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I.1 Background

Juvenile is an unstable age of teenager. In unstable age they easy to get

influenced by the negative things such as drug, criminality and sex abuse. But we
have to admit that teen-age is a good period to improve all positive potencies
which they have such as talent, enthusiasm and ability.

Juvenile delinquency is not a new thing that we known, this is a problem

of concern among the official and the public. It happens long time ago and be
different in every generation, can be very dangerous and give the bed impact to
teenagers, so many teenagers who have an impolite attitude. Juvenile delinquency
depends on environment, culture and society. As a human being, the juvenile have
many needs which force them to fulfill.

Juvenile delinquency is one of the nations serious problems. Concern

about this problem shared by federal, state, and local government officials and by
the public. In recent years, teenager delinquencys concern has grown with the
dramatic rise juvenile violence that began in the mid-1980 and peaked in early
1990s. Although the juvenile crime rates appear to have fallen since the mid-
1980s, this decrease has not alleviated the concern.

Juvenile delinquency is an activity or action which is immoral. It means

this action breaks the social norm, religion, and law. There are so many factors
can cause juvenile delinquent. It can come from the juvenile or outside. One of the
examples is when the teenager does not feel at home. So they will go to find
another place to make them comfort because they think that home is not their
place. It is an internal factor. From the external factor can be like a lack of parents
notification. It makes them want to get another notification from their
surrounding. If the environment is bad, they will get influenced to do the bad
thing such as criminality.

Teenagers who become involved in the criminal justice system are much
more likely to die at an early age by homicide, suicide, overdose or other causes.
More, the greater risk of them is an early death. There are so many kind of
juvenile delinquency that made a bad future for our country.

With regard to the above issues, this paper will discuss about how to
overcome the juvenile delinquency in our country. We need some concern how to
overcome the juvenile delinquent to make a better future for Indonesia. For that
we need the solving problem like an attention from family, school and

I.2 Problems Cases

Based on the explanation from the background, the problem cases of this
paper as below:

1. What kind of juvenile delinquency?

2. How to prevent the juvenile delinquency?
3. How to solve the juvenile delinquency?

I.3 Purposes

According to the problem cases we define the purpose of this paper as below:

1. To know what kind of juvenile delinquency.

2. To identify how to prevent the juvenile delinquency.
3. To know how to solve the juvenile delinquency.

I.4 Limitation

This paper only discuss about overcoming the juvenile delinquency in


I.5 Systematic of Writing

This paper contains background, problem case, purposes, limitation, problem

analysis and conclusion.

II.1 Cases Analysis

In daily life, we often see, hear, and watch a lot of news that show us the
juvenile delinquency cases. There was a new case that appearing from teenagers
and show their attitude today.

1. Kind Of Delinquency

Kind of juvenile delinquent :

- Drugs :
Drugs are chemicals that change the way a persons body works. If youve
ever been sick, you may get drug that we call medicine. Medicine is legal
drugs. Another legal drugs are cigarettes and alcohol. If there are legal
drug, it must also illegal drugs. Illegal drug is drug that can disturb human
physical and psychology.
Why people use illegal drugs? Sometimes kids and teens try to fit in with a
group of friends. Or they might be curious or bored. Someone may use
illegal drugs for many reasons, but often because they help the person
escape from reality for a while. A drug might-temporarily-make someone
who is sad or upset feel better to forget about problems. But this escape
lasts only until the drug wears off. Using drugs never solve problem, but it
surely cause other problems the person had in the first place. The people
who uses drugs can become addicted on it.
- Free sex
At present, those under 18 years old children often know about something
that they shouldnt know. The influence of environment like friends are
community give the important influence someone way of life. Teenagers
know, often influenced by ICT too. Like they use ICT to watched film and
search some video. One time they find an adult video in internet, they first
watch it, and then watch it for a second time, third time and continuously.
After just watching, then appear aim to do like what the video show them.
It will cause the free sex problems. Free sex is an activity that done
between two person that havent a legal relationship. Free sex is not right
activity to do, moreover for teenagers today. Free sex give some bad
impact for the subject. Like when they often do free sex and the female get
pregnant, it will make their family ashame and they may can be
discriminate from the society.
- Serious crime
Another juvenile delinquent is serious crime. Serious crime is an activity
that have the juvenile do that make the victim get harmful, like pain, even
death. Serious crime such as murder, stolen, and rape. Murder be a serious
problem because, murder losing someone life, make them dead. Jstrolen be
a serious problem if the victim get injures by the thief and garm the victim,
also make the victims life in dangerous. Rape be a serious problem
because the victim get injures from the subjects constraint on their body.
Sometimes, rape can damage the victims life too.
- Fighting
Fighting is a fight between a community with other community that have
the different purpose. Fighting in juvenile delinquency, can happen
between student wutrh other student from the different school, to solve
their problem. This fight cause of not good friends that influenced them,
and then it support from not get attention from the parent, also because
they have no activity to do, and the big factor is the image of each other
2. How To Prevent Juvenile Delinquency
Juvenile delinquent today reached a dangerous level. Many of the juvenile
delinquency made serious effects for the environment. Before it develop more
than now, we need to find solution soon. There are some efforts to overcome the
juvenile delinquent. This effort has the best effect than curative because
preventive handle the problem before the delinquency. There are many preventive
effort is that the society can do:
A. Family
- In order to make the relation between parents and children better,
they have to use their leisure time. In this leisure time, the parent
can know complained of the children spontaneously.
- Give the affection to children
A normal affection is not fulfilling the materials need to the
children but the relation between parent and children more closely
psychologist. The parents can understand their children feeling.
When the children get the affection from their family, they not will
get it in another place.
- Teach the religious side, give the example of every activity that
relates to the religious side such as praying, saying the truth.
Children is surely imitate their parents activity.
- The parent is always watch their children activity.
It will make the parent know what kind of activity that their
children do. Another activity that children need is discipline. This
can bring the children to be able to use their time responsibly.
B. School
The preventive effort in the school is very important to do. The school
is the second education place after family. The preventive effort are :
- The teacher give the affection to the student. In order to know the
personality of the student, teacher should know the growth
psychology of the student. It can help teacher understand the
character of the student.
- School have complete facility. School can provide the facility as
like the laboratory, mosque, sport, and it can make student use the
facility when they are in leisure time. And they can improve their
talent and can go away from the juvenile delinquency.
C. Society
The society is the third education for the children as like environment
and government. The government applied the regulation about the
juvenile delinquency. The government can make the program for
overcoming the juvenile delinquency and invite the children for attend
that, and in the environment.
3. How To Solve the Juvenile delinquency
To solve the juvenile delinquency to children who doesnt do
delinquency, we can do some action, are :
- Invite children who doesnt do delinquency to join a positive
activity. When their have so many activities after school,
automatically their have not the time for using to do the juvenile
- By giving an early study for children about bad impact of juvenile

To solve the juvenile delinquency to teenagers who do juvenile

delinquency , we can do some action, are:
- Ask them to increase their faith to religion. While a people have to do
the juvenile delinquency, we must ask their to increase their faith, and
close their self to be better

- Invite them to join the formal activity is an organization, such us

OSIS, ROHIS, PMI, PIK-R, and so on. By invite them to join these
activity, it will make busy of their self, and forget their bad activity

- Invite and ask them, to attend the community, one of this is Study


III.1 Conclusion

To overcome the juvenile delinquency need before and after action.

Before action is preventive action that rule by the family like parent, sisters,
brothers, role by school like good education, good friend, and role model teacher.
By the society is regulation from government and social control.

After action is how to solve problem to solve delinquency for children who
doesnt do delinquency or do delinquency who can do some action by giving
suggestion to join good organization, community, most important is increase our
faith on religion.


In order to overcome the juvenile delinquency the writer suggesting that :

1. To overcome the juvenile delinquency need more attention from all people
who responsible (parent, school, government) continuously.
2. Revitalize again moral education subject like Pendidikan Moral Pancasila
(PMP) in school curriculum and support children go to mosque at maghrib
prayer/subuh prayer to build good character