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Stella OBrien

TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment

Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating

Subject Language Arts

Grade Level 3rd Grade 2nd Grade

Learning Objective English Standards of Learning for Virginia Public English Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools:
Schools: Reporting Category: Demonstrate comprehension of
3.12 The student will use available technology for fictional texts.
reading and writing. 2.8 The student will read and demonstrate
comprehension of fictional texts.
a) Make and confirm predictions.
c) Ask and answer questions about what is read.
d) Locate information to answer questions.
e) Describe characters, setting, and important events in
fiction and poetry.

h) Summarize stories and events with beginning, middle,

and end in the correct sequence.
i) Draw conclusions based on the text.
Stella OBrien

Activity Objective: To demonstrate understanding of Objective: To demonstrate understanding of the story

Concrete/Shape poetry building process and develop collaboration skills
1. After reading several different Concrete/Shape 1. The teacher will read a story created with
poems to the students, the teacher will project Storypanda with all content in its original state.
several on the SmartBoard and ask the 2. The teacher will then work through the same story
students what they notice about the poems as a class-wide exercise. She will have each
when they look at the words on the page. student contribute to the story re characters,
2. After students notice the relationship between scenes, and sentences.
the shape and focus of the poem, the teacher 3. When the class has finished recreating the story
will explain what a Concrete/Shape poem is. with their own characters, scenes and other
3. The teacher will hand out one example of a features, the teacher will read the story out aloud.
Concrete/Shape poem 4. The teacher will ask questions about how the
4. Students will glue the example of the changes affected the overall story and a discussion
concrete/shape poem into their composition will ensue.
books and write down a definition for 5. The teacher will read a second story to the class
concrete/shape poetry. 6. The teacher will divide the class into groups and
5. Students will be asked to look for examples of have them work on the second story using the
Concrete/Shape poetry in magazines and/or Storypanda books app.
books. 7. Each group will then be asked to share and
6. The teacher will then model for the students compare how their stories differ in the end.
how to use the Theme Poems app
7. The students will be asked to use the Theme
Poem app to write their own Concrete/Shape
8. Students will print these poems and add them
to their poetry collection.

9. The teacher will have the students share the

poems that they have written as well as those
that they found.

Theme Poems
Storypanda Books
Stella OBrien

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