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Download the easy forecasting spreadsheet: Capstone Sales Forecast Spreadsheet

How to use the excel forecasting spreadsheet:

Input the potential market share percentages from page 10 of the Capstone courier.

Make sure you are inputting the numbers into the current round in the spreadsheet.

You can adjust the market share if needed. For example you may want to increase the market share upward
if all the competitors in a segment are stocking out. See the Midgame FAQ in the Capstone Guide for more

The Sales Forecast result from the spreadsheet goes into the Capsim Marketing section.

The Production Amount result goes into the Production Schedule in the Capsim Production section.

If the Total Capacity number from the spreadsheet is larger than the 1st Shift Capacity number in the
Capsim Production section, then you will need to add capacity. For example, the spreadsheet says your
Acre sensor needs 2000 Total Capacity but in the Production section you see that Acre only has 1800
Capacity right now. So you will then have to add 200 capacity to Acre. If the spreadsheet says you need
less capacity than you have, dont sell off the capacity, just leave it where its at.

FAQ for the sales forecasting spreadsheet:

Entering the potential market share into your spread sheet provides a different value than the value
computed with a calculator. Why does your spread sheet include other numbers in the potential market

Use the spreadsheet forecasting when possible because it is more accurate.

To reduce the chance of an emergency loan In my spreadsheet the Potential Market share uses a worst
case scenario that only 95% (0.95) of the units will be sold so your financials will be prepared.

The production numbers use a best case scenario that you will actually sell about 10% more than your
potential because competitors stocked out.

Total capacity gives a rough estimate of how much production capacity you need now to meet demand in
future rounds.

The Finance Section should be your last decisions, otherwise you will probably have to re-do it again when
the other sections change. This is the order you should make your decisions each round:
1. Research and Development
2. Marketing
3. Production
4. HR/TQM (if they are available)
5. Finance

- Make sure to check out the Midgame FAQ which has answers to common questions.

- Capsim Capstone Walkthrough and Bonuses - Click the picture above to open. Requires Adobe Flash.
If you need to write about the strategy for your class, it is closest to the broad cost leader strategy.

What if my game is only 6 rounds instead of 8 rounds?

Just stick with your starting sensors and dont make any new ones, the rest of the guide should be good.

What if I get to choose which financial ratios to get graded on?

These are the best ratios to choose: (follow Max Stock Price guidelines in Finance section)

1. ROE
2. Average Contribution Margin
3. Stock Price
4. Cumulative Profits
5. Market Cap

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