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TPACK Template

Subject English

Grade Level 1

Learning Objective 1.13 The student will write to communicate ideas for a variety
of purposes. a) Generate ideas.
b) Focus on one topic.
c) Revise by adding descriptive words when writing about
people, places, things,
and events.
d) Use complete sentences in final copies.
e) Begin each sentence with a capital letter and use ending
punctuation in final
f) Use correct spelling for commonly used sight words and

phonetically regular
words in final copies.
g) Share writing with others.
The teacher will introduce the Web 2.0 MyStoryBook to the
class and instruct them on how to use this website. The
teacher will lead the class in creating a sample class story book
using the smart board. The students will participate by adding
to the story while the teacher types in what the student is
saying. The teacher will also decorate the class book using the
class input. Once the sample book is complete the students
will write their own short story using the Web 2.0
MyStoryBook. They can tell what they think what will happen
next in a story, how they would act as the main character of a
story, or make up one themselves. One or more sentences per
page, 2 to 3 pages not including the cover and back page. After
writing their story and getting it checked by the teacher, the
student then can decorate their book. Once the student has
finished their book it can be published to be viewed by their
parents and classmates. The teacher will be walking around
the room offering assistance to students, once the book is
published the teacher will show the books on the smart
board and have the individual student share their story with
the class.
This activity will stretch over a few days but should be no

longer than a week.

Technology The students will use an ipad and using the Web 2.0

MyStoryBook to complete the assignment. The teacher will use

the smart board to help the students share their stories with

the class.
Link to the example
product For some reason it is saying that I have not published my story
when I have. If this link does not work please let me know, you
may have to login under my user in order to see my book.