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United States, Study Guide

In what year did the United States declare 1776

In what year was the US Constitution written? 1787
What was the Great Compromise? When the convention decided to have
members of the House be chosen by population
and each state would get 2 Senators regardless
of population.
What are the 6 regions of the country from east Atlantic coastal plain, Appalachian Mountains,
to west? Central Lowland, Great Plains, Rocky
Mountains, Pacific coast.
What issue was the cause of the Civil War? slavery
What is unique about the Great Lakes? They are all connected and they are the largest
group of freshwater lakes in the world.
What does continental United States mean? The 48 states that are all connected. Not Alaska
and Hawaii.
Where does the US rank in physical size? 3rd
Where does the US rank in population? 3rd
Where does the US rank in GDP? 1st
How many people live in the United States? 320 million
What are the three branches of the US Legislative, Executive, Judicial
Who runs the executive branch? President
What are the two parts of the legislative branch? House of Representatives and Senate
How did the first Americans come here? (not the They crossed a land bridge called Beringia
Pilgrims) during the Ice Age.
How many original states were there? 13
What kind of representative democracy does the federal republic
United States have?
In our federal republic, power is shared between Between the central government and the
the three branches of the national government. states.
How else is power shared?
What kind of economic system does the United A free enterprise system where private
States have? companies compete free of government
Why is Madison considered the Father of the He created the basic framework for the
Constitution? Constitution and he wrote the Bill of Rights.
What was the main reason the 13 colonies Great Britain began taxing the colonies and
declared independence from Great Britain? trying to run the colonies from Great Britain.
The colonists wanted their own elected
governments to govern.
Why is a large, diverse republic better than a No single faction can take over and violate the
small one? rights of others.