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A Semi- Detailed Lesson Plan

in English VIII

I. Objectives
At the end of the period, the students are able to:
a. recognize the different functions of conditional sentences;
b. construct sentences using conditionals; and
c. value the importance of good decision making through a composition writing.

II. Subject Matter

a. Topic: Conditional Statements
b. Reference: Grade 8 Learning Module; pages 42- 43
c. Materials: Chart, pictures, strips of paper
d. Values Integration:

III. Procedure
A. Preparation
Greetings and Checking of Attendance
The teacher prepares rolled strips of colored papers. Instructions are given.
Students are to follow whatever is indicated in the papers.
If you get a yellow strip of paper, you need to act/perform what is
indicated in the paper.
If you get a red paper, you can let someone perform/act for you.
If you receive a blue strip of paper, you need to answer the question
provided in the paper.

B. Presentation
1. Recall the instructions given by the teacher. What have you observed in the

2. What are some similarities among the sentences?

3. How do you express conditions?
C. Discussion
Conditional Sentences
- expresses condition and its result
3 Types of Conditional Statements
1. Open Conditional Statement- refers to a future event which is conditional on
another future event
Ex. If you eat too much, youll get fatter.

2. Open hypothetical Conditional Statement- refers to a possible future situation

which depends on another possible future situation.
Ex. If you ate too much, you would get fatter.

3. Unfulfilled hypotheses- refers to a situation which an event might have taken

place, but did not, because a condition was not fulfilled.
Ex. If you had eaten too much, you would have got fatter.
D. Application
The Group will be divided into 2.
1st Group
Comic Strip Advice
Materials: Worksheet
Procedure: The teacher distributes the copies of the comic strip Cathy to each
After they read the comic strip, the groups need to work together to complete the
if- clauses. They can use the information provided by the mother in the strip or
just make a logical ending.

Examples: Cathy says: If only I werent so fat.

Students results: I could wear my new dress.
I would feel better.

E. Generalization
1. What are conditional sentences?
2. What are the 3 types of conditional sentences? What are its functions?

IV. Evaluation
Complete the following sentences with an appropriate result or if-clause.
1. I can go shopping to the Mall of Asia this weekend if ________________.
2. If I have time _______________________.
3. I could have gone to Boracay last year if _____________.
4. If I met my old friends, I _______________.
5. _________________if I won the lottery.
V. Assignment
Have you had any regrets in your life? Shortcomings which could have been avoided?
For your assignment, write a short paragraph on the importance of proper decision
making. Apply your knowledge on the different types of conditional sentences.

Prepared by
Carol Joy C. Elvinia