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ASSURE Model Instructional Plan

Mr. Bostani
9th Grade
Algebra I
90 minute lesson
Analyze Learners

-25 students
-13 Males/12 Females
-Family Background: Middle Class
-Ethnicity: Asians, African American
To establish the students prior knowledge, I will have them line up around the room, by
order of: boy, girl, boy, girl, etc. After the students have done that, I will explain to them that
what they just created out of themselves was a pattern. The pattern of: boy, girl, boy, girl,
-Learning Styles

State Objectives
TEKS State Objectives
(Algebra I, 9th Grade)
(3) Coordinate and transformational geometry. The students uses the process skills to
generate and describe rigid transformations (translation, reflection, and rotation).

The learner will be able to recognize changes in the organize plane as interpretations
(slides), reflections (flips) and revolutions (turns). Chart combined changes of figures given
directions of vertices. Portray changes as x-and y-organize changes. Recognize
comparable changes with various organize changes.

Select Methods, Media, , and Materials

1. The methods are that students will be following step by step instructions that they
can follow. I will show them how to do it first as a class, and then they will work on it
as pairs. Finally, it will be independent work.
2. The media are presentation that students will see and computer will be used with
geometry sketchpad software.
3. 3. Textbook or worksheet on transformation will be the materials for the activity.

Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods

1. I need to preview about the transformations, give some background information on
four types of transformations: rotation, translation, reflection, and dilation.
2. I need to print out the worksheet that has step by step instructions on the four
transformations. The computers need to be ready so they could use the software.
3. The learning will take place in the classroom. The seating will be arranged in pairs of
desks, which is all facing the white board. There will be lights in the classroom and
the temperature will be normal.
4. I will ask students questions and walk around the class so they could be engaged in
5. The learning experience and require learner participation is below.

Require Learner Participation

I will show the students what to do with the geometry software and a few examples. Once,
my time is over, I will let the students to work in pairs. While they work in pairs, they will
have the worksheet for the step by step instructions. The worksheet will be on translations,
reflections, rotations, and dilations. Students should complete the steps and answer the
questions by solving and actually doing the activity in the software. After working in pairs,
students are required to work on their so I could know what they have learned. There will be
another worksheet so they could work independently. It is similar to the group work where
students will have instructions on how to do the activity. The activities will come with

Evaluate & Revise

1. Watching my lecture and working in pairs will be graded as participation type.
However, with the questions while students are working in depending, it will be 5
points for each correct answer.
2. The media effectiveness will be from the geometry sketchpad software. Each student
will submit their final product so I could evaluate it. The maximum points for all the
projects will be 100 points.
3. For the instructor performance, I will give a survey to my students so they could
evaluate me. The survey will include different types of questions based on the
activities that we have and my teaching style.