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NZ Post has been part of the fabric of New Zealand for over 170 years, helping businesses
grow and connecting communities. Our aim is to support our communities to be resilient
by helping kiwis to help themselves. Social enterprise is a great way to do this. We’ve
been working with the Akina Foundation since 2012 investing in grassroots programmes.
Now we are taking this to the next level by making a commitment to procure from at least
three social enterprises over the next 12 months. We have also funded Akina to build an
online marketplace where businesses can go to buy from certified social enterprises.
Social procurement is about buying great goods and services and having a positive social
and/or environmental impact at the same time. It’s like spending the same dollar twice!

The Good Gift Guide is about getting our people involved, giving them the chance to buy
amazing gifts from a social enterprise. We’ve selected a range of businesses that offer
something for everyone, each with their impact story to tell.

Dawn Baggaley
Head of Sustainability at New Zealand Post
We’d love to be able to track the impact of the
Good Gift Guide. Where applicable, please add
the code NZPOST to your online order.

Look out for this symbol to see
$ which social enterprises offer a
discount with the code above.

Subs is a flip-flop company from New Zealand. Our aim
is to prevent and reduce plastic waste by transforming
it into high-performance, recycled plastic flip-flops.
Subs flip-flops are super comfy to wear, highly durable,
up-cyclable and environmentally friendly! Subs are
made of recycled plastic sourced from beach cleanups
& recycling, and we pledge to remove 1/2 a kg (1.16
lbs) of debris from our ocean ecosystems for every
pair sold. So far we’ve removed just shy of 4 tonnes of /stepsfortheocea
plastic from marine ecosystems.

Ethique was started because hair and skin care
needed a shake up: simple, concentrated and
sustainable products that deliver on results, without
the unnecessary packaging. Bars are our answer – no
bottles, no harsh chemicals – just good things in high
concentration. Each bar is packed full of only good
things that will work to bring out the best in your skin
and hair. For us, sustainability runs deep. We started
making beauty products because we know they can be /ethiquenz
made better. But it goes further than just formulas. We
package our bars in 100% compostable packaging - the /ethiquenz
ultimate in no-waste. Thus far we have prevented over
200,000 bottles from being made and disposed of in /ethiquenz
landfills all over the world.
New Zealand has the highest teen suicide rate in the
developed world. The Kindness Institute works to
change that with stress management, mindfulness
& yoga based programs for marginalised young
people. We work with rangatahi (youth) in schools,
those who’ve been kicked out and those who have
criminal and sometimes anti-social behaviours. This
Christmas, we’re promoting our “Aroha mai aroha
atu” T-Shirts. This Maori proverb means “Love and
compassion received is love and compassion given”. All /thekindnessinstitute
proceeds from this tee go to our work bringing yoga &
mindfulness to marginalised youth. /thekindnessinstitute

Make Give Live connects and enriches the lives of
people in their communities while co-creating beautiful
knitwear for you and people in need. We do this by
bringing diverse groups of people together every week
at a local cafe or their homes to enjoy each other’s
company, a cuppa and a laugh, and to share skills
while hand crafting beautiful knitwear in pure NZ
wool. In winter we make beanies that we sell as ‘buy
one - give one’ and for each one sold we give one to a /makegivelive
Kiwi in need. This is the first release of our Summer &
Christmas collection where 100% of the profits will go /makegivelive
towards resourcing our groups. Your support creates
the magic of thriving communities, join us. /makegivelive

Every purchase of our Biogro NZ certified organic
emBODYoil contributes to our ‘Spreading kindness’
programme. This programme allows us to sustainably
gift product to some of the many courageous
hospital and healthcare communities around NZ and
beyond. Our range of face and body oil is designed
to support optimum quality of life during times
of pain, stress, fatigue and sadness. It is an ideal
complement to self and family care (as well as for
nurses, physiotherapists, massage therapists et al).
emBODYoil promotes awareness of kindness, courage,
joy and peace, as well as the connection, gratitude and /embodyoil
compassion for ourselves and each other, that can help
us live well, personally and collectively, throughout the
ups and downs of life.

The Misprint Co is a social enterprise that repurposes
waste paper into good-looking notebooks. We
collect paper from local organisations and curate
our notebooks from the already printed paper. Each
notebook we make saves 13 sheets of A4 from landfill,
and 130 litres of water from the paper-making process.
We have two main services, Offset and Ecoloop. Offset
is our free service where businesses can donate their
non-confidential, blank-on-one-side paper to us. /TheMisprintCo
Ecoloop includes a buy back service, where the paper
collected is made into notebooks for the business that /themisprintco
supplied the paper. We also offer businesses that can’t
collect paper custom notebooks made from our Offset /TheMisprintCo
paper, meaning everyone can be involved!

Duffle and co pairs high-end designers with local
craftsmen, so you get long-lasting products that
look good and do good. Our suppliers are like family.
We let them set their own pricing and supply terms.
We stay up to date with all the latest developments
in technology to ensure our products make use of
the best production options for nature. We’ll tell you
anything you want to know about our supply chain and
the impact our products have on the planet. We don’t
use mass production assembly lines, instead all our /duffleandco
products are handcrafted for you, even our bulk orders.
We make each item to your exact specifications and
quality check all products ourselves. We care that you
get a product that is exactly how you want it.
At Little Yellow Bird we are proud to be recognised
as one of the world’s most sustainably and ethically
minded uniform companies. We are also the only
uniform company certified as a B Corp. This means
that although we aim to make a profit, we don’t do it at
the expense of people or the planet. We firmly believe
that business can be used as a force for good. With this
in mind, we create some of the highest quality apparel
items in the industry in factories following fair-trade /lyb_uniforms
guidelines. We monitor our supply chain from farm to
factory and grow our organic cotton without the use of /littleyellowbirdnz
pesticides or chemicals. Our factories use zero-waste
initiatives, including solar panels and rooftop gardens, /littleyellowbirdnz
and continuously work to minimise waste. Join us in
making the earth a happier place!
Felt is New Zealand’s online market for locally made
goods and gifts – your one stop shop for high quality,
original items made in Aotearoa. We believe that
craftsmanship and sustainable consumption will save
the world, and we’re here to help that happen. Every
day thousands of Kiwi makers, artists, and creatives
produce amazing items and sell them online through
Felt. The range of creations in store is huge, with
everything from clothing and jewellery to furniture and /iheartfelt
artwork. Plus, we curate a special collection of items
just for Christmas each year, including a section of /iheartfelt
Secret Santa Gifts for under $20.
Million Metres is an online fundraising platform led
by the Sustainable Business Network, in partnership
with the Department of Conservation. It raises money
for restoring the banks of New Zealand’s waterways.
Its goal is to raise funds to plant one million metres of
waterways with native plants and trees. Give a gift that
will keep on giving for generations this Christmas. With
your help, the goal is to fund 2000 trees! They will be
donated to four 2018 river restoration projects.

Made in Wellington by the charity SpinningTop,
Defender Bags have been designed to make a
difference in the world. In their own caped-crusader
way, they aim to defend the environment and defend
human rights. Defender bags are made from reused,
recycled old vinyl billboards which would otherwise
end up at the landfill. Each bag is unique, and the
billboard vinyl is cleaned, cut and sewn locally. The
range includes shoppers, computer cases/satchels and
makeup bags. 100% of profits from the sale of each bag /SpinningTopORG
go to SpinningTop, an organisation who, for the past 10
years, have been supporting vulnerable children living /SpinningTop
in extreme poverty on the Thai/Burma border – giving
kids back a childhood and strengthening communities.
Wildness is a Wellington-based social enterprise that
employs prisoners from Rimutaka and Arohata prison
to package their chocolate. Wildness’ chocolatier and
founder, Marie, was born in France and moved to Brazil
seven years ago to live on a cocoa plantation. It was
there that she discovered the Cupuaçu (pronounced
“Ku-poo-ah-soo”) fruit, and has been developing the
recipe behind Wildness’ organic, vegan chocolate
ever since. Marie works with local Brazilian Cupuaçu
farmer, Carlos, to harvest sustainable fruit. Every
purchase helps her explore additional pre-release
programmes with New Zealand prisoners. /
At Trade Aid we’re all about change. We’ve been
combining development and trade for over 40 years,
illustrating that it is possible to use business to build a
better world. We do things a little differently than your
average business. We champion an alternative way of
trade – a fair way. Discover a collection of the finest
artisan fair trade products, sourced from small-scale
producers across the globe. Made to feel good, our
range of gift hampers are sure to delight. With four /tradeaid
new gift options on offer starting at $24.99, we’ve got
you covered. So go ahead, explore our range, knowing /trade_aid
that you’re making a difference.

You might ask what organic art clothing, skateboard
art and recycled timbers have in common. I guess
we’re the common thread. The Paper Rain Project
came about from a want to do things differently, to a
high quality and without costing the Earth. We wanted
to truly give back through the process of our making,
to give on with our profits and to generally do good.
Why wood? We love the feel and that it already has a
story. T-shirts? Another great canvas for expression. /_PaperRain
So came about our range of fair trade, organic Cause
clothing, skateboard artworks and longboards made /thepaperrainproject
from recycled or locally sourced sustainable timber.
The Good Registry aims to simplify giving, help good
causes and reduce waste. By using The Good Registry’s
online platform, you can “pay forward” giving events
such as birthdays and Christmas to charities you care
about. We’ll take care of everything this Christmas,
from helping you choose your charity and tell your
family, friends and others, to tallying donations,
collecting and transferring the gifted funds to your
charity, and celebrating the good your gifts are doing. /thegoodregistry
That adds up to lots of joy, simpicity and goodness –
just what Christmas is about! /thegoodregistry

Tha n k Y o u !

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