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What next for Pressure to Free World AIDS day UEGCL sees higher lebrating
FDC after Muntu? Red Pepper editors in tough times profits ahead Ce

Issue No. 498 Dec 01 - 07, 2017 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

Kutesa’s dodgy deals
How American bribery case
sucked in Museveni
POLITICS: Godber SUDAN: Matthew Museveni’s vision

Charles Onyango- Tumushabe on Stein on the want shift in strategy?
Poverty looms as
gambling booms
Obbo on the new lessons from Ivory South’s walk to Foreign big-money Police PRO reappointed Experts divided NEWS  ANALYSIS NEWS  ANALYSIS BUSINESS

look of corruption Coast crisis freedom investment frenzy in again as major changes over HIV Teachers on Museveni can Shs 68 trillion
Tullow’s backyard rock force strategy new transfer save Zziwa but economy
policy what after?
Emirates Airlines in control

Issue No. 239 November 09 - 15 , 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8

You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue 144 January 07 - 13, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6

Issue No. 230 September 07 - 13, 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Issue No. 347 December 12 - 18, 2014 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Obama II Win  excites  world Papal Visit

The Besigye, Museveni
How Museveni killed Amama’s vision Exercise, diet against IMF cuts Uganda’s 16-page
anti-Lukwago Bill for Uganda cancer of prostate growth prospects Special


As  seen  from  the  
delegates  conference
Issue No. 396 Nov. 27 - Dec 03, 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Issue No. 395 Nov. 27 - Dec 03, 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

oil deals
New  rules  to  force

CNOOC,  Total,  Tullow  
to  reveal  money  paid  
By  Haggai  Matsiko

Inside the hunt

          Issue 347.indd 1 12/9/14 8:21 PM

for Al Shabaab
Land grabbers
50 years of Joy & tears
All Makerere money Crane Bank

should be put in
one basket for
better staff pay
hit Entebbe



opens Malaba
Shs 234 Bn brewery opens
INSIDE:  Prof.  Frederick  Jjuko,  Prof.Daniel  Schydlowsky,  Prof.  John  Ssali,  Lawrence  Kagwa,  Mayanja  Nkangi,  Prof.  
Mwambutsya  Ndeebesa,  Godber  Tumushabe,  Maj.  John  Kazoora,  Yoga  Adhola,  Eliya  Kisembo,  Andrew  Mwenda,  Abbey  
Ssemuwemba,  Naomi  Wolf,  Simon  Mayende,  Moses  Byaruhanga,  Moses  Matovu,  Diplock  Ssegawa,  Ronald  Kerajo 27: 11: 2015
  Issue No. 280 August 30 - September 05 , 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Economy on Why
Issue No. 234 October 05 - 11, 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8 Museveni Call rates stay up Independence Ali Al’amin NSSF’s
speech was thin but UCC says new
track- IMF on substance law will compel
Day in
Feb.24  1933  to  
Shs 366

Museveni’s war within NRM
RWANDA: 37 men SUDAN: What are the COMMENT Prof. SPECIAL REPORT: SUDAN:INew BUSINESS: With RWANDA: SUDAN:Recent violence BUSINESS: Oct.13,  2014
accused of grenade implications for the Ian Buruma on Killed by the state currency still govt broke, oil Rwanda becomes in Abyei has potential Mobile money:
attacks are alleged ongoing stalemate in why Obama has at Kololo army base, shrouded in firms gain upper a Nyakatsiless to spark a wider north- So far so good,
FDLR agents Darfur? gotten it right buried in secret grave secrecy hand country south conflict but…





Issue No. 218 June 15 - 21, 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8 Issue No. 339 October 17 - 23, 2014 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 154, March 18 - 24, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6 You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 157, April 08 - 14, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6 You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 158, April 15 - 21, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6
Uganda Health system
strengthening project

Tight budget

The  challenge  behind  the  2012/13  numbers What next
Banks make for Afande
Lord Mayor huge profits Kaweesi?
Police  boss  Kayihura’s  
The  ‘Field  Commander’      

brings  common  man’s   Crane  Bank  

approach  to  the  city billion

Besigye pays the price
FDC  leader  unleashes  powerful  strategy  against    Museveni
INTERVIEW: RWANDA: SUDAN: Issue 339.indd 1 10/13/14 8:20 PM

RWANDA: SUDAN:IDanger of NEWS: Budget reading Economic turbulence War looms large in

Can its’ economy NGO’s providing basic Whistleblower is ritual of same won’t shake the South Kordofan,
services to almost Abyei and Darfur
accommodate its exposes smuggling old promises country’s optimism COMMENT
Avalanche of banks
Richard Byarugaba Don’t BoU committed
spiraling birth rate? 90% of the country ring inside tax body on reducing NSSF politicise `The country Foreign
suspense account fight against
EU to lead new UN
energy initiative World Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, Barack Obama, Uhuru Kenyatta, Goodluck is about to be
TV wins
to ensuring

Jonathan, Bill Clinton, Augustine Ruzindana, Olara Otunnu, Ssebaana Kizito,
mourns Gerald Ssendaula, Pope Francis, Andrew Mwenda, Yusuf Sserunkuma,
Rebecca Kadaga, Kintu Musoke, Norbert Mao, Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere,
into chaos’ stability

Issue No. 167, June 17 - 23, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6

Issue No. 212, May 04 - 10, 2012
Amama Mbabazi, Ruhakana Rugunda, Prince William...
Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8


Kayihura sacks

Land grabbing,
You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 159, April 22 - 28, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6
Issue No. 384 Sept. 04 - 10,2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

top police officers investors exposed
Museveni  reacts,  Oxfam,  Uganda  
Is  it  punishment  or  a  purge? Land  Alliance  in  trouble   Issue No. 295 December 13 - 19, 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8


          or war?
Security  experts  

Corruption in
Politics should
In-flight catering
raise  alarm  over  

to war
High costs threaten comes of age
low cost housing investors be a sacrifice -
C igh
Uganda business capital sector
Making  resource  
rich  regions   Dr Ian Clarke Wining but not winning, yet
orr ti
Besigye wants to
Is corruption on
South Kordofan’s up ng
in  Uga

American  companies  make?
inflows firm Rwanda targets medical tourism become  food  poor
topple the govt - the rise in the EAC’s volatile governor on
Public  anger  greets   Kabushenga cleanest country? vote
Museveni  even   

before  he  is  sworn–in  


You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 162, May 13 -19, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6 Issue No. 261 April 19 - 25 , 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Issue No. 268 June 07 - 13 , 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8 Why Ugandan ‘We want a world Big dairy pupils don’t class, first-world opportunity
learn Police Force’
Uganda, Sudan How Monitor was

South Sudan’s
COMMENT: Onyango-
Obbo: Museveni won
Cut down on
ICC trial looms over Special Commemorative Issue

closed, re-opened
From bitter rivals

enter arms race
How Museveni’s

Kayihura, Kivejinja
free or fearful because he is bad, not women coming teargas and
good president into their own success is creating to friends - how
press? conditions for Kagame and increase teachers
his downfall Sarkozy reconciled pay- Prof. Kajubi


Issue No. 318 May 23 - 29, 2014 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8

You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue 152 March 04 - 10, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6

Issue No. 181, September 23 - 29, 2011 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8

Museveni  doubles  military  expenditure,   The  Inside  Story


Issue 295 copy peter new.indd 1 12/10/13 4:04 PM
Central Bank Ministers Bank profit

Inside Umeme

to investigate have become delight
Was it under fire MTN too lazy
Big regional trade boost
News  analysis
Besigye  gains  in  the  east,        

WFP  launches  
Low  tea  price   EAC  Top  donor  

bought Museveni  sweeps  the  north   related  violence     
worries aid  recipients

shares deal
University’s  problems  go  beyond  


or stolen? pay  and  strikes


Issue No. 362 April 03 - 09 , 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Issue No. 404 Feb. 05 - 11, 2016 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8


Electricity  sector  


Politicians battle over   
Shs800 billion

Sejusa’s money,  investor  

arrest What Museveni
camp feared
By Haggai Matsiko


INTERVIEW: officials are lying on oil? Telecom fees to drop Health Spying Imperial Bank’s
Grounds exist for Museveni financial woes
Museveni is in REGIONAL: UNHCR’s direction affirms Rwanda’s a rebellion - Col. insurance's on wrong
the midst of a stability, yet some refugees remain sceptical losing support, Online fraudsters empty promises `enemy’ Large consumers task Umeme
Tsunami Felix Kulayigye Besigye gaining threaten car market
BUSINESS: Greasy path for Uganda’s oil industry

Issue No. 391 0ct. 23 - 29, 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Issue No. 208, April 06 - 12, 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Issue No. 185, October 21 - 27, 2011 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8

Fight over
Why is Museveni          
Fina M

building region’s nc inis
strongest army? oil pipeline STOP PRESS
World shocked as
government shuts

Bad debts
relee qu try of
r IV
UNEB In Uganda,
News  analysis
Museveni’s  bread  and  bullets  
Unease  as  only  cancer  treatment  
ERA  announces  
Uganda  outspends  Kenya  on  military        
down Daily Monitor
choking banks experiment it’s bust generation   
machine  breaks  down investor  quits  
Besigye predicts:  
Chinese  plans  for  Uganda  oil and Red Pepper
Experts  warn  banks  
on  poor  due  diligence goes wrong before boom
Tenant versus landlord
regime is Issue No. 414 April 15- 21, 2016 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

collapsing Issue No. 266 May 24 - 30 , 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Issue No. 355 February 13 - 19, 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

Uganda: Defense Kenya: Defense
Tinyefuza Fallout Jennifer
expenditure 2011 expenditure 2011
US$1.02 billion. US$735 million.

Museveni intervenes in

Israel arms dealer case under siege
BUSINESS: PERSPECTIVE: Oil-bribes scandal agencies  using  security   After Museveni, Kampala
Behind the
in historical perspective Lukwago Kyambogo EAC’s monetary
union minister, MPs, Lukwago spell
scenes at
By Andrew Mwenda
on Museveni
University’s Mr. Fix it
Prof.  Ndiege  seeks  to  reconcile  an   of the unequal in  turf  wars   out terms of engagement
Muhairwe’s exit and Musisi  
Time to eat, travel less

Issue No. 189, November 18 -24, 2011 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
News  analysis Health Business
Issue No. 294 December 06 - 12, 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8 Massacre  on   IGG  Mulyagonja  launches         

Masaka  road      



Museveni, Besigye Museveni Vs Mbabazi

Issue No. 431 Aug 12- 18, 2016 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

need to talk        

Experts  warn  of  ‘explosion’  if  they  don’t    


News  analysis
Eastern  DR  Congo  
erupts  again

skin  bleaches
Stanbic  Bank’s  

Issue No. 432 Aug 19 - 25, 2016 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Top lawyers reveal details
of land grab plot



over Karuma, Isimba

Muloni, Kabagambe

Issue 294.indd 1 12/3/13 3:09 PM


Years of telling a story

Issue No. 498 Dec 01 - 07, 2017

The Week The Last Word Analysis Business Arts &
4|Doctors give The meaning 17|Free Red Pepper 24|UEGCL sees
another ultimatum editors: higher profits
as they end strike of Muntu’s ahead:
Pressure mounts on art on its
defeat: government over closure The company
4|Rift valley How records Shs
of spicy tabloid How fusing
fever breaks 13.9bn loss in
out in Kiboga,
Besigye’s 2016
an artist’s
18|After defiance personality
Mityana hold over into art makes
defeated Muntu:
FDC has Will new president it powerful

5|Kasese marks a
undermined Amuriat lead FDC 26|NSSF’s
year after deadly its pretence forward or backwards
sets new How good are
attacks to be a to Besigye?
target: your headlights?:
vehicle for 20|Is UCC going
But will he Your vehicle
achieve the could be among
democracy rogue?
Shs 20 trillion 80% with poor
6|Museveni Parliament to probe
in savings by low-beam
intervenes in KCCA, communications
2022? headlights
taxi fees clashes regulator over its
media cuts and bans

STRATEGY & EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Andrew M. Mwenda WRITERS:Ronald Musoke, Flavia Nassaka, Ian Katusiime,
MANAGING EDITOR: Joseph Were Agnes Nantaba, Agather Atuhaire, Julius Businge.
INVESTIGATIONS EDITOR: Haggai Matsiko DESIGN/LAYOUT: Sarah Ngororano, Harriet Jamwa.

PUBLISHER: Independent Publications Limited, Plot 82/84, Kanjokya Street, P. O. Box 3304, Kampala, Uganda
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2 Dec 01 - 07, 2017

David Muhoozi,
(6TH R) with some
of the promoted
officers and their
wavies after
a decoration
ceremony at the
defense ministry
headquarters in
Mbuya on Nov. “I want to operate in an environment
27.   INDEPENDENT/ where I am trusted by those that
JIMMY SIYA I am working with. Therefore at a
personal level, there are decisions I
will have to make in the coming days
and weeks.”Mugisha Muntu, former FDC

President Yoweri Museveni
flanked by Bishop Charles
Wamika (L) of Jinja,
Archbishop, Emmanuel
Obbo (2nd L) of Tororo
and Cyprian Lwanga (R)
of Kampala and Justine
Kasule Lumumba, (L) cut
the cake during the golden
jubilee celebrations of
Jinja Diocese in Jinja on
Nov. 26. Cyprian Kizito “Even rogue members in security
Lwanga Archbishop of
Kampala Archdiocese agencies will be worked on the same
urged Christians to cherish way we are going to handle other
unity and also promote criminals.”Kaka Bagyenda, ISO director
peace right from their general on crackdown
homes to the diocesan
level as well as the truth.

Norah Njovu Njawuzi,
(M) with josephine
kawuba, (R) chief
commissioner of the
Uganda girl guides
association and
juliana national trainer
during her 89th
birth day celebrates
function on Nov.25
. Brown is a teacher “There is no law against finding a
by profession and a strange child with witchdoctors in a
legendary Girl Guide shrine.” Mike Chibita, Director of Public
from 1938. She said
that as a girl guide she Prosecutions calling for the speeding up of
learnt to love, respect a law on prohibition of human sacrifice and
and help without harmful practices

84 Police Doctors sent to
health facilities as doctors’ 500,000 More people in Uganda
who will receive HIV 11million Ugandans who do not
have social security
strike continues treatment according to NSSF

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 3
Doctors give another ultimatum as they end strike Uganda gets $478million
health grant
The Global Fund and and supplies in addition
government of Uganda to engaging in prevention
have signed a new grant initiatives such as public
of $478million to fund health campaigns. How-
HIV/AIDs, malaria and ever, earlier the country
tuberculosis activities. faced brief suspension
Health minister Jane of funds when officials
Ruth Aceng, Prime in the Ministry of Health
Minister Dr. Ruhakana were accused of divert-
Rugunda and US ambas- ing the resources. Also,
sador Deborah Malac last year the country was
witnessed the signing of again warned and threats
the agreements for the to withdraw the money
money expected to be issued as an audit by the
used between 2018 and fund showed the country
2020. wasn’t absorbing the
Uganda initially money as per the agree-
received the money in ments. Now the current
Nurses have also given an ultimatum to government. 2006 and since then the batch of funding of about
country has received up $420million signed last
to a billion dollars to fund year is due to expire this
For more than three weeks, work forward. He said this conclusion was different activities includ- December.
in public hospitals had come to a reached after members 113 of the ing procuring medicines
standstill when doctors went on members voted to halt the sit down
strike on Nov.06 leaving patients strike against the 76 who voted to
unattended to. The doctors who continue.
were demanding that government However, this came after State
makes a supplementary budget Minister of Finance in charge of
to cater for medicines, vaccines planning David Bahati told the
and medical supplies in addition assembly that government was
to increasing their salaries agreed planning to allocate Shs41billion
during a Nov.25 meeting to halt the supplementary budget to tackle
industrial action up to December 16. their demands.
Dr. Ekwaro Obuku, the president Ebuku now warns if government
Uganda Medical Association said doesn’t keep its promise, doctors
that the government had commit- will lay down their tools again
ted to give them feedback regarding something that is feared to plunge
their grievances by December 15 and the country into another emergency. David Bahati at the event.
it’s this that will inform their way

Mugabe’s cabinet dissolved
Rift valley fever breaks out in Kiboga, Mityana
After being sworn in as
new president of Zimbabwe, The Ministry of Health on animals. The disease can be
Emmerson Mnangagwa Nov.24 confirmed the out- transmitted by handling ani-
(Pictured) appointed two break of rift valley fever in mal tissue through slaughter-
new ministers dropping the the districts of Mityana and ing, assisting with animal
team that was working under Kiboga after two samples births and through conduct-
resigned President Robert tested positive. The con- ing veterinary procedures.
Mugabe. firmed samples were of a Uganda recorded its first
The new officials are Pat- 26 year old forest ranger case of rift valley fever in
rick Chinamasa working as Mugabe is set to get a $10mil- in Kiboga and 69 year old humans in 2016. However,
acting Finance Minister and lion payoff and immunity fisher man from Mityana who under normal circumstances
Simbarashe Mumbengegwi for his family. And, reports passed on after showing sim- the virus is spread by mos-
acting as top diplomat. show his February 21 birth- ilar signs of vomiting blood, quitoes between animals
According to the secretary day will now be marked bleeding from the gums and with sheep being the most
to the president – Misheck as a public holiday in the high fever. severely affected. Infection
Sibanda, this was done to country in recognition of the Rift valley fever a viral in livestock is noticed when
ensure that provision of 93 year Old’s contribution in zoonotic disease mostly large number of abortions
services isn’t interrupted fol- delivering the country out affects animals but also occurs in herds. The disease
lowing allegations of massive of foreign rule since he has spread to humans who come commonly occurs in the rift
looting by officials. been at the helm since 1980 in direct contact with infected valley region of Kenya.
Meanwhile Ex-President when the British left.

4 Dec 01 - 07, 2017

Medical union loses case against striking doctors
Ordering each party to bear its costs, Reading the ruling, the Deputy Reg- be answered in the main case fixed for
high court on Nov.24 dismissed the appli- istrar in charge of Civil Matters Sarah January 08, 2018. The Medical Union had
cation filed by Uganda Medical Union Langa said the talks they sought to halt in an earlier petition maintained that it’s
against Government and Uganda Medical are already concluded as per the com- the only lawful body that was mandated
Association where the union had sought mitment letter dated November 21, 2017 to hold negotiations with government
order for court to halt the on-going nego- filed in court and signed by the minister regarding remuneration of workers
tiations between striking medical workers of state for finance in charge of Planning referring to the Dr. Ekwaro Obuku led
and government. This wasn’t granted as David Bahati, undertaking to improve the Medical Association as an entity that was
court maintained that the order had been welfare of medical workers. over stepping its mandate to intrude into
overtaken by events because of the fact The Registrar however noted that on affairs of the union.
that the negotiations had been completed. whether the talks were illegal can only

Kasese marks a year after deadly attacks Merkel’s CDU pursues
new alliance with
social democrats
Germany Chancellor Angela
Merkel’s Christian Democratic
Union (CDU) announced on
Nov.26 that they were pursuing
an alliance with the social
democratic Party (SDP) after
the free-market liberal Free
Democratic Party (FDP) abruptly
pulled out of talks for the same
a week ago citing disagreements
regarding policy issues.
Merkel said the new move
is intended to have honest
negotiations that will lead to
having a stable government.
However, if Merkel’s push
Police officers in Kasese
for coalitions totally fails, her
options would be either to
The Omusinga of Rwenzuru- mark the day that they named East Police Commander Julius push for a new election or
ru Charles Wesley Mumbere is ‘Black Monday’ but activities Twinomujuni were mobilizing govern at the helm of a minority
still under house arrest in Kam- were halted as security opera- people to assembly at Rwenzori government.
pala, one year later after the tives were deployed in key square for a demonstration. As it is now, the country is
army raided his palace in Kase- spots in the area to disperse any Meanwhile the king was facing political uncertainty as
se leaving more than a hundred unlawful assemblies. In the end barred from returning to Kasese two months after the September
dead, others injured and some the police shot dead one and and his Buhikira palace remains win for CDU they don’t have a
in prison. On Nov.26, people of six others were arrested. These cordoned off by security as a government in place.
Kasese made preparations to according to the Rwenzori scene of crime.

*terms and conditions apply

Dial *133 * 8#
Dec 01 - 07, 2017 5

President Museveni stops over at Clock tower to address taxi operators on Nov. 22.

Museveni intervenes in KCCA, taxi fees clashes
Operators of the public transport - taxi fee of Shs80, 000 per month. or Erias Lukwago had blamed the presi-
business in the city last week engaged The president was re-echoing his ear- dent for causing confusion by interfering
in a scuffle with dues collectors of the lier position when he met the operators in decisions that are supposed to be tak-
Kampala Capital City Authority as the where he asked that daily charges be en by city leaders and making promises
operators protested against paying annu- scrapped promising them that they will to operators that he couldn’t keep. Ever
al fees. On Nov.25, president Musev- be charged once a thing that administra- since he promised a fee-scrap tax opera-
eni intervened and suggested that the tion of the authority had refused to heed tors have been always engaging in strikes
authority halts the Shs120, 000 charges. to saying that the authority requires such whenever they are asked to pay.
He said they should only pay a road user funds to run the city. But, city lord may-

Government requests to borrow Cranes Coach names squad for CECAFA
as parliament resumes Ahead of the 2017 CECAFA senior
challenge cup scheduled to take place
Plenary resumed on Nov.28 after mem- in Kenya from December03 to 16,
bers of parliament returned from their con- Uganda Cranes coach Moses Basena on
stituencies where they had been consulting Nov.28 named a 26 man squad that will
their voters on the proposed constitutional represent Uganda. They include Goal
amendment bill to remove presidential age keepers: Isma Watenga (Vipers SC),
limits from the current 35 to 75 years. Benjamin Ochan (KCCA FC) and Tom
During the sitting, the Minister of Ikara (Kirinya Jinja SS).
Finance presented a report approved by Others include Nicholas Wadada
the committee on National Economy that (Vipers SC), Ibrahim Kiyemba (Sc
the government seeks to borrow $14.4mil- Villa Jogoo), Muleme Isaac (KCCA
lion from the African Development Bank FC), Aggrey Madoi (Police FC), Juuko
to support the multinational Lake Victoria Murushid Simba-Tanzania), Timothy
Maritime Communications and trans- Awanyi (KCCA FC), Savio Kabugo
port project. The minister said the 4- year (Proline FC), Bernard Muwanga (Sc Moses Basena
project to be implemented by Ministry of Villa Jogoo), Tom Masiko (Vipers SC),
Works and Transport at the national level Mutyaba Muzamiru (KCCA FC), Tadeo
and the Lake Victoria Basin Commission Lwanga (Vipers SC), Stephen Mugisha Juma (KCCA FC), Daniel Isiagi (Proline
at the regional level will benefit the three (Police FC), Milton Karisa (Vipers SC), FC) and Basse Methodious (Mbarara
countries sharing Lake Victoria. It com- Paul Mucureezi (KCCA FC), Allan Kat- City FC).
prises three components including estab- eregga (KCCA FC), Allan Kyambadde The cranes are the defending cham-
lishing a communication system for safety (Sc Villa Jogoo), Nelson Senkatuka pions having won the trophy in Addis
while on the lake, a maritime transport (Bright Stars FC), Derrick Nsibambi Ababa Ethiopia in 2015. The games
study and project management in addition (KCCA FC), Hood Kaweesa (Police FC), were not held last year after Kenya
to capacity building. Batte Seif (Bright Stars FC), Saddam pulled out of hosting it.

6 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
Number of Ugandans to rise to 46million in eight years - Report Stella Nyanzi’s case
The state of Uganda popu-
lation report 2017 shows by
dividend. He says the gov-
ernment should invest in
are the questions we should
be asking ourselves”, he said
hearing adjourned
2025, the number of Ugan-
dans will be 46million from
social services such as health
and education if we are to get
warning that such popula-
tion increases could become a
to December 20
the current estimated 36mil- quality human resource. He problem for the country if we Makerere University
lion. By 2030, this number also called for the remodeling don’t plan well. Research fellow Dr. Stella
will have risen to 63million of the family planning model On the way forward, he Nyanzi on Nov.24 took to her
Ugandans. Speaking at to make people realize the said organized urbanization Facebook to express her frus-
the launch of the report on benefits of having smaller is the future for this country. trations after Buganda Road
Nov.23, National planning families that they can ably The report was launched Magistrates court adjourned
Authority boss, Dr. Joseph take care of. under the theme; transform- hearing of her case to Decem-
Muvawala said such pro- “We need to rethink invest- ing Uganda’s economy: ber 20.
jections should tickle the ments in this country. For opportunities to harness the “I have sat in the judge’s
government to forge ways of instance do we want infra- demographic dividend for chair and found the system
harnessing the demographic structure or a mixture? Those sustainable development guilty of procrastination,
negligence, incompetence and
inefficiency” she said, “How
can I be subjected to four
consecutive adjournments
without hearing? How can the
trial chief magistrate assigned
to my case dodge my hear-
ing three solid times? And
the state prosecutor has not
showed up the last two times”.
Nyanzi was taken to court
in April to answer charges
of offensive communication
and cyber harassment accru-
ing from her Facebook posts
where she among others
referred to president Musev-
Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa (in white) represented Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda at the launch eni as ‘a pair of buttocks’
of the State of Uganda Population report 2017.   INDEPENDENT /JIMMY SIYA something prosecution found
obscene and indecent.

Zimbabwe gets new president after 37 years
History was made in the South African to resign after a standoff with the military troubled economy. He also promised swift
country of Zimbabwe on Nov.24 when a just weeks after firing Mnangagwa who justice warning that he will not tolerate cor-
new president – Emmerson Dambudzo had been his vice president and longtime rupt officials. But, some analysts are skepti-
Mnangagwa was sworn in a ceremony held confidant. cal about his promises saying the same lieu-
in the country’s capital of Harare. Zimba- Amidst cheers from supporters in packed tenant served in high positions but didn’t
bwe had not seen a new president since national stadium, president Mnangagwa do much. The new president will be at the
1980 when President Robert Mugabe took promised to rebuild the country that he said helm of the country until next year when
over from Europeans. Mugabe was forced had a poisonous political atmosphere and elections are anticipated to take place.

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 7
Humour Inbox

Good work Mwenda
Refer to: “The tragedy of played.
Robert Mugabe” (The Inde- It is refreshing to hear an
pendent Nov.24) Well written African who questions. Bravo!
article! The puppets are not Good work Andrew M.
limited to Africans alone. The
masters play their own people D. Oduki
too. It is a big crowd being

Mugabe was not fair
Police pressed charges of publication of information prejudicial to security and Refer to: “The tragedy of hardly under any pressure
offensive communication on eight Red Pepper managers and editors over a Robert Mugabe” (The Inde- at a time when he was still
story they run on Nov. 20 about an alleged plot by President Yoweri Museveni pendent Nov.24) popular. The distribution
to over throw the Rwandan government Mugabe did not seize white exercise was free and fair in
owned farms until he was all parts of the country, the
about 20 years into power and businesses going to “deserv-
even then it was because of ing” locals. In Mbale, for
pressure from the war veter- instance, the people were
ans. The beneficiaries of the Bagisu, Iteso,Basoga, Sebei,
farms were almost exclusively Bagwere,Baganda,Acholi,
from the Shona tribe even in Nubian; Muslim, Christian,
Ndebele areas and the very, former UPC, DP, professionals
very few exceptions, ZANU and business people alike in
PF members. line with the composition of
Idi Amin on the other hand the town at the time.
kicked out the Asians barely
two years into power and Ejakait Engoraton

Opposition to fade after Museveni
Government has defended the minister f Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa over I listened to one of our local they will think of building
the recent media allegations that he was involved in a bribery case during his radio political show where party structures. Such reason-
tenure as the president of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly the moderator hosted Yusuf ing is one of the factors that are
Nsibambi, a lawyer for FDC to killing most of the opposition
talk about the rise of Partrick political parties because they
Amuriat and the fall of Gen. have forgotten to build their
Mugisha Muntu in the recent roots from village levels to the
presidential campaign. When national. This is where NRM
he was asked why supported has always beaten them in
Amuriat, Nsibambi confi- strengthening the party that is
dently said Amuriat believes why it won majority of Ugan-
in Besigye’s defiance campaign da’s leadership positions.
and strategy that is aimed at People who have the same
fighting President Museveni. belief like Nsibambi are losing
Nsimba trashed Muntu’s it because incase Museveni
strategy of building party leaves power, they will also
structures nationally and inter- disappear because the man
nationally saying that Amuriat they having fighting is no lon-
and Besigye’s camp does not ger in that position.
need to build party structures
when President Museveni is By David Serumaga
Former Kumi memeber of parliament, Patrick Oboi Amuriat deafeated still leading Uganda. President, Buganda Youth
Gen. Mugisha Muntu, the incumbent in the race for the Forum for Nsibambi added that after Wing
Democratic Change (FDC) presidency over throwing Museveni, then

8 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
The Last Word Opinion

The meaning of Muntu’s defeat
By Andrew M. Mwenda
How Besigye’s hold over FDC has undermined its
pretence to be a vehicle for democracy

ollow an idea from its birth to its activists want Besigye to give them Today, internal dissent in FDC is
triumph,” Bertrand de Jouvenel goodies in the same way Museveni does treated as treason. The only acceptable
observed in his 1948 volume, On for his supporters. They accuse those who way of expressing disagreement with
Power, “and it becomes clear speak anything positive about Museveni government is through violent defiance
that it came to power at the price of an of having been paid precisely because that of which Besigye is the architect. Anyone
astounding degradation of itself. The is how they understand power; that those who disagrees with this strategy is
result is not reason which has found a who support it get paid. branded a traitor who has been bribed
guide but passion which has found a Therefore, Muntu has always belonged by Museveni, a coward who is unworthy
flag.” to a wrong party. His ways have never of being in FDC and is attacked with
The defeat of the noble Mugisha been the ways of the FDC. There are many merciless anger. This is a far cry from the
Muntu in the race for the presidency decent men and women in FDC. But for party people sacrificed so much to found.
of the Forum for Democratic Change the most part they have been outwitted, Muntu is a man of high moral principles
(FDC) has put the last nail in the coffin of out gunned and out maneuvered by the who deeply treasures democratic
decent politics in that party. It marks the radical extremists around Besigye. In processes and institutions. He towers
final triumph of Kizza Besigye’s brand rejecting Muntu, the Besigye faction of above our nation like a moral colossus. He
of politics i.e. radical extremism as an radical extremists in FDC has rejected the has never fought for power but for values
organising philosophy. idea that power should be pursued, not as and he has always placed himself as a
Two ideas have been in contention an end in itself but as a means to an end – servant of FDC. Yet this has also made
inside FDC – one represented by the the end being the realisation of the virtues him less appealing to the party’s base.
Muntu, the other by Besigye. Muntu of tolerance of dissent, commitment to So he comes across as naïve, aloof, and
believes that FDC should build the party democratic principles, belief in institution disarticulated from the immediate needs
as an institution based on a set of values, building, and placing collective goals of his colleagues who want power NOW.
principles and policies around which above personal ambition and greed. Besigye on the other had fights for
members can be mobilised. These values We must not forget that like NRM, the power not so much to change how it is
must not only be practiced but be seen by FDC was born in a moment of great exercised by to exercise it too. He is the
seen to be practiced; and must distinguish hope. Many of its founding leaders were quintessential African strongman, the
FDC from NRM. holding influential and comfortable politician we elites hate in our intellectual
Besigye believes FDC should be a cult and positions in government as ministers, arguments but embrace in our political
build its politics around his messianic self- ambassadors and other high offices. They practices. Thus, Muntu could not fit in
image. Rather than build organisational sacrificed their comfort in pursuit of these the FDC that Besigye has created – an
structures through which that party can high ideals. They thought they were uncouth, intolerant, violent, low intellect
function, Besigye believes FDC should leaving NRM because it had increasingly mob that speaks only the language of fire
stimulate passion around him as a hero. come to be based on the messianic role of and destruction. He is too good to be a
This governing philosophy seeks to use Museveni whose authority could not be politician.
character instead of strategy and to build questioned. There are still many good people in
an individual instead of an institution. Muntu himself was offered a ministerial FDC. But with radical extremists in charge
Besigye’s governing philosophy won appointment by Museveni and he turned of the party, these moderates can only
because it has the support of the most it down as did Richard Kaijuka and hide or get kicked out. Their only option
passionate base of the FDC. Muntu’s Amanya Mushega. These men left NRM now is to form another party or re-join
vision never had a chance even though because it increasingly came to seek NRM. For we must remember that in spite
it is supported by the most liberal and power as an end and forgot its original of all its corruption and incompetence, it’s
enlightened section of that party. The vast objectives. Little did they know that they loss of vision and ideology, NRM is still a
majority of the FDC supporters do not were jumping from the frying pan into the tolerant and accommodating party.
care about Muntu’s values and principles. fire. Kaijuka and Mushega saw this long I know this last sentence is a rope I have
All they care about is power. Muntu has ago and quit into silence. Muntu saw it given FDC radical extremists to hang me
been unable to appreciate the fact – that but refused to quit. He soldiered on. by accusing me of working for NRM and
most people in FDC are tired of President Over the years in the struggle, FDC Musevnei. I really don’t care anymore
Yoweri Museveni’s long rule and want has grown to look like a terrible version because they constitute an evil we must
him to go. Governance principles are for of NRM, with Besigye cultivating a fight to the bitter end, even if it means
the naive. personality cult as the messiah sent allying with the devil tactically in order to
This is where Besigye beats Muntu. by providence to save Uganda from achieve the strategic objective of defeating
Besigye understands that those opposed Museveni. And consistent with all cult radical extremism in our country.
to Museveni are opposed to the president leaders, he has titles like “the people’s
as a person, not his governing strategy president” and an army of fanatics who
of corruption and patronage. Given do not want to hear any criticism of him,
Uganda’s moral psychology, opposition however well-founded or modest.

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 9
cover story

Kutesa’s dodgy deals
How American bribery case
sucked in Museveni
By Haggai Matsiko

Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa is likely to come under fire from Parliament
following exposure of a deal in which he received a dodgy “donation” of US$500,000
(Approx. Shs1.8 billion) from a Chinese NGO cum think tank.
The American government is treating the Kutesa bribe as a case of engaging in
corrupt practices and international money laundering and two diplomats; a Senegalese
and a Chinese, linked to giving Kutesa the bribe have been arrested in Virginia, U.S.

Sam Kutesa (left)
and President

10 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
cover story
he two face eight charges of
violating the U.S. Foreign
Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
and money laundering which
prohibits U.S. based compa-
nies from making payments
to foreign government officials to assist in
obtaining or retaining business.
This means that Kutesa has not been
indicted because he is not a representa-
tive of a U.S-based company accused of
violating FCPA and he did not make the
Back home, Kutesa remains a free and
innocent person until proven guilty and
no warrant has been issued for his arrest in
the U.S. But he should expect some grilling
from parliament.
Some MPs have already demanded Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (second from left) helps present the $1 million dollar award to
that Kutesa resigns. One of these legisla- members of the winning organization, We Care Solar. Also pictured: Sam Kutesa (centre left),
tors is Ntungamo Municipality MP Gerald President of the sixty-ninth session of the General Assembly; Laura Stachel (centre right), co-founder
Karuhanga, who is also the vice chairman of We Care Solar; Patrick Ho (second from right), Secretary-General of the CEFC; and Wu Hongbo
of the Public Accounts Committee of Parlia- (right), Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs.   UN PHOTO
ment. Karuhanga has noted that he and a
few others were opposed to Kutesa’s UN quickly as possible. while he was President of the UN General
appointment. President Yoweri Museveni, who has Assembly, appointed Ye Jianming as “Spe-
“One of the things we mentioned was been directly named as a beneficiary of cial Honorary Advisor to the UN” in what
that this man is so grossly wrong that he what the FBI is calling the “Money Laun- is being seen as making a pass to himself
may even sell chairs of the United Nations,” dering Uganda Scheme”, has not spoken as he used the same occasion to solicit the
Karuhanga told journalists at parliament, out on the issue. US$500,000 bribe.
“He is probably the most corrupt individual But his colleague, President Idriss Déby No warrant of arrest has been issued for
that this country has witnessed in recent of Chad, who allegedly got a bribe of US$2 Kutesa in the U.S. possibly because he is
times.” million from the same Chinese who bribed mentioned as a recipient of the bribe.
The expected grilling in parliament will Kutesa, has issued a denial. Kutesa accepts soliciting and getting
be the height of two taxing months in which Déby’s bribe was offered by a former the money. But he denies that the money
Kutesa has faced back-to-back accusations Senegalese Foreign Minister Cheik Gadio was a bribe and insisted it was a donation
of impropriety. who also allegedly got US$400,000. towards his foundation. However, accord-
Just last month, in October, he was Apart from President Museveni, an offi- ing to the FBI, Kutesa asked the Chinese for
named and shamed as the proud owner cial referred to as the Vice President of Bank the money as a contribution to the election
of two off-shore companies. Although not of Uganda, who is suspected to be Bank campaign of President Museveni. It remains
a crime, holding offshore businesses is of Uganda Deputy Governor Louise Kas- unclear if indeed he gave Museveni the
scorned upon by ethicists as a sign of cor- ekende, has also been put on the spot for money as a campaign donation from the
ruption, shady dealing, money laundering, colluding with Kutesa and his wife to sell a Chinese.
and tax dodging. local bank to the same bribe-giving Chinese. In their book, `The politics of Elite Cor-
Kutesa is not helped by having a slew of The bribery accusations against Kutesa ruption in Africa; Uganda in Comparative
corruption scandals behind him. A former also will not go away easily as they hint on African Perspective’, Prof. Roger Tangri of
U.S. Ambassador has described his cor- Kutesa’s behavior while he was president of Stanford University, USA, and Andrew
ruption scandals as “egregious” – meaning the UN General Assembly and expose the Mwenda of The Independent magazine,
“outstandingly bad, shocking”, and the UK underworld of lobbyists and operations of describe how Museveni solicits foreign
has considered a visa sanction against him. front men and women who trade in their money contributions during elections.
Kutesa is said to be a major power broker country’s assets. They name past contributors as former
who fronts companies for business using The alleged bribe-giver is Dr. Patrick Ho Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo,
his close links to the decision makers. Chi-Ping, the Deputy Chairman and Secre- the late Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi,
His name just keeps popping up in tary of the accused NGO; the China Energy former Kenyan president Daniel Arap Moi,
almost every other major corruption scan- Fund Committee (CEFC). He is a former and former Tanzanian president Benjamin
dal or crooked business deal in Uganda. Foreign Minister of Hong Kong. Mkapa.
And every time it does, Kutesa, pleads The CEFC Chairman is Ye Jianming, the They also point out that, under Uganda
innocent, is let off the hook, and carries on powerful Chairman and Executive Direc- law, it is not illegal to seek such foreign
as before. tor of CEFC China Energy Company Ltd, contributions. However, the Political Parties
The new Chinese bribe scandal, how- which is the parent company of CEFC and and Organisations Act limits the contribu-
ever, might not be easily shaken off as it one of the 250 richest companies in the tion to maximum US$200,000 per year. So if
has dragged in two presidents, the United world. Museveni, through Kutesa, got US$500,000
Nations, a deputy governor of the central Ye Jianming founded the CEFC and nur- from the Chinese, it would be illegal.
bank and diplomats from China, Senegal, tured it into a think tank with consultative The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also
Chad, and Uganda. status with the UN. That is how Kutesa met issued a statement defending Kutesa. The
Most of these individuals and institutions Ho. The CEFC patronises former heads statement noted that the interaction and
will seek to clear their reputations even if of states and hundreds of political lead- engagement Kutesa had with Ho was in
Kutesa might want the affair hushed up as ers as its advisers and researchers. Kutesa, fulfillment of his official functions as presi-

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 11
cover story
the commercial activities of CEFC China,
and has no commercial authorisation rela-
tionship whatsoever with the company.”
Back home it is not clear whether
President Museveni will take any action on
The Independent has been told that in the
past, whenever corruption scandals have
erupted around Kutesa, Museveni has been
incensed. He has reportedly twice directed
that Kutesa be arrested but called it off at
the last minute.
Many commentators say Kutesa has sur-
vived because he is protected by Museveni.
The two are closely connected by historical
and family ties.
Kutesa’s first wife, the late Jennifer
Kutesa was a cousin to President Musev-
eni’s wife, First Lady and Education Min-
John Nasasira, Sam Kutesa and Mwesigwa Rukutana.
ister Janet Museveni. Meanwhile Kutesa’s
daughter, Charlotte Nankunda, is married
dent of the U.N. General Assembly. tions with the bank’s owner Sudhir Rapa- to the president’s son, Maj. Gen. Muhoozi
“It is therefore erroneous to insinuate or relia. Kainerugaba.
infer that Hon. Sam Kutesa, from references The revelations have now sparked claims In 2010, it is said by people familiar
made to him and linked to the that Kutesa, working with the named BoU with the events, Museveni directed for the
bribery allegations,” a statement said. official, attempted to sell Crane Bank to the arrest and detention of Kutesa. He had just
Despite the denials, details of the manner Chinese firm even before concluding nego- received documents showing that Kutesa
in which Kutesa solicited the money are tiations with Sudhir. BoU first sued Sudhir allegedly received over 17 million Euros
ugly. He allegedly used a fake organisa- for fraud and the tycoon counter sued the and then Energy Hillary Onek about 6 mil-
tion, dragged in the President’s name, and Central Bank. The cases are before the court lion Euros from Tullow Oil, an exploration
abused his office at the UN and Uganda of arbitration and The Independent cannot company.
Foreign Affairs for personal gain. comment. Inspector General of Police, Gen.Kale
Also, according to the FBI, it has been Kayihura had already deployed police
Details of bribe confirmed that indeed Ho and a Chinese trucks to pick up Kutesa from his home
The FBI agent who investigated the case delegation were invited as VIP guests dur- in Nakasero. At the last minute, they were
writes that: “Based on my review of email, ing President Museveni’s May 12, 2016 ordered to stand down. Nobody knows
I know, in substance and in part, that in or inauguration and, according to the investi- why President Museveni had changed his
about February 2016, the Ugandan Foreign gating FBI officer, were treated to a private mind.
Minister (aided by his wife) solicited from dinner with the President. The accused Ho Some claim that Kutesa was saved by
defendant Chi Ping Patrick Ho aka “Patrick reportedly gave Museveni two gifts. then-Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)
C.P. Ho”, a bribe which he characterised as and now Justice Richard Butera. Butera had
a “donation/contribution” for a “founda- How Kutesa survives been involved following investigations by
tion” that the Ugandan Foreign Minister International analysts claim the charges the police chief, who had been instructed by
wished to launch”. against the alleged Kutesa bribe giver, Pat- President Museveni.
“In reality,” the FBI notes elsewhere, “this rick Ho Chi-Ping, are a result of America’s While there was no conclusive evidence,
payment was a bribe to obtain business increasing scrutiny of Chinese business Kayihura wanted to go ahead and arrest
advantages for the Energy Company in its practices. According to one report, up to the culprits. The aim was to use these docu-
efforts to secure contracts and ventures in 13 of the 26 companies charged by the U.S. ments and bring Kutesa, Onek and Brian
Uganda’s financial and energy sectors.” Securities Exchange Commission which Glover, then-country manager of Tullow
The document further reveals that Ho enforces the FCPA for violating the FCPA Uganda, to a police station for questioning.
also provided the Ugandan Foreign Minis- last year had a Chinese connection. But Butera reportedly advised that there
ter, as well as the President of Uganda, with The story is big internationally partly was no basis of prosecution because the
promises of future benefits, including pro- because President Trump is opposed to the documents were not backed by any other
posing to partner with both officials’ fami- FCPA, seeing it as impediment for Ameri- iota of evidence to give them credibility. If
lies in potentially lucrative joint ventures. can companies not to be able to legally offer any arrest was to be made, it would have
In exchange for the bribe, the Chinese bribes in return for business. On the other had to be a political action not aimed at met-
reportedly emphasised that they expected hand, Chinese companies operating in ing out justice but simply at giving a signal
Kutesa to assist them to get “major projects” America struggle to maintain squeaky clean that corruption cannot be tolerated.
in infrastructure, finance, banking, and agri- records and CEFC China Energy Company Again, in 2011, President Museveni
culture in Uganda. Ltd, which is the parent company of the directed for Kutesa’s arrest over his role in
Kutesa and his wife allegedly assured implicated China Energy Fund Commit- organising the 2007 Chogm, in which over
them that they could arrange a meeting for tee, has been engaged in efforts to distance Shs200 billion was allegedly stolen. Vice
them with Museveni at short notice, and itself. President Gilbert Bukenya, who chaired the
assist them buy a bank. According to the Financial Times news- select cabinet committee for Chogm had
The bank has since been identified as paper, CEFC China issued an official just been jailed over the same and there was
Crane Bank, which BoU later acquired and statement saying “a non-governmental and criticism that Kutesa, John Nasasira, who
sold to DFCU in an overly controversial non-profit organisation, (China Energy was chief whip and junior labour minister
deal. At the time, BoU was still in negotia- Fund Committee) is not involved in any of Mwesigwa Rukutana, were being protected.

12 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
cover story

Kutesa’s past corruption cases
 Oct. 2017: The leaked so-called Limited-- had been wrongly dis-
Paradise Papers reveal that Kutesa qualified from the tender and the
in 2012 hired Appleby, a company contract was cancelled. Neverthe-
renowned for creating offshore less, Lithotec got the contract to
account for the rich and power- supply ballots for the presidential
ful, to form a company for him in elections.
the tax haven of Seychelles in an  2001 November: Lithotec gets
attempt to his money and dodge another contract to supply ballots
taxes. for the local government elections.
Louis Kasekende Edith Gasana Kutesa  1993: Kutesa’s first publicly known The government “loses” US$ 1 mil-
corruption deal. In 1993, when lion in deal.
Insiders suspect that President Museveni wanted
ground handling at Entebbe Inter-  2009: Kutesa is mentioned in elec-
national Airport was privatized, a tions related deal worth $15 mil-
to disprove these claims. There had been a lot of
company called Effortes, a subsid- lion. A US firm which had been
pressure on President Museveni. A 2010 WikiLeaks
iary of Caleb International owned pre-qualified for the deal attributed
cable showed that the British High Commission was by President Museveni’s brother, suspension of the award to com-
lobbying to have London issue visa sanctions against Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim peting interests of presidential
Kutesa and his group. Saleh and Global Airlink owned by insiders. Kutesa was connected to a
In the same cable the then U.S ambassador to Kutesa unfairly took 40% accord- competing firm from Bangladesh.
Uganda described Kutesa’s corruption as egregious ing to a parliament investigation.  2005: Kutesa is named in a deal
and noted that President Museveni was losing local  1995: Kutesa, as board chairman, described by Bright Rwamirama,
support and had fallen out with donors over his fail- used an accounting firm close to who at the time was the privatisa-
ure to fight corruption. him to undervalue the ENHAS tion committee chairman, as “out-
Around the same time in 2011, the oil bribery alle- shares, which he later sold to him- right robbery”. The deal involved
gations found their way in parliament and sparked self and Salim Saleh cheaply. Saleh the privatisation of Uganda Diary
off an explosive debate. MPs called for Kutesa’s acquired 45% shares for $3.75 mil- Cooperation Ltd (UDCL). While
impeachment over alleged corruption. But they were lion and sold them at $9.45 million. the entity was valued at $9 million
blocked. A lawyer, Severino Twinobusingye, who Kutesa was the minister of state for with an annual turnover of $12 mil-
was a close ally of former Prime Minister Amama Investment and Planning. lion, President Museveni blocked
Mbabazi, who also faced the same accusations, sued  1998: A parliamentary committee a process by the privatisation unit
the Attorney General and halted the proceedings. investigating the privatisation of to have the entity’s 70 % sold to the
In a twist of events, however, Kutesa, Nasasira and Uganda Airlines Corporation con- best bidder, and instead decided
Rukutana resigned over the Chogm allegations. They cludes that it had been “manipu- to offer it to a Malaysian company
claimed they had stepped aside to allow the case to lated and taken advantage of called Malee Sampran PCL for
go on without their interference. The case collapsed by Kutesa and “a few politically three years at a nominal fee of $
and they were cleared. powerful people who sacrifice the 1. It emerged that Malee was to
The following year, Kutesa was also cleared of the people’s interests.” incorporate a company named Pan
oil bribery allegations. Museveni reappointed him  1999: Parliament censures Kutesa. African Foods Ltd (PAFL), which
into Cabinet.  2001: President Museveni re- would take over DCL. It later
Kutesa is one of Uganda’s longest serving Mem- appointed him after elections emerged that Malee was a smoke-
bers of Parliament. He defeated President Museveni because he allegedly financed that screen for PAFL, which despite
in 1980 parliamentary elections to represent Mbarara election with $500,000. being unregistered was connected
North Constituency in parliament. Between 1985 and  1997: During privatization of 80% to Kutesa.
86, he served as Attorney General and was part of the of Sheraton Hotel, Kutesa, then  2000: Kutesa mentioned in the deal
government team that negotiated with Museveni’s minister for Investment and Plan- to procure a technology, called
rebel group at the Nairobi peace talks. ning is named by a parliamentary an Intelligent Network Monitor-
He was also part of the Constituent Assembly in committee for soliciting a bribe of ing/verification System (INMS),
1994 and has represented Mawogola County since between $2-6 million together with estimated to cost the Ugandan tax-
2001. Mayanja Nkanji, who was Justice payer about Shs100 billion.
Museveni is also unlikely to take action on Kutesa Minister, Mathew Rukikaire, who  2012: Kutesa, through his son-in-
because he has generally been slow in taking such was the minister of state for priva- law, Albert Muganga, was cited in
action in recent years. When the Minister of State tization and Salim Saleh. The IGG a fight to secure a deal for the con-
for Labour, Herbert Kabafunzaki, was netted in an found that three ministers had struction of the Standard Gauge
alleged bribery scandal, Museveni suspended him influenced the award. Railway for the Chinese company
when most people expected him to be fired. Another  2001: Kutesa is named among called CCECC.
minster, Ronald Kibuule of Water Resources was also members of President Museveni’s  2012: Kutesa is mentioned in the
expected to be disciplined for entering parliament campaign task force that was deals surrounding the construc-
illegally with a gun, but Museveni has not acted. fronting Lithotec, a South African tion of Karuma and Isimba power
In the past, Museveni has publicly `forgiven’ his company to bag a tender to supply dams.
brother, Gen. Caleb Akandanwaho aka Salim Saleh
ballot papers. The others were his  2014: He is accused of corruption
nephew, Sam Rwakoojo, who is in a battle over his candidature for
for taking a bribe. Based on these precedents, it is not
the Secretary to the Electoral Com- UN General Assembly presidency
clear how Museveni will deal with the latest Kutesa
mission and Enos Tumusiime, a in 2014. More than 9,000 people
bribe case. If he does not act, however, parliament
high-flying city lawyer. IGG inves- signed an online petition urging
might act against Kutesa.
tigations revealed that Lithotec’s the U.S. to block him. Despite the
competitor—Skipco Property campaign, Kutesa was elected.

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 13

Illegal immigrants are seen at a detention centre in Zawiyah,
45 kilometres west of the Libyan capital Tripoli, on June 17,
2017. Many of them end up on sale in slave markets. / AFP

Rwanda praised for
Libya `slaves’ offer
By Agencies But she added: “But our door is wide the internationally recognised Libyan gov-

open”. ernment’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency.
wanda has offered to provide ref- Rwanda’s offer has since been praised. “Priorities of the investigation are not
uge to as many as 30,000 African Mushikiwabo had earlier tweeted: “For only to convict those responsible for these
migrants suffering abuse and slave- Africans being sold in Libya: Rwanda is inhumane acts, but also to identify the loca-
like conditions in Libya. Foreign small, but we will find some space!” tion of those who have been sold in order
Minister Louise Mushikiwabo, who made Rwanda’s offer follows the release of to bring them to safety and return them to
the announcement on Nov. 22, said the fig- CNN footage of a live auction in Libya their countries of origin.”
ure “is not confirmed yet but an estimate”. where black youths are presented to North The International Organization for Migra-
“It has just been decided so numbers and African buyers as potential farmhands and tion, an intergovernmental organization
means are still under discussion but Rwan- sold off. based in Geneva that focuses on migration
da estimates the number to be welcomed CNN’s Nima Elbagir, Alex Platt, and Raja management, welcomed the investigation.
around 30,000,” she said. Razek traveled to Libya in October after But its chief of mission for Libya, Oth-
Mushikiwabo told AFP that, “Rwanda, obtaining footage of a migrant auction. man Belbeisi, warned in an interview with
like the rest of the world, was horrified by At a property outside the capital of Tripo- CNN’s Elbagir “that the smuggling net-
the images of the tragedy currently unfold- li, CNN witnessed a dozen men being sold works are becoming stronger, more organ-
ing in Libya, where African men, women like commodities -- some auctioned off for ised and better equipped.”
and children who were on the road to exile, as little as $400. For years, migrants crossing the Mediter-
have been held and turned into slaves.” CNN was told of auctions at nine loca- ranean have brought with them stories of
“Given Rwanda’s political philosophy tions across Libya, but many more are beatings, kidnapping and enslavement.
and our own history, we cannot remain believed to take place each month. Many make harrowing journeys from
silent when human beings are being mis- CNN believes some of the auction sites West African countries. Those migrants
treated and auctioned off like cattle,” she are in territory controlled by the interna- who do make it to Europe are often too ter-
said referring to the 1994 genocide in which tionally recognized Libyan Government rified to go on the record about their ordeal.
around 800,000 mostly Tutsi people were of National Accord (GNA), but others are CNN has also provided the evidence of
killed while the outside world looked on. not; the GNA does not control the entire slave auctions in Libya by unscrupulous
Rwanda is a tiny country with a popula- country. smugglers to the Office of the Prosecutor at
tion of nearly 12 million and Mushikiwabo Libyan authorities have since launched a the International Criminal Court.
acknowledged that it “may not be able to formal investigation into the slave auctions, African migrants, mostly from the west
welcome everyone”. according to Anes Alazabi, an official with and Horn of Africa make the dangerous

14 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
journey to Libya with hopes of making it
across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.
Testimony collected by AFP in recent
years has revealed a litany of rights abuses
at the hands of gangmasters, human traf-
fickers and the Libyan security forces, while
many end up stuck in the unstable north
African nation for years.
More than 8,800 stranded migrants have
been returned home this year, according to
the International Organization for Migra-
tion, which is also amassing evidence of

African outrage
The African Union (AU) added its voice
to the outrage that greeted footage last
week of African migrants being auctioned
at a “slave market” in Libya, and on Tues- Government-run migrant detention centers across Libya are
day AU Commission chairman Moussa overflowing with detainees waiting to be repatriated.
Faki Mahamat called on African countries
to help. sub-Saharan Africans setting sail for Europe The International Organisation for Migra-
“I appeal to all member states of the after the fall of dictator Muammar Gadhafi tion had in April reported the existence of
African Union, the African private sector in 2011 tipped the country into chaos. markets where migrants became “com-
and African citizens to make financial con- modities to be bought”.
tributions to help alleviate the suffering of Blockade in EU And several months later the head of
African migrants in Libya,” Faki said on More than 1.5 million migrants have medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres,
Nov.21. arrived in Europe since 2015, according to Joanne Liu, wrote an open letter to Euro-
“I urge member states that have logistical UN figures and the EU has been desperate pean governments warning of the thriving
means to make them available to facilitate to stem the influx. But leaders are at a loss “kidnapping, torture and extortion busi-
the evacuation of African migrants who to find solutions for the asylum seekers on ness”.
wish to leave Libya.” the other side of the Mediterranean. “In their efforts to stem the influx, are
The AU Commission chairman and The EU has faced heavy criticism from European governments ready to pay the
other World leaders may have been quick the UN over its training of the Libyan coast- price for rape, torture and slavery?” she
to voice outrage over the video footage of guard, which the world body’s rights chief asked, adding: “We can’t say we didn’t
Libyan slave auctions, but activists raised said resulted in migrants being sent back to know about this.”
the alarm months ago -- and their warnings “horrific” prisons.
fell on deaf ears. `Unimaginable horrors’ ‘Don’t condemn, act’
Aid workers, rights groups and analysts Amnesty’s Tine said that in its efforts to
say they had been shouting about rape, With EU support, Italy has been train- stop migrants arriving “at all cost”, Europe
torture, and forced work for thousands of ing Libyan coastguards to intercept boats bore “a fundamental responsibility” for the
black Africans in the war-torn north African as part of a controversial deal that has seen horrors in Libya.
country until they were blue in the face. migrant arrivals down nearly 70 percent Yet others are also to blame, he told AFP.
But it took CNN’s footage of young since July. “African countries do nothing to make
Africans being auctioned off near Tripoli, But the UN charges that the policy leaves their young people stay, to give them
filmed on a hidden camera and aired on migrants returned to Libya at risk of torture, work,” he said.
November 14, to force Western and African rape, forced labour, and extortion. Analyst Hamidou Anne also said a pas-
leaders into a flurry of condemnation. “The international community cannot sive response from African leaders was
United Nations chief Antonio Guterres continue to turn a blind eye to the unimagi- in part to blame for the unfolding disas-
was “horrified”. nable horrors endured by migrants in ter, along with “systematic racism in the
France requested an urgent meeting of Libya,” UN rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hus- Maghreb countries”.
the UN Security Council, with President sein said. “This cannot go on,” he said.
Emmanuel Macron branding the auctions a Brussels has hit back that its coastguard “Faced with a crime against humanity
crime against humanity. training has helped save lives -- nearly you don’t condemn it, you act.”
But NGOs and experts have charged 3,000 people have died trying to cross the Migration commissioner Dimitris
leaders with hypocrisy. Mediterranean this year -- while EU aid Avramopoulos meanwhile told AFP on
“Ordinary people aside, everyone knew has helped UN agencies to send 10,000 Nov.23 that the EU was “working without
about this -- governments, international migrants home from Libya voluntarily. let-up” to find solutions.
organisations, political leaders,” said Hami- In The Gambia, Karamo Keita set up a Tine said slavery needed to be on the
dou Anne, a Senegalese analyst at think- group to warn fellow youngsters not to agenda at an EU-AU summit on November
tank L’Afrique des Idees. attempt the trip to Europe, after suffering 29-30 in Abidjan, an idea already floated by
Alioune Tine, Amnesty International’s horrific abuses in Libya including slave Niger’s President Mahamadou Issoufou.
West Africa director, said “hostage-takings, labour. “We need an impartial investigation to
violence, torture and rape” were well docu- “In Libya, black people have no right,” he see how the trafficking is organised and
mented in Libya. told AFP back in September. who is behind it,” Tine said.
“And we’ve been talking about slavery “We were taken to various farms where And, he added, “everyone must take
for a long time,” he added. the Libyan guy sold us as slaves. We their responsibilities.”
Libya became a massive transit hub for worked on the farms for free.”

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 15

Uhuru Kenyatta swears in for a second term as president of Kenya.

Kenyatta sworn in for disputed
second term amid protests
By Agencies among the angry crowd. Kenyatta a landslide of 98 percent of votes

Joseph Irungu of the interior ministry cast by just 39 percent of the electorate.
enyan President Uhuru Kenyatta planning committee had said there was The disputed election season has split the
was sworn in on Nov. 28 for a sec- space for 40,000 people who did not get in country along ethnic and regional lines.
ond term as police fired teargas to to watch the event on big screens outside However, political violence has not
disperse angry opposition support- the stadium. However no such screens were reached the scale of the bloody aftermath of
ers, in what many hope is the closing act of provided, further angering the crowd. elections in 2007, when 1,100 were killed.
a grueling and divisive election drama. Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto Odinga, 72, finds himself denied the pres-
The pomp and ceremony ended with a took the oaths of office in front of some 13 idency for a fourth time in his long career.
21-gun salute but was overshadowed by mostly African heads of state, including He contends he was cheated and refuses
chaos in another part of Nairobi, where from South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Zam- to recognise the result.
police engaged in running battles with bia and Somalia. He has vowed to found a “third republic”
opposition supporters trying to gather for Prime ministers, foreign ministers and -- following independence from Britain in
a rally. special envoys represented other African 1963 and a new constitution adopted in
Opposition leader Raila Odinga was nations, as well as Qatar, Serbia, Ukraine 2010 -- and pursue protests and economic
meant to attend the “memorial rally” and the United Arab Emirates. boycotts aimed at undermining Kenyatta’s
to honour more than 50 people killed, The inauguration came after the Supreme “dictatorship”.
mostly by police, in four months of political Court validated Kenyatta’s victory in last The current crisis draws on a deep well of
upheaval. month’s rerun poll. social, ethnic and geographic grievances in
But police kept the planned venue strictly But analysts say the swearing-in may not the country of 48 million people.
sealed off. draw a line under the country’s political In areas loyal to Odinga, an ethnic Luo,
Chaos also marked the start of the swear- crisis, for his defeated rival Raila Odinga there is a sense of having been ground
ing-in ceremony at the 60,000-seat Kasarani has vowed to fight on. down and discriminated against since inde-
stadium, as Kenyatta supporters attempted The NASA coalition has described Tues- pendence, not least by Kenyatta’s Kikuyu
to force their way into the venue, prompt- day’s inauguration as a “despotic corona- group, which has given Kenya three of its
ing police to fire tear gas while officers on tion”. four presidents.
horseback struggled to curb the flow of The electoral strife goes back to an August Months of disruption and unrest, plus the
people. 8 poll that was annulled in September by holding of two separate elections, have bad-
“I just want to see President Uhuru the Supreme Court, citing “irregularities ly affected the economy, hitting the poorest
Kenyatta because I voted for him, why are and illegalities”. hardest while leaving the wealthy political
we being beaten like NASA (the opposition The court ordered a rerun in October that elites relatively unharmed. - AFP
coalition)?” asked Janet Wambua, who was was boycotted by the opposition, handing

16 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
news analysis

Free Red Pepper editors
Pressure mounts on government over closure of spicy tabloid
By Ian Katusiime

ewspapers, human rights organ-
isations and civil society groups
have condemned the arrest of the
five directors and three editors of
Red Pepper as a blatant attack on press free-
dom in Uganda. The Committee to Protect
Journalists (CPJ), African Centre of Media
Excellence (ACME), and Foundation for
Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) and others
have demanded the immediate release of
the eight Red Pepper staff and re-opening of
the newspaper’s offices.
The five directors/owners are Richard
Tusiime, Patrick Mugumya, Johnson Mus-
inguzi, James Mujuni, Arinaitwe Rugyendo,
and three editors; Richard Kintu, Ben Byara- Red Pepper directors and editors appear in court on Nov 27.
baha and Tumusiime Francis Tinywana.
They were arrested on Nov.21 and locked
up for seven days in the notorious Nalufe- centre. may have been reckless, but that doesn’t
nya Detention Centre in Jinja in total con- Irumba said the state’s continued closure take away their constitutional right to dis-
travention of the law which stipulates that of the newspaper is trampling on the rights seminate information and the public’s right
suspects must be presented before court in of Red Pepper workers because the opera- to receive it.
less than 48 hours after arrest. tions of about 200 other staff have been “The problem in Uganda is that what is
The detention facility which is notori- affected. deemed reckless or irresponsible journal-
ous for torture of suspects was seen as an The Committee to Protect Journalists ism by the powers that be is sometimes
attempt to break them psychologically (CPJ), a U.S.-based independent non-profit punished by criminalisation of publication,”
because the initial charges against them organisation that promotes press freedom he said.
were largely frivolous. Among the charges worldwide called for the immediate release Before the charge sheet was amended
was treason, which was farfetched with of Red Pepper journalists and said that from treason, Livingstone Sewanyana, the
regards to details of the case. the government is trying to intimidate the executive director of FHRI had described
When they were finally arraigned in media. “Uganda is trying to intimidate Red the attack as an abuse of both press freedom
court on Nov.27, they were instead charged Pepper journalists and staff into silence with and process of legal abuse.
with seven counts, including publication of arrests and raids,” said CPJ Africa program “The charge of treason is a very serious
information prejudicial to security, disturb- coordinator, Angela Quintal in a statement. offence because it attracts a death penalty.
ing the peace of President Yoweri Museveni, “Reporting on politics is not a crime. This should only apply where there is use of
his brother Gen Salim Saleh and Minister Journalists in Uganda must be able to report violence in an effort to overthrow the gov-
for Security Henry Tumukunde. The other without fear of retaliation. We call on the ernment and this is not a suitable charge for
charges are three counts of offensive com- Ugandan authorities to immediately release a publication.”
munication, and three counts of libel. The the Red Pepper editors and managers.” Sewanyana says the government through
charges are based on a story the tabloid Peter Mwesige, the ACME executive ministry of foreign affairs should have only
published on Nov. 20 titled “Museveni plot- director told The Independent the police raid responded by giving its side of the story.
ting to overthrow Kagame-Rwanda”. and detaining the directors and editors at “This is an abuse of legal process and an
The story led to a raid on the newspa- Nalufenya are all meant to intimidate not attack on press freedom- something that has
per’s head office in Namanve on Nov 21 only the journalists and managers at Red been happening a lot in Uganda.”
by Police detectives. The premises were Pepper but the entire media fraternity in This is the second time in four years a
shut down and the directors and editors Uganda. He described the actions as heavy- major newspaper in Uganda is being shut
whisked off to Nalufenya. Police also confis- handed. down by the state. In 2013, Red Pepper and
cated phones and computers of Red Pepper “It is like bringing out guns and tanks to Daily Monitor were shut down after they
employees during the raid. kill flies,” he said. published a letter by Gen David Sejusa,
Andrew Irumba, the client relations Mwesige said the actions have a chilling then chief coordinator of intelligence ser-
officer of Red Pepper Publications said effect on the exercise of the right to press vices, talking of an alleged plot to kill then
a team from the Uganda Human Rights freedom and the wider rights to freedom prime minister Amama Mbabazi, the late
Commission (UHRC) visited the detained of expression and speech which are guar- former chief of defence forces and then-
staff of Red Pepper at Nalufenya police anteed by the Constitution. He said Red minister of internal affairs, the late Gen.
station and demanded the release of the Pepper editors have a constitutional right to Aronda Nyakairima and Sejusa himself
editors and directors saying their detention disseminate information. over their opposition to a project where
had gone beyond the mandatory 48 hours “Would editors at another Ugandan Museveni is allegedly grooming his son
of detention. The team from UHRC also newspaper have published this story? Most- Maj. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba to suc-
said Nalufenya is not a gazetted detention ly likely, no. Yes, The Red Pepper editors ceed him as president.

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 17
news analysis

Patrick Amuriat, new FDC president at Namboole on Nov 24.

W After defiance
ith the election of Engineer
Patrick Oboi Amuriat as
president of Uganda’s biggest

defeated Muntu
opposition party, the Forum
for Democratic Change (FDC) behind him,
Grant Senabulya, a delegate from Nakaseke
district who looks to be in his 70s is looking
ahead, not back. He told The Independent
that he is now concerned about the direction
the party takes at national level. Will new president Amuriat lead FDC
“Right now we have two groups:
defiance and compliance. I want us to hold
power without shedding blood,” he said.
forward or backwards to Besigye?
Ssenabulya, who is the FDC secretary By Ian Katusiime
general of Nakaseke District, says he voted
Muntu in 2012 but does not say how he
voted in 2017.
“All I want is a party that advocates for 463 votes (41%). What is unclear is how might encourage more acts of defiance and
peaceful change,” he says. Amuriat will lead. denial of cooperation in parliament where
There are many in FDC who, like During the campaign, he pledged to it detests being labeled “the opposition”.
Ssenabulya, are anxious about how Amuriat “reclaim our victory”. He was a central There might also be a return to an endless
will lead the party. member of the so-called ‘People’s regime of street protests as was seen after
As party president, the defeated Gen. Government’, an FDC faction that treats the the 2011 elections. Sources in the party say
Mugisha Muntu struggled to unite FDC party’s flag-bearer in the 2016 presidential Amuriat could make changes in the party
and at the Delegates’ Conference at elections, Col. (retired) Kizza Besigye, as cabinet soon starting with the Leader of
Namboole Stadium in Kampala where the the rightful winner and, therefore rightful Opposition and Chief Whip in Parliament;
vote was held on Nov.24, the defiance and president of Uganda. positions occupied by Winnie Kizza and
compliance camps were on show. This group has been operating mainly Ibrahim Semujju Nganda respectively-key
Seeing the schisms, however, the party’s from an office located on Katonga Road Muntu appointees.
national chairman Wasswa Birigwa said it is in Kampala where Besigye has an office. Some supporters like Abdullah
a mistake to think FDC is a burning house. Here, they have constituted a full-fledged Ebokorait, the FDC chairperson for Kumi
“My house is FDC,” he said, “I accept government in which Amuriat is the district are excited that the ‘defiance’
their diversity, they are different but they Minister for Local Government. ideology of Besigye will now be in full
are the same.” In his manifesto, Amuriat, pledged to mode. Various FDC members say Amuriat
But supporters of Amuriat said they were have the faction occupy “its rightful space cannot be his own man simply because
disaffected with Muntu and his philosophy in Najjanakumbi”, the official headquarters he won due to a coalition of networks
of so-called “organisation” which stressed of the party. He has also pledged to restore patronised by Besigye and Nandala Mafabi.
building “organisational capabilities” more powers to Besigye in what is being
for the party as a way of transcending seen as dragging the party to its past and Besigye’s proxy
individualism and building grassroots not the future. Therefore, as Amuriat starts a new
structures across the country. During the campaign, Amuriat pledged chapter of his political career, the figure of
And when the final results trickled in that as soon as he was elected “the debate Besgye looms large over him. In his final
with Amuriat bagging 641 votes (57%), it over which approach the party needs to use pitch to delegates, Muntu told Amuriat that
was clear Muntu’s much vaunted mantra of to overthrow the dictatorship will end”. he should first understand the source of the
organisation had been rejected, getting only If he follows through on the pledge, FDC internal conflicts in the party before he can

18 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
news analysis
go about managing them. ready for power,” she said. sometimes chaired meetings that prepared
Many saw it as a rebuke to Besigye and In her district, Ocan says she does not see defiance activities in the party’s National
his acolytes who petitioned the party’s the impact of building grassroots that the Executive Committee, he was severally
electoral commission team after Muntu former party president Muntu was known accused of not walking the talk.
defeated Mafabi in 2012. Shortly after, the for. Meanwhile, Ebokorait who comes from
party wrangled for two years over internal “Communities should feel the presence the same district as his new party president,
process. Muntu left no doubt when he told of the party, she says. “Muntu showed Amuriat, is optimistic because the new FDC
Amuriat that his backers were those behind fear when it came to confronting police. If leader has promised better management of
the wrangling then. you fear you can never move. These are party finances. He was unhappy that the
Throughout his campaign, Amuriat activities that should be directed by the Delegates’ Conference to elect the party
was criticised as simply re-echoing party president.” president cost a whopping Shs400 million.
Besigye’s talking points. Now that he is Muntu was branded a mole by his Commenting on the election, Abdul
FDC president, supporters of Muntu are opponents in FDC and some analysts say Katuntu, MP for Bugweri County and a
concerned. the fact that he often addressed the issue supporter of Muntu said: “I don’t believe
“If you think Amuriat is standing on his gave it undue attention. A few days to the in the politics of throwing mud because the
own, then you can as well think (Raphael) election, Muntu took to social media to other person is doing that. Some people
Magyezi is the one who wants Article 102 address the issue for the umpteenth time. believe in that but I think it is unfortunate.
(b) amended,” Nabila Naggayi, Kampala “I am a founding member of FDC. In But this is Amuriat’s victory we cannot take
Woman MP told The Independent before the fact, I was one of the people that got the it away from him, he deserves it and for
election. Naggayi, a supporter of Muntu party registered. Once we had done this, we now we shall lie low.”
said she is drawn to the former party went around recruiting members. It was us Brian Atuheire, a youth delegate and
president because of his selflessness. “He that insisted on having Dr. Besigye as our supporter of Amuriat told The Independent
does not take opposition to him as a crime, presidential candidate in 2001. Is this what shortly before voting took place that
he takes it in stride” she said. moles do?” he wondered on his Twitter whoever wins the election, they should
Naggayi has been a fierce critic of page. The suspicion had even extended to know that they are dealing with a dictator.
Besigye and accuses the former presidential some supporters of Muntu. “As a youth leader, I want someone who
candidate of selfishness. “He is just shy Ebokorait told The Independent while at will push this regime so that 2021 finds a
of amending the article to run for FDC Namboole that Muntu lost because he did very assertive population.”
president again,” she adds, “Muntu’s brand not functionalise the structures he talked One of Amuriat’s stated objectives is to
says we are smaller than the party.” about. serve for a three year term instead of one
Naggayi argued that Muntu wanted “Muntu says he built structures but it of five. This would enable the party save
FDC institutions to grow and hints that does not help you if do not functionalise enormous amounts of money spent in
government agencies are not empowered them,” Ebokorait said, “Amuriat has calling a delegates’ conference for election of
because of similar failure to let institutions promised to transfer expenditure to district party president alone.
rise above personalities. “This is the same branches, he wants to spread this money to With his plan to bow out in 2020, FDC
thing that has been happening in the party. the grassroots.” under Amuriat will find itself in familiar
If my support for Muntu is the reason I am Ebokorait says Muntu was also punished territory with Besigye as the most likely
branded as a mole, so be it”. for FDC loss of ground in parliament under option for flag-bearer in 2021. The party is
In reality, one could argue that FDC is his watch. once again facing criticism for perpetuating
having its Donald Trump or Brexit moment- “We used to have more than 36 ‘Besigyeism’, a criticism it always levels at
two events that rocked Western democracies MPs in the house and then we had less NRM, the ruling party where the position
in 2016. constituencies then. We are moving for party flag-bearer is sacrosanct. With
Amuriat fondly referred to as POA, was backwards,” Ebokorait said. He added that Muntu now as a diminished political figure
derogatively called a “villager” when he there was no way FDC could reclaim the in the party, it is very unlikely that he will
joined the race for party president months victory it notched in the 2016 presidential consider running as a candidate for FDC
ago. And just like the possibility appeared elections while Muntu is president. flag-bearer in the next presidential election.
remote of Trump being elected president Some observers say Amuriat won partly Although FDC usually prides itself in
of the U.S. or Britain voting to leave the because FDC members desired a shift from being an exemplar of internal democracy
European Union, Amuriat was considered the western axis of power in the country. among Uganda’s political parties, its
a long shot for the position he was gunning Besigye, Muntu and other elderly politicians critics are wondering whether this internal
for. in the party, some being founding democracy still counts for something if it
In many ways, Muntu whom Amuriat members all hail from the western part of always churns out Besigye as its flag-bearer.
defeated, was the establishment figure- Uganda. Some of these include Augustine In 2020, FDC will certainly hold primaries
he was FDC president, a former army Ruzindana, Amanya Mushega. Even for flag-bearer but some observers are
commander and with many other enviable though he is yet to build a national profile, wondering whether there will be anyone
credentials. To cap it, the radical or activist those who voted Amuriat believe in the in the near future who can dare to stand
members of the party backed Amuriat symbolic power of having a party president against Besigye now that Muntu is down
while Muntu enjoyed the support of liberals from the eastern part of the country. and out, let alone defeat him in the race for
or moderates who appeared to have the Supporters of Amuriat hold it against presidential candidate.
momentum. Muntu for serving a complete five year term As the voices of Muntu’s supporters
But Betty Ocan, Gulu Woman MP, says instead of finishing out the remaining three are drowned out, Amuriat and his strong
she was always unconvinced by talk of years of what was Kizza Besigye’s term backers face a stern test of building party
Muntu that “FDC is not ready for power”. when he retired unexpectedly in 2012. structures while maintaining a defiance
“If you have a leader who tells you that Other party members attributed Muntu’s approach with a party leader whose face
you are not ready for power, what does that loss to a seeming invisibility while others and name are hardly recognisable.
leader mean? It is sad that we are having a say his lukewarm embrace of defiance
leader who is telling us that we are not yet did not help matters. Although Muntu

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 19

MPs opposed to the deletion of Article 102 (b) from the
Constittution sing at Parliament days before their protest
degenerated into a brawl  INDEPENDENT/JIMMY SIYA

By Ronald Musoke
Is UCC going rogue?
hat, really, is the mandate of the
Uganda Communications Com-
mission (UCC)? Parliament to probe communications
On its face, UCC’s mandate
appears clear; it is the country’s communi-
cations regulatory agency. It is supposed
regulator over its media cuts and bans
to promote and safeguard the interests of
consumers and operators. However, there is casts of MPs exchanging punches on Sept.26 age of events is supposed to be managed
a growing view that UCC does not have the in parliament. differently to avoid putting out undesirable
legal mandate to do some of the things it has “We don’t know if they are doing this content. UCC says broadcasting brawls by
been doing. Critics point out that the space deliberately or there is pressure behind them MPs incites the public, is discriminatory,
for free speech is shrinking because the state but one thing is for sure; what UCC is doing stirs up hatred, and promotes a culture of
uses the law selectively to determine what is absolutely wrong; it is illegal and illegiti- violence amongst the viewers. It is likely to
can and cannot pass. mate,” Ssempala told The Independent. create public insecurity or violence.
The matter has become so urgent that Tempers flared in Parliament on Sept.26 Otunnu says broadcast houses every-
the Parliamentary Committee on Commis- over a controversial motion to delete Article where in the world have equipment that
sions, State Authorities and State Enterprises 102 (b) that limits the age of presidential can- delay relay of such content by a micro-
(COSASE) has it on its agenda. didates from the Constitution. second. “That micro-second is important
A member of the committee, Medard Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, in broadcasting,” he said because it helps in
Lubega Sseggona, who is the MP for Busiiro was compelled to abruptly adjourn the editing out scenes that are not desirable for
South, says as soon as there is opportunity, House after opposition MPs disrupted Igara viewers’ consumption.
COSASE will summon UCC officials to West MP, Raphael Magyezi, from moving “The UCC directive was a reminder for
explain why they are engaged in certain a motion on removing the presidential age broadcasters to enforce that,” Otunnu says.
activities that appear to be outside the agen- limit. The pro-age limit MPs sang and made The UCC wrote in its directive to broad-
cy’s mandate. He told The Independent in an other noises for close to 20 minutes inside the casting houses: “The commission hereby
interview that UCC has moved beyond reg- Parliament Chambers until Kadaga sent the directs all broadcasters to immediately
ulation to become a repressive agency and House packing. stop and refrain from broadcasting live
cited incidents in which UCC has blocked Security personnel entered the chambers feeds which are in breach of the minimum
social media access, stopped media houses and dragged rowdy MPs out when they broadcasting standards and the best practice
from covering certain political events, and attempted a repeat the next day. Despite guidelines for electronic media coverage/
either closed or threatened to close media Mutabazi’s ban on live broadcast, images reporting and broadcasting of live events.”
outlets that give a platform to opponents of of MPs being battered, fighting with micro- It added: “The commission would not
the ruling NRM party. phones, and throwing parliament furniture hesitate to carry out enforcement for non-
“What Mutabazi is doing is in effect crimi- at each other were beamed around the compliance with these guidelines and any
nal,” Sseggona says in reference to Godfrey world. UCC’s minimum broadcasting further breach will result in suspension and
Mutabazi, the UCC executive director, “the standards in regard to violence and crime revocation of your licence in accordance with
rate at which UCC is denying Ugandans state that any suggestions that justice can Section 41 of the Uganda Communications
access to information and professionals the be achieved by violence, vigilante action, or Act 2013.”
right to practice their trade is alarming and other means of taking law enforcement into But some media executives were in dis-
deplorable.” one’s own hands; should be avoided. Any agreement with the ban saying Parliament
The Human Rights Network for Journal- exceptions must take into account the con- is a public space and should, therefore, be
ists Uganda (HRNJ-U) also says it is going to text and redeeming values. Such depictions opened to live media broadcasts.
court to seek interpretation on the mandate of violence may frighten, unnerve, unsettle In a letter dated Sept. 29, the National
of UCC. or invite imitation, especially from children. Association of Broadcasters (NAB) respond-
Robert Ssempala, the HRNJ-U national ed to Mutabazi’s letter saying freedom of
coordinator told The Independent that his Broadcasters react expression is a cardinal principle enshrined
organization is reacting to UCC’s recent Fred Otunnu, UCC’s director of Corporate in the Constitution of Uganda under Article
directive to media houses to stop live broad- Affairs told The Independent that live cover- 29. “It is a fact that live broadcasting does

20 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
News analysis
Kyagulanyi’s absence with this tweet: “We from covering the activities of striking doc-
received phone calls that stopped us from tors. In the past, it has ordered media houses
hosting @HEBobinwine on #CapitalGang not to do live broadcasts of Walk-to-Work
today.” Kyagulanyi was one of the opposi- protests, the Kasese massacre during the
tion MPs evicted from parliament over the attack on the palace of the Rwenzururu king,
melee that erupted during the tabling of Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere last
Magyezi’s Private Member’s Bill to lift the November and the subsequent trial early
presidential age limit. this year. In the February presidential elec-
Kyagulanyi has appeared to be targeted tions, UCC blocked social media platforms
by UCC since he won a by-election towards and mobile money networks. The shutdown
the end of June as an independent MP remained in place until the afternoon of Sun-
and immediately adopted anti-President day, Feb.21 when President Museveni was
Yoweri Museveni rhetoric. There were even declared winner.
rumours that UCC had instructed radio The UCC said access to social media plat-
stations not to play his latest hit, `Freedom,’ forms like Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook
which allegedly fans violence among the via mobile phones and the mobile money
public as it calls upon Ugandans to rise up networks had been temporarily blocked
because saving “Our nation is a responsibil- citing national security concerns during the
not depict falsehoods but rather is an ity of all of us the children of Uganda.” He election period. The telecom firm, MTN, con-
account of actuality: It is our view that the sings about how, “Ugandans are fed up of firmed that UCC directed it to block social
messenger should not bear the brunt of any those who oppress our lives (sic) and every- media and mobile money services due to a
such factual message for which the public thing that takes away our rights.” threat to public order and safety. Critics say
has a right to see and hear.” UCC’s mandate does not give it such pow-
“We are yet to see (and we welcome the Som UCC’s past ers.
same) evidence of incitement, as alleged, e of the lyrics translated from Luganda, The UCC’s primary mandate is to regulate
arising from these live broadcasts, with an a widely spoken local dialect are: “Uganda and grow the media in Uganda,” says Ssem-
introspective view of the other mediums to seems to be moving backwards; rise up pala, but it has since taken to controlling and
which the public is exposed where violence friends because we know that saving our restricting the media freedom.
is a staple feature (films, television pro- nation is a responsibility of all of us the chil- “This is complete abuse which is political-
grammes and stage plays).” dren of Uganda. ly motivated,” he says, “We don’t want UCC
“As you may recall in 2011, NAB entered “No matter your age, sex, religion, and to control the media in a negative manner,”
into a memorandum of understanding with tribe; educated or uneducated, this is a revo- he told The Independent on Nov.13.
the UCC with respect to live broadcasting.” lution; whether you are a doctor, farmer, Sseggona also says UCC is harassing
The broadcasters’ association had also teacher, policeman, lawyer, soldier, taxi driv- media houses by refusing to renew their
received complaints from its members who er or student, Ugandans in the Diaspora or licenses. “As we speak, 75% of media houses
operate upcountry harassment, intimida- bodaboda rider, rise up and don’t give up.” in the country do not have valid licences
tion and in extreme cases, closure by the But Pamela Ankunda, the Head Public because UCC wants to close them at the
government operatives. The letter noted Relations at UCC, told The Independent on slightest opportunity under the guise of lack
that the memorandum detailed the manner Nov. 10 that UCC has not banned Kyagu- of valid licence,” he said. On the issue of
and conduct broadcasters would implement lanyi’s song because the agency’s mandate delayed licenses, Otunnu told The Indepen-
in covering live events also noting that the does not go that far. dent that the process has been complicated
broadcasters had diligently obliged to the “We regulate content and not people,” she because of transiting from analogue trans-
memorandum which should continue guid- said. She said all UCC has done is remind mission to digital television.
ing their operations. broadcasters of their liability in case their Media experts say internet shutdowns
platform is used to air content that are con- and state violence go hand in hand. They
Targeting opposition trary to the laws and minimum broadcasting say shut downs disrupt the free flow of
But UCC has also targeted opposition leg- regulations. “That is very different from say- information and create a cover of darkness
islators in other ways. The most hit appears ing, don’t host this person on the talk show,” that allows state repression to occur without
to be celebrated musician Robert Kyagulanyi she said. Even if UCC had banned the song, scrutiny. Internet shutdowns—with govern-
aka Bobi Wine, who is the new Kyadondo Kyagulanyi has already vowed not to respect ment ordering the suspension or throttling
East MP. Media houses, allegedly acting on its directives. He says the regulatory author- of entire networks, often during election or
orders or cues from UCC, have blocked him. ity’s decisions depict double standards and public protests—must never be allowed to
On Sept.28, for example, he was scheduled bias. He said artistes who sing songs that become the new normal.
to appear on NTV’s political talk show `On support the NRM regime are never barred Justified for public safety purposes, shut
the Spot’ but was blocked. On Sept. 30, he from doing so. “I have fundamental rights downs instead cut off access to vital informa-
was supposed to be on Capital FM’s `Capital of singing and speaking about anything tion, e-financing and emergency services,
Gang’ but he was also blocked. without seeking permission from anyone,” plunging whole societies into fear and desta-
“I was later informed that the radio was Kyagulanyi says. bilizing the internet’s power to support small
directed by Uganda Communications Com- Ssempala says UCC’s suspension of peo- businesses, livelihoods and drive economic
mission (UCC) and received phone-calls ple from appearing on certain media houses’ development.
from security operatives not to host me,” talk shows is blatant abuse of their right to Ssempala says UCC’s directives instill fear
Kyagulanyi posted on his Facebook page, expression. and scare the media from discussing current
“I was called by other radio and TV stations “It is under the influence of politicians topical issues.
and they confirmed that they received the who want to shut up all voices of dissent “Many people get away with criminality
same order- with threats that if I am hosted, and curtail the free flow of critical informa- because UCC has prevailed over the watch-
they risked being closed.” tion,” he says, “All that is overstepping their dog (media) which is actually supposed to
Oskar Semweya-Musoke, the Capital mandate.” put people in position of responsibility to
Gang host explained to his audience for Recently, UCC has blocked journalists account,” he says.

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 21
Aireal view of Nalubaale hydro
power dam.  COURTESY PHOTO

UEGCL sees higher profits ahead
The company records Shs 13.9bn loss in 2016

By Isaac Khisa concession are not able to generate enough tive Officer of UEGCL said there was
revenue / cash to recover their carrying significant progress in the construction of
ganda’s electricity genera- amount, she said. Karuma (52%) and Isimba (76%) hydro-
tion company, UEGCL, has She said the company is currently work- power plant projects.
slipped back into loss mak- ing with the government to ensure that He said the progress was in part as a
ing territory a year after it this anomaly is addressed. Eskom’s con- result of the re-invigorated monitoring and
registered a substantial prof- cession is expected to end in the next five supervision by UEGCL team with support
it in 2015 but the executives years. from the Project Steering Committee (PSC)
say the company has better days ahead. The company also recorded a drop set up by President Yoweri Museveni last
Financial records released in Kampala in revenues from Shs54bn in 2015 to year to streamline project implementation.
on Nov. 23 show that the company, which Shs17.5bn citing a write-off of long out- Both projects are planned for commis-
switched its annual report and financial standing debts of Shs30.9bn from Uganda sioning in the course of the next financial
statements from the calendar year into Electricity Transmission Company Limited year (2018/19). He also revealed that the
July-June financial year, thanks to require- (UETCL) and the government assets which works on the 48MW Muzizi hydropower
ments of the Public Finance Management are no longer achievable, also known as, dam is in advanced stages of tendering
Act 2015, recorded Shs 13.9bn loss for the write back liability worth Shs 42bn. for construction works while Nyagak III
18 months ending June 30, 2017 compared Consequently, the decline in revenue (6.6 MW) power project attained financial
with Shs 5.4bn profit recorded in the 12 reduced the shareholders equity from Shs closure, and is set to move on to the next
months ending Dec 2015. In 2014, the 465bn to Shs452bn during the same period phase of construction.
UEGCL made a huge loss of Shs 9.5bn. under review, signaling the company’s Finance Minister, David Bahati, said the
The company cites a big drop in profit- ability to discharge its liabilities in the government is happy with the UEGCL
ability to the under-billing of the South normal course of business. However, UEG- activities especially in the construction of
African firm, Eskom, which manages and CL’s assets increased from Shs1trillion in new dams saying they will lower the cost
maintains some of its assets – the 180MW 2015 to Shs3.29trillion in 2016. of doing business and also leapfrog the
Nalubaale and the 200MW Kiira power This development comes at the time country into the middle income status.
stations in Jinja. the Auditor General, John Muwanga, is
Incorporated by the Ministry Finance, questioning UEGCL’s failure to enforce
Future outlook
Planning and Economic Development in compliance by Eskom with regard to non- Njuki said they are optimistic that the
2001 as a public limited company follow- repair works at two turbines and cracks on company will continue to grow despite
ing the unbundling of the Uganda Electric- Nalubale dam and Power house as well as operating in a challenging economic envi-
ity Board (UEB), UEGCL is charged with delayed execution of 13 projects since 2013. ronment.
generation of electricity in the country. It also coincides with the company’s “Despite the challenges associated with
Proscovia Margaret Njuki, the Chairper- formulation of a new five year strategic the ageing infrastructure, we have planned
son of the Board of Directors at UEGCL plan for the period 2018 to 2023 set to be for short and long term investments to
said as much as the company, under the launched in December 2017. The plan is ensure the asset continues to operate in
concession and assignment agreement has aimed at putting the company on a new order to keep the tariff low,” she said, add-
the right to bill Eskom for debt service, platform of growth and development, ing that the timely delivery of hydropower
depreciation, return on equity and admin- which in turn will translate into sustain- plants under construction will grow the
istrative costs; the tariff structure approved able and affordable electricity to the econo- company’s future revenue as electricity
by the Electricity Regulatory Authority my and the socio-economic transformation supply increases from the current 853MW
does not include administrative costs. of the population. to 1686MW BY 2020.
This means that UEGCL’s assets under Harrison Mutikanga, the Chief Execu-

22 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
By Julius Businge

NSSF’s Byarugaba
ichard Byarugaba was recently

sets new target
re-appointed as the managing
director of the National Social
Security Fund (NSSF) for another
five-year term.
His performance in the first term
seems to have impressed his supervisor
– the Minister of Finance Planning and
Economic Development, Matia Kasaija
But will he achieve the Shs 20
– culminating into the renewal of his
trillion in savings by 2022?
Since then, Byarugaba has been
preaching his next big plans for the Shs8.2 Enock Nyorekwa Twinoburyo,
trillion Fund and its members for the next an economist (PhD) and Andrew
five years, with the latest being a media Muhimbise, a keen follower and critic
dialogue at the Kampala Serena Hotel on of NSSF’s investments and private
Nov. 21. companies told The Independent on Nov.
“The recent executive and managerial 24 that Byarugaba has carefully mastered
staff changes that the board announced how to keep an eye on the performance of
are precisely to create the required the Fund.
capabilities to deliver the Fund’s Mission “So I think it is a well deserved
and Vision,” he said, “Our focus now appointment…he should be able to
is to work on the key success drivers continue with the balancing while
and clearly articulate the key initiatives delivering consistent value for the
needed in the next five years.” Richard Byarugaba Enock Nyorekwa members,” they said.
He said his plan is to now grow the They added that the former Deputy
Fund’s current assets under management withdrawal, invalidity, exempted Managing Director, Geraldine Ssali whose
from the current Shs 8.2trillion to Shs employment and emigration grant contract was not renewed deserves credit
20 trillion by 2022, making it one of East benefits. for challenging Byarugaba’s management
Africa’s largest financial institutions. credentials but also for keeping the Fund
He promises to fulfil this by increasing Riding on past stellar performance up and running when she acted as MD in
investment in private equity and tapping Analysts believe that based on the 2014 before Byarugaba bounced back.
into the opportunities of new sectors like performance of the Fund in the last seven The two agreed with Byarugaba’s
oil and gas, completion of stalled projects years where Byarugaba has dominated five years strategy based on four
in Temangalo, Lubowa, Nsimbe, Pension management, notwithstanding the success drivers – happy employees,
Towers and Yusuf Lule. looming liberalization of the sector, his business process re-engineering product
He said the Fund would work towards new five year dream might be realised. innovation and prudent investment. But
integrating with systems of government For instance, in the last seven years, on investment, they said that the Fund’s
partners like Uganda Revenue Authority, contributions to the Fund have increased core business in the next five years should
National Identification and Registration from Shs 295bn in 2009/2010 to Shs 916 be about exploring some of the legal
Authority and Uganda Registration bn in 2016/17, assets under management restrictions by pushing for new reforms
Services Bureau. grown from less than Shs 2.1trillion to Shs to pass. On increasing investment on the
Regarding membership, Byarugaba, 7.9 trillion in 2016/17. equity segment, they warn that the Fund
said he plans to ensure that the Fund’s Revenues increased from Shs 129 bn in may not easily achieve growth there
members grow more than three-fold 2009/2010 to Shs 912 bn in 2016/17, cost to because the space is small, sallow, illiquid
from the current 1.7 million (800,000 are income ratio declined by 35% in 2009/2010 and passively inactive.
actively saving) to around five million to 12.5% in 2010/2017. Interest paid to On maintaining 80% of its cash in fixed
during the period. members has grown from Shs 89bn to Shs assets, the two experts said it is a prudent
The long queues inside the NSSF 681bn in the period under review. strategy in light of the fact that it is about
branches will also be reduced leveraging The other performance relates to social welfare and that it is a risk free
on adoption of information and customer satisfaction which was 49% in field.
technology, he said, adding that the 2009/2010 but now is 92% and is expected However, they said that the challenge
Fund’s anticipated growth would be to increase to 95% in the next five years. is the growing fiduciary or fiscal risk on
supported by its strategy of making Compliance levels which were at 47% are government and recent downgrades of its
employees happy, innovative, business now at 80% and would further increase debt by international agencies - the debt
process re-engineering and making to over 90%, staff satisfaction that was at risk is getting pronounced.
prudent investments. 48% seven years back is now at 84% and “Already fiscal cost on the budget is
This new plan comes at the time the would jump to 95% in the next five years; already high. On macro front, increased
government is putting in place new benefits payments which used to last issuance has downside effects for the
pension sector reforms currently in 105 days now take 10 days and plans are market as private sector that creates
Parliament for debate. Their approval to cut these days to two in the next five employment which NSSF needs is
will see legal reforms that will bring years. crowded out,” they said.
new benefits to the members including In addition, the Fund has been able
maternity, housing, critical illness and to offer members a minimum of 2%
funeral benefits and more as opposed above 10-year inflation in interest since
to current few benefits – age, survivors, 2012/2013.

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 23
US$606 million to US$ 804 million per year
as a result of price fluctuations, pests and
diseases in crops and livestock, post-harvest
losses and drought.
Based on an agricultural Gross Domestic
Product of US$ 5.71 billion, losses therefore
amount to between 10.61% and 14.08% of
total annual production, which is between
2.3% and 3.1% of Uganda’s GDP.
The study notes that on average, crop
losses in the country due to pests, diseases,
and weeds are estimated at 10-20% during
the pre-harvest period and 20-30% during
the post-harvest period, with the annual
losses for major crops estimated to be in the
range of US$ 113 million to US$298 million
(mainly banana, cassava, coffee, and cotton).
The losses for farmers due to price risk are
estimated at US$ 262.22 million per annum.
It is a result of this that the growth in
Uganda’s agriculture sector has remained

Slow agriculture
between 1.5 % and 3 % annually for the
last five years even as it supports more
than 80% of the country’s population. The
agriculture insurance product dubbed

insurance uptake
‘Kungula AgriInsurance’ is packaged as
two sub-products: Livestock All Risks Mor-
tality (ARM) Insurance and Crop Indexed
Insurance. Under the scheme, farmers with
less than five acres of farm land get a 50%
Regulator says aggressive marketing and subsidy while those owning more than five
acres are entitled to a 25% subsidy of premi-
awareness would reverse the trend ums on their insurance policies.

Participating firms
The participating insurance firms in the
By Isaac Khisa to increase awareness and marketing of the agricultural insurance includes; APA; Gold

agricultural insurance covers to increase its Star Insurance; Lion Insurance; Phoenix
ganda’s agriculture sector has uptake. He said the regulator is currently Insurance; Jubilee Insurance; UAP Insur-
been associated with many risks engaging the World Bank and other interna- ance and CIC General. Others are First
– unstable prices, drought, pests tional players to encourage farmers embrace Insurance Company; National Insurance
and diseases – thus hampering its the agriculture insurance products. Company and Pax Insurance.
growth. “What we are having now is almost a The industry’s CEO meeting was held
This prompted the government to unveil private-sector led but in many countries, it just after three weeks the industry regula-
a Shs5bn Agriculture Insurance Premium is a combined effort with the government to tor granted approval for the South Africa-
Subsidy Scheme last year for an initial five- deepen agriculture insurance,” he said. based financial services firm, Sanlam, to
year period in partnership with a consor- But Daka Munyaradzi, the technical acquire Lion Assurance Company limited
tium of 10 insurance firms. manager of the Consortium at the Uganda at US$6.5million. Sanlam officials said they
This move was aimed at boosting uptake Insurers Association (UIA) dismissed the would not drop any services Lion was offer-
of agriculture insurance policies for both regulator’s figures in an interview with The ing on the market. This means a lot to the
crops and livestock and so is investment in Independent saying they are outdated. sector that recorded growth in premiums in
the agriculture sector, high productivity and “By September this year, we had utilised recent past.
farmer’s increased access to credit. about Shs2bn. We are even worried that the IRA-U data shows that the industry
But available data from the Insurance subsidy might be fully utilised by the end recorded premiums amounting to Shs
Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA-U) of December,” he said, adding that more 566.4bn as at the end of Sept.30 compared
shows that farmers are still reluctant when than 44,000 farmers and not 226, 421 have with Shs 425.3bn in 2015 amidst hard eco-
it comes to embracing the new product. accessed agriculture insurance with the help nomic times.
So far, only 26, 421 farmers have signed of the subsidy. Net earned premiums also increased
for the agricultural insurance cover utilis- from Shs 253.7bn to Shs 338.2bn while net
ing merely Shs692.2milion of the subsidy Quick facts claims incurred declined from Shs 96.7bn
scheme. A 2015 agricultural risk assessment to Shs75.2bn during the same period under
“As per the approvals we have processed, study shows that Uganda losses between review. However, the country’s insurance
a greater position of the funds is still unuti- penetration remains the lowest in the East
lised,” said Ibrahim Kaddunabi Lubega, the Growth in Uganda’s insurance premiums African Community standing at less than
chief executive officer of IRA-U during the Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 1%. Rwanda’s insurance penetration
industry’s CEO breakfast meeting held in Gross Premiums
296.83 351.23 463 502.65 611.13 634 stands at 1% compared with 2.3% in Tanza-
Kampala on Nov. 23. (Shs bns) nia and 3.4% in Kenya.
He said there is need for the consortium Source: IRA

24 Dec 01 - 07, 2017

How African governments can
grow their pension sectors
Social security funds to tackle key areas in
education, IT to accelerate pension growth
By Julius Businge

ow can African governments
ensure that the working
population has some sort of
social security at old age? That
was the main issue discussed during the
two-day East and Central Africa Social
Security Association (ECASSA) conference
held at the Kampala Serena Hotel from
Nov. 23-24.
Richard Byarugaba, the new chairman
of ECASSA and managing director at
National Social Security Fund (NSSF),
Uganda, said there is a growing concern
that there are only two million people
out of the 15 million working population
in the country who have social security
coverage under either pension scheme of
the government or under the NSSF.
“The rest – 13 million Ugandans are not
covered largely because they work under NSSF’s Byarugaba takes over chairmanship of the ECASSA from Valentine Bagorikunda
of Burundi on Nov. 22 at Serena Hotel.   INDPENDENT.J.BUSINGE
the informal sector,” he said.
He said the government needs to come
up with schemes to cover key areas like Meanwhile, the conference also came opportunities that come with social
health through the introduction of the up with five key recommendations to protection and the inadequate laws and
national health insurance to be at par with stir growth of the pension industry in the policies to cover the industry’s key areas.
the rest of the countries in the region. coming years. They include; building and Speaking as the Chief Guest, the
This, he said, will ensure that retirees entrenching the culture of social protection Minister in charge of General Duties in the
need to have opportunities to utilise part of through education in all member states Office of the Prime Minister, Mary Karooro
their pension towards their health. from primary up to university education Okurut, welcomed the five resolutions for
“It is imperative that government and throughout adulthood, extending ECASSA.
looks at that side. I should say that the social protection coverage to the entire “In today’s world, the success of Social
law that is going to create the national population and widening the scope of the Security Institutions is not measured only
health insurance scheme needs to be benefits to include health in all member by the money it generates, the investments
implemented for that side of social states through legislation and developing it undertakes or the employment it
protection to benefit pensioners,” he said. policies that guarantee a social protection provides; rather it is also assessed by the
He said there is also need for the floor for all citizens by each member state. efficiency and effectiveness with which it
pension industry to leverage on technology Other recommendations include delivers services to its constituents,” she
such as mobile phones to bring on board strengthening regional cooperation said, adding that the Ugandan government
individuals in the informal sector to the through peer reviews and benchmarking will provide all the necessary support to
social protection bracket. for purposes of sharing best practices and ECASSA to implement its plans.
On his part, ECASSA’s Secretary leveraging on technology to ensure cost She said that government is in the
General, Fredric Ntimarubusa said efficient and effective delivery of social process of reforming the sector in Uganda
benchmarking best practices by members protection services in particular to the through discussions with various actors
of ECASSA will also accelerate social informal sector. and thus, are keen to learn from the region.
security growth given that 80% of the Industry experts say actual The conference now in its 10th year was
population in the region is not covered. implementation of these areas would held under the theme “Transforming
He said the association plans to carryout deal with current challenges in the region Social Security: From Theory to Practice”
industry trainings to be spearheaded especially in regards to huge informal attracting more than 100 participants
by the management of an International sector, high cost of running pension from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia,
Training Institute set to be officially funds or schemes, limited knowledge Burundi, South Sudan and Zimbabwe.
launched in 2018 in Arusha, Tanzania. about the benefits of savings and general

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 25
insurance csr

CIC Insurance to sell insurance Airtel rewards more in Yoola Amajja promo
in the extractive industry resident of Bugolobi

and self-employed, took
egional insurance firm, CIC Insurance, home Shs 1.3 million.
is set to unveil a comprehensive cover Nelson Mugisha, the
targeting mining, oil and gas industry Airtel money manager
players, according to Kenya’s Business said the promotion gives
Daily.Group general manager for marketing an opportunity to their
and distribution, Joseph Kamiri, said on Nov 23 customers to win by
during the Association of Insurance Brokers of simply transacting on
Kenya (AIBK) 12th annual conference in Kwale, Airtel Money. “Through
that underwriter had invested in technical capac- Yoola Amajja and similar
ity including industry experts and the necessary Winners pose with cash at Airtel offices in Kampala promotions, we believe

global reinsurance linkages useful for providing we are bettering the
mining insurance cover. “Our solution focuses n Nov. 24, tentembe said he would lives of our subscribers
on all mobile assets, and can cover all machinery Airtel Uganda use his money to pay with Yoola Amajja,”
and equipment either above ground and un- awarded more tuition. “I encourage ev- Mugisha said. To take
derground,” he said. “We are also carrying out customers in its eryone out there to take part in the promotion,
workshops, training the providers in the relevant Yoola Amajja promotion part in Yoola Amajja; I am Airtel Money customers
risk elements of their businesses and participat- for the third draw. Isaac proof that they are indeed have to dial *185# on
ing in industry fora to enhance awareness about Sententembe, a mechani- changing lives of us ordi- their phones and carry
this critical solution.”Kenya’s nascent industry cal engineering student nary Ugandans,” he said.   out a minimum of three
is forecast, by the Ministry of Mining, to reach at Bugema University Another winner – transactions weekly and
Ksh100 billion annual value in the next few years. won Shs1.1 million. Sen- Geoffrey Onyona, a stand a chance to win.
MTN Foundation donates 100 beds to KCCA hospitals

n Nov. 27, MTN Foundation donated addressing the shortage of beds in the health
Uganda improves in
100 beds to nine health centers under
the jurisdiction of the Kampala City
centers around the city. Access to beds is
essential in ensuring quality healthcare for
ICT ranking

Council Authority. Ugandans,” he said. According to a 2012 report
ganda has moved up five
The beds and amenities including mat- from Human Rights Network Uganda on the
places in the Information
tresses, bed sheets, blankets and mosquito nets state of regional referral hospitals in Uganda,
and Communication Tech-
were handed over to Jennifer Musisi, the execu- most facilities and equipment including bed
tive director, KCCA by Anthony Katamba, the in these hospitals countrywide are in a state of nology Development Index
general manager, Corporate Services MTN disrepair. (IDI) to 152 this year, signalling
Uganda on behalf of the CEO Wim Vanhel- Musisi thanked MTN for the donation saying steady success of the multifaceted
leputte, at Kawaala Health Center. the role of private sector is to also participate in approach being undertaken by the
“This donation will go a long way in initiatives that improves service delivery. government and the private sector in
driving the digital agenda.
Also, Uganda improved its rank-
telecom ing regionally to 20th in Africa and 2nd
in the East African region.  The 2017
MTN, Fero Mobile unveil new smart phone edition of the Measuring the Infor-

mation Society Report was launched
TN Uganda has during the World Telecommunica-
partnered with tion/ICT Indicators Symposium
Fero Mobile to (WTIS) 2017, in Hammamet, Tunisia.
unveil an entry- The report is published by the
level smartphone onto the International Telecom Union (ITU)
Ugandan market.
which is the United Nations special-
“If you were looking for
ized agency for information and
the perfect gift this Christmas,
communication technologies–ICTs.
why not gift a Fero? Even
The report in its 9th edition, features
with internet connectivity
MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier Prentout (C), Fero Mobile key ICT data and benchmarking tool
rapidly rising in Uganda, representative in Uganda, Vikram Gopal ( 2nd R) during the launch of the
there are Ugandans who to measure the information society,
new smart phone in Kampala.   COURTESY PHOTO the ICT Development Index (IDI).
would still want to get online,
at an affordable rate. The Fero retail at Shs119, 000, will to Uganda Communication NITA-U Executive Director, James
Mobile comes in handy,” said come with a long battery life Commission. Fero repre- Saaka, said the new ranking is tes-
Olivier Prentout, the Chief to prolong the customer’s sentative in Uganda, Vikram timony that the different initiatives
Marketing Officer at MTN internet surfing experience. Gopal, said the new smart that are being undertaken under
Uganda. This comes at the time nearly phone will enable majority of the able leadership of the Ministry
The new device that will 60% of Ugandans have access the population to have access of ICT & National Guidance, have
to a mobile phone, according to the internet services. started to bear fruit.

26 Dec 01 - 07, 2017

EAC bodies chase more taxes
By Julius Businge Speaking during the 43rd

East African Revenue Meet-
he East African revenue ing held in Kampala on Nov.
authorities are facing 23-24 , Uganda Revenue
similar challenges – a Authority Commissioner
small tax base because General, Doris Akol, said col-
of a huge informal sector, tax laboration between the EAC
evasion, limited human re- revenue bodies would improve
source personnel and volatile knowledge and experience
economy. Others are poor in- in handling cross-border tax
formation technology systems issues and other related mat-
and connectivity, political un- ters, which would ultimately
certainties and delays in dispute increase revenue collection to
resolution. fund government activities.
In response, the Commission- This year’s meeting came at
Arnold (M) receiving a donation as Bai Chengyu from Huawei, (3rd er Generals of the East African a time when, for the first four
L), Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of Parliament (3rd R), and the Chinese Community revenue authori- months of this financial year –
Ambassador to Uganda Zheng Zhuqiang, (2nd R) with other dignitaries in ties have agreed to support the 2017/18, the revenue authorities
Busoga during the donation at Busoga Kingdom on Nov 21. harmonisation process of tax in the region recorded revenue
systems and administration growth of 14.5% compared to
in order to remove tax distor- a year before despite the slow
tion and encourage investment economic growth rates charac-
across the region; address the terized by decline in importa-
regional tax administration tion of consumer goods.
policy issues through the EAC “Going forward, we all
Customs Committee; establish agreed that we are on course
mechanisms to accelerate tax to achieving on our targets
dispute resolutions including because revenues are growing
establishment of Alternative due to the various activities tak-
Dispute Resolution (ADR); have ing place in our various econo-
an integrated scanner system mies,” Akol said at a joint press
for all users across the region conference at the Kampala
similar to the regional electronic Serena Hotel.
cargo tracking system; strength- The meeting attracted com-
en intelligence structures and missioner generals and senior
information sharing with other tax officials from Uganda,
arms of government in order to Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania,
combat tax fraud. Rwanda and Zanzibar.
Rockies Dance group unveils Fresh Dairy Bongo, Fresh Dairy’s latest
product on the Ugandan market at Hotel Africana on November

Weekly share price movement (November 24)
Security Nov. 24 Nov. 17 Movement
BATU 30000 30000 00
BOBU 110 110 00
CENT 1,487 1,472 1.0
DFCU 680 690 1.4
EABL 8,483 8,412 0.8
EBL 1,513 1,410 0.4
JHL 17,248 17,314 0.4
KA -- - --
KCB 1,522 1,428 6.5
NIC 12 12 00
NMG 4,048 3,995 1.3
NVL 524 524 00
SBU 27 27 00
Eskom Uganda MD Thozama Gangi (L) hands over assortment of hairdressing UCHM 126 122 3.3
equipment to the Director of Gulu War Affected Training Centre, Betty Lalam UCL 30 31 3.3
during the graduation Ceremony in Gulu on Nov. 25. UMEME 400 413 3.1
ALSI -- -- --

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 27
By Ssemanda Allawi
Besigye’s Black Swan virus
Something disastrous is happening in FDC that
people will only understand much later

or a decade plus, Dr. Col. Kizza literally shifted from FDC’s headquarters he the only Christ FDC and Uganda in gen-
Besigye has been attacking and ac- at Najanankumbi to his personal office at eral has been waiting for to liberate it?
cusing president Museveni of being Katonga Road. Is it right for a few people to brand those
a dictator and a selfish individual. His decision to run a parallel office and who do not subscribe to what they believe
He has accused him of failing and using also campaign for Amuriat against incum- in as moles or objects to be bought? If it
NRM as a personal party and a vehicle to bent Muntu was due to Besigye’s selfish is right, how do we know that these few
advance what doctor Besigye calls selfish reasons – he wanted a party leader who will people are good people and not corrupt or
interests. follow his demands without asking why. moles? And that their actions are simply
In 2015, when NRM announced president His decision followed Machiavellian prin- patriotic? These are questions Ugandans
Museveni as its sole candidate in 2016 elec- ciple; the end must justify the means. and FDC members must ask themselves.
tions, the good doctor said Museveni was Put in a proper perspective, Besigye As we wait for General Muntu’s prom-
covertly using some party members (espe- started his long mission with the end and ised announcement of a personal decision,
cially those who moved the idea of his sole acted out of sheer selfishness disregarding there is no doubt Besigye’s selfishness and
candidature) to ring-fence the ruling party’s the likely consequence of his action such as his supporters branding party officials and
top position for himself. splitting the party by kicking Muntu out. senior members who do not agree with
He has also on many occasions accused After this, the reasons to justify Besigye him as moles, is throwing FDC in what
president Museveni of being intolerant to selfish act, will be generated in form of Professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb called
those who hold dissenting views. Whether reasons given for reconciliation in name of `The Black Swan’. This is a moment which
this is true or not, I will not discuss it now. uniting the party. can happen and bring disastrous effects
What is clear is that, Doctor Besigye is To me, this is the reason why Besigye did when people are looking on and they only
exactly what he has been accusing presi- not care and openly campaigned against the understand it long after it has happened. As
dent Museveni to be; only that he has been incumbent despite opposition from nearly Nassim explains, once a society is infected
hiding it. 30 FDC members of parliament who backed with Black Swan virus, everybody buries
Last week’s Forum for Democratic Muntu’s candidature. Some of these MPs his head in the sun and this is why many of
Change (FDC) presidential contest in which have been branded moles by Besigye sup- FDC supporters do not see that Besigye’s
Besigye openly supported the Patrick porters for dissenting from his ideas. moves are meant to make the FDC party a
Amuriat’s candidature against incumbent Besigye can speak with all spiritual elo- Besigye affair.
Gen. Mugisha Muntu exposed doctor quence, play patriotic games in public, The best way for FDC to liberate itself
Besigye’s long hidden true personality. He maintain a holy and democratic appear- from Besigye’s Black Swan virus is by ques-
is a bully, intolerant to those with dissenting ance before the public, but he is opposite of tioning further his actions. After all, Albert
views and yes, though he has not ring- what he preaches. Like he says of President Eintein taught us that it is important to ask
fenced FDC’s top position, like president Museveni, Besigye too believes he is the and question everything. We must question
Museveni who wants an NRM secretary only Christ Uganda has been waiting for Besigye’s goodwill for FDC.
general who will listen and dance according to liberate it.  He thinks he is the only man Leave alone being one of its founding
to his tune, Besigye too wants an FDC presi- with vision to lead FDC and others are members, they must question his morality
dent who will bow before him and take his either “moles” or can be bought.  even if he claims he is incorruptible, ques-
views without raising any question. This is the reason why Besigye, as a senior tion his sanity even though many believe
Even in 2012, when Mugisha Muntu party member, failed to caution his camp he has never tested alcohol. There is need
contested for FDC’s top position, Doctor against party dividing statements when for FDC to assume nothing. FDC must not
Besigye did not support Muntu, at least not they started to spread baseless allegations of treat Besigye as a saint after speaking with
in public and many believe he was behind Muntu being an NRM mole. Indeed, during faked political holiness. They must ask
Mafabi’s candidature. This of course is his the voting day, Besigye told journalists that questions like; if Muntu is an NRM Mole,
right to support a person of his choice, but Muntu’s camp was using money to win the who is Besigye whose businesses continue
we should know that from a political moral contest, words which his close confident to flourish under NRM government that
perspective, for party cohesion and unity, Kawempe South MP Mubaraka Munyagwa Besigye claims is dictatorial? Why does
Besigye should have played a neutral role. echoed claiming they had “defeated and it not crackdown on his business despite
It was after Muntu defeated Besigye’s rejected NRM money” an insinuation that Besigye’s claim to fanatically fight it?
Mafabi in 2012 that Besigye resorted to Muntu was funded by NRM to run for FDC
almost weekly press conferences at his presidency.  Ssemanda Allawi is a Phd, Student International
Kyapa Karuhanga donated Katonga As Indira Ghandi taught us, questioning Relations and Diplomatic Studies.
Road office, started running a parallel is the basis of all progress, and those who
FDC office and activities, and effectively don’t question are condemned to live in +46764262304.
undermined Muntu’s leadership. Through bondage. This is the time for FDC members
FDC leaders who believed in him, Besigye to question Besigye’s claimed sainthood. Is

28 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
By Farhad Khan
Satellite broadband power
Unlocking economic growth by breaking through both
cost and planning barriers of physical infrastructure

he African Development Bank records are now available to all con- or was unable to access them. Hence,
projects that Uganda’s GDP nected healthcare facilities within the the Government Employees Pension
will grow from 5.1% in 2017 to county. Anyone can go to the nearest Fund (GEPF) launched an outreach
5.8% in 2018. Among other fac- facility and receive the consultation project aimed at engaging with pen-
tors, the government has highlighted and medicine they need within a mat- sioners.
the role of information communica- ter of minutes. An always-on broadband connectiv-
tions technology (ICT) as a key enabler Other sectors such as education ity facilitated real-time access to pen-
for this trend toward growth. facilities continue to reap similar ben- sion data, no matter how remote the
As key stakeholders in the country efits. Today, a student is able to access location of the pensioner. Through col-
continue to promote the use of ICT for vast amounts of e-learning tools with laboration between public and private
economic and social growth, Uganda’s a simple click of a button. Information organisations, 1.2 million members of
internet penetration has increased in that is essential to learn, grow and GEPF and their beneficiaries were able
the last two years from 31% in 2015 pursue his or her ambitions is now to gain access to valuable financial
to 53.9% in the first quarter of 2017, more readily available. services.
according to the Uganda Communica- In addition to enabling students and These are just some of the examples
tions Commission (UCC). medical professionals, satellite broad- of how satellite connectivity is driving
In East Africa, Uganda is second band has also enabled government social and economic change. Through
only to Kenya in terms of internet pen- organisations to streamline their pro- satellite communication, communities
etration. While this figure is signifi- cesses and ensure that their services can now access many services, and
cant, a section of Uganda’s population reach individuals, no matter where the way they educate their children,
still lacks internet access. A critical they reside. access local and global markets for
issue is that many live in rural areas In South Africa, approximately one their goods and maintain good health
that are hard to reach through tradi- in every ten pensioners was either is also changing.
tional methods. unaware of the value of their pensions, Until very recently, these kinds of
Satellite broadband can break scenarios would have seemed far-
through both the cost and planning fetched.
barriers to these remote areas. Since According to the World Bank, the
it is not subject to the same physical GDP of developing nations rises
and infrastructure limitations of cable-
based systems, satellite broadband
In neighboring by 1.38% for every 10% increase in
broadband connectivity. With such
offers an alternative that is less costly
to connect and requiring less compli- Kenya, many a direct correlation between invest-
ment in broadband connectivity and
cated infrastructural planning. This
could significantly improve connectiv- unserved and the growth in economic activity, con-
necting rural Uganda is central to
ity in rural areas for individuals and
businesses. under-served the achievement of the 5.8% growth
expected in 2018.

rural areas
In neighboring Kenya, many The collaboration between govern-
unserved and under-served rural areas ments, technology partners and busi-

are already
are already enjoying the benefits of nesses is key to extending the benefits
satellite connectivity. One of the main of connectivity.
segments to benefit is the country’s
public healthcare sector. In Kiambu
County, for example, satellite connec-
enjoying Farhad Khan is Chief Commercial Officer
tivity is delivering quicker and more
effective patient care through the shar-
the benefits Yahsat, a satellite communications
company wholly owned subsidiary of
ing of knowledge and resources via
the internet.
of satellite Mubadala Development Company, the
Abu Dhabi Government’s strategic
Through the provision of satel-
lite broadband connectivity and the
connectivity investment company. The company
offers voice, data, video and internet
implementation of new software, local services for broadcast, Internet and VSAT
healthcare facilities are now able to users for both private and government
share critical information and better organisations.
manage patient inquiries since medical

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 29
By Michael J Ssali
GMO technology in Uganda
Not about profits and interests of multinational companies

he recent article in The Independent growth rate is the highest in the world after banana producing country in Africa. How-
magazine (October 31 2017) titled Mayotte and Niger, according to the Wash- ever our production of the crop is declin-
“Tears and Cheers over New GMO ington based Population Reference Bureau ing at the rate of seven out of ten expected
Law” left me, as a farmer and a ( The big population increase bunches due to the Banana Bacterial Wilt
science journalist, disappointed. It carried is set to dramatically raise the demand for Disease (BBWD) according to the Uganda
negative and misleading sentiments about food supplies. Yet our food crops are facing Biotechnology Information Centre (UBIC).
agricultural biotechnology. extinction and there are no known ways of The total Ugandan farmers’ annual loss is
Uganda’s decision to adapt Agricultural effectively dealing with the new pests and estimated to be $299.6 million. Dr Jerome
GMO technology and the passing of the Bill diseases other than the use of biotechnol- Kubiriba, head of the Banana Research
are aimed at overcoming Uganda’s current ogy (Dr. Wilberforce Tushemeirwe, Daily Project under NARO (National Agricul-
agricultural production difficulties and not Monitor October 9 2015). We cannot go on tural Research Organisation) has revealed
promoting the interests of any foreign com- practicing agriculture in the same way we that Uganda’s annual $550 million worth
panies or countries as was insinuated by have always done because of the different production of bananas has reduced to $350
some of the people quoted in the article. circumstances in which we work at present. million due to BBWD.
The article was also totally insensitive The main reason food prices keep raising Researchers at Kawanda Agricultural
to the big problems we are facing; food is due to reduced agricultural production Research Institute (NARO) have used bio-
insecurity, malnutrition, especially among against disproportionately high demand for technology/GM to develop more nutritious
children and pregnant women, and the food exacerbated by the rapidly growing bananas that are rich in Vitamin A and
loss of household income among farmers population. which are also resistant to the BBWD. These
resulting from pests, crop diseases, and Seven out of every ten farmers in Uganda are the banana varieties that we hope to be
extreme weather conditions caused by cli- grow bananas and we are the leading passed on to the farmers to grow following
mate change. We surely do not want to miss the recent passing of the Biotechnology and
the very technology that has banished food Bio-safety Bill.
insecurity and poverty in other countries It is hoped that when the farmers grow
such as India, Sudan, South Africa, Burkina BBWD resistant bananas there will be a rise
Faso and many others across the world. in production of the crop and a reduction in
We cannot talk about exporting food malnutrition levels. Six out of ten farmers
overseas when our own food supplies as a interviewed are willing to grow GM banana
nation are shrinking due to crop diseases varieties resistant to the deadly BBWD.
that have no chemical cure. Before we One out of every four Ugandans con-
export food we ought to have enough of sumes cassava as a main food and at least
it ourselves to feed our rapidly growing seven in every ten farmers in the country
population and to combat malnutrition grow cassava, according to UBIC. Ugandan
which causes Uganda an annual loss of farmers produce an average of 6.7million
$899 million according to ‘The Cost of Hun- tones annually compared to the possible
ger Report 2013’ not to mention millions of 30million if we did not have the Cassava
working hours lost every year due to people Brown Streak Disease (CBSD), a viral dis-
falling sick or abandoning work to attend ease, which causes an annual loss of $24.2
burials of people killed by malnutrition- million and is present in 51 out of the 54
related illnesses. districts surveyed in 2014 according to
The article reminded me of an old Byz- (UBIC). By the use of GM research scien-
antine saying: “He who has food has many tists at Namulonge Agricultural Research
problems but he who has no food has only Institute have come up with cassava that is
one problem.” Simply put, its message resistant to the CBSD which is to be passed
is that when there is enough food in the on to farmers to plant following the recent
house you can worry about such issues as passing of the Biotechnology and Bio-safety
children’s school fees, repairing your car Bill by parliament.
or buying a new dress for your wife. How- Eighty per cent of farmers in Uganda
ever, when there is no food at all you have grow maize and the crop generates an esti-
only one problem to worry about - death. mated US$51million annually to the coun-
Uganda should not be worrying about los- try (UBIC). It is also a major food crop for
ing its anti-GMO food customers overseas both humans and livestock. However, the
when its own citizens are chronically poor crop’s production is seriously hampered by
and facing starvation due to a fast growing stem borers and recurrent droughts which
population. reduce yields by about 40 per cent. Through
Every Ugandan woman on the average GM research it has been possible to prepare
produces 5.6 children and our population maize that can withstand both drought and

30 Dec 01 - 07, 2017
stem borers. This breed of maize will become challenges which include crop and livestock cal Association (AMA) the European Food
available to the farmers following the pas- improvement, control of crop and animal Safety Association (EFSA) and a whole range
sage of the Biotechnology and Bio-safety Bill diseases, among other issues. of other respected international organiza-
causing an estimated annual boost of US$25 Uganda is not the only African country tions agree that GMO foods are as safe as
million to the economy. turning to the use of GMO technology as non-GMO foods.
Irish potato farmers currently use almost one of the means to solve its agricultural Uganda cannot teach science and tech-
50 per cent of their in-puts’ budget to buy problems. nology in her universities without taking
pesticides in order to overcome the Late Sudan, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Egypt, full advantage of its benefits. We cannot
Blight disease which is hard to control and Nigeria are already growing GMO crops disassociate science and technology from
because it has become resistant to chemi- while several others such as Ethiopia, Tanza- agriculture and at the same time talk about
cals. Using GMO technology NARO has nia, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Swaziland and promoting the ‘Program for Modern Agri-
prepared potatoes that are resistant to Late Mozambique are just about to adopt their culture (PMA)’.
Blight and will soon be ready for passing own agricultural biotechnology regulation The Bill which was passed is intended to
on to interested farmers to grow after the laws and to begin growing GMO crops for ensure that every GMO crop imported or
passing of the Biotechnology and Bio-safety almost the same reasons as Uganda. grown locally undergoes thorough environ-
Bill. Consumption of Irish potatoes is known The concerns raised in the recent Inde- mental and food safety assessment so that it
to reduce malnutrition since they are rich pendent magazine article about a Ugandan does not cause adverse effects to human and
in vitamin B6, minerals, and dietary fiber. businessman exporting dried fruits to the animal health as well as the environment.
(UBIC) Uganda is the leading producer of USA losing the market due to our country’s It is an international requirement for all
sweet potatoes in Africa. It is a major food adoption of agricultural GMO technology countries opting to grow GMO crops often
crop for both humans and livestock. Harvest- is unfounded because the USA, which has referred to as the Cartagena Protocol on Bio-
plus, which is a global anti-hunger organisa- 72.9 million hectares under GMO crops, safety.
tion, is currently promoting the growing and is the world’s leading producer of biotech International acceptance of agricultural
consumption of bio-fortified sweet potato crops, according to the International Service GMO technology is growing and widening,
enhanced with nutrients such as iron, zinc for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Appli- not reducing. Biotech/GM crop hectares
and vitamin A which the World Health
(WHO) categorises as the most essential
for healthy living. The crop is under attack
by virus diseases and weevil infestation that
threaten its total extinction. Researchers are
now working to develop GM sweet potato
that can withstand viruses and weevils.
Due to the growing demand for rice,
more farmers are taking interest in grow-
ing it but they are challenged by long dry
weather and poor soils which cause annual
drop of about US $6.2 million (UBIC).
Uganda stands to gain an estimated annual
US$19.9 million through adoption of rice
tolerant to low nitrogen soils and drought.
NARO researchers are using GM technol-
ogy to develop it.
Clearly the adoption of GMO technol-
ogy in Uganda has been motivated by the
need to overcome our own economic and cation (ISAAA). Other countries already were planted in 28 countries in 2014 and the
food security problems. It is about our own growing GMO crops outside Africa include: area under Biotech/GM crops has increased
survival. One wonders, therefore, how mul- Brazil, Argentina, Canada, India, Paraguay, more than 100-fold, from 1.7 million hectares
tinational trading companies can be dragged Pakistan, China, Uruguay, Bolivia, Austra- in 1996, to 181.5 million hectares in2014.
into such typically local and national Ugan- lia, Philippines, Myanmar, Spain, Mexico, (Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/
dan issues. Zerubabel Mijumbi Nyira, a Columbia, Vietnam, Honduras, Chile, Por- GM Crops: 2014 by Clive James). Acceptance
scientist himself, and Minister of State for tugal, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Slovakia, and is growing because of the obvious economic
Agriculture has said, “GM technology is not Czech Republic. benefits of growing them and not because of
the preserve of the western world and so our We should not expect any trouble from coercion by multinational companies.
people must come to understand that we are growing or eating GMO food. In May 2016 It was also false to state in the article that
not passive recipients of technology but that the US National Academies of Science, Engi- farmers will be forced to buy GM crop seeds
we are, indeed, capable of defining our own neering and Medicine released its twenty- at every planting season because this is not
biotechnology research and development year-research report into possible harmful stated anywhere in the Biotechnology and
agenda to solve uniquely Ugandan and Afri- effects of GMO crops and declared them Bio-safety Bill that was passed. After all,
can problems.” entirely safe. It was a comprehensive review crops such as cassava, bananas and sweet
The Ugandan government like many oth- of some nine hundred researches on GMO potatoes or Irish potatoes are clonally grown.
ers in Africa saw the agricultural problems crops conducted since 1996 and it revealed
coming and built modern biotechnology that GMO crops and ordinarily bred crops
laboratories to be used by NARO which is have no difference with regard to possible ABOUT THE WRITER
manned by Ugandan scientists and funded risks to human health, livestock health, and Michael J Ssali is an agriculture journalist and
by the Uganda government and donors. the environment. The World Health Organ- a farmer based in Lwengo District. He is also a
NARO’s mandate is to conduct research isation (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Bioscience for Farmers in Africa fellow. (www.
related to overcoming our national farming Organisation (FAO), the American Medi-

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 31
By Flavia Nassaka

reliminary results of the 2016
Uganda Population HIV
Impact Assessment (UPHIA)
survey released in October
confirmed something health- A group of Youths present during world AIDs day celebrations. Since 1988, activists, scientists have used
care managers in the field of the December 1st event to not only raise awareness but review their interventions in curbing the epidemic
HIV/AIDS have feared for some time.

Marking World AIDS
According to the survey, while HIV
prevalence has generally reduced from 7.3%
in 2011 to 6% today, it remains quite high
among men aged between 45 and 49 years

day in tough times
at 14%.
Dr. Nelson Musoba, the Ag. Director
General at Uganda AIDs Commission says
before the results were released, healthcare
managers had realised that more adolescent
girls and young women of 24 years and
below were getting infected. They had their
Museveni leads new campaign amidst new
hunches about the source of the new infec-
tions among young women. After the sur-
infections in middle-aged men, young girls
vey they are now sure; the source of infection
for the young girls is middle-aged men. challenges faced and this year; while the should not be sold anywhere by anyone in
After confirming this, Musoba says, they UNAIDs international theme has been a Uganda. But Clarke says there is nothing
realised that these men need to be told to ‘Right to Health’, Uganda has chosen to wrong with people buying the drugs.
go get tested and treated. And that is how deviate to mark the day under the theme, “The only challenge is that there is a huge
Uganda decided to shift from the interna- ‘Reaching men, girls and young women to mass of people who cannot afford to buy
tional theme for this year’s World AIDS Day, end HIV’. ARVs and it is these who have been affected
to a more relevant local one. They wanted To him, the biggest challenge for them this by drug shortages,” he says.
the focus of discussion to be on the middle- year has been getting more men to test and Clarke says drug stock outs are largely a
aged men and young girls and women get- get enrolled on Anti-retroviral (ARV) treat- government issue and are due to poor plan-
ting infected. ment as soon as possible. ning and poor funding as drug supplies
Moreover, up to 45% of the infected men In Kole district where the main celebra- cannot last all the way through the month
according to the survey did not know their tions are being held, he says, a recently even when they have committed to enroll
status and 48% of those who knew had nationally launched campaign by President everyone testing positive on treatment by
not yet been enrolled on treatment. Also, it Yoweri Museveni – the Presidential Fast adopting the World Health Organisation
showed,that in 2016 alone, 14,348 men died Track Initiative to end HIV in Uganda by recommendations of test and treat.
of AIDS compared to 9,600 women. 2030 will be re-launched. Musoba says the Health Policy Analyst Dennis Odwe
December 01 has been World AIDs day “initiative re-emphasizes issues like getting agrees with Clarke. He says HIV is one of the
since 1988. A global initiative aimed at rais- tested which are currently being viewed as areas that receive the biggest donor funding
ing awareness into a strange illness that basic with earlier gains which made the epi- but stock outs persist. For him, this shows
initially baffled doctors has been swiftly demic appear as if it is a problem solved”. lack of accountable leadership in the AIDS
changing to include other purposes such as Up to 1.3million Ugandans are living with response. He says money meant to tackle the
weighing countries’ gains into tackling the the virus. Even if this is a huge figure, more disease is sometimes diverted. For the coun-
epidemic in terms of research into preven- than half are enrolled on treatment. This try to make more gains, he says, political will
tion, treatment and the possibility of cure, means they are able to control the oppor- should be heightened to address corruption
and funding. tunistic effects of the disease and reduce as this will increase value for money spent in
Every year has a theme. In 1988, the day further spread of the disease with consistent various activities in HIV.
was celebrated under the theme ‘Join the drug use. Only on Nov.23 the country signed a new
Worldwide Effort’ because then there was a Unfortunately this year has been particu- grant of $478million from Global Fund to
need to mobilize and sensitize people across larly touching for the group that is enrolled among others fight HIV. This money expect-
the globe about the virus that was consid- on treatment. Even with full knowledge of ed to be used between 2018 and 2020 is part
ered to have been widespread only in certain what could happen to them if they keep of the 93% donor funding of AIDS that the
regions of the world with Sub Saharan Africa skipping their daily doses; many missed country gets annually. The fund contributes
considered the domain of the virus. With their drugs because the government could 28%, the US President’s Emergency Plan
awareness, soon it was appreciated that the not sustain them on treatment. for AIDs Relief (PEPFAR) which is the big-
virus is spread across the globe. Then stake- A few, according to Dr. Ian Clarke; a phy- gest HIV funder contributes 62% and the
holders started picking themes to represent sician and proprietor of International Hospi- government contributes only 7%. There
significant periods in the struggle to tackle tal Kampala, have decided to buy their own is, however, still a funding gap of up to
the epidemic. drugs. They do this silently, secretly because Shs.1.5trillion, according to health Minis-
Musoba says themes are inspired by the government policy is that HIV drugs ter Jane Ruth Aceng.

32 Dec 01 - 07, 2017

Stigma still stymies HIV
prevention and treatment
By Linda-Gail Bekker to healthcare services and social

support. But disclosure of being
here have been great HIV positive can result in people
strides and many impor- facing even more stigma, dis-
tant victories in the fight crimination and hostility.
against HIV. Scientific This is especially the case in
innovations and sustained in- African countries where homo-
vestment have been the most sexuality and sex work are
important weapons in this ongo- criminalised.
ing battle. Moralistic support for crimi-
Nevertheless the epidemic nalisation often interferes with
retains a powerful grip – espe- public health initiatives. As a
cially on people in Africa. In result, stigmatised populations
sub-Saharan Africa, 19.4 million are frequently made more vul-
are living with the virus. In 2016 nerable to HIV infection due to
an estimated 15, 000 new infec- this discrimination and restricted
tions occurred every week in the AIDs epidemic by 2030 – one of care professional how she can access to healthcare services.
region. the United Nations’ Sustainable prevent HIV if she is afraid of
Treatment and prevention Development Goals – is unlikely being judged for having sex. Changing the tide
of HIV are twin endeavours; to become a reality. There is evidence that these The good news is that stigma
they rely universally on two scenarios still play out. The can be reduced if three basic
elements. The first is the interac- The logic behind stigma HIV Stigma Index conducted interventions are put in place.
tion of HIV positive and nega- Stigma happens when dis- in South Africa in 2014 found Firstly, through the imple-
tive people with HIV services. grace and shame become associ- that about 45% of the respon- mentation of effective and sus-
The second is the willingness ated with an attribute, such as dents experienced internalised tained mass media campaigns
of people to modify their risky being HIV positive. It results stigma. And 39% lived in fear of and health promotion aimed at
behaviour and avoid negative in the person with the attribute potential stigma. Young people dispelling the common myths.
health consequences. being discredited or socially between the ages of 15 and 24 These campaigns should involve
Adherence is the cornerstone renounced. When stigmatised were particularly affected by all HIV positive people as message
of these processes: a commit- beliefs are widely held in a com- types of stigma. bearers.
ment to taking medication or munity, hostility and discrimina- Secondly, normalising and
adopting a risk-reducing behav- tion towards stigmatised people Stigma on top of stigma promoting the interaction with
iour consistently over time. By becomes common. Stigma has the negative psy- HIV prevention services. What
adhering to their antiretroviral A stigmatised person can start chological consequence of mak- is needed here are more people
(ARV) regimens those living to believe these views as well ing it more difficult for people openly engaging about HIV
with the virus are able to lead and develop a self-depreciating to cope and find social support. testing and taking PrEP (pre-
long, healthy lives. They are internal representation of them- It also reduces their ability to exposure prophylaxis).
able to eliminate the chance of selves. This is known as inter- overcome other barriers to And thirdly laws and policies
passing on the virus to their nalised stigma. It can lead to adherence, such as unfriendly that protect those living with
partner(s). The concept of an diminished mental health and healthcare services or side effects the virus from discrimination
undetectable virus is an untrans- emotional distress. Both general from medication. and promote them being able
missable one is now acceptable. and internalised HIV-related The research shows that to access healthcare services.
With good adherence to an stigma can compromise a per- people who do not experience These are especially important
HIV prevention pill or pre- son’s ability to seek and stay on internalised stigma tend to be for key population groups
exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) treatment. And it can prevent more successful in adhering to living in countries where
or consistent use of condoms, people from taking steps to pre- treatment and more capable of criminalisation disrupts public
HIV negative people can protect vent infection. overcoming other barriers to health strategies.
themselves from infection. access treatment and prevention
But real and perceived stigma services. HIV stigma poses addi- Linda-Gail Bekker is Professor of
can undermine all these efforts. For instance, a woman living tional difficulties for positive medicine and deputy director of the
This is because stigma stops with HIV could choose not to people who already belong to Desmond Tutu HIV Centre at the
people from getting tested, stops go back for more medication stigmatised population groups, Institute of Infectious Disease and
them discussing their test results because she’s scared someone such as men who have sex with Molecular Medicine, University of
with intimate partners when from her community will see her men transgender people, sex Cape Town
they do test, and then staying on and learn her status. workers, and people who inject
their treatment. Unless stigma is Conversely, a sexually active drugs. Stigma against these
addressed, the aim of ending the teenager might not ask a health- groups already reduces access

Justice Laetitia Kikonyogo:
A woman of firsts
By Ian Katusiime We did not interact much until

later when I became Chief Reg-
he was the first woman istrar in 1995.” He added, “She
Grade 1 magistrate was very helpful, if you had a
(1971-1973), first woman problem she would tell you. She
chief magistrate (1973- was a mother who mentored
1986) and first woman to be ap- us.”
pointed as a High Court judge Kikonyogo also played a part
in 1986. The former Deputy in a major victory for Ugandan
Chief Justice Laetitia Mukasa- media when in August 2010, the
Kikonyogo who died in No- Constitutional Court ruled that
vember has been described as the sedition charge was uncon-
a woman of many firsts. She stitutional. The sedition law had
continued to soar when in 1997 been used on several occasions
she was appointed the first fe- to curtail the work of the press.
male Supreme Court justice in Kikonyogo led the panel of
Uganda. five judges that unanimously
A few years later, Kikonyogo ruled that the sedition law con-
set another precedent when travened Article 29 of the Ugan-
she was appointed as the first dan Constitution which guaran-
woman Deputy Chief Justice in tees the right to free speech.
2001. This position made her the Many say she paved way
administrative head of the Con- for the rise of women judges.
stitutional Court and the Court Kikonyogo was also the first
of Appeal. Those who knew African president of the Inter-
her say Kikonyogo carried her national Association of Women
devotion to the Catholic Church Judges.
wherever she went and some even if the Pope left the Catholic Disciplinarian In October 2016, Kikonyogo
believe it is this devoutness that Church, the Virgin Mary will was presented the Justice, Law
made her shatter the glass ceil- stay.” She also served as the Her contemporary, former and Order (JLOS) Lifetime
ing as a judicial officer. leader of marrieds of Kampala Supreme Court Justice George Achievement Award for hav-
Archdiocese in the 1990s. Kanyeihamba describes her as ing “served the country and the
Church woman Kikonyogo attended Busuu- a very devoted Christian and Judiciary diligently in a glitter-
Her record of firsts was bizi Girls’ Primary School disciplinarian when she was ing career spanning decades.” 
not just limited to the judicial from 1948 to 1952. She had her an administrator of Ugandan In 2005, she was among the
domain. In 2012, she was named O-Level at Trinity College, Nab- courts. “During the Black winners of the Lubaga Cathe-
as one of the first ever women bingo from 1953 to 1958 and Mamba siege on the High dral National Foundation Hon-
papal knights in the history of completed her A-level studies at Court, Chief Justice Benjamin oree awards for distinguished
the Catholic Church in Africa. King’s College, Budo in 1960. Odoki was away and she led service as the first female judge
A papal knighthood is an order In 1964, she completed her the judiciary admirably, he told on both the High Court and
of precedence in the Catholic Bachelor’s degree in Business The Independent, “Kikonyogo, the Supreme Court. The Rotary
Church. Administration at Makerere myself and the late (Justice Club also recognised her for the
Born on September 2, 1940, University. Kikonyogo worked Amos) Twinomujuni forced the distinguished service she pro-
Mukasa-Kikonyogo was pre- briefly at Radio Uganda as Pro- president to say he regrets the vided in 37 years to the realisa-
pared for a life of service in the grammes Organiser soon after incident.” tion of justice.
church even when her career university and then proceeded Kanyeihamba says around The Uganda Network on
on the bench was on course. to Somerville College Oxford the same time of the siege in Law, Ethics and HIV/AIDS
When it was announced that in the United Kingdom for a 2005, Kikonyogo led a team also recognized her services in
she was going to be a papal post graduate diploma in Social comprised of him, then princi- addressing issues of domestic
knight she was quoted as say- Anthropology. In 1965, she pal judge James Ogoola to the violence while Nkumba Univer-
ing, “I am overwhelmed by the enrolled for a law degree and office of the Prime Minister, sity Law Society also recognised
Pope’s choice. Who am I to be did a bar course at the Inner Apollo Nsibambi where she her as its patron.
his dame? I only thank God for Temple in London which she “bravely defended the judiciary, The former Deputy Chief
such a great honour bestowed completed in 1968. In 1971, she she was forceful.” Justice passed away at Mulago
on me, for I don’t consider started her judicial career. She Yorokamu Bamwine, the Hospital on Nov 23 after she
myself deserving. It is only wed her husband Joseph Kikon- Principal Judge describes Kik- suffered a heart attack. She had
God’s kindness”. yogo at Christ the King Church onyogo as a mentor. “I joined also been battling Parkinson’s
On another occasion, she in 1974. the judiciary in 1983 when she disease for years.
remarked “I am so devoted that was already a Chief Magistrate.

34 Dec 01 - 07, 2017

By Dominic Muwanguzi

anon Rumanzi’s art is dif-
ficult to describe and the
same can be said of his
rather mysterious person-
ality. He is a photographer
and digital artist, and in
both genres, he pushes the boundaries
and turns art on its head. His artworks
get very unusual receptions.
His photography is initially confusing,
before you try to appreciate it as a work
of genius. His technique of disrupting an
image by presenting it in an unfamiliar
form to achieve an intentional effect of
control over his audience, suggests the
omnipresent and undesirable web that
he wants to (de)construct and reinvent
in order to “regain moral order” by
mimicry and hyperbole.
As such, for example, the artist creates

Turning art on its head
art from fashion mannequins to convey
a narrative of coping with the breakdown
of moral order and the impersonality of
everyday life. He seems to decry the mun-
dane nature of humanity in the 21st century
resulting from over dependence on the
internet, and denounces the extreme bom- How fusing an artist’s personality
bardment of inane adverts online.
This artistic mockery is also evident in into art makes it powerful
his photographic construction of a series
of images #Politicianeyes (Let me help you
lead you) that expose the realities of power the urbanites- perhaps himself included- to It is similar to a phenomenon caused by
structures beyond the mere reportage style a wider global society. a photo that appeared on the cover of New
typical of photographers. He delves deeper It is the introspective approach that cul- York Times Magazine in 1985 of American
and boldly presents his audience with minates in deeper engagements with the artist Jean Michel Basquiat wearing a dark
campaign posters of candidates seeking audience, while inviting dialogue on the Georgio Armani suit with white shirt and
political office (Parliament) caked with dirt subject of human character viz-a viz the art- tie, leaning in a chair, one bare foot on the
and weariness around Kampala city. The ist. The artist’s injection of his character into floor, and the other up in the chair suggest-
contrast of seeking high political office with art makes it gain credibility as a masterpiece ed the power of the extraordinary in art.
filthy posters suggests the disengagement of his creation that undeniably represents The portrait quickly elicited mammoth
between the political elite and the majority him figuratively. As such, Rumanzi art proj- approvals from art critics and fashion
of the impoverished city urbanites. While ects the power of fusing an artist’s personal- pundits and defined what character the
these out of context images can be read as a ity into art while turning art on its head. artist wanted to always project: a living
direct attack on a political sphere that relates piece of art walking on the streets of
directly to Uganda, the theme of corruption downtown New York. Basquiat had the
extends itself to human nature as a whole ability to make art from anything, including
when we examine other works in which himself, and his inspiration for his craft was
Rumanzi presents himself as a figure central diverse: from dressing up in high fashion
to the art. Armani suits, sometimes splashed on
As such, Rumanzi’s personality is a with paint, to fusing mysterious elements
replication of his art with its unpredictable of texts and colour, historical references,
and chaotic nature. He is both quiet and and abstract and figurative techniques
talkative with a penchant for world histo- in his work. His work was layered with
ries, politics, philosophies and literature. He muted tones of racism, power, money and
also loves to analyze those around him and authority.
himself. His whimsical character embod- Canon Rumanzi is a freelance photogra-
ies the disorderly terrain of Kampala city pher, but also works with History in Prog-
where he partly assumes the role of a pro- ress Uganda (HIPU).
tagonist who conveys the contradictions of

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 35
What was in coffin of slain U.S. soldier is confusing! Tiger Woods slammed
that month. It was a closed
casket funeral.
over golf with Trump
“They won’t show me a the golf great hit
finger, a hand. I know my the links in Florida
husband’s body from head with President
to toe, and they won’t let
Donald Trump
me see anything,” she said.
on Nov.24, Peele
“I don’t know what’s in
retweeted a Golf
that box. It could be empty,
Channel story
for all I know.”
about the outing.
Her fears now appear
to be confirmed as fresh That tweet noted
remains said to be of John- how Woods would
son have been found in be returning to
Niger. A military and FBI competition and
team in Niger discovered showed a photo of
the remains this Novem- Jordan Peele has him with the Com-
ber. used one of the mander-in-Chief.
Sgt. La David Johnson journalists in October the The announcement adds lines from his likely Peele commented
and three other American military barred her from another layer of confusion soon-to-be-Oscar- on that by taking
soldiers were killed in seeing her husband’s body, to the ambush, which is nominated `Get a line from his
an ambush in Niger in making her very suspi- still under investigation Out’ screenplay to own film, writing:
October. Johnson’s wife, cious of what was in the and has led to continuing troll Tiger Woods. ‘Now you’re in the
Myeshia Johnson, had told casket at his funeral later factual disputes. A few hours after Sunken Place.’

Why you should World’s richest man makes Shs9 trillion in one day!
never eat after a fly Jeff Bezos broke the $100 bil-
lion (Approx. Shs364 trillion)
but inconsistent shares meant
he didn’t push past Bill Gates to
excitement over Amazon’s dis-
counts, Bloomberg reported.
lands food mark for the first time on Nov.24 claim the crown properly until He remains well ahead of
- one month after he officially October, when he reached $90 Microsoft’s Bill Gates, who is
If a fly lands on your food, became the richest man in the billion. Now he’s topped even on $88.9 billion, and third-place
you’re more than likely to world. Bezos, 53, had flirted with that, making $100.3 billion off financial whiz Warren Buffett,
swat it away and eat anyway. the top spot earlier in the year the back of pre-Black Friday who is worth $78.9 billion.
Big mistake. Researchers have
found that flies’ legs and wings
are teeming with hundreds of ‘Pregnant’ man Manute Bol: Is he oldest
different species of bacteria,
often picked up after they have photo goes viral NBA player ever?
landed on carcasses or faeces.
A couple has spread joy on The college basketball coach who brought Bol
These are easily transferred to the United States in the mid-1980s says he
to surfaces when flies land, the internet with their hilari-
ous and mind-bending mater- made up the 7-foot-7 center’s widely recognised
with their legs spreading the birthday, October, 16, 1962, soon after flying him
most microbial organisms. nity photo shoot.
Iana Thomas and her into the country for a recruiting visit. He didn’t
Those who eat food after flies know how old he was, Kevin Mackey says.
partner, who are having
– dubbed ‘airborne bacteria In 1984-85, when his allegedly made-up birth-
a baby boy in December,
shuttles’ by researchers – have day would have listed him at 22 years
posed together behind a tree,
landed on it therefore put old but Mackey believes he might
creating an optical illusion
themselves at risk of picking have been closer to 40.
that makes it seem as if it’s
up nasty diseases “He was probably 40, 50 years
the father-to-be with a baby
bump. “A common saying for old when he was playing in the
most couples is ‘We’re preg- NBA,” he says. Nat Hickey is
nant.’ Of course, it’s just figu- listed as the oldest player in his-
ratively speaking, but how tory at age 45 after playing in the
would it look if [they both] pre-NBA Basketball Asso-
really were pregnant?” says ciation of America. Bol
the photographer, “That was retired from the NBA
the inspiration for the photo.” in 1995 and died on
June 29, 2010.

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How good are your headlights?
Your vehicle could be among 80% with poor low-beam headlights
By Motoring Guru discharge (HID), has joined the of illuminance, or the amount light systems were deemed as

traditional halogen lamps that of light falling on a surface. For poor including the Hyundai
or years now, motor ve- are on the way out. comparison, a full moon on a Sonata, Kia Optima, Mercedes-
hicle safety has concen- New technologies include cloudless night illuminates the Benz C-Class, Mercedes-Benz
trated mainly on in-cab curve-adaptive headlights, ground below to about 1 lux. CLA, Nissan Altima, and Volk-
passenger safety, body which respond to steering and The impact of glare for swagen Passat. The headlights
strength, transmission and swivel in the direction the car is oncoming-vehicles using low of seven pickup trucks were
breaking systems, head and travelling and high-beam assist, beams is also measured based rated as poor including the
seat restraints. Vehicles are now which increases the use of high on factory headlight setting. Toyota Tundra, GMC Canyon,
fitted with safety cameras, on- beams by automatically switch- Based on such tests, the Insur- and Toyota Tacoma.
board driver assist computers, ing between high beams and ance Institute for Highway Some headlight problems can
and early warning technologies. low beams based on the pres- Safety in the UK concluded a be fixed easily, by adjusting the
However, it is only recently that ence of other vehicles. study in 2016 which showed aim of the lamps. This is mainly
attention is moving in the direc- Testing has also improved, that over 60% of lighting on 21 because, even during service,
tion of headlines. and vehicle’s headlights are small SUV models; including vehicle owners rarely adjust the
Part of the reason is that, tested as the car travels straight the Audi Q3, Honda HR-V, vertical aim of their headlights.
globally, about 50% of fatal and on curves. The aim is to 2017 Kia Sportage, Mitsubishi Most attention is on low beams
accidents happen at night, usu- see how far from the vehicle its Outlander Sport, and Subaru because they used more often.
ally on poorly lit roads. Good light extends with an intensity Forester deliver “poor” perfor- Low-beam headlights on
headlights, it is assumed, might of at least 5 lux. A lux is a unit mance. Ten mid-size cars’ head- 80% of vehicles on the road
have prevented some of these may not provide adequate stop-
crashes. Many vehicles simply ping distance at speeds above
have bad lights. This this area 40 miles per hour on unlit road-
has not received a lot of atten- ways, according to a study by
tion because this assumption AAA.
has not been made as long as But new vehicles will need to
the driver had some light beam- meet tougher standards start-
ing on the road from in front ing in 2018 in the developed
of the car. But how good is that economies. The effects will then
beam really? What type of bulb trickle down to late adopters
and other technology can con- like Uganda. For now, you
tribute adequate light? could do well to check out the
Fortunately, new technol- vertical aim of your headlights
ogy; including Light Emitting at your next service.
Diode (LED) and high-intensity O ft 10O ft 20O ft 30O ft 40O ft 50O ft 60O ft

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 37
Dr Ekwaro Obuku;
doctor with purpose
By Agnes E Nantaba Hospital at the time headed by ied at Tabaka Missionary Nursery

his father. Then he went to Kar- School and Sosio Primary School
r Ekwaro Obuku has amoja to engage in school health in Masai-land Kenya before mov-
emerged as a fighter programmes. He was then posted ing to St Mary’s Misocho Primary
for better working to Mungule Health Centre in school. He is married to a sociolo-
conditions flagged by Adjumani district before return- gist wife with whom they have
better pay for medical and health ing to Kampala to work with the seven children.
workers in Uganda. As president Worker’s Treatment Centre under
of Uganda Medical Association Uganda Business Coalition on
(UMA), Obuku led doctors and HIV/AIDS. He was one of the first
other health workers in a nation- people to prescribe branded ARVs.
wide sit down strike from Nov.06. He also worked with Joint Clinical
A son of a medical doctor and Research centre, Makerere Univer-
nurse, Dr John Brian Obuku (RIP) sity on several programmes and
and Teo Kibirige Obuku, the low Institute of Human Virology.
pay of health personnel in Uganda Obuku is optimistic that the
has been a reality throughout his conditions for doctors and other
life. health workers in Uganda can
“The earliest remuneration I improve. His fight was highly
saw was for my father and it was motivated by the works of Dr
around Shs154, 500 at a time when Margaret Mungherera (RIP) and
I was right about to join campus,” others in 2012 when he joined the
says Obuku,”“Even then, the association.
remuneration of doctors was very Obuku was born in Kenya in
discouraging and to be honest, Victoria Hospital in February
I was expecting that I would do 1978 where his parents had taken
law but I didn’t perform well in refuge from the ravages of the Idi
literature because of a technical Amin dictatorship and only
mistake.” returned home in
It was a triumph for his father 1992. He stud-
who pushed him into medicine.
Today, in a family of seven, all the
three boys are doctors though in
different fields. He gained admis-
sion on a basketball scholarship
since he played the game through-
out his six years at St Mary’s Col-
lege Kisubi. He says he told his
father never to give him money
again and started doing odd jobs
to earn some money.
He says working conditions
of intern doctors were far better
than they are currently. With his
posting letter and an air ticket,
Obuku was well received at Arua
Regional Referral Hospital in 2003.
Intern doctors were also entitled
to facilitation for working at night
and over the weekends.
“I had a wonderful, memo-
rable and rich experience and its
nothing as compared to what
interns go through today as they
are not valued,” he says.
At graduation, he was posted
to Mubende Regional Referral

38 Dec 01 - 07, 2017

Dr Ekwaro Obuku’s Liteside
Any three things we don’t What is the greatest thing you happiest? What do you regard as the

know about you? have ever done? One of the happiest lowest depth of misery?
am resilient, persistent Skinning an antelope; we did moments was in 1998 when Poverty to the level of not
and I really like to work in it as six siblings at such a tender I got a scholarship to study accessing social security in
teams. I also like to empow- age when we were barely ado- medicine because my initial terms of food, shelter and edu-
er others to achieve their lescents. admission was to study Bach- cation.
goals through showing them elor of Science, but I applied
the way but at the same time, I What do you consider the for private admission so my What is your favorite occupa-
am quick to cover the gaps. most overrated virtue? parents mobilised resources tion?
Ugandans are calm and which was quite a lot and upon Practicing medicine is a
What is your greatest fear? welcoming but they could reaching the university to pay, calling that I respect. I am in a
As Nelson Mandela said, “I strengthen their civic aware- I got hold of another admission position of leadership, practic-
have learnt that courage is not ness and participate in social on government scholarship. ing health policy dealing with
the absence of fear but the abil- accountability. We should take I had to return all the money the politics of medicine; includ-
ity to overcome fear” so what interest in how much money to my father and we were all ing the people, problems and
motivates me is that every has been allocated to health and overjoyed. prepositions.
individual must find his or her on whether it has been used as The other moments that
calling in life beyond the basic assigned. Research indicates make me very happy are What do you most value in
issues of Maslow’s hierarchy of that improved participation spending time with my chil- your friends?
food, shelter, healthcare, educa- improves health outcomes. dren; especially now that I am Loyalty, being reliable and
tion, etc. There must be some- older; I appreciate young chil- sticking to the plan
thing that one does for human- What does being powerful dren better as opposed to initial
ity. So I feel comfortable in the mean to you? times when it was quite dif- Who are your favorite writers?
fear of causing positive influ- Being a leader in terms of ficult to take care of the young Chinua Achebe and Elechi
ence in health sector reform so creating positive influence family. Amadi are very good writers.
that healthcare is responsive to which lasts even after stepping The other happy moment
the common Ugandan. down. The impact is institu- is when I find spontaneous Which historical figure do you
tionalised in society thus leav- organisation and cooperation most identify with?
What is the trait you most de- ing a legacy. among doctor groups. I love the local African lead-
plore in yourself? ers particularly Kabalega; it
Sometimes I am a perfec- On what occasion do you lie? Which talent would you most fascinates me how at that time,
tionist which makes me self The lie becomes necessary like to have? an African king with low cost
sufficient and that is not a very when the intention is to save Mobilisation and organisa- technology was able to get high
good characteristic for some- someone’s life. tion of people as well as the impact in terms of fighting for
one who is trying to build a ability to write persuasive independence of Ugandans. He
team. I have to wrestle to give What do you most dislike papers that tell stories. took cover in Lango which also
chance to others. about your appearance? motivates me.
Going by the biblical teach- What do you consider your
What is the trait you most de- ing of ‘we were all created in greatest achievement? Who are your heroes in real
plore in others? the image of God’, I am com- It is still work in progress. life?
Laziness is difficult for me fortable. For instance with UMA, we King Kabalega of Bunyoro,
to tolerate because I believe have strengthened governance, Dr Margaret Mungherera and
that everybody should be able Which living person do you improved participation by all Dr. JB Obuku who taught me
to help in achieving the group most despise? groups of doctors, tripled sub- resilience. He once said ‘my
potential. None; humans want and scribed membership and we son, nothing in this world is
deserve dignity. are currently setting the agenda final and absolute good in this
Which living person do you of health. This will enable us be world is impossible’. I am still
most admire? What is the quality you most part of the winning formula of living by that.
My mother; she chose to like in a man? increasing access to medical or
live in rural Uganda of Lango Being responsible, support- health services. What is your greatest regret?
where she was married even ing his people and accepting There are sad moments
after the passing of our father. defeat; all factors being con- Where would you most like but some are beyond me for
stant. to live? instance the fact that I am not
What is your greatest extrava- Uganda has come a long able to be with my father.
gance? What is the quality you most way from where it was and it
I have seven children so it’s like in a woman? has relatively stabilised. How would you like to die?
no doubt that I spend most The ability to fulfill the func- I don’t mind going in any
on them otherwise, being an tions of a biblical helper despite What is your most treasured way.
African man doesn’t present fulfilling her dreams. She must possession?
opportunities to be a spend- be the proverbial or biblical rib. MBChB degree; it’s an inter- What is your motto?
thrift because the opportunity national visa and no one can Seriousness of purpose.
for extravagance never arises. When and where were you take away my brain.

Dec 01 - 07, 2017 39
Global comment
By Raj Persaud and Peter Bruggen
How women shape coups
According to new research, female leaders
may be more likely to provoke military coups

ecently, Zimbabwe’s generals took words, to get to the top on her own. ostensibly without having her competence
President Robert Mugabe into cus- As Schroeder and Powell point out, this challenged by the military.
tody in an effective coup (though reading is not entirely baseless: in some Ironically, Mujuru was once viewed as a
they insist on not calling it that). parts of the world, female leaders have potential successor to Mugabe. But in 2014,
Days later, the country’s ruling party, the disproportionately obtained office through she was apparently censured for purport-
Zimbabwe African National Union – Patri- familial ties. One survey they cite found that edly plotting against him – allegations that
otic Front (ZANU-PF), expelled the 93-year- 33% of female leaders in office from 1960 cost her both her post as vice president and
old president from its ranks before he to 2007 had family ties to prominent politi- her position in the ZANU-PF leadership.
resigned. But it may not have been Mugabe cians. In fact, gender may also play a role when
himself, the quintessential “big man” But there are vast regional disparities, it comes to executing a coup. Planning
leader, who catalysed this revolt, despite with familial ties most likely to drive female a successful coup requires a significant
the ruthlessness that has characterised his leaders to the top in Latin America and Asia degree of instrumental reasoning – that is,
nearly four-decade rule. Quite the contrary, – regions with low gender equality overall the tendency to use other people as tools to
it may have been Mugabe’s possible pre- and little respect for women’s rights. In fact, advance one’s own goals. And, according to
ferred successor – his wife, Grace. until recently, the only women who had new study, this “Machiavellian” tendency
In the last couple of years, the 52-year-old become heads of state in Latin American – which encompasses the intention and
Grace Mugabe had become increasingly countries were daughters or wives of politi- ability to use manipulative tactics, a cynical
active politically, even declaring her hope to cal leaders. view of human nature, and a disregard for
succeed her husband. Just a week before the None of this is to say that gender pro- conventional morality – may manifest dif-
coup, Mugabe sacked his deputy, Emmer- vides a decisive, much less comprehensive, ferently in men and women.
son Mnangagwa, to promote Grace to that explanation for a coup. Powell himself The new research, which took into
position. points out that, in Zimbabwe, many women account the results of three studies, sug-
According to new research by Theresa fought for the country’s independence in gests that men who exhibit a high degree
Schroeder of Radford University and Jona- the Rhodesian Bush War. Among that war’s of Machiavellianism tend to be self-
than Powell of the University of Central female veterans was Joice Mujuru, who aggrandising, boisterous, and vain, with an
Florida, female heads of state may be more later served as vice president for a decade, exploitative approach to relationships and
likely to provoke military coups in countries an opportunistic worldview. Machiavellian
where armies are powerful enough to stage women, by contrast, may be defensive, anx-
them. The paper cites several examples of ious, and introverted. The study concludes
attempted coups against woman leaders. that men may be more likely to engage in
For example, Corazon Aquino, the first assertive and violent forms of manipula-
woman president of the Philippines, sur-
vived four coup attempts. Benazir Bhutto
And, according tion, while women may resort to covert,
restrained, and concealed deceptive tactics,
was not just Pakistan’s first woman prime
minister; she was the first woman to lead a to new study, this such as rumours and gossiping.
Because power reflects perception, rival
democratic government in a Muslim-major-
ity country. In 1995, she also faced a coup “Machiavellian” coup leaders ruthlessly manipulate poten-
tial enemies and collaborators. Yet they may
attempt – which was ultimately foiled – by
renegade military officers. tendency – which not realise how gender bias is shaping their
own strategies. Sometimes, it’s this psychol-

One possible explanation for this ten- ogy that explains an unexpected fall from
dency, proposed by Schroeder and Powell, grace.

the intention and
is that female leaders can be viewed as In Zimbabwe, as in all coups, much
direct threats to the interests of the generals, behind-the-scenes plotting continues to
because women are more likely to favour, take place. But who the eventual winners
say, reduced military spending and less
pugnacious policies. And, indeed, Aquino
ability to use and losers are might depend, among other
things, on the gender of the plotters.
took a more diplomatic approach to dealing
with rebels in the Philippines than her coun-
try’s military command advocated.
Another reason why female leaders
tactics Raj Persaud and Peter Bruggen are
psychiatrists and co-authors of the
might be more likely to attract coups is forthcoming book The Street-wise Guide to
the belief, conscious or unconscious, that a Getting the Best Mental Health Care.
woman in charge must have obtained her
post through family or marital connections. Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2017.
She was not actually tough enough, in other

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