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PHONE (316) 680-3432 E-MAIL WEBSITE Ryan-Walter-Malone.


Phantom Phantom/Erik Creighton University Theatre

Dames at Sea Dick Creighton University Theatre

Fiddler on the Roof Teenager Ensemble Music Theatre Wichita

A Little Princess Captain Crewe Plymouth Church Theatre

Little Shop of Horrors Seymour (Understudy) Wichita State University

Wichita State University Opera

Light in the Piazza Giuseppe (Cover)
Directed by Wayne Bryan

Cold Sassy Tree Sheriff Wichita State University Opera


Recognized by the Omaha World Herald for performance in Phantom: Malone displays stellar singing, ranging from high baritone to tenor [Creighton] can
be as proud of [this production] as they are of their basketball team.

Twice selected to participate in Canta in Italia, a rigorous, month-long opera program in Italy. Studied under Dr. Pina Mozzani, Marie King, and Claudia


whistles over 3 octaves (with vibrato) WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY Pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre
plays the piano Expected graduation: May 2018

speaks Italian, some Spanish

can twitch facial muscles DANCE Tap I & II; Ballet I & II; Jazz I & II; MT Dance I
can realistically quack
immense knowledge of plants & butterflies
VOICE Studied with Dr. Pina Mozzani. 5 years of voice instruction.

VOICE Bari-tenor (A2-A4) HEIGHT 61 WEIGHT 180 lbs. FEATURES Brown hair, blue eyes
Ryan Malone
(316) 680-3432