other methods. (II, III)
7. Generate, format, and edit writing using appropriate technologies. (II, IV)Write for specific rhetorical
contexts, including circumstance, purpose, topic, audience and writer, as well as the writing's ethical,
political, and cultural implications. (I, IV)
Because this course is classified as academic traditional face-to-face, expect rigorous standards and high
emphasis on critical thinking and analysis. As we meet in class for two and a half hours a week, it should
therefore be expected that out of class work time should range between four and six hours a week.


I prefer a classroom that is interactive and high energy. The energy you invest into participation and
engagement facilitates true learning. Sharing our unique gifts with each other can bring more insight and
more knowledge. It is only when we are open to new ideas that we can truly become transcendent. Also,
we will be spending a fair amount of time together and therefore comfort is imperative. Sharing our work
is much easier in a friendly, stress-free environment and a tense, closed class will only exacerbate the

Classroom etiquette is important to me. Please treat your fellow students with respect and politeness.
Absolutely NO abusive or abrasive speech will be tolerated. While it is certainly within your right to
agree or disagree with a fellow colleague, it is NOT within your rights to treat them inhumanely. .

Student Responsibilities: Students are responsible for reading and adhering to the policies outlined in
this syllabus, as well as those policies included in the Course Catalog and Student Handbook.

Taping/Video Taping/Photos of class discussions: If a student has a valid reason for needing to tape a
discussion, he/she must obtain permission to do so from me in writing before class.

The key to a well-functioning class is punctual and consistent attendance. This course is about discussion
of rhetoric, communication and writing. If an individual does not arrive to class in a timely fashion or
even at all, an integral component to your education will be rendered useless. To that end, it is
IMPERATIVE that you attend. It will not be an option. I will allow three absences. This means that if
an emergency unexpectedly comes up or you overslept, you dont have to explain or offer any sort of
apologetics. Any more absences than that and you will be unable to pass the class. If you are absent on
the date of any in-class assignment, pop oral quiz or any class activities, you will not be able to make up
the missing points. Every choice has a consequence. Exceptions will be made for those who are sick,
however a doctors note is required.

Punctuality is the key to success and I expect you to receive every benefit that is afforded you. It is my
job as your instructor to use class time efficiently and this will not happen if you are consistently late.

Phones must be kept on silence or vibrate. Please put them. If I see you texting that means you arent
present for class and you will be forced to bring us donuts to eat. Should your phone go off in class, we
will decide on a course of appeasement as a group. This means food!
*If you are a parent, guardian and have other extenuating circumstances, please see me and I will be more
than willing to accommodate you.


There will be a total of five short essays, all of which will vary in circumstance, purpose and audience.
These five essays do not have a flexible completion time and must be handed in on time. They will
NOT be accepted late. In addition to these essays, the latter half of the semester will requisite focus on
revising three of the five essays and building a digital portfolio. Rough drafts MUST be typed and
uploaded to Canvas prior to class time. Discussion boards cannot be completed late.
The key to success in each endeavor is preparation. Preparation and organization will be the main focus
of grading and as such, I expect you to follow through.
Peer Review days are mandatory if you want to achieve the points and some extra help. They are an easy
way to boost your grade and help prepare you for your speech. On Peer Review days, you will come to
class with the required materials ready to share with your group members. A digital copy of that outline
or rough draft must be uploaded to Canvas prior to coming to class. Do not come to class and
attempt to hand me a paper copy. I will not accept it. Absences on Peer Review days count as 0. In
other words, you must be present with a copy of your essay to receive full credit.


The Group Reading project is a way to discuss and improve our understanding of the book material and
other handouts that I distribute in class. This project involves working together in groups and focusing
the material as a means for presenting it to the class. There are a variety of ways that you can go about
achieving this, but mostly these decisions are up to you. This activity will begin sign-ups on September
4th. They will close on September 11th.

There will be various assignments, quizzes, and discussion boards. Your participation grade is a
combination of graded in-class discussions and workshop attendance.

LMS stands for Learning Management System. You may be also familiar with the ubiquitous entity
known as Blackboard. In the Maricopa Community College District, we use Canvas as our primary LMS.
Some instructors will require use of it and some will not. I require that all assignments be submitted on
Canvas. Please acquiesce to this system in a timely fashion, and if you require help or ever get confused
while working on it, please dont hesitate to ask me for assistance. If I dont know the answer to your
inquiry, I will connect you with someone who might be able to support.
Type Points
Essay #1, Narration/Description Essay, 500-800 25
Words (Due September 17th)
Essay #2, The Critical Review, 500-800 Words 25
(Due October 1st)
Essay #3, Literary Analysis, 500-800 Words 25
(Due October 16th)
Essay #4, Rhetorical Analysis, 500-800 Words 25
(Due October 29th)
Essay #5, Research Essay, 500-800 Words (Due 25
November 19th)
Assignments, Pop Oral Quizzes and Discussion 325
Boards (Varies)
Group Reading Project/Presentation (Varies) 100
Digital Portfolio Presentation (December 14th) 50
Digital Portfolio (December 14th) 400
Total Point Value = 1000


As per the student handbook, if you decide this course is not working for you or if extenuating
circumstances demand you drop the course, it is your responsibility to remove yourself from class. A
disproportionate number of absences means failure. It is up to you to completely withdraw should you
wish to do so (or need to do so) for I will not handle your responsibilities for you.

My drop policy is rather simple. If you hit three absences within a roughly one month period, you will be
removed. After February 25th, I will no longer drop students who stop showing up and I will not remove
students who are not passing. Instead, you will be simply fail the class. If you want to be in this class,
make the choice to stay or leave. All I ask is that you regularly attend class and complete the work.

It is also up to you to be honorable in your academic dealings. I cant make you not plagiarize or cheat.
What I will do is certainly act accordingly if I should find your work to be plagiarized, or should I learn of
any duplicitous test taking and other means of cheating. You will receive no credit. None. Zero. Zilch.
Nada. The work must be real (no fake sources) and all words must be YOURS. Failure to comply will
force me to fail you for the assignment with a zero.

If you have a documented disability, including a learning disability, and would like to discuss possible
accommodations, please contact the GCC Disabilities Resources and Services office at 623.845.3080 or


Students can further improve their reading and writing skills by visiting the Center for Learning to obtain
assistance. In addition, students can request that another English instructor provide suggestions for
improvement on writing assignments. Students can make appointments with the Writing Center,
located on the GCC main in the Center for Learning, Room 35. At GCC North, the Writing Center
is located in the southwest corner of the D building. Students can also use the Electronic Writing
Center by going to


Try as I might to remain healthy and timely, sometimes things happen. If I have to cancel class, I will
generally send out a Canvas message as soon as I can so that you can plan accordingly. If an unplanned
absence should occur (meaning that I dont announce a cancelled class or there is no sign on the door
indicating such and 15 minutes have passed), you are to contact the English department immediately.


Sexual harassment is any unwelcome, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that is sufficiently
severe, persistent or pervasive that it alters working conditions and creates a hostile environment or
reasonably interferes with, limits, or deprives a student of the ability to participate in or benefit from any
educational program or activity.

Sexual harassment and discrimination in any college education program or activity are prohibited. Sexual
Harassment may include hostile environment harassment, sexual assault, inducing incapacitation for
sexual purposes, sexual exploitation or dating violence and stalking.

Students should report any discrimination and/or harassment they experience and/or observe to the GCC
Office of Student Life in the Student Union. Phone (623) 845-3525 or email

To view the full Sexual Harassment Policy refer to the Student Handbook, Sexual Harassment Policy for
Students (AR 2.4.4) (see also 5.1.8)


Please note: GCC and the MCCCD are Smoke and Tobacco Free. The usage of tobacco products,
including electronic cigarettes, is expressly forbidden. Please adhere to these policies.

American Rhetoric -
The Blogara (by Rhetoric Society of America) -
The Purdue OWL -

Date Subject/Chapter Activity/Homework Notes

8/22/17 Welcome and enjoy! First discussion board is assigned.

8/24/17 Canvas overview and Pre- Complete the Pre-Test by August 31st at
Test Assigned. Midnight on Canvas
8/29/17 In-class writing assignment Read Encomium of Helen (on Canvas)
First discussion board is due at midnight
(on Canvas).

Encomium of Helen discussion board is

8/31/17 Encomium of Helen Read Chapters One and Two.
Discussion and Trial
Discussion board on Chapter Two
9/5/17 Discussion of Chapters One Read Chapters 10 (Description) and 11
and Two (Narration).

Encomium of Helen discussion board is

due at midnight.
9/7/17 Discussion of Chapters 10 Essay #1: Narration is assigned.
and 11. Rough Draft for Essay One will be due
on Tuesday

Discussion board on Chapter Two is due.

9/12/17 Peer Review for Essay 1
9/14/17 Black Mirror: Fifteen Essay 1 is due on Canvas, Sunday the
Million Merits 17th at midnight.

Discussion board for BM1 assigned.

9/19/17 Black Mirror: Nosedive Read article, the Critical Review (on
Canvas) for Tuesday
Rough Draft for Essay Two will be due
on Tuesday.

Discussion board BM2 assigned.

9/21/17 Discussion of Critical Essay #2 is assigned.
Review and Quote
integration Discussion. Discussion board BM1 due.

Rough Draft for Essay Two will be due

on Tuesday.

9/26/17 Peer Review for Essay 2 Discussion board BM2 due.

Read Butlers Blood Child (link on


9/28/17 Discussion of Blood Child Essay 2 is due on Canvas, Sunday the 1st
at midnight.

Read Singhs Delhi (link on Canvas).

Blood Child discussion board is assigned.

10/3/17 Discussion of Delhi Read Chapter 21 for class on Tuesday
10/5/17 Discussion of Chapter 2 Essay #3 Literary Analysis is assigned.
and Digital Portfolio
assigned. Rough Draft for Essay Three will be due
on Tuesday.

Blood Child discussion board is due.

10/10/17 Peer Review for Essay #3 Rough Draft for Essay Two will be due
on Tuesday.

10/12/17 Matrix Film Essay 3 is due on Canvas, Sunday the

16th at midnight.
10/17/17 Matrix Film
10/19/17 Essay #4 Rhetorical Analysis is assigned.

Rough Draft for Essay #4 will be due on Tuesday.

10/24/17 Peer Review for Essay #4

10/26/17 Essay 4 is due on Canvas, Sunday the 29th at midnight.
10/31/17 Read Chapter 19 for class on Tuesday.

Halloween Special
11/2/17 Discussion of Chapter 19 Read Chapter 20 for Class on Thursday.
11/7/17 Discussion of Chapter 20 Essay #5 Research essay is assigned.
11/9/17 Library Day
11/14/17 Peer Review for Essay 5
11/16/17 Essay #5 is due on Canvas, Sunday the
19th at midnight.
12/5/17 In class work day and
12/7/17 Workshopping and peer Are you tired yet? Almost there...
review. Yay!
12/12/17 NO CLASS!!

12/14/17 CLASS Digital Portfolio Presentations!

GATHERING/FINAL Portfolios should also be uploaded to
from 1:00-2:50. Canvas!

While Id love to say nothing on the calendar will EVER, ever change, this is simply not so. This
syllabus and aforementioned policies can be amended at any time and is dependent upon a preponderance
of variables. Students will be notified of ALL changes to the syllabus.