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TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment

Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating

Subject History and Social Studies

Grade Level 3rd 3rd

Learning Objective 3.2 The student will study the early West 3.4 The student will develop map skills by

African empire of Mali by describing its oral

tradition (storytelling), government (kings), and
economic development (trade).
Activity The teacher will introduce the app StickDraw and The teacher will give a brief history of cartography
have the class help her make an animation with it. and go over the aspects of a map. The teacher will
Then the teacher will instruct the students to introduce the app Padlet and show how the class
describe Malis government or economic can interact and collaborate in real time on the
development in a short essay/storytelling paper. app. The teacher will have the class participate in a
After the teacher has checked over the students whole class activity. The teacher will explain to the
stories she will have the students animate it by students that on the first day of the activity they
using the StickDraw app. The teacher will then will carry their device with them throughout the
share the students animations on the SMARTboard day and everyone will take notes in Padlet on how
while the student explains what is going on in their their school is laid out. On the second day the
animation. This may be a multi-day activity. teacher will start the map. Then as the week
progresses every student will make contributions
on Padlet on the class map of their school. By the
end of the week each student has to contribute 2-3
features to the map on the app. Then the teacher

will share the finished map on the SMARTboard

and the students will take turns explaining why
parts of the map were added.
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Technology StickDraw Animation Maker Padlet