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Lesson Plan -MicroTeach

Teacher Name Mr. Bijl Date December 5th, 2017

Subject Area Mathematics Grade 6
Topic Multiples Time 45 minutes

Develop Number Sense

General Outcome:

Demonstrate and understanding of multiples by:

Determining multiples of numbers less than 100
Specific Learner Outcome(s):
Solving problems with multiples

Students will:
Learning Objectives Identify and list the set of multiples for a given whole number
What do you want your students to learn?

Assessment -I will know the students have learned, based off their answers in the Kahoot activity as well during
How will you know your students have
learned? the de-brief at the end of class

Materials -Power point, Kahoot website, stress ball, worksheets

What resources will you need?

Lesson Description Time

-Introduce the math topic we are focusing on, which is multiples

-Start the review of skip counting with a ball toss game. Will start with multiples of 2, go to 5, and
finish with multiples of 10. Will toss a ball to one student to start and they will toss it to the next -5 to 10
student who knows the answer minutes
-From this will move onto my main lesson

-Lesson will consist of introducing what a multiple is and what it is made up of

-Go to slide of good examples of multiples
-Explain the first of the three to them and for the final example get them to tell me why it is an
example of a multiple
-Next, examples of what is not a multiple
-Explain the first two and get them to tell me why the third one is not an example of a multiple
-Work through practice questions regarding multiples
-15 to 25
Body -Move to the Kahoot activity
-Will have laptops set up at each table prior to the start of the lesson
-Will inform them that they will work in their table groups to answer the questions. They will be
timed and awarded points for answering correctly
-Get them to input the code on the smart board
-Stress that it is not one person answering the questions, it is an interactive group activity
-If a larger amount gets a question wrong, will go over it as a group
-Once the game is over get them to close the laptops and bring the focus back in

ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching

-End on a de-brief of what was covered in the lesson: What a multiple is?
Closure -Ask the students to tell me what was learned today -5 minutes
-If there is enough time I will hand out the work sheet to work on

ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching