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Hormone Definition Tests Results & Disease
High values Low values
Human Growth hormone stimulates growth, cell reproduction, cell Growth Hormone Blood Test Gigantism Dwarfism
regeneration Adenoma Growth hormone def.
Thyroid-stimulating hormone stimulates secretion of thyroid hormones TSH blood test Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroidism
Hashimoto disease Grave’s dse
Pituitary gland tumor Toxic nodule
Pregnancy (1st trimester)
Secondary hypothyroidism
FSH Women: control menstrual cycle& FSH blood test Women: Women:
production of eggs Pituitary gland tumor Rapid weight loss
Men: control sperm production Turner syndrome Not ovulating
Premature menopause Pregnancy
Hormone therapy
Men: Pituitary gland or
Andropause hypothalamus don’t produce
Testicle damage normal amounts of some or all
Klinefelter syndrome of its hormones
Pituitary gland tumor
LH Women: regulate menstrual cycle & LH blood test Women: Anorexia nervosa
ovulation Ovaries are removed or not Pituitary gland failure
Men: production of testosterone & functioning Damage to hypothalamus
spermatogenesis Menopause Stress
PCOS Low body weight
Early puberty

Testicles are removed or not
Klinefelter syndrome
Urine test for ovulation
Prolactin Women: milk production Prolactinoma failure of lactation
Idiopathic hyperprolactinoma

Cirrhosis Kidney dse Hypothyroidism ACTH stimulates glucocorticoid secretion (cortisol) Stress Cushing’s syndrome by adrenal glands Addison’s dse Hypopituitarism Cushing’s disease Tumor in the lung MSH Melanogenesis MSH blood tests Hyperpigmentation Pallor In the brain: appetite & sexual arousal POSTERIOR PITUITARY HORMONE Hormone Definition Tests Results High values Low values ADH conserves body water by decreasing urine ADH test SIADH Pituitary gland damage ouput -brain injury/trauma/tumors Diabetes insipidus decreases water loss through sweating -stroke Primary polydipsia raises bp by constricting arterioles -fluid imbalance after surgery Oxytocin contraction of uterus during childbirth Contraction test Positive = Abnormal ejection of milk Baby’s heart rate decelerates & stays slow after contraction meaning baby might have problems during normal labor .