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Lesson Plan

Date: November 9th, 2017 Class: Cycle 2,

Number Series Math Time: 10:10 am 11:10 am Grade 4
Duration: One hour

Broad Areas of Learning: Objectives:

The students goal is to be able to complete number
Personal and Career Planning
patterns through the use of their previously acquired
The students will be working on building a
knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
better understanding of number series. In
division. Furthermore, they will be required to recognize
other words, they will be recognizing [their]
the rule of the pattern and apply the appropriate
strengths (QEP, 2010, p.45). By receiving
operation to complete the number series.
points based on how quickly and correctly
they respond in Kahoot, the students will be
engaged and motivated. Furthermore, the
timing factor will add a sense of challenge to
the activity.

Understandings: Essential Questions:

Throughout the lesson, the students will be Some key questions the students may ask themselves
building their understanding on number are as follows:
series. The planned activities as well as their - What is the rule of the pattern?
workbook will allow them the opportunity to - Which operation will I use to finish the series of
practice resolving number patterns. numbers?

In addition, the students will be required to apply what

they have learned previously to complete number series.
For instance, to find the rule they will need to know how
to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. This means that
they will also need to recognize the relationship between
these operations and apply them appropriately.

Group Size & Materials:

This lesson will be completed with each group; forty-three and forty-four. Group forty-three consists of
twenty-three students while group forty-four is made up of twenty-two students.

The required materials are listed below:

- Smart Board (to play a practice game and the Kahoot)
- Numbers workbook (pages 66-68)
- Activity Sheets
- Chromebooks
- Kahoot website
Subject Competency (Math):
(QEP, 2011, p.146-149)

Competency 1 To solve a situational problem related to mathematics

- Although the students are not necessarily working on resolving a situational problem in this
lesson, the information and knowledge they do acquire from completing the activities will be
useful in the future. In other words, they will be able to apply what they have learned to solve a
situational patter revolving the use of number patterns in a theme examination.

Competency 2 To reason using mathematical concepts and processes

- The students will recognize and define specific areas of the number patter being presented to
- When completing the number series in both the Numbers workbook and other planned activities,
the students will be applying the appropriate mathematical processes that are best suited to
resolve the pattern correctly. During the completion of the number series or after they finish the
series, they should be able to justify their findings. In other words, they will be explaining how they
recognized and applied the appropriate operation.
- Throughout the lesson the students will be building on their ability to complete number series. As
they move forward, the rule of the pattern may involve additional steps or even multiple
operations. Although the rules may change, they will still be able to use what they have already
learned/know to complete the series.

Competency 3 To communicate by using mathematical language

- Students are expected to use mathematical language/vocabulary when explaining their
processes. They will be familiarizing themselves with new vocabulary that come with the unit (i.e.
patterns, skip counting, or rule of the pattern)

Cross Curricular Competencies:

Competency 1 To use information
- The students will be presented with incomplete number series which they will be required to
complete. To complete the series, they will need to be able to analyze and gather the information
given to them in order to recognize the pattern. Once they are able to see the pattern they will be
able to use this information to find the rule of the pattern.

Competency 4 To adopt effective work methods

- In this lesson, the students are given autonomy which requires them to be able to complete the
given task at hand within the time frame given. They will be given an agenda and it is up to their
discretion to analyze it and proceed in the manner that best allows them to perform the task.

Competency 6 To use information and communication technologies

- This lesson has two key components that involve technology. One being the Smart Board, the
other being the Kahoot game which requires the use of some form of device. In this case, the
students will be using their Chromebooks. The student has been using their Chromebooks since
the beginning of the year therefore a portion of them have become familiar with the functions.
Furthermore, they have also played Kahoot in a previous occasion which would also make them
familiar and comfortable with the procedures and techniques required to complete the game.

Time (approx.) Lesson

10:10 am 10:20 am Introduction:
At the beginning of the lesson I will ask the class whether they have seen
number patterns before. From there, I will ask students to share (in their own
words) what a number pattern is. After which, I will confirm what number
patterns are then provide them with the agenda for the next hour.

We will begin by completing a couple of number pattern examples together to

give the students a base of the topic. To get the class engaged, I found a
game online where the students are required to complete a number pattern in
order for a truck to make it from one end of the path to the other. The children
are timed and need to beat the airplane to the finish line. This gamifies the
lesson and makes the unit more interactive as they are required to come up to
the Smart Board and drag each number to the appropriate position. To ensure
they are moving in the right direction, I will ask students to explain the pattern
they are seeing.

10:20 am 10:45 am Development:

Following the brief activity, I will explain the Numbers workbook pages 66-68.
The students will be given twenty-five minutes to complete the pages. Should
they finish early I will have reinforcement sheets prepared (which include
worksheet 2-3; this stencil is usually assigned as homework). Should students
not get the opportunity to complete stencil 2-3 during class time, it will be
assigned as homework.

10:45 am 11: 05 am For the remainder of the period, I prepared a Kahoot to conclude the lesson.
This will require the children to complete the number pattern in a multiple-
choice format. The pattern will be displayed on the board, the possible
solutions will be linked to a shape and colour. The children will be given a
limited amount time to complete the pattern and select the appropriate
number. As the students respond they collect points. The quicker they respond
the more points they are given.

Assessment Criteria:
The student(s):
- Analyzes a situation involving applications appropriately
- Chooses mathematical concepts and processes appropriately in relation
to the given situation
- Applies application appropriately
- Is able to justify their actions by referring to the mathematical concept(s)
- Correct usage and interpretations of mathematical language both orally
and written

Assessment Tools:
For one, I will be circulating the classroom as students complete their
workbook pages. From there I will get a general idea of where the students
stand. However, once the Kahoot is played, I will have a deeper understanding
of how well each individual student grasped the concept. After each Kahoot is
played, I am sent a report of each students responses and response times. In
addition, any math stencils finished by the students will be picked up to
evaluate their understanding. From there, I will be able to review their answers
to make note of the common troubled areas they may have. This will allow me
to review/adjust my lesson the next day before they complete the remaining
pages of the unit.
DIFFERENTIATION As enrichment, I have prepared additional number patter stencils for the
& students to work on while the other students work on finishing up their
Numbers Workbook.
(on lesson) To be written.

PROFESSIONAL Competency 1 To act as a professional inheritor, critic, and interpreter of

COMPETENCIES knowledge or culture when teaching students
- The lesson I have planned gets students engaged in their learning with
the inclusion of the introductory game as well as a Kahoot. However, I
have incorporated the workbook in order for the students to be
subjected to this topic in various forms. In other words, the methods I
have chosen will facilitate significant, in-depth learning by students

Competency 2 To communicate clearly in the language of instruction, both

orally and in writing, using correct grammar, in various contexts related to
- Throughout the lesson I will be using the corresponding mathematical
vocabulary linked to the unit we will be working on. In addition, any
handouts or activities will contain proper syntax and grammar.

Competencies 3 and 4 To develop teaching and learning situations that are

appropriate to the students concerned and the subject content with a view of
developing the competencies targeted in the programs study
- As seen above, the activities I have planned out for this lesson cover a
large portion of the math subject competencies and include a few of the
cross curricular competencies from the QEP. While creating the lesson I
wanted to incorporate their Numbers workbook as well as additional
activities that the students have shown interest in.
- Furthermore, by having number series represented in varying forms will
better appeal to students with different learning needs. Many may prefer
interactive activities while others prefer the structure of a workbook.

Competency 5 To evaluate student progress in learning the subject content

and mastering related competencies
- As the students participate in the introductory activity, I will be able to
take note of which students are grasping the concept and which
students need improvement.
- The Numbers workbook will be providing students with additional
practice with number series. While students complete their workbook, I
will be circulating to ensure all students are on the right path and be
available to those who have questions.
- In addition, the Kahoot application sends be a report of the entire
classes results when answering the questionnaire, I created. From
there I will be able to see which students developed a clear
understanding of the concept and which students will require further

Competency 6 To plan, organize, and supervise a class in such a way that

promotes students learning and social development
- After observing the two groups and teaching the classes I have made
mental notes of what I can do and what I should have done in some
cases. In other words, I will be looking out for students who are off task
or misbehaving as well as looking out for students that are doing as
instructed. Based on what I observe I plan on using Class Dojo to
provide students with points for positive and expected behaviours.
- Depending on the severity of the misbehaviour as well as the number of
re-occurrences or reminders may lead to either removal of Class Dojo
points. Students who misbehave may be asked to sit out of the Kahoot
portion of the activity and will be working on an alternate activity sheet
or alternate task.
- In addition, I will be using the one, two, three classroom management
procedure that has been enforced since the beginning of the year.

Competency 8 To integrate information and communications technologies in

the preparation and delivery of teaching/learning activities and for instructional
management and professional development purposes
- I will be using the Smart Board to complete the introductory activity
before the students complete their Numbers book. The Smart Board will
also be used to display the Kahoot questionnaire I created. The
students will have access to their Chromebooks to answer the
questions that will be displayed on the Smartboard.
Competency 10 To cooperate with members of the teaching team in carrying
out tasks involving the development and evolution of competencies targeted
on the programs of study, taking into account the students concerned
- While creating my lesson plan I consulted with my CT in order to get
feedback on my ideas before developing the lesson.

Competency 11 To engage in professional development individually and with

- Following the completion of my lesson I will be writing a reflective
analysis of the how the lesson played out keeping in mind the feedback
I receive from my CT and supervisor.

Competency 12- To demonstrate ethical and responsible professional behavior

in the performance of his or her duties
- During the activity, I will be circulating the classroom in order to observe
the students work. Should students display difficulty or ask for
assistance I will be there to provide them with help. In addition, if
multiple students are having issues with the same topic, we will re-
group and revisit the topic together.