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Lesson Plan

Date: November 21st, 2017 Class: Cycle 2,

Compound Sentences Time: 10:10 am 11:10 am Grade 4
Duration: One hour

Broad Areas of Learning: Objectives:

The students goal will be to identify compound
Personal and Career Planning
sentences as well as be able to create compound
The children will be building on their abilities
sentences using the appropriate joining word.
to gather information, make decisions, plan
and carry out a plan. (QEP, 2010, p. 45) For
instance, they will use what they know about
compound sentences from previous lessons
as well as in the introduction of this lesson.
They will rely on what they know and what we
cover in order to complete the butterfly
activity. This will allow the children the
opportunity to enrich their writing skills.

Understandings: Essential Questions:

The students will be recalling what was Some key questions the students may ask themselves
covered in their Language Power to complete are as follows:
the task. This will enable them to develop a - What is a compound sentence?
deep connection and comprehension of what - When can I use a compound sentence?
a compound sentence is and what its - Which joining word would work best to combine
purpose is. my two sentences.

Group Size & Materials:

This lesson will be completed with each group; forty-three. Group forty-three consists of twenty-three

The required materials are listed below:

- Construction paper to create our compound butterflies
- Smart Board
- Google Slides (for compound sentence structure)
- Pencil
- Glue

Subject Competency (ELA):

Competency 2 To write self-expressive, narrative and information-based texts

- The students will be creating and writing out compound sentences. This will allow them to use
writing as a means of communication and will enable them to construct their writer profile/skills.
Furthermore, as they complete and correct their rough copies, the students will be able to self-
evaluate the development of their writing.

Competency 4 To use language to communicate and learn

- Through the introductory process, the students will be expressing themselves when discussing
the different aspects of a compound sentence. They will then apply this knowledge of linguistic
structures and features (QEP, 2001, p.100) when creating their sentences and finalizing their
compound sentence butterflies.
Cross Curricular Competencies:
Competency 4 To use creativity
- The children will be tasked with writing compound sentences; each sentence will be written onto a
butterfly they create. The students will need to recall the different elements of a compound
sentence. They will then apply what they know to create their sentences. The sentences can be
related with the same topic in mind or completely different from one another. The students will be
free to express his/her ideas in new [and varying] ways (QEP, 2001, p.23).

Competency 5 To adopt effective work methods

- Here, the students should be able to take in what is being asked of them. By understanding the
instructions given, the students will be able to carry out the activity successfully. The class will all
be access to the information slide throughout the lesson. In addition, they will also have my
example compound sentence butterfly as a reference/example.

Competency 6 To use information and communications technology (ICT)

- Although the students will be working on their sentences on paper rather than on their
Chromebooks, I have still incorporated technology by using the Smart Board to go over what a
compound sentence is as well as a tool for the students to use when completing the activity.

Competency 8 To cooperate with others

- Even though the majority of the activity revolves around a task that is meant to be completed
individually. The students may be able to interact with their peers if they are sharing materials.
The students are seated in groups, should one of their team member require assistance they are
open to help them. Furthermore, they are to display appropriate attitudes and behaviours when
their classmates are sharing their work. (QEP, 2001, p.35)

Competency 9 To communicate appropriately

- The students must communicate appropriately and clearly when expressing themselves through
writing. Their sentences are concise and coherent while including the required elements of a
compound sentence.
Time Lesson
10:10 am 10:20 am Introduction:
As an introduction, I will start the class by having a brief discussion on where
we have seen compound sentences in our lessons. For there, I will ask
students to recall what a compound sentence is. Once I have gotten a few
student responses, I will draw their attention to the information slide. The
information slide will serve as a visual representation of what a compound
sentence is.

The slide will show students that a compound sentence is made up of two
simple sentences. They are combined to create a longer sentence that has a
smooth flow. To combine two simple sentences, they will be using a comma
and joining word. This image will be left up in the Smart Board as a reference
throughout the activity portion of the activity.

10:20 am 11:00 am Development:

Following the introduction, the students will be given the rest of the class to
complete their compound sentence butterflies.

Each student will be given a butterfly body in the shape of a comma. On the
comma body, they will be asked to write one joining word on the body. Once
that is done, they will write the first part of their sentence on the butterflys right
wing then the second part of their sentence will be written on the left wing. The
body will separate the two parts.

The students will be asked to write four sentences in all. They will need to
number their sentences when writing them out. I plan on preparing an example
butterfly as a reference.

11:00 am 11: 05 am Conclusion:

For remainder of the period, the students will be asked to share some of their

Assessment Criteria:

The student(s):
- Chooses the purpose or topic of their writing (in this case sentences)
- Grammar, vocabulary, and syntax (sentence structure)
- Expresses themselves clearly when talking. The student expresses their
feelings, thoughts, and imagination.

A rubric will be created in order to evaluate their final sentences. While

completing the rubric, I will be taking into account grammar and spelling, their
creativity, their ability to create coherent compound sentences, and their ability
to self-correct (rough draft vs final copy)

Assessment Tools:

The students will need to write out their sentences on a loose leaf before
writing them on their butterfly. This will allow them to self-correct. They will
have access to dictionaries and thesauruses as guides to correct themselves. I
will be circulating correcting their spelling as well. The rough copy will be taken
in to compare with their final product.

DIFFERENTIATION For one, all the students will have access to the information slide as well as my
& example butterfly when completing their own butterflies should they need to
use them.
For students on an IEP or working at a lower level, will be asked to write fewer
sentences than the other students. Instead of four sentences they may be
asked to write two or three.

For student who require enrichment, they may be asked to write additional
sentences. Furthermore, I will print out an activity sheet on compound
sentences as reinforcement.

(on lesson) To be written.

PROFESSIONAL Competency 1 To act as a professional inheritor, critic, and interpreter of

COMPETENCIES knowledge or culture when teaching students
- Through the use of the butterfly activity, the students will transfer/apply
knowledge they already acquired to complete the task at hand. This
activity encourages in-depth learning to ensure that students fully grasp
the concept.

Competency 2 To communicate in the language of instruction, both orally

and in writing, using correct grammar, in various contexts related to teaching
- I will be using appropriate language and vocabulary when speaking to
the students. In addition, I have reviewed the information slide as well
as any activity sheets to ensure they are properly written.

Competency 4 To pilot teaching/learning situations that are appropriate to

the students concerned and the subject content with a view to developing the
competencies targeted in the programs of study
- Even though they are writing out sentences they are engaged in their
learning since the butterfly will give them the chance to physically see
what separates simple sentences and what combines them. Essentially
by including the butterfly activity, I am giving the students a chance to
physically break down and be engaged when deepening their
understanding of the aspects of a compound sentence.

Competency 5 To evaluate student progress in learning the subject content

and mastering the related competencies
- Both the rough copy and the final draft of their sentences will be
collected at the end of the lesson for further review and evaluation. After
reviewing the students work, I will be able to gage which students are
still struggling with the concept and which students will require further
instruction on the topic. The butterflies and the attached rubric will help
me identify their strengths and weaknesses for future adaptations in
my teaching.

Competency 6 To plan, organize, and supervise a class in such a way to

promote students learning and social development
- I will be circulating the classroom to ensure that all the groups are on
task. In addition, I will be using the classroom management techniques
my CT and I have in place. In other words, I will be using our bell and
one, two, three procedure to capture the students attentions should I
need to announce or inform them of something. In addition, Class Dojo
will be used to reward students who are on task.

Competency 8 To integrate information and communicates technologies

(ICT) in the preparation and delivery of teaching/learning activities and fro
instructional management and professional development purposes
- I will be using the Smart Board to display the information slide on
compound words.

Competency 10 To cooperate with members of the teaching team in carrying

out tasks involving the development and evaluation of the competencies
targeted on the programs of study, taking into account the students concerned
- When creating my lesson, I consulted with my CT for feedback. From
there, I would be able to adjust my lesson accordingly.

Competency 12 To demonstrate ethical and responsible professional

behavior in the performance of his or her duties
- By circulating the classroom and engaging/speaking with the groups as
they work I will be providing students with appropriate attention and
support. Action will be taken based on each childs character and
Information Slide:
(Google Slide)