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ENGG3280 Mock Final Exam Fall 2017

Mock Final Exam

Course Title: Machine Design Course Code: ENGG*3280
Location: MCLN 102 Level of Study: Undergraduate
Date: December 7, 2017 Instructor: Dr. Mostafa Elsharqawy
Time: 7:00 9:00 PM Duration: 2 hours


Student Name:

Student ID:

The Textbook and 1 Formula Sheet (should be a letter size, double-sided and should be submitted with the
exam paper) are allowed to be used during the exam. Formula sheet should contain only equations,
formulae, tables, or diagrams. No solved problems, examples, questions, or assumptions should be
Only scientific calculators are allowed for conducting the calculations. No cellphones or any other
electronic devices are permitted.
You are required to show a detailed solution. No marks will be given if the answer was not presented
logically where all steps lead to the final solution.
No marks will be given if the answer is not clearly, presented even if the final answer is correct.
Print your answers clearly. If the marker cannot read the answer, it will be automatically assumed
Attempt to answer all of the questions. You cannot score more than 60 points on this exam.
Several of the questions may be solved in different ways. We will only mark your first attempt. Therefore,
if you have solved a question in multiple ways, make sure you cross out the attempt you do not wish to be
The invigilators will not answer questions regarding the test paper. If you are unclear about a question on
the test paper, state any assumptions that you make and then write your answer clearly.
Your professionalism and consideration as ethical and responsible engineering students are required in
this examination.
This test contains 8 pages. Please notify the invigilator immediately if your examination does not contain
this number of pages

Question (1a) (1b) (1c) (1d) Total

Points: 10 15 10 25 60


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ENGG3280 Mock Final Exam Fall 2017

Question (1)

The figure below shows a motor-driven air compressor used for driving air hammers on a job site.
The design utilizes an AC motor of 2.5 hp running at 3600 rpm and coupled through a coupling to
the input shaft (A) of a gear box. The gear box output shaft (B) drives the crankshaft of a single-
cylinder reciprocating compressor running at 1375 rpm.

(a) Design a spur gearset for the compressor gearbox. In your design calculate the number of
teeth in the pinion (p) and the gear (g) and their pitch diameters. Assume a gear module of
4 mm, the minimum number of teeth on any gear is 12, and the distance between the input
and output shafts of the gearbox is 152 mm (as shown in the figure).

(b) Calculate the face width of the pinion (p) assuming a pressure angle of 25, gear module of
6 mm, standard AGMA profile with full depth teeth and highest point single teeth contact
loading, gear quality index of 6, a safety factor of 4, and a gear material which has a bending
fatigue strength of 50 MPa. Take the pinion and gear teeth as 14 and 35 respectively (this is
not necessary the answer for part a).

(c) Select two suitable deep-groove ball bearings to support the input shaft (A) at locations c
and d. It is planned that these bearings have reliability of 99% and to be replaced every year.
Take the pinion pitch diameter of 84 mm and pressure angle 25.

(d) A set of six M101.5, class 8.8, fine thread bolts are used to attach the cylinder head to the
compressor cylinder as shown in the figure. An unconfined compressed-asbestos gasket of
3 mm thickness is used between the cylinder head and the cylinder flange for sealing.
Determine the joint constant, the required tightening torque, and the safety factor against
yielding and separation. Assume the following:

- The bolts are preloaded to 75% of its proof strength.

- The thickness of the cylinder head is 15 mm.
- The thickness of the cylinder flange is 15 mm.
- The bolts, cylinder head and cylinder flange are made of carbon steel.
- The maximum pressure inside the cylinder is 580 kPa.
- The cylinder bore diameter is 100 mm.
- The cylinder head diameter is 200 mm.
- The bolt circle diameter is 160 mm.
- The six bolts are equispaced on the bolt circle.

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ENGG3280 Mock Final Exam Fall 2017

Table 1: Dimensions and Load Ratings for Single-Row Deep-Groove Ball Bearings

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ENGG3280 Mock Final Exam Fall 2017

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ENGG3280 Mock Final Exam Fall 2017

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ENGG3280 Mock Final Exam Fall 2017

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ENGG3280 Mock Final Exam Fall 2017

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ENGG3280 Mock Final Exam Fall 2017

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