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November 2017 4.


Professional Security Installer

Frankie Bellavia
of Midwich Security

Union DoorSense

Get some SaaS in your life

A look at the best
new products The benefits of remote monitoring
EURO 46 V10

One panel, versatile security

Future-proof your installations. Its time to
streamline your security.
No longer will you fit a panel dependent on the communicator
preference, instead, fit a panel and then add the communicator
required. With Homecontrol+ App compatibility as standard (with
optional IP communicator) you can offer greater value and future-
proof your installations. The same programming you have come
to love, the same accessories, just less hassle and greater up-sell
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November 2017

November 2017 4.00


Professional Security Installer

5 Editorial IN MY
There are more outlets selling security products than OPINION
Frankie Bellavia
ever before and manufacturers are developing of Midwich Security
increasingly more innovative solutions so why are
homeowners giving installers headaches? A CLOSER
6 Industry news Union DoorSense
News and events from the security and fire industries
11 Appointments AS A SERVICE
We meet some of this months security industry movers Get some SaaS in your life

and shakers.

12 TESTED - Union DoorSense

The legal way to prop open fire doors is put through its
paces and given marks out of ten

16 Editors Choice
The pick of the latest security products with information
from the manufacturers
19 In my opinion - Frankie Bellavia
PSI caught up with the Head of Sales - Security at
A look at the best
new products The benefits of remote monitoring
Midwich during the recent Technology Exposed event to
talk distribution and growing the business

23 SaaS at your service The benefits of heightened security

What are the benefits for installers and their customers The biggest benefit of monitoring stations is the additional peace of mind they
when it comes to utilising SaaS solutions? provide yet people still specify bells-only solutions to try and save money.
We ask one expert how installers should get their customers to upgrade
27 Remotely speaking
Moving customers on from bells-only intruder alarm
installations to ARC supported services

29 Business builder PSi QR Codes

Jim Rathbone of Rathbone Results reveals the ways to
CONTACTS For ease of access, some of the items in
improve team performance PSi carry QR codes. Simply scan with
your phone to visit relevant websites.
35 Video management
EDITOR Andy Clutton
If you have cameras, you need VMS, but what are the Tel: 020 8295 8308
Security-based editorial contributions to PSI are
welcomed, and the Editor reserves the right to alter or
options and how good are the free versions? E-mail: abridge text prior to publication. The views expressed in
Twitter: @SecurityDrum PSI are not necessarily those of the publishers.
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This month we talk to Nicola Gant of CVL Systems in DISPLAY ADVERTISING Paul Amura
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A round-up of some of the best scoring products from the E-mail:
ISSN: 1360-6476
PSI technology tests MANAGING DIRECTOR Mark Quittenton

CHAIRMAN Larry OLeary PSI is currently available for an

59 The PSi Directory annual subscription rate
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Your guide to vendors and service providers 3
Connect your life to your
home and your security

Interact, control and integrate your Texecom security system like never before
The Texecom Connect App allows you to control your security directly from your compatible
system events and monitor cameras or activity from anywhere in the world. Watch the Texecom

Sales: +44 (0)1706 220460 Connect App video
Texecom Connect App
New smartphone application for
iOS operating systems

Buying and selling

In years gone by the only place you could get
CCTV, intruder alarms or access control
systems was from a trade stockist or an
installer, but the market has changed for both
Texecom Connect SmartCom buyers and sellers...
f you stop and think about it, we are surrounded by different
Texecom Connect ethernet
communicator I ways to buy things these days - no longer do we have to go to
the shops to make a purchase we can instantly go online via
our smartphones, televisions, tablets and computers to make
swift decisions on items to then have them delivered to us. Of
course professional security installers have the option of a trade
distributor to help manage the technology supply they need
which is a real bonus especially when you need something fast or
require a little tech support. The swift replacement services are
neat too.
Not only do you have options when it comes to buying you
also have a huge number of variables in the choice of solution
you ultimately go with. Its not just a case of analogue or IP any
more, you can do just about anything over coax that you can on a
network, for example Hikvision has now developed Power over
Coax to go with its range of PoE enabled systems.
Texecom Connect SmartPlug Installers have such a wide range of options available to them
for every job and its good to know that distributors and
Ricochet enabled manufacturers are keen to look after you.
wireless plug Unfortunately with todays modern lifestyle it appears (after
speaking to a number of installers recently) that the end-user
who considers himself tech-savvy may be introducing new
problems for you. A couple of people have recently said to me
that one of the main headaches they are experiencing is with
customers phoning up to ask the installer to fit something the
homeowner has bought online themselves. Often this means it is
a product from a Far Eastern online source with no instructions in
English or any tech support. A problem no-one really wants to
take on.
Another problem is the glut of high street retailers knocking
out budget indoor cameras and unmonitored alarm systems (you
know who I mean) and theyre doing a lot of marketing to support
it too. Social media pop-ups from such companies come with
comments typically saying: I love this shop, my house is full of
cameras. Thats great for the shop and also for the homeowner,
especially if he wants to film people stealing his stuff. And dont
get me started on the number of Kickstarter projects for indoor
security systems. Global DIY intrusion equipment market
revenues are forecast to grow at an average of nearly 20 percent
per year from 2016 through 2021 according to the latest data and
the ease in which new companies can begin trading in OEM
security equipment is staggering.
So theres another headache for installers out there, but lets
hope that once people realise that theyre using well-marketed
but unsuitable kit they will drop a professional a call to get the
job done properly.
Andy Clutton
We are the UKs
Largest Authorised
Dahua Distributor.
Facial recognition Analytics ANPR Thermal imagery +44 (0)2920 641 509

NSI announces point for policy and communication, within the
automated alarms security sector, the police service and beyond.
research project The findings from the report have largely stood
National Security Inspectorate the test of time. We are very excited now 15
(NSI) has announced research years on to be re-visiting the police response
into Maximising the public model, and helping define how a modern
benefits of automated alarms, technology can build further on the success to
having commissioned date. Perpetuity is an expert and
Perpetuity Research to lead a knowledgeable partner to help paint a picture
far reaching industry-wide of how this might work, and we are confident
initiative commencing in with input from key stakeholders in the process
October 2017. that this new study will help inform the debate
NSIs Chief Executive about the URN of the future.
Richard Jenkins explained, Professor Martin Gill, Director of Perpetuity
The well proven URN1 police Research commented, It is our belief that this
response process has long been a great unsung independent piece of work can help bring
mainstay in private-public sector collaboration, clarity to the table and inform the debate about
and over the last 10-15 years has contributed how further success in police URN can be
dramatically to public safety, and increasing delivered in the interests of public safety,
efficiency for police at a time when pressures protection of people and property, and police
on resources have never been higher. But savings. Having delivered the 2003 study, the
technology marches on and the opportunities time is right to revisit this arena, discover how
are there for moving the success of the police industry and police thinking has moved on,
URN to another level. This study is about what opportunities are there and how benefit
crystallising the possibilities from amongst all might be realised. We are delighted to have
stakeholders, and envisioning the added been approached again by NSI to conduct this
benefits that could be realised from further new research.
enhancement. It is expected that the findings from this
In 2002/3 NSI appointed Perpetuity industry study will be organised on a fast track
Research to produce a report on the causes of basis with an initial report available in
false alarms. It became an important reference spring/early summer 2018.
In brief
Senstar has announced the ECA uncovers disappointing Alex Meikle, Director of Employment and
beginning of a transition apprenticeship advice stats Skills at ECA, commented: These findings
period to bring Aimetis Fewer than 1 in 12 students (8 per cent) aged show that too many young people are
under the Senstar brand. 15 to 18 in school or college in 2016/2017 are effectively being led up the garden path by
Senstar acquired Aimetis in being advised to seek a work-based careers advice in schools, which is significantly
April 2016. apprenticeship afterwards, according to out of step with the needs of industry and
Broadstone, the company YouGov survey findings commissioned by the future employers. There is a growing
behind the online ECA, apprenticeship training organisation JTL, recognition of the value of undertaking
recruitment platform and the Joint Industry Board. In contrast, 85% apprenticeships, particularly engineering, and
Engage, aimed at the private of students are encouraged to go into further the electrotechnical industry will be looking to
security industry, has or higher education, such as university study, undertake further work with schools and
secured an investment of after finishing at school or college. Just 3 per colleges to encourage greater takeup among
200,000 from Maven cent were advised to seek a job. students.
Capital Partners. The app- Over one-quarter of students said they had Just 1 in 14 (7 per cent) students were ever
driven service will launch in never even been spoken to about work-based encouraged to consider finding a job in a
January 2018. apprenticeships by their school or college. skilled trade.

taken to task in real time scenarios. All of the

products on display are LPCB Red Book
approved and will have met a range of UK and
European standards.
Richard Flint, Physical Security Technical and
Business Development Manager at BRE Global
says: BRE Global is delighted to once again
partner with IFSEC 2018 to continue with the
Attack Testing Zone. We were hugely impressed
at the volumes and quality of the visiting
Attack Testing Zone expanded audience in 2017 and we made sure the IFSEC
for IFSEC 2018 event team expanded and relocated the Zone for 2018-
The organisers of IFSEC have announced that in such was the level of interest. Its a unique
2018 the event will once again partner BRE opportunity for security professionals to see
Global/LPCB to host the Attack Testing Zone leading products being tested in real time and
which will demonstrate how the products and showcases the levels of security and protection
solutions that installers are recommending are these solutions can provide.
fit for purpose to safeguard people and property. Gerry Dunphy, Brand Director, IFSEC & Firex
Following the successful introduction of the International says: The Attack Testing Zone is a
new demonstration zone in 2017, the Attack great example of where real time
Testing Zone will be expanded and moved to a demonstrations capture the imagination of the
prominent position in the Borders & visiting audience and it adds to whole IFSEC
Infrastructure area of IFSEC 2018, providing experience.
dramatic demonstrations of the capabilities of IFSEC International 2018 will take place
security solutions. Technicians from BRE Global/ between 19th and 21st June at Londons ExCeL
LPCB will actively demonstrate the effectiveness venue and is co-located with Firex International,
of a range of physical security solutions being Safety & Health Expo and the Facilities Show.

Research highlights weak link in fireworks being posted through letterboxes.

domestic security Over the past three years, there has been a 26
Almost every front door has one, but new per cent increase in recorded incidents,
research shows letterboxes are all too often according to data from 25 fire services across
proving to be a weak link in making homes, England. Across these 25 fire services, there
cars and families safe and secure. UAP has were 111 incidents across the three years
In brief discovered the growing security and safety between 2014 and 2016 with numbers rising
Mayflex has achieved concerns centred around letterboxes with a from 32 in 2014 to 43 in 2016.
accreditation as a Dahua nationwide survey of homeowners and analysis UAPs Barry Halpin says many dont think
Authorised Training Partner of figures from fire services. about the security risks of letterboxes:
in the UK. The certification The survey of 2,000 homeowners across the Letterboxes are usually an open gateway to
has been awarded following UK found three in ten are putting the security of our properties unlocked, unsecured and
the successful delivery of their house and car at risk by leaving their keys easily accessible, so it is vital homeowners
Dahua installer training. too close to the front door. The nationwide poll consider whether theirs has the latest
discovered that 31 per cent of people leave technology to stop people exploiting the
DVS has moved to WD their home and car keys within 5 metres of the security loophole to put our families and
Purple hard drives for all of letterbox. If keys are within that distance, property at risk. Too many of us dont think
its digital video recorders. about whether our home and car keys can be
criminals are able to use implements such as
Veracity has reported over fishing rods or aerials to hook keys and then fished through the letterbox and the growing
30% growth in staff levels enter the property or steal vehicles. number of incidents of fireworks being posted
as demand for IP video, Meanwhile, research obtained through into homes demonstrates why having
transmission and storage Freedom of Information requests to fire letterboxes that are designed to prevent fishing
solutions increases. services has found a growing problem of and fire are important.
The UKs fastest growing
security distributor
+44 (0)2920 641 509


Honeywell announces intention to spin off The interview that gets
ADI Global distribution business the facts from the top
Honeywell has announced the results of its portfolio review,
This month Simon Banks
including its intention to separately spin off its Homes product
talks to Tony Porter, the
portfolio and ADI Global distribution business, as well as its
UKs Surveillance Camera
Transportation Systems business, into two stand-alone, Commissioner and
publicly-traded companies. The planned separation independent Government regulator.
transactions are intended to be tax-free spins to Honeywell Tony is an intelligence specialist and
shareowners for U.S. federal income tax purposes and are retired senior police leader engaged to
expected to be completed by the end of 2018. encourage compliance with the surveillance camera
As part of the review, we analysed numerous criteria, code of practice.
including growth outlook, financial performance, market There has been a lot of controversy over the increasing use of
surveillance technology and the lack of transparency that can sometimes
dynamics, potential for disruption, and, most importantly, accompany this. Whats your view?
assessment of fit as a Honeywell business, said Honeywell New technology is great, whether it is drones searching for missing people on
mountains or body worn cameras deflecting potentially violent situations. The
President and CEO Darius Adamczyk. The remaining increasing use of integrated technology demonstrates its success, nonetheless
Honeywell portfolio will consist of high-growth businesses in regulators and law makers need to keep abreast of the risks i.e. who is operating
the drone and is it being used ethically? Transparency is the ticket to its
six attractive industrial end markets, each aligned to global acceptance by the public.
mega trends including energy efficiency, infrastructure You released the National Surveillance Camera Strategy in March 2017
how much progress has been made so far?
investment, urbanisation and safety. These businesses are Progress has been dynamic and fast-paced, and I am working with
best positioned to leverage Honeywell synergies from our manufacturers, installers, police and local authorities to name a few. Already we
are seeing the power of this coordinated approach to engage the industry to
technologies, financial and business models, and talent. Our develop new approaches and best practice. This is enabling me to advise the
simplified portfolio will offer multiple platforms for organic Government on new challenges to legislation and we are looking across the
whole spectrum of use whilst also identifying training gaps. My Annual Report to
growth and margin expansion through further deployment of Parliament will describe more fully our challenges and successes, but overall I
am delighted with progress to date.
our HOS Gold operating system and the Honeywell Sentience
Recently you have worked on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
Platform. Honeywell will also have multiple levers for and launched a Passport to Compliance document. How will these
continuing to execute an aggressive capital deployment documents affect installers?
The aim of the MoU is to drive up standards, not just for end-users and
strategy, including a vigorous and disciplined M&A program. operators but for manufacturers and installers. Customers will increasingly be
requesting evidence of compliance to the document. I intend to introduce more
The spun businesses will be better positioned to
recognisable independent certification for installers similar to my certification for
maximise shareowner value through focused strategic operators. However more importantly I am determined to ensure in the field of
video surveillance that single, simplified messages are delivered to support the
decision making and capital allocation tailored for their end public whilst also ensuring understandable advice is provided in what is an
markets. At Honeywell, we will continue our track record of increasingly complex field.
execution, delivering growth, margin expansion, and The quality of CCTV has improved, with prices falling and storage
increasing. Are you seeing any trends towards Cloud storage?
aggressive capital allocation for our shareowners. In 2013, research by the BSIA concluded that there were between 4 and 6
million video cameras in the UK. Since then we have seen an increase in its use.
The new Homes and Global Distribution business will
Cloud storage offers excellent opportunities for cost saving and developing more
operate in the home heating, ventilation and air conditioning efficient processes. I am aware of several strands of work looking at how Cloud
storage can support law enforcement (and private users) more effectively. This
(HVAC) controls and security markets, and a global distributor includes easy and fully auditable access that can pass evidential tests for use in
of security and fire protection products. The business is court. My colleague, the Information Commissioner, released some guidance on
Cloud storage that I would urge readers to consider.
expected to have annualised revenue of approximately $4.5
How close are we to the day where a positive ID from a camera can lead
billion and approximately 13,000 employees. to a conviction?
If you are referring to the use of positive IDs from automatic facial recognition
Planned separations will not require a shareowner vote. technology, then that will be a matter for the courts and the forensic regulator.
Each spin-off will be subject to finalisation of the contours of My focus is primarily upon the use of the system and the development of a
database against which any cross referencing is done. High profile usage during
the spun-off business, assurance that the separation will be this years European Cup final at Cardiff put the technology in the spotlight. I am
tax-free to Honeywell shareowners for U.S. federal income tax currently engaged with the Metropolitan Police following its use of this
technology at Notting Hill Carnival to ensure compliance with the Surveillance
purposes, finalisation of the capital structure of the three Camera Code of Practice.
corporations, the effectiveness of appropriate filings with the
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, final approval of
First play with this little beauty, a managed 4G Router from @CSLDualCom.
the Honeywell Board of Directors, and other customary Range of tariffs, secure connection for CCTV/Access or whatever!
matters. Tweeted by @AtlasAlarmsLtd July 24

Tweet us @CSLDualCom Get Social

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They see a well secured airport.

You see smart data to

optimize traveler flow.
Bosch empowers you to build a safer and more secure
world. And with built-in video analytics as of the IP 4000
cameras, we allow you to use video data for more than
security alone. Like identifying interruptions and
patterns in airport traffic.

Find out more at


People counting

Queuing alarm

Enforcing safety

Paul Atkinson
Evolution has appointed Paul Atkinson as a new
Technical Sales Engineer to support the
companys commercial team.
Paul has 23 years experience of intruder, fire
and CCTV systems, most recently within the
pharmaceuticals industry.
Paul says that his role is to find solutions to
unusual problems: Systems integration can be a
challenge, he explains, especially when
integrating separate technologies into the final
proposal. Once we have engineered a solution,
we have to know that the theory works in practice
John Houghton before presenting it to the customer.
Elmdene International has announced a new
addition to complete their sales team in the Mark Douglas &
UK; John Houghton has now joined as the
new Regional Sales Manager, looking after
Michael Stembridge
Texecom has appointed Mark
Northern UK.
Douglas as Sales Director and
John comes to Elmdene with over 20-years
Michael Stembridge as Technical
experience in the UK security industry, having
worked in sales and business development
Mark joins Texecom from Pareto
management positions, in the distribution and
Law, where he was responsible for
integration of intruder and access control
development and delivery of a range
of sales training and development
Having worked with Elmdene and its
programmes. Prior to Pareto, Mark held senior Sales Director roles with HRS UK,
products for a number of years, its a great
American Express and the UK Post Office.
opportunity to be joining the team at this exciting
Michael Stembridge joins Texecom from sister Halma company Avire, a
time with new products launching, said John.
manufacturer of safety, display and monitoring solutions for elevators, where he
held the role of Global Technical Director. Michael has previously held roles with
Imtech Traffic & Infra (Divisional R&D Director and UK Engineering Director roles),
Louise Parsons Racal Acoustics (Head of Engineering and Engineering Programme Manager), and
Hikvision UK & Ultra Electronics (PMES).
Ireland has
appointed of
Louise Parsons Rich Lattanzi &
as Senior
Dino Koutrouki
Business Honeywell has announced
Development Richard (Rich) Lattanzi as the
Manager for president of Honeywells global
the South security business and Dino
West of Koutrouki as the president of
England Honeywells global fire business.
region. As the new president of
Louise has security, Rich will be responsible
over 15 years for all operations, business
experience in strategy and growth for the global security
the security business. He previously served as the vice
industry president and general manager for Honeywell
having Security and Fire Americas, and prior to that held
previously worked in manufacturing, the position of global vice president and general
distribution and installation and integration. manager for buildings within Honeywells
Reporting to Sales Director Gary Harmer, Environmental & Energy Solutions (E&ES).
Louise will be responsible for building As the new president of fire, Dino will be
relationships with the current Hikvision responsible for all operations, business strategy
customer base and developing new business in and growth for the global fire business. He
the region. previously served as the vice president and
On her appointment Louise commented I general manager for Honeywell Security and Fire
am delighted to have joined Hikvision and I am EMEA, and prior to that held the position of vice
looking forward to working with our president and general manager for the Honeywell
distribution and installation partners. Scanning and Mobility APAC organisation. 11

PRODUCT TEST Union DoorSense

The system is CE marked to EN 1155

standards, meeting legal requirements to allow
fire doors to be kept open, assisting access and
providing greater movement in a building when
needed, while reacting fast should a fire occur.
DoorSense is a battery operated standalone
system, activated by simply opening a fire door
pushing the systems foot plunger down into the
floorplate, holding the door open to ease access
into the building. When a fire alarm sounds, the
unit uses acoustic technology to identify the
alarm and automatically release the foot
plunger, allowing the fire door to firmly close via
a separate door closer.
A DoorSense system can be retrofitted to
doors using older holding mechanisms, will work
at any angle, and can be released manually or
automatically via the alarm or by using a built-in
night closing timer.
According to Assa Abloy, the acoustic
technology within DoorSense has been tested
over 50,000 cycles to guarantee it will work in
addition to EN1155 and any other tests that door
release mechanisms are subjected to.
DoorSense can be specified in three colours
black, white or red and is powered by two
alkaline C batteries, which are included as part
of the overall package.

n order to prevent the spreading of fire, smoke Prior to installation

Whats in the box?
DoorSense unit
Floor plate with stopper
I and heat and to keep fires contained, internal
fire doors are designed to be closed at all
times. This is why when you open a fire door it
Before starting on the installation there is a
checklist to follow that covers some essential
Floor plate without stopper closes behind you (courtesy of the door closer) to points:
Instructions maintain its closed position. However in high Firstly you need to ensure that the door has
2 x C-type alkaline batteries traffic areas within a building it is not uncommon been fitted with a correctly working door closer.
Mounting template to see doors propped open (often with fire This is the means in which the door will close
Screws and wall fixings extinguishers or wedges) which is, of course, not when the DoorSense stopper is raised.
Adjustor tool keeping the door in its advised position for fire The floor underneath the sweep of the door
safety and therefore posing a risk to personnel. as it opens must be level
In such areas it is understandable that needing The gap between the bottom of the door
to open the door and having it close every time and the floor must be no less than 5mm so that
someone goes through can be annoying so the door can swing over either of the floor plates
manufacturers have come up with devices that The door needs to open to an angle of more
can be fitted to fire doors which do not conflict than 65
with the requirements of use of the doors. The building has a fire alarm system
DoorSense from Union, part of Assa Abloy installed which is clearly audible where the fire
Security Solutions (a UK division of Assa Abloy) is door is fitted.
a legal way for fire doors to be kept open for The first part of the installation is to insert
access and be able to close automatically in the the two supplied batteries. If the intention is to
event of an alarm. use the release timer then the batteries need to
be inserted at midday (12pm) so that the internal
DoorSense can be retrofitted to doors using older holding
clock knows the time. If this is not possible then
mechanisms, will work at any angle and can be released it will be necessary to calculate the time
manually or automatically via the alarm or by using a differences before adjusting the timer release
built-in night closing timer settings.


(continued from p14)

hearing the alarm. There is a series of beeps

from the unit while the unit goes through the
procedure. You can adjust the sensitivity of the
unit by using the supplied tool in the small screw
in the front of the DoorSense. Note: it is
recommended that each DoorSense on sound
driven release mode is checked weekly.

Manual use
As mentioned there are a number of options when
it comes to releasing the DoorSense plunger
however to open the door the procedure is the
same; open the door so that it lines up with the
floorplate recess and depress the foot pedal. To
manually release the door tap the pedal back
towards the door or push the door further back.
Due to its simplicity Timer settings are determined by using the Either of these actions will cause the plunger to lift.
adjustor tool on three of the four switches on the
there is very little that rear of the unit. The position of the switches set
can actually go wrong Performance
the release and reset times and whether or not
when installing and there is an audible warning sound on release. Using the alarm driven release mode the door was
When the batteries are inserted correctly, and to closed in 13 seconds of the alarm activating and
setting up the unit -
show the unit is working properly, a red LED will the unit gave out an audible two-tone beep eight
there are a number flash once every 32 seconds. The DoorSense unit times until it reset itself.
of LED and beep can now be fitted to the door. In manual mode the plunger depressed
combinations that without much downward pressure being required
and released with a light tap backwards while
can warn you of any Fitting using the timer function the door was closed at
problems (low The unit should always be fitted to the lock edge the designated time (9pm) following an audible
battery, incorrect of a door - and not on the hinged side. The box warning.
contains a template that should be held up
insertion etc) against a closed door with the arrows pointing to
the lock side edge. This template gives you the Conclusion
four points to mark from drilling (using a 1.5mm Fire doors have a specific role in the safety of
bit). Once the unit has been fitted to the door personnel and premises and so any certified
using two of the screws in the slotted holes check solution that prevents risks being taken when it
that the door opens and closes without catching comes to keeping doors open is vital.
and the plunger contacts with the floor when The DoorSense does exactly what it should do
pushed down. If this is not the case then adjust and even though it looks like it weighs a ton it is
the height of the unit until it does and fit the final actually extremely light for a motorised unit and
two screws and tighten. therefore does not affect the effort required in
There are two floorplates to choose from, one everyday use of the door.
with a stopper to protect walls from being hit by While the setting and fitting of some
door hardware and one without a stopper for use technology can seem a little fiddly the DoorSense
in open spaces. Obviously, before fitting to the is fairly straightforward so will not have you
floor check for pipes, cables etc. Open the door to scratching your head the first time you fit one.
an angle of at least 65, slide the footplate under Furthermore due to its simplicity there is very
the door and check that the stopper locates into little that can actually go wrong when installing
the recess. Mark the position of the plate and fix and setting up the unit - there are a number of
to the floor. LED and beep combinations that can warn you of
problems (low battery, incorrect insertion etc).
Given the heightened concern over fires in
Alarm driven release public buildings any RRO responsible person
To use the sound driven release function you will should take a look at this unit to prevent
need to arrange for the fire alarm to sound for 30 problems if fire doors are being propped open
seconds so that the unit recognises the tone. with wedges.
9.0 out of 10 While the alarm is sounding during set-up the LED DoorSense is an easy to install and use safety
will flash every 1.3 secs to show the unit is device that certainly meets its requirements.


Capture sharp long distance images whilst benefitting from outstanding Smart Functionality
Suitable for a variety of applications the Hikvision Thermal Camera range deliver vivid images at
resolutions up to 640 x 512 pixels providing the ideal solution for 24/7 perimeter protection. Unhindered
by any weather or light conditions and benefitting from additional smart behaviour analyses including
line crossing detection and intrusion detection the Hikvision Thermal range is ideal for open and
expansive areas.

Available in various form factors including bullet, PTZ domes, handheld models, positioning systems,
dual-lens models and optical all-in-one unit the Hikvision Thermal Range is suitable for a number of

Hikvision First Choice for Security Professionals

Hikvision UK & Ireland


4 The Square,
Stockley Park, Uxbridge
Middlesex, UB11 1ET

T +44 1628 902140


Touchscreen terminal for less Cloud-based access control

confusing access control service charges per door
Tyco Security Products has
released the Software House dormakaba has launched a
TST-100 touchscreen terminal. cloud-based access control
The interface offers clear icon- system called exivo, which is a
based status indications for scalable, fee based solution
access granted or denied, developed for small and medium
arm/disarm status for sized businesses, including those with multi-
intrusion zones, prompts to site requirements.
enter a PIN when needed, and exivo provides a security and access control
door status conditions such as system, paid purely on a price per door basis.
This ensures that buildings with a smaller
Door Unlocked.
amount of doors will pay less.
The terminal displays
Each door can be fitted with a wireless digital
predefined messages and
cylinder lock or lever handle, which due to their
icons to cardholders
dimensions can replace existing door hardware,
depending on access
or in circumstances where this is not desired - a
privileges. The TST-100 also
wireless component can be added. All devices
features a multicoloured LED
within the system are linked to a wireless hub
light which provides users
with signal repeaters also available to ensure a
with a visual indication of connection across larger sites. Fully wired on-
access status and has a PIR line doors controls are also available.
sensor, which enables the LCD The system integrates with a buildings
screen to automatically light up when someone existing IT network requiring no complex
approaches. configurations. The exivo system also allows
The TST-100 connects over full the security level to be adjusted by time of day.
duplex RS-485 to an IP-ACM
Ethernet Door Module using AES
256 encrypted communication.
PTZ camera utilises radar
Cameras with built-in analytics monitoring technology
recognise objects and actions 360 Vision Technology
Built-in video analytics has partnered with
enable Bosch Autodome Navtech Radar to
cameras to generate create radar based
metadata to add sense surveillance camera
and structure to the solutions for wide area
video footage, instead of security monitoring
just capturing and and intruder detection.
storing video images. In Radar is able to
addition to detecting accurately determine
objects, the cameras can the position and range
deliver associated data of an object by
like size, speed, shape, measuring the time it
direction, and colour and takes for radio energy
can reportedly to be reflected and returned. Because the
automatically speed that the radio energy travels at is known,
distinguish between the radar receiver can measure the time it takes
object types such as person, car, bike, motorcycle or for the energy to return, and using its built-in
truck. The analytics can be configured to recognise software, calculate the distance and position of
changes in speed (running), shape (crouching) or the target.
aspect ratio (falling). Additionally, based on how much radar
The Autodome IP 4000i is designed for indoor energy is reflected back, a figure of merit can
use while for indoor and outdoor applications with be calculated for each target, and the size and
a larger surveillance area, there is the Autodome identity of objects determined by the built-in
IP 5000i. With its 30x optical zoom, 1080p software.
resolution and 60 frames per second video, fast- Predator Radar scans 360 degrees twice
moving objects can be identified at up to 190 every second to detect and track objects, with all
metres during daytime. For larger distances and alarm activations overlaid on screen. The camera
complete darkness, there is the Autodome IP units radar detection is unaffected
5000i IR. It performs identically to by weather conditions, so object
the Autodome IP 5000i during detection and alarm functionality
daytime, and at night identifies
is continuous.
objects at up to 150 metres.

The security industry is busy and complex, so its easy to miss
new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day
activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our
attention so here we take a look at some of the products we
think you wont want to miss this month.
Enhanced video management
system is easier to operate
Honeywell has announced an enhanced version of
its Digital Video Manager (DVM). The new release,
DVM R620, enables organisations to more easily
secure large-scale security operations with
Range of IP touchscreens is features that reportedly improve operator
efficiency and situational awareness for faster
extended with Lite version incident identification and resolution, and power
Following on from the uptake of Urmets Max more accurate and reliable security operations.
Pro Android touchscreen, the company has DVM R620 features an enhanced user interface
launched the Max Lite touchscreen. and includes updates to how operators can
Both the Max Pro and Max Lite IP PoE- capture, access and manage live and recorded
powered units enable audio/video video. The system features edge recording
communication between the external door playback and backfill capabilities, capturing video
panel and the apartment, as well as providing footage on camera memory cards, and then
call-forwarding to the Urmet Call2U app. The backfilling the footage to the systems main
two 7 monitors meet Secured by Design (SBD) server. These features make the system more
requirements for resident safety, including lift resilient in response to interruptions ranging from
control, CCTV snapshots and audio/video routine system maintenance, to network or server
recording. failures and cybersecurity issues, and ensure
The Max Lite focuses on core functionality and cameras more consistently capture video footage.
safety at optimum cost. It has the same slim In addition, DVM R620
profile as the Max Pro and features both a flush includes an improved and
mounting kit and a surface-mounting option. more intuitive user
The touchscreen is described as easy to use interface and features that
for any resident who is familiar with improve the user
using apps and the swipe gesture experience, making it
control of smartphones or tablets. easier to learn and operate.

Wireless alarm panel kit for professional installers

Aimed at professional security installers, the Invincible Plus
dual network wireless alarm from ERA can be remotely
controlled and monitored, via a free iOS and Android 'ERA
Invincible Alarm' app.
The technology features automatic network switching
between SMS/GRPS and PSTN for reassurance that alerts and
notifications will be sent to a smartphone as they happen. In the event of
alarm activation, the Invincible will communicate details of the event
following the user's notification preferences. For example, the user can
select dial out to pre-stored phone numbers via landline telephone and/or
GRPS push message.
The system is available in kit form, which includes solar charged
battery siren box with strobe and optional sounds, backlit LCD screen
control panel with touch keypad, RFID reader power adaptor, pet friendly
PIR motion sensor with a detection coverage of 8m/110 degree,
door/window sensor, two remote controls, two RFID contactless tags and
all batteries and fixings.

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers 17
WE MOVE with trust that our products
will perform best in the most challenging
light conditions

The worlds best wide dynamic range WDR 150dB

The worlds best low light performance in a motorised

varifocal lens (Low Light F0.94 lens)

The most powerful chipset ever in a full range of cameras

eXperience it now at


Supplying demand
This month PSI talks to Frankie Bellavia of Midwich Security about
market trends and the buying options for installers
rancesco "Frankie" Bellavia is Head of Sales Are you seeing any trends in the security

F for Midwich Security, the specialist security

arm of trade-only distributor Midwich,
partnering with brands such as Panasonic,
market at the moment?
With the introduction of GDPR from May 2018,
we are seeing an interest in the security on the
Bosch, Dahua, Hanwha Techwin, Lilin, TDSi, products themselves. We have all heard of
SeeTec and more. Previously he was the General instances recently where there have been
Manager at Postfield Systems prior to which he breakdowns in security and some CCTV systems
was GM for Sprite Solutions. have been hacked, which is exactly what the
PSI caught up with Frankie at Technology new legislation for 2018 is all about. As a result,
Exposed, the annual event hosted by Midwich we're getting more interest coming through in
and attended by over 1000 installers and their how this can be stopped and how it might affect
customers. companies with fines etc if they are hacked - so
there is a growing interest in securing systems
How have the last twelve months been
and networks. (continued over)
for the company?
The past year was extremely exciting for
With the introduction
Midwich. Midwich Group Plc has made some
acquisitions extending our AV business in Iberia
of GDPR from May 2018,
and Benelux to help grow the company we are seeing an
oversees. On the security side, we've had a interest in the security
great twelve months with our most successful on the products
year to date. themselves
What's the relationship between the AV
side of Midwich and the security side?
If we went back three years ago our business
was predominantly selling security systems to
AV installers and IT resellers almost as an add-
on to the other products they were selling.
Today, this has changed a lot as I would
estimate that our business is now 60% security
with 40% in the AV/IT sector.
We have various divisions within our sales
floor and these are broken down into a number
of business units. We have an IT-only unit that
has a fairly large team that deals with the
resellers and end users. Then we have an
education team that is purely focused on
universities, schools and colleges and there are
a couple of AV teams that have different tiers of
accounts. For example, some of the larger AV
accounts will sit with the AV 1 team with some of
the smaller to medium sized accounts and
development accounts sitting in with AV 2. We
also have a business development team for
customers in various sectors who will be
nurtured to get them to a specific level before
passing them on the correct team.

(continued from previous page)

I would guess that around 70% of our business is project with software configuration, installers don't
always seem to be too keen on spending the
oriented and we are looking to increase this, rather than just
time or money on educating their own
being a distributor that simply sells product; essentially integrators in how to use it. They have found
adding value will be a main focus for us in the next few years that by getting us to support them,, they don't
How are you addressing this concern? have to worry about the training side of things;
which isn't always for the best because I think
We are working with manufacturers to make
people should have access to training. In
sure the security systems we supply are not
general, we are finding that a lot of our larger
posing any risks. For example, Panasonic has a
projects are pre-configured with us, followed by
joint agreement with Symantec to put security
the on-site commissioning once the product is in
software onto cameras and devices to eradicate
place. Depending on the customer or project,
any threat issues. Some of the other companies
there may be a charge for this, however, in some
are also looking at bringing their products up to
cases, in order for us to help our customers win
speed on this problem but there are a lot of
those projects we will put that in as a
manufacturers out there that don't seem to be
complimentary service.
making any moves to deal with the risks and this
will need to change. Are you seeing any take-up with regard
to home automation and security?
There are plenty of buying options for
installers - why should they use a We have a whole division that deals with home
distributor? automation and the one thing that is sure, most
Its all about the additional services. As a of this work will be carried out in the future by
distributor, we have our own technical smaller sized installation companies. People at
department which provides first line of support home now want their televisions to view their
and second line of support directly by telephone CCTV, they want to play music around the house
and we also provide customers with a pre- and all other such features of the technology -
configuration service and an on-site this is a growing market and becoming more
commissioning service. What we are now popular with end users. For us, as a business,
beginning to find is, when customers are buying we're concentrating more on larger projects. I
systems for a project, they are more often than would guess that around 70% of our business is
not, asking us to pre-configure the technology project oriented and we are looking to increase
before it is sent to site, the reason being, when this, rather than just being a distributor that
it comes to the skillsets and technical expertise simply sells product; essentially adding value
required to configure some systems, especially will be a main focus for us in the next few years.

There was plenty going on at

Midwichs event Technology
Exposed this year (right) and
even PSIs editor got in on the
act (below)
We are the UKs Largest
Authorised Dahua Distributor.


Reach The
800m ePoE to reduce cabling & repeater costs

Extended PoE Transmission

-800m, 10Mbps, 13w or 300m, 100Mbps, 25.4w

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NVRs & Network Switches
Simple Analogue to IP Migration

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With new warranties up to seven years for latest-generation recorders

-- the industrys longest -- and up to five for IP cameras, IDIS doesnt just promise better value and performance,
it guarantees it.

Learn more at

IDIS 1000 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9HH, United Kingdom
Europe T +44 (0)203 657 5678 F +44 (0)203 697 9360 E

Subscribing to SaaS yet?

Subscription based software
delivery is known as Software-as-
a-Service (SaaS) which is a term
you cannot have failed to have
heard recently, but is it something
that you have looked into? The
growth in its use would suggest
there are real benefits with this
kind of delivery, so we asked our
panel of experts to explain why
SaaS is gaining momentum
ne of the most recent terms that has come

O into use in the security industry is

Software as a Service (SaaS), where
software is licensed on a subscription basis and
is centrally hosted, with solutions for access
control and CCTV being launched in the UK in
the last few months and plenty of established
companies already delivering solutions . While
the widespread use of software in the sector is a
given, from VMS to analytics and access ID
information how does the way in which that
remotely at a lower frame rate and resolution for
software is licensed or suppied affect the
longer retention.
installer and what does this mean for the
The two main data centre providers are
customer? The PSI Panel deliberates SaaS and
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft
why it is growing in popularity...
Azure, as both have high levels of encryption
Gareth Williams and offer these common services within
Oprema everyday life such as internet banking, Netflix,
Over the last two to three BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime to name a few.
years I have seen security The benefit to a multi-outlet/site end user is
software as a service that their important data is held securely with
beginning to gain momentum features such as failover and redundancy built
within the industry. within the data centre infrastructure. If one of
The solution centralises hardware and overall the local sites are compromised the data is
control, whilst providing on demand access to always secure at the data centre. Furthermore,
thin clients via web browser for video access is available 24/7 globally from any
surveillance and access control. The main internet connected device such as smartphone,
application where end users realise the true tablet or PC.
benefits are multi-site deployments such as Fiber deployment within UK cities and town
large retail rollout, utilities, fast food outlets. In is now more prevalent, I see this as the catalyst
these applications, local hardware is often for wider use of off-site storage in the future.
minimised or totally removed and data Also, data compression technology is forever (continued over)

uploaded off site to a centrally managed

solution. Subscription based services are now more
In certain circumstances recordings are kept commonplace, thus paving the way for a
locally at a high resolution and high frame rate subscription/recurring revenue based model being
for a brief period then this data is purged used within video and access control surveillance

(from previous page)

Most of us are very advancing, allowing data to be transferred place to accommodate this. I think it will open up
custom to paying for around the more easily. more avenues in the CCTV and access sectors,
Subscription based services such as those where footage can be saved in the cloud solution
services monthly and listed above are now more commonplace, thus off site and secure and the customer can pay
have been doing so paving the way for a subscription/recurring less upfront and outlay the rest of the cost over a
without complaint for revenue based model being used within video twelve month period. If the customer then feels
many years and access control surveillance. they dont have the need for this anymore they
can simply choose to not pay any more and then
David Davies DVS
SaaS is an ever growing topic the service will be halted.
of interest. We have seen I also believe it will open up more
many forms of this being possibilities within the industry leading to more
launched into the security integration in the cloud and allows so much
industry lately which include flexibility to the customer that traditional
CCTV surveillance, access, systems cannot offer. It also offers the ability to
intruder and even ANPR. store data securely off site, which makes the
I personally really like this idea of pay option of secure datacentre storage quite
monthly modelling. Most of us are very custom appealing to certain customers that dont buy
to paying for services monthly and have been into the idea of having locally placed CCTV data
doing so without complaint for many years in that can be stolen.
the form of mobile phone services, insurance, If you look at it another way, it also offers
bills and most of us get paid monthly (making SaaS vendors the ability to upsell on their
us SaaS almost..) product where functions and features are
So an Integrator or end user can identify with required to be made available and extra income
this kind of payment plan and put budgets in can then be made.

Maximum 1500W per hour charge time

Lithium-ion batteries with a 10 year life-span

Maximum 60W per Cat5 output, up to 100m
Call now for more information: 01772 336111
When outdoor sensing reliability
meets design versatility.

VX Shield series The VXI Shield series combines the reliability of OPTEXs outdoor intrusion detection
12m 90outdoor
sensors with a new versatile design. The result is a range of sensors very easy to install,
congure and customise. Available in hardwired or battery operated models, the VXI
PIR /dual tech shield will display its beautiful strength protecting both commercial and residential
sensors premises against intrusion.
OPTEX has been developing and manufacturing reliable sensing devices for over
35 years for security, building, manufacturing, business and environmental applications.

Visit us on or call: +44 (0) 1628 631 000

Net2 Entry Touch
Smart, Simple Door Entry with a Premium Touch

Durable 7" colour Personalise with Fully compatible with

touch screen multiple theme options Net2 access control

For more information:



Services with benefits

In an increasingly connected world,
why is it that domestic customers
still go for bells-only alarms rather
than remotely monitored systems?
We offer our opinion
he security industry is going through a bit of

T a sea-change at the moment as a new

market has opened up alongside that of the
professional system, call it what you will but the
emergence of home automation/IoT/DIY IP
security etc has brought a new way of thinking for
a new generation of security buyers.
IoT security systems have become increasingly
popular due to the demand for connected home
technology. The majority do not feature
professionally monitored services, relying on self-
monitoring features instead, and offer benefits for
customers such as low up-front costs and
smartphone access. You may already be seeing an
impact on the domestic side of your business with
the widespread availability of the little white
boxes that appeal to the 25 year-old first time
homeowner and, like us, you will have your
opinions on the usefulness on using an indoor
camera, for example, as the main system for to
preventing crime (ie it has none) but we have to
accept that this market is probably the biggest
growing security trend of the last two years and
will continue to be so for the foreseeable years
that our lives are governed by smartphones and
apps. We know from recent history that there have One option that is
Lets get one thing straight from the off, there been a glut of new starters in the home security
are different levels of home connected security market and there will be plenty of others joining usually up for a little
systems. The modern homeowner can go to on the bandwagon, many of whom simply want to contract pliability is
Maplins or Amazon for their security purchases, get a product established whether it has any remote monitoring
invest in a Kickstarter project or have a genuine validity or its purpose is immaterial.
professional system such as those offered by the And, speaking of money, thats where the main
likes of Texecom, Pyronix, RISCO etc. As a security division lies. When it comes to prices we know
installer you will no doubt be keen to look at the that some people buy on quality and return on
offerings from the major panel manufacturers and investment; and we also know that the majority of
rightly so, the scope and features of the new people seem to buy on price. When price is such a
systems we are seeing at trade shows these days key issue then it is often that some services are
is far beyond what we would expect from an dumbed down or even taken out of the equation
intruder system. altogether, all in order to reduce the number on
Unfortunately people dont always go for the invoice. One such option that is up for a little
quality; they are often led by price, gadget envy contract pliability is remote monitoring services.
and slick marketing whether the system they You will surely have had customers who say
choose is right for them is no-ones decision but they only want an intruder alarm fitted with a
their own. Whether they should really be putting bellbox as the sole alarm feature no remote
their most expensive purchase (the home) under monitoring. Likely this has been a financial
the security of a glorified webcam is apparently decision but remote monitoring can save the
not considered and there are plenty of customer money through crime prevention and it
manufacturers and outlets ready to attract the ensures a quick and appropriate response and
custom of a tech-driven wallet owner. 24/7 surveillance from security professionals. Not 27

(from previous page)

only that, but it can often equate to cost-savings monitoring security systems and the apps to
with insurance. facilitate it. These systems can alert customers
Customers are not always savvy to security via their mobile phone or email if an alarm is
systems and they end up relying on their installer triggered, so they can respond accordingly. In
to offer the best solution if these are not some advanced systems, customers can also
recommending monitoring then the customer may access live video feeds from their security
not even know it is an option. cameras in order to verify whether the alert is a
We spoke to Daniel Wan, UK Channel false activation or not. This provides significant
Marketing Leader at Honeywell, about the benefits for small business owners, who may not
benefits and what installers can do to get the have a 24/7 security presence on site, as well as
message across about monitoring services. families on holiday or away at work.
Monitored platforms and alarm receiving
When talking to home/business owners, centres have also evolved from offering intruder
why should installers push for monitored alarm monitoring only service to a fully integrated
solutions rather than bells-only? security offering, many of which also cover CCTV
The biggest benefit of monitoring stations is the and access control. This allows ARCs to provide
additional peace of mind they provide. With an visual verification of events and reducing the
external monitoring station there is always an number of false alarms.
automatic response when an alarm is triggered,
which ensures the fastest possible response time Do bells-only systems have a long-term
from the emergency services and other future?
individuals that need to be notified. Any false There are many reasons why end users will
activations can also be verified remotely by the continue to choose bells-only systems when
monitoring station, meaning families or small looking to secure their home or small business. It
businesses do not have to return to the premises mostly comes down to cost: investment is
to verify the alert themselves and reducing required to set up and maintain a security system
unnecessary stress. In addition, for older family with external monitoring. The subscription to
members or the extremely young, families may these services can escalate costs quite quickly,
also feel more comfortable knowing the external especially for a new business or young family that
monitoring station is there to ensure everyone is have other priorities to budget for. It is difficult for
safe and secure. these users to justify the investment, especially
Partnering with a monitoring station can be a as they often dont see the full extent of benefits a
lucrative option for installers looking to increase monitoring service can provide them.
their revenue. These partnerships provide There is still a huge number of domestic
recurring revenue through subscriptions, which properties that do not have an intruder alarm and
under a good partnership should provide benefits even more that do not have CCTV, but this is a
for both the installer and their monitoring station changing market with the introduction of the DIY,
partner. app-driven cameras and sensors. When
customers have become aware that their online
How have monitored solutions changed purchases dont quite cut it, or arent even
over recent years? supported any more then that is the time for a
The main change in the monitored solutions professional system to be installed and for best
market over recent years is the rise of self- results, with remote monitoring too.

Partnering with a
monitoring station
can be a lucrative
option for installers
looking to increase
their revenue. These
partnerships provide
recurring revenue

Building an effective team
Jim Rathbone of Rathbone Results awareness and understanding of the impact
continues his look at team each has on others.
Encourage the leader to go first, to
performance and this month
demonstrate vulnerability in a way that is
reveals his tips for building an authentic. In so doing, team leaders create an
effective and cohesive team environment that recognises without punishing The kind of trust that
n my previous article, I shared The Five vulnerability. is characteristic of a

I Dysfunctions of a Team by renowned author

Patrick Lencioni. I mentioned a list of five
behaviours that left uncorrected lead to team
Engage in constructive
great team requires
team members to
make themselves
under-performance. These five factors, which if Teams that engage in productive conflict around
we are honest we have seen at times in our ideas know that the most positive purpose of vulnerable to one
different teams, are (1) absence of trust, (2) fear conflict is to produce the best possible solution another
of conflict, (3) lack of commitment, (4) in the shortest period of time. Teams that
avoidance of accountability and (5) inattention engage in productive conflict discuss and
to results. resolve issues more quickly and completely
Lencioni outlines a powerful model and than other teams do, and they emerge from
practical actionable steps that can be used to heated debates without collateral damage, with
overcome these common hurdles and build readiness to take on the next important issue.
cohesive, effective teams. How does a team go about developing this
ability and willingness to engage in healthy
Build trust conflict?
How does a team go about building trust? The The leader must acknowledge that conflict
kind of trust that is characteristic of a great is productive and that many teams have a ten-
team requires team members to make dency to avoid it. As long as some team mem-
themselves vulnerable to one another. This in bers believe that conflict is unnecessary, there
turn requires team members to be confident is little chance that conflict will be engaged
that their respective vulnerabilities will not be with positively.
used against them. Vulnerabilities include Members of teams that tend to avoid con-
weaknesses, skill deficiencies, mistakes and flict must surface buried disagreements with
personal recognition of the need for help. the team to shed light on and resolve them. (continued over)
Unfortunately, trust cannot be achieved
overnight. For trust to develop the team must
invest in shared experiences and an in-depth
understanding of the unique strengths and
weaknesses of each team members. However,
by taking a focused approach, a team can
accelerate the process towards high team
performance. Lencioni suggests the following:
Organise a team-effectiveness exercise. As
part of this exercise, ask each team member to
identify the single most important contribution
that each of their fellow team-members makes
to the team, and the one area in which they
must personally improve or eliminate for the
good of the team.
Use a personality and behavioral-
preference profiler such as the Myers-Briggs
Type Indicator (MBTI) to increase personal self-
(continued from previous page)

Members of great Team members need to be encouraged to demonstrating that they respect each other and
engage, not retreat, from healthy debate. have high expectations for one anothers
teams improve their
Team leaders need to demonstrate performance.
relationships by restraint when their people engage in conflict, Adherence to a few classic management tools
holding themselves as and allow resolution to occur naturally, as will make a real difference:
individuals and one messy as this can sometimes be. Clarify publicly exactly what the team
another accountable, needs to achieve, who needs to deliver what and
Ensure commitment by when, and how everyone must behave in
demonstrating that How does a team go about ensuring order to succeed.
they respect each commitment? A few simple but effective tools Team members must regularly
other and principles: communicate transparently and directly with
At the end of staff meetings, invite the team one another about how they feel they and their
to explicitly review key decisions made during teammates are doing against stated objectives
the meeting and agree on what needs to be and standards.
communicated to employees about those Reward structures must be shifted away
decisions. from individual performance and toward team
Use clear deadlines for making decisions achievement
and respect those dates with discipline.
Clarify the worst-case scenario for major
decisions the team is struggling to make and Focus on results
agree on the contingency plan. How does a team ensure that its attention is
The leader must constantly push the group focused on results?
for closure around issues. Perhaps more than with any of the other
dysfunctions, the leader must set the tone for a
focus on results. If team members sense that
Ensure accountability
the leader values anything other than results,
Members of great teams improve their
they will take that as permission to do likewise.
relationships by holding themselves as
Teams that are willing to commit publicly to
individuals and one another accountable,
specific results are more likely to work with
passionate desire to achieve those results.
Team leaders must reserve rewards and
recognition for those who make real
contributions to achieving group goals.
The reality remains that teamwork ultimately
comes down to practicing a small set of
principles over a long period of time. Success is
not a matter of mastering theory, but rather of
embracing common sense with uncommon
levels of discipline and persistence. Ironically,
teams succeed because they are exceedingly
human. By acknowledging their imperfections,
team members overcome their natural
tendencies that make trust, conflict,
commitment, accountability and a focus on
results so elusive.
Take some time to discuss at your next team
meeting how you as a team can develop into a
high-performing team and which factors in this
article are most relevant towards that aim.

Jim Rathbone is the Managing Director of

Rathbone Results. Contact him at
Interact with your home
& business security
system from anywhere
and at any time

GO is the mobile app that
gives your
our customers peace of mind
heir home and business security
about their
er they are. They can see inside their home
ness and make informed decisions about events
or business
and notications, all in real time, from anywhere, via their
smartphone or tablet.

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Enforcer V10 with Wi-Fi as standard

Utilising IP communications and HomeControl+ App Compatibility, you can optimise your
business, create additional recurring revenue streams, reduce installation time, and offer
superior value to users on your installations. Fit the Enforcer V10.
Faster connection & recurring revenue streams. Remotely program, diagnose, and maintain your
installations using InSite over IP. This offers faster connections, and allows you to carry out one of your
twice-yearly site visits remotely, saving you time and money.
Easy to fit & more value.
Deliver value into your end users by providing remote control of their system from anywhere in the world.
Dont spend your time wiring in PSTN lines - spend it installing more systems, with the DIGI-WIFI included
for free as standard!
So, ask yourself, Wi-Fit PSTN?
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IP communications are delivering

greater opportunities, efficiencies
and profitability.

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Security & fire alarm systems depend on

reliable backup power.
As European market leader for over 30 years & the number one choice for
reliability, quality & performance, you can always trust Yuasa batteries to
perform at the critical moment.

Dont take risks with your backup power.

Demand the best standby batteries... Demand Yuasa!
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The surveillance backbone

Video Management Software (VMS) can be the difference between the surveillance system
working as the end user expects it to, or not. Here we take a look at the technology and how
choosing a VMS can affect the success of an installation

ecurity technology trade shows have

S changed in the last ten years. No longer is

hardware the most common offering you
can browse; the software side of surveillance in
particular has become big business especially
since the networking capabilities of cameras and
video monitoring software (VMS) platforms has
allowed control and monitoring of multiple sites
from anywhere in the world with integration
between units of many disciplines and
The focus of the surveillance side of security
has moved on from chasing the highest resolution
cameras for any installation to specifying a
camera with the most suitable functionality to
provide the customer with a system that they
want and, in addition, one that can grow and requirement for analytics, and on a low budget, IDIS HD surveillance cameras
develop as needed. then the free VMS is a viable option, especially as integrated with Genetecs unified,
The VMS is essentially the engine of the some of the freeware coming out these days is open-platform VMS
surveillance system, it is the visible element that increasingly more feature-rich. Motion detection,
the controller interacts with and also provides the for example is a common freebie with cameras
functionality of the hardware it is much more so if there are acceptable limits to the
than just a video playback function. requirements of your customers then freeware
Most of the camera manufacturers provide could be a winner all round. After all, specifying
their own version of VMS even though their bespoke or specialised VMS to a contract will put
cameras will also be compatible with the offerings the price up but you do get what you pay for.
of specialist VMS providers such as Milestone, Using the camera manufacturers VMS also has
Genetec, Mirasys and Avigilon etc. The camera the added benefit of familiarity across the board.
manufacturer software is often supplied free If you only use Videcon cameras, for example,
along with the camera allowing the installer to get then you will know exactly how to set up the VMS
the system up and running using the dedicated as it will be exactly the same system for any of the
program and enabling the operator to see footage companys cameras. Going to a specialist VMS
from the cameras from the go. There are benefits supplier will involve more in-depth work in the
(mainly cost) and pitfalls (lack of flexibility and installation but this is often necessary as these
integration of third party systems) of using the would often be used for the larger jobs such as
freeware that comes with hardware. enterprises or city centres.
Free VMS software is however often just an Yet even though the camera manufacturer does
application for delivering recorded video. If you not, on the face of it, make any money from giving
are in a market in which you only need to record away software there is a lot of R&D time and
from a small number of cameras and you have money put into developing operating systems
very limited budget and requirements, then the that offer high levels of functionality.
free options are useable. However when you come This functionality is aimed at taking
to do serious video analytics, deliver real surveillance cameras into new areas beyond just
business intelligence or expand the scope of the security. Free VMS systems are a good way to try
system in a business critical environment: rolling
it out across a retail chain for example or Free VMS systems are a good way to try out new platforms
integrating video with access control or intruder as specialised VMS systems such as those offered by the
systems, installers will see the limitations of the
freeware very fast.
likes of Milestone et al can take a security installation on
Indeed if the installation is a relatively small to a whole other level with the open nature of the
job with only a handful of cameras and no software 35

(from previous page)

We have talked out new platforms as specialised VMS systems the users true needsa cohesive video and
such as those offered by the likes of Milestone et access control system that is efficient, non-
regularly about the al can take a security installation on to a whole proprietary, and cost effective. With the recent
installation other level with the open nature of the software, advancements in software technologies, and the
technology being fit allowing the integration of technology from a host ongoing discussions between manufacturers,
of manufacturers, not just the camera company. integration has become a popular substitute for
for purpose and this
In fact openness has been a major factor in the traditional interfacing. However, even integration
is no different for the growth of integrated security systems over the has its limits. The answer can be found in a single
software platform years, with VMS providers giving manuafacturers software that manages access control, intrusion
behind the cameras all the help they need in developing systems that and video through non-proprietary security
can go onto the platform thus widening its appliances. This next-generation security platform
potential range of applications. While there has provides unity between video, access and
been a bit of confusion about open standards intrusion systems with built-in reporting and
(ONVIF, PSIA), the willingness of the specialised alarm management functionalities. It goes above
VMS developers to offer software development and beyond the basic functionalities of
kits etc to other companies has led to a much interfacing, integration and even PSIMs, offering
more flexible operating systems that the original end-users an efficient, flexible and cost-effective
graphical user interfaces (GUIs) of the past and option to system unification.
the proprietary offerings from camera companies. As with many installations the key to selecting
An open platform system is ideal because it the correct VMS for the job will be subject to the
will not present barriers to developing and what do you want the system to do today, and in
upgrading your systems as a business expands or the future, and how much do you want to pay for
changes direction whichis why VMS companies it? equation as with many contracts.
recognise the benefits of working with third With the continual development of new
parties. technologies such as body worn cameras, remote
One software package that talks to a range of monitoring and increasingly complex video data
devices is of more value than having disparate analytics, VMS selection is just as important as
systems working independently of each other camera selection in getting the desired end result
resulting in an installation that cannot develop or for your customer which, in turn is the desired
give the performance and results that the end result for you.
customer wants. And its not just about going The choice of the right VMS for the job is likely
forwards either there is a hefty amount of legacy to come down to couple of factors: the size of the
built into VMS packages so that existing installation, the complexity of the application,
equipment could well be compatible with what the customers wants to do with the footage
software that is bang up to date not something and, probably the most limiting factor when it
you would normally think of when it comes to comes to licences, the budget. We have talked
software. regularly about the installation technology being
Dont think that this is some new development fit for purpose and this is no different for the
either, back in 2011 Genetec put together a White software platform behind the cameras.
Paper on the need for an open VMS solution and it Another of the new factors that need
still resonates true, stating: considering when looking at VMS technology is
Wavestores open platform VMS is
Even today, with all the technologies the requirement for cloud storage and access.
compatible with third-party
servers, or pre-installed on available, the industry is struggling to fully Such systems enable users to login from
Wavestores NVRs and HVRs succeed at building security solutions that fulfil anywhere in the world and share access to their
system, saving hours in port-forwarding setup
and coordination via the cloud.
It is likely that youll have your favourite VMS
technology to specify for certain types and sizes
of jobs however if the need arises for a look at an
unfamiliar system or a move to another supplier
completely check and see if there are any free
trial licences available for the platform so you can
try it out for yourself.
VMS is one of those technologies that will
always be developing new versions so next time
youre at a trade show it might be worth having a
look at the latest offerings in case the next
customers requirements open up a new set of

SkyHawk AI
The hawk is back and
smarter than ever.
Gain the commercial edge with SkyHawk AI,
built for AI-enabled surveillance systems,
and now protected by SkyHawk Health.

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Connected responsibilities
PSI recently caught up with Nigel
Peers, Senior Consultant at NW
Systems Group, to discuss the
convergence of physical and
cybersecurity, and why parties
across the supply chain must
expand their knowledge and open
communications channels to
ensure business security

hysical and cybersecurity have historically

P been treated as separate entities with clear

boundaries such as perimeter protection or
an alarmed entrance; and digital endpoint integrator must now consider physical and
protection, such as anti-virus. With the advent of cybersecurity in combination.
IP-based systems, however, security devices are
increasingly connected to business-critical
systems, blurring those once distinct lines. An Supply chain responsibility
example of this shift is CCTV, having evolved The complexity of security is best evidenced
from its definition as a closed-circuit system through an example. Imagine a scenario where a
with footage stored locally, to an IP-enabled criminal gains access to an organisations
solution that forms part of an organisations network via a vulnerability introduced by
broader IT network. surveillance equipment; this weakness is
The reason for this transition is clear; not exacerbated when the end user organisation
only is the technology more effective in decides to enable remote access to its video.
providing a holistic approach to security, but it Beyond the attacker, whose responsibility is the
also extends the long-term capabilities of breach? Would it be the manufacturer of the
systems beyond security. Historically acting as a surveillance equipment, the integrator or the
standalone system, the rapid progression of end-users IT department? Ultimately, all parties
networked technology has meant the camera share responsibility and have something to lose,
has evolved into a device that now benefits from including reputational damage. That said, the
firmware updates and can collect and share vast heavy fines set to be imposed by the impending
amounts of data. This can be used for security GDPR would fall at the feet of the end user.
purposes, such as aggression detection and When physical and cybersecurity are
suicide prevention or even for business considered together as part of an all-
intelligence, such as queue monitoring or encompassing approach to security, the full
managing staff more efficiently. picture becomes clear and the previously
While the benefits of connected systems are described scenario can be mitigated. Joined-up
clear, it has left many security integrators and IT thinking in all parts of the solution and at every
professionals puzzled about the blurring of lines point in the supply chain plays a part in whether
and responsibilities across the supply chain. the end user remains secure or not. This must
This has culminated in the current frenzy around extend to every stage, from the choice of (continued over)
cyber, the new General Data Protection
While the benefits of connected systems are clear, it has left
Regulation (GDPR) and a wider discussion on
personal freedoms and privacy. With the overlap many security integrators and IT professionals puzzled about
between physical security and cybersecurity the blurring of lines and responsibilities across the supply
changing both industries, the modern-day chain

(continued from previous page)

Even with the best of surveillance equipment, its supplier and the It is often said a business network is only ever
installer; through to the involvement of an end as strong as its weakest link, but it is also only
intentions, the
users IT department to ensure security at all as effective as the security knowledge
equipment a solutions network levels. supporting it. The installer must have
provider installs on a knowledge of the consequences of introducing
network could vulnerabilities into the network, and have a
sometimes make it Joined-up thinking dedicated strategy and process to best deal
Even with the best of intentions, the equipment with these, if they are to deliver a working and
a solutions provider installs on a network could secure solution.
sometimes make it vulnerable, making Only through a fully collaborative approach
education critical around security best practice. with manufacturers, integrators and end users
working in unison, will the gaps between
technology, compliance and security be
adequately filled. Once communication between
these parties can be deemed effective,
upskilling of staff and sharing security
knowledge will be key. Whether achieved
through industry accreditation such as the Cyber
Essentials scheme, or the appointment of a Data
Protection Officer as stipulated in the GDPR, use
of these resources will be vital in understanding
the measures required to mitigate risk and how
to effectively communicate these across the
supply chain.
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Meet the installer Security life with Nicola Gant of

CVL Systems in Wellingborough
Do you use a distributor or buy direct from Are there any common requests from
manufacturers? customers that give you problems?
We buy through various distributors but there are So often we hear that people want things done
a number of manufacturers that we also deal with straight away!
directly due to a range of different technologies.
What is the industrys biggest myth?
Is third party accreditation beneficial to You do get the impression that people don't value
your company? security enough - expecting it to cost very little
Being accredited means you can compete on a and then being surprised when they find out how
higher level and demonstrate the companys high much a professionally installed system will cost
standards. I do find that having third party them. You get what you pay for with security
approval helps the business to run more technology, but so often we hear that price is the Name: Nicola Gant
efficiently and ultimately improve customer deciding factor.
Job title: Quality Manager
satisfaction. Furthermore, when it comes to
What will be the impact of smart/home Time in security/fire: 3
tendering, having the right accreditation does go
automation on the security sector? years
a long way when scoring against any other bids.
As we do so little domestic work the home
CVL Systems now proudly hold all the Company: CVL Systems
automation market does not really affect us. I'm
accreditation that is usually required on the Location: Wellingborough,
sure for other installers it might have an impact
majority of tenders. delivering services across the
but I do feel that some of the 'smart' products we
What would be a typical project for you? see launched these days are just novelties and
We do very little domestic work, if any; we focus probably won't have a long life. Areas of expertise: CCTV,
on major blue chip companies in the UK supplying access control, intruder
What would be your ultimate fantasy alarms, barriers, bollards,
a range of security disciplines and focusing on
security product? gates and AV
customer relations for the all-important repeat
One box that does it all! If there was one Accreditations: ISO9001, NSI
panel/controller that integrated all the elements Gold, CHAS, SafeContractor,
What would make your job easier? of everything we did that would be great. Gate Safe, CompEX Supporter
More hours in the day!
Will England ever win the football World
Do you think there is a skills shortage in Cup again? We have very good
the industry? training plans for all
I don't really care, but after talking to the MD he
As we cover so many different areas of security our technicians, which
feels that if we couldn't win it in 2002 when we
it's very hard to find installation technicians is vital as we only use
had a team of superstars like Scholes, Seaman,
trained across all disciplines who can hit the
Owen etc then we're not going to do it anytime CVL staff for
ground running from the off. As a result we have
very good training plans for all our technicians,
soon looking at the current squad. installation, service
which is vital as we only use CVL staff for What would you do if you won 25,000? and maintenance work
installation, service and maintenance work and no I would buy 25,000 1 scratch cards. Bigger the and no outside
outside sub-contractors. risk the greater the reward! sub-contractors

CVL Systems achieved NSI Gold

in September 2017 43

NVRs available in three versions

Solution for increasing video resolution
for mid to enterprise applications Johnson Controls has introduced Holis HD Tribrid video recorders that support
SD analogue cameras, Illustra Essentials IP cameras, and a new line of HD
Available in 4, 8, and 16-channel models, the recorders feature intuitive
search, record, zoom and export functions, as well as all channel synchronous
real-time playback for simplified post-event forensics. With support for H.264
dual-stream video compression, the Holis HD Tribrid video recorders feature
Wavestores WR-Series NVRs are up to 12 TB of storage and 1080P real time-recording across all channels.
available in 1U and 2U rack Combined with the new American Dynamics HD camera portfolio which
mountable options and come pre- includes fixed and varifocal bullet and dome cameras, the HD video solution
installed with Version 6 provides an alternative to IP cameras and allows users to upgrade their
embedded onto their Linux system over time while protecting their CCTV investment.
operating system.
Available in three versions, the WR-Series
caters for mid to enterprise level applications.
WR14-Series NVRs can accommodate up to 4
x 3.5 hard drives in a 1U chassis to provide up
to 32TB of storage.
WR28-Series NVRs are supplied with RAID
and dual redundant power-supply as standard
for increased fault-tolerance. They can
accommodate up to 7 x 3.5 hot swappable hard
drives to provide up to 56TB of storage.
WR216-Series NVRs can accommodate 4
internal and up to 12 x 3.5" hot swappable hard
drives in a 2U chassis to provide a capacity of up
to 128TB of storage. WR216-Series NVRs are
also supplied with RAID and dual redundant
power-supply as standard. Surveillance and access management made easy MxDisplay+ is a wall-mountable building
automation server from Mobotix featuring a
touchscreen display, incorporating WiFi and
NVR provides data protection RFID functionality. All devices can be added
and configured from the central glass
console. It manages access to the T25 IP
Video Door Station and to all Mobotix
cameras, configures time-based access
control for every door, reads and writes
RFID transponders, offers a floor call
Surveons new 2U 8-bay form factor NVR5408 function and controls smart home
features 8-bay hot-swappable hard drives functions.
and IDR for data protection, and supports The MxDisplay+ Outdoor is a
5MP video recording of up to 64 channels weatherproof surveillance station available
and SAS storage with up to 308 HDDs for in white and black. The devices feature the same external design as the indoor
365+ days video retention period, making it models but meet protection class IP65 (dust-proof and resistant to sprayed water
ideal for middle-large projects. from any angle), and can be used at temperatures from -30C to 60C (-22F to
The NVR5408 Series provides storage 140F). This means they can be readily used in critical environments subject to high
backup to iSCSI with its scalable client-server humidity, major temperature fluctuations and dust. Every MxDisplay+ Outdoor is
architecture. Supporting Intelligent Drive equipped with Bluetooth-ready hardware to accommodate future upgrades and
Recovery (IDR), a data recovery mechanism comes standard with a Wi-Fi module that automatically selects the 2.4 GHz or 5
to detect and recover bad blocks, NVR5408 GHz frequency based on the Wi-Fi server in use.
can copy and clone data before a disk fails, MxDisplay+ fits into the frames and housing of the door station
providing protection for important data. modules and the FlatMount Frame. Multiple MxDisplay+'s can be
The Series comes with Surveon intuitive wirelessly connected, each being powered via PoE.
VMS with real-time analytics,
remote monitoring, central
management, and TV wall matrix
via Surveon Control Center NOTE: All technical specifications listed
(SCC). are provided by manufacturers
Stay Connected to your Security

Intelligent Network Lighting

A comprehensive range of Infra-Red, White-Light and Hybrid LED Network Illuminators

Security Alarm

Access Control

Simple & Easy Installation

Integrated Security - Access Control


No Software Required

Inception is an integrated access

control and security alarm system withth
a design edge that sets it apart from the pack.
k Multiple Devices
e, the Inception
Featuring built in web based software, Incepptition
system is simple to access using a web browser on a
Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

With a step by step commissioning guide and outstanding user interfa

e, DE
S IGNED Easy Setup with
Inception is easy to install and very easy
asy to operate. Checklist Prompting


For more information, visit T: 0845 470 5000
E: Send IP Alarms via
W: the Multipath-IP

Reducing energy consumption

Quality Essential Distribution launched a new energy (max 30 watts). To date, the average business
will be able to see much bigger and quicker
system called Energy Vault (EV) at the Energy 2017 event savings by changing from Halogen to LED
in October. The unit has the ability to charge, store and floodlights and by upgrading office lighting with
distribute continuous electricity for businesses. We look at the introduction of better building management.
its role in the security sector In 2017 and the future, this mantra is
becoming obsolete with energy preservation
V is a battery storage system that charges, becoming more important and expensive. The

E stores and distributes electricity over PoE.

The system reduces electricity consumption
up to 100% when used with solar or renewables;
fact that a CCTV system has relatively low
consumption is outweighed by the fact it
operates 24/7. The overall cost of the electricity
and up to 66% against other storage systems. used on larger systems soon adds up to
The product enables the flexibility of PoE thousands when you consider all the elements
distribution for both PoE devices and everyday required: CCTV, cameras, monitors, NVRs,
electronic devices such as tills, credit card switches, routers, detection equipment and
machines, lighting, PCs and CCTV equipment; related items such as access control, PCs, and
any items powered by a DC supply. alarms everything soon adds up. Businesses
The launch of the new power storage unit are actively looking for ways to reduce the
sparked the interest of Ribble Valley MP, Nigel consumption and the total cost of ownership.
Evans when he hosted his 26th Annual Summer The cost of electricity will continue to rise in the
Surgery, in which QED attended. The company future as demand outstrips the ability to supply.
discussed the power storage device leading the
MP to show enthusiasm towards its potential. How does EV work with security systems
Whilst outlining the importance of making such as CCTV, alarms etc.?
the UK a world leader in battery technology, The EV works instantly with any PoE device and
Nigel Evans stated that the role of batteries in a can be easily installed into an existing IT
low-carbon economy is absolutely imperative, infrastructure. The system even removes the
whether it be in the use of automobiles, need for PoE switches allowing the customer to
household electronics or on an industrial scale. buy standard switches. The fact that most
PSI spoke with Matt Philp (QED Product electronics such as NVRs and monitors are
Development Director), to take a look at EV and ultimately powered by a DC supply, allows us to
the idea behind its development supply the equipment and remove the
inefficiencies involved in external power
Is the security industry energy- supplies. The EV can supply any DC voltage
conscious? Is it still high on the agenda? across 100m of Cat5e, allowing you to take the
If were going to be totally honest, then no. flexibility of PoE for everyday electronics. In
Realistically, there never has been a real drive or addition to PoE, the unit provides a DC bus line
The fact that a CCTV desire for there to be. In the scale of a which allows direct DC power for longer
system has relatively business's total electrical consumption, a CCTV distances too.
low consumption is systems total usage per unit is relatively low. The EV offers power continuity for
Static PoE cameras can run from as little as 5 businesses on all DC powered electronics. Many
outweighed by the watts in some cases and even fully functional manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware
fact it operates 24/7 domes are now able to be supplied over PoE+ of the need to have electronics powered by
48VDC. In fact, D-Link are about to release a outages. This may not be the case for everyone, Major savings can be
range of rack mount switches powered by as I also know individuals who are quite happy
48VDC. The TruVision CCTV range, available
made on new
to operate fully with a UPS, accepting power
through QED, supplies NVRs that can be factor issues and encountering no issues.
installations since the
powered directly from the EV and we have a full What the EV does is allow you to be in ability to supply up to
range of monitors that can be powered via the control from day one. The device can operate 60 watts per cat5e run
EV too.
off-grid, and then charge when required from removes the need to
your specifically chosen source. Unlike a UPS, install sockets in
Would a security installer fit EV or is it the EV system provides power to your business-
something they would recommend? many situations
critical devices throughout the day instead of
We expect both. The EV is rack mountable and just during a power outage.
can be retrofitted into existing installations. The EV unit reduces the
Major savings can be made on new installations
amount of wasted
since the ability to supply up to 60 watts per
electricity from power
cat5e run removes the need to install sockets in
conversion and by charging
many situations. We have spoken to several
integrators and end users which has resulted in the unit during off peak
an amazing response. tariffs can save a business
a significant amount of
Why does using EV remove the need for money.
a UPS?
A UPS backup system operates only when there (L-R): Matt Philp with Tracy
is an unexpected power loss. Some customers Mina (QEDs EV Project
have experienced a UPS that hasnt performed Support), and Nigel Evans
as anticipated, usually due to prolonged power (Ribble Valley MP)

Digital Surveillance & IP CCTV Specialists


Security Safety Monitoring

Full 360 Degree coverage from a single camera Unique Imaging sensor Integrate Multiple sites into a single centrally
Up to 16MP Ultra High Denition resolution High resolution images unhindered by monitored solution
Integrated 1080p autotracking PTZ dome environmental challenges Complete scalable Solution
Award Winning Design both iF & GIT Security Incorporated Intelligent Analytics Engine 4K Ultra High Denition Camera Support
Perfect for boundary protection applications

Unit 4, Iceni Court, Icknield Way, Letchworth, Herts SG6 1TN Tel: 01462 708 820 Email:


An overview of some of the highest scoring products we have featured
in PSI independent test reports. Products are listed in no particular
order and feature here only because they suitably impressed the
reviewer - manufacturers and distributors have no input in the test results

Milestone - Husky M10

The Husky M10 eight channel dedicated NVR housed in a small square-
footprint box measuring 200 x 200 x 46 mm in height excluding the
connectors and has a weight of approximately 2.5 kg. A monitor,
keyboard and mouse can be connected for initial configuration following
which it can be interrogated over the network. The unit runs a Linux operating system that
auto-runs a Firefox browser based user interface.

Review: The Husky M10 appears to be aimed at both the small system market and also for the larger installation where
occasionally a limited input NVR is required perhaps for a remote site or secure location. With close attention to the instructions and
appropriate IP principles very good results can be achieved.

Vista - Q Server
A small-footprint video server for use with the Vista product range and their qulu
video management software. The model on test was fitted with a 2TB drive and had
four camera licences pre-loaded.

Review: A small but very capable network video server with good supporting client software that
can be used as a basis for small systems but with potential to grow by adding additional licences or
further servers. Ideal size for covert installations or where there is a need to keep the recorder secure.
The immediate availability of the API and SDK information should simplify any integration projects and further encourage its take-up.

MaxxOne - D8308 Hawk DVR

One of the D8300 range available from ShopMassive in the UK,
the D8308 Hawk DVR has the capability to record 8
analogue inputs and 4 IP streams. The analogue inputs can be
any mix of SD, AHD and TVI format signals.
The Hawk is available as a 4 or 8 input recorder with a capacity of 2 or 4 IP streams in addition to the analogue inputs. If only IP
cameras are utilised then a maximum of 6 or 12 streams can be recorded respectively.

Review: The quality of the supplied and online documentation appears to set this apart from many similar DVR offerings.
Helpful guides to hard drive fitting and router port forwarding are provided along with helpline numbers in case users encounter
difficulties.The ease with which cameras can be upgraded to analogue HD or IP makes this a good choice for small systems that are
likely to be upgraded.

Uniview - 201-04EP NVR

This is a 4 channel NVR which was supplied for test with a 1TB
Seagate Barracuda drive fitted. The unit has 4 PoE enabled
camera ports allowing for very simple installation and system
management. Features include third-party ONVIF IP camera
support, HDMI and VGA output up to 1080P, four RJ45 POE+ Interfaces and
support for P2P, UPnP, NTP, DHCP, PPPoE.

Review: This is a very capable 4 channel recorder that should be easy to set up with just a rudimentary knowledge of IP principles
and for engineers provides some very good diagnostic features.

Hikvision - DS-2CD4A26FWD
This camera is a high-end outdoor bullet camera identified as part of
Hikvisions DarkFighter range. The camera offers very high sensitivity
and 1920 x 1080p HD performance with pre-installed firmware to provide
video analytic functions. These can be selected from options including
Audio Exception, Defocus, Scene Change, Face, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Region Entrance,
Region Exiting, Unattended Baggage and Object Removal Detection.

Review: The wide range of detection methods mean that this camera can fulfil the majority of current security video tasks. Its
built-in Infrared illuminator range and high sensitivity provide very good image quality even in challenging conditions.

Milesight - MS-C3772-FPB
Featuring a hinged clam-shell design this is a 3MP indoor / outdoor fixed PoE dome
camera with a motorised 3mm to 10.5mm lens and capable of H.265 compression. The
dome is ingress protection rated to IP66 and has an impact resistance of IK10. ONVIF
profile S is supported.

Review: This camera is designed to be easy to install and has very good support documentation
supplied and online. Its image quality is very good with excellent low light performance. With careful
set-up and reference to the manuals, some impressive features can be implemented.

Hanwha Techwin - PNM-9020V

The camera is quite heavy for a dome at just over 2kg but is well packaged and has a
very good level of construction. The dome is based on 4 camera modules fitted with
3.6mm F2.0 lenses giving a field of view of 180 x 84 with a maximum resolution of
4096 x 1800 pixels. The camera assembly when mounted allows for the device to be
rotated through 355 and tilted from 0 to 60.

Review: This camera performs well and is capable of covering a very wide area with a good level
of image detail. The high pixel rate means that digital zooming can be used with reasonable effect.
The hardware is robust and being IP66 rated with an IK10 impact rating means that this dome will be suitable for harsh

Illustra - IP02P6ANBTT
This is an indoor unit with a 30x zoom lens and 2MP HD resolution. This particular variant
of the dome is for internal use only. The camera is given a sensible manufacturers
sensitivity figure of 0.4 Lux colour at 1/30th second (0.1 Lux colour at 1/8th second) and
0.04 Lux B&W at 1/8th second.

Review: While some of the functionality may seem limited compared to some other recent offerings,
this dome is built to a high standard, it performs very well and provides a good level of reliable

Flir - CC-3103-01-I
This is an IP66 rated corner mounting 3MP IP camera from the Flir Ariel range
with a lens viewing angle designed to provide wall to wall and ceiling to floor
coverage of the surveyed area. It has a curved front plate to ensure no grip is
possible and that no ligature can be attached. A microphone allows sound to
be captured and discrete infrared illumination is available for low or zero visible light use.

Review: This camera is very simple to get up and running and has a wide range of
settings to optimise its performance. Image quality and colour rendition is very good and
alarm settings are clearly laid out and function well. The ease of browser access was a
welcome change from some supplier offerings.

IP door entry solution at mounted to provide additional elegance, while

waterside development contributing to the smart, contemporary interior
Lancroft has installed Comelits ViP The systems concierge feature enables the
system in a residential development concierge to send messages to all, or groups of,
which comprises 286 apartments across residents, for example to give notice of
four blocks, where fourteen 3one6 Sense maintenance work on the lifts.
digital panels have also been fitted at The ViP system sits on the network as well as
the entrances. Featuring a built-in colour being connected to the sites 80-camera IP
camera, the IK08 rated 3one6 Sense surveillance system. Being IP-based, the system
series has no mechanical keys, using is able to provide an unlimited number of users
capacitive touch technology instead. with simultaneous video and audio
Residents at the Hendon Waterside communications, while at the same time
apartments are able to communicate with enabling remote connection and diagnostics.
visitors using Comelits Smart monitors, which The development will include a daytime
feature full duplex hands-free loudspeakers and concierge service, private fitness suite, rooftop
3.5-inch LCD displays. The monitors are flush- garden and community hub service.

works programme to complete additional works and

ensure a maintenance programme was in place to
look after intruder, CCTV and fire systems on site.
Caroline Caisley, School Business Manager at
Garston Manor School said: The school firmly
believes in creating an environment whereby all
students have the right to access learning at a level
and setting appropriate to their needs that will
enable them to enjoy and achieve. To ensure this can
occur, we must establish an atmosphere of trust,
security and mutual respect. Security in this respect
Revised fire and security is an absolute priority for the school, right from the
perimeter and the site boundaries through to all
systems for school internal areas.
Amthal has worked with Garston Manor School to David Williamson, Account Manager at Amthal
create a scaleable solution to upgrade the fire and added: By its very nature, Garston Manor is a
security systems in place and maintain it for the specialist school with very focussed aims and a vision
protection of staff, pupils and visitors. to encourage every child who attends to enjoy their
Garston Manor School is a specialist school for learning experience, celebrate their individuality and
autism, learning difficulties and speech and make the best possible progress and attainment.
language, with a vision to ensure all students leave Our role, following the site survey, is to support
school as confident and self-reliant individuals, the site management team and continue to look after
following a learning experience that is rewarding and the fire and security systems, eliminating any
enjoyable. concerns and planning works necessary around
To ensure all staff can focus on this mission, learning timetables. This way, staff can commit to
Amthal carried out an investigative site visit, to their integral role in each childs life, and students can
understand existing fire and security systems in learn in a safe and secure school environment, all
place, and make recommendations on how to build without affecting every day operations or the
on, complement and maintain it. They then created a aesthetics of this educational facility.

New control room for Stockport OSS recommended the installation of a wireless
Ethernet network which not only provided higher
Homes at Cornerstone HQ
capacity but also eliminated the high ongoing
Stockport Homes, the organisation responsible for
costs of rented fibre optic circuits. The company
managing housing stock on behalf of Stockport
then scoped and designed a dual Ethernet ring
Metropolitan Borough Council, has unveiled a new
topology that would provide a resilient, 1GB
control room at Cornerstone, its recently opened
head office. Designed and built by OpenView wireless network based on Bridgewave equipment
Security Solutions (OSS), the new control room will with the ability to upgrade to 3GB in the future if
enable the delivery of an efficient concierge and required. OSS upgraded the main equipment at
security service to over 2000 properties across the tower blocks with Layer 3 Cisco 3850 network
Stockport. switches.
OSS was asked by Stockport Homes to Prior to moving the control room facilities to its
recommend an upgrade for its existing fibre optic new location, OSS also upgraded the CCTV
cable-based network infrastructure which was platform with Dallmeier NVRs and software
used to link CCTV cameras installed in 22 platform to allow all existing equipment to be
residential tower blocks. migrated to the new network.


You have to be here if you want

to be regarded as a key player
in the security market.

9859 79% 20.7bn

installers at IFSEC & of visitors come to total budget of onsite
FIREX International 2017 source new products visitors to IFSEC 2017

Enquire about exhibiting at IFSEC 2018:

New Opportunities
Electronic Security Professionals
in DIO Security Services Group (SSG)
Security Services Group (SSG), which is a business area within the MOD Defence Infrastructure Organisation are now
recruiting in the following areas throughout November 2017.

Senior Project Manager 31,136 + additional allowances, pension & vehicle

Project Manager 24,934 + additional allowances, pension & vehicle
Maintenance Manager 24,934 + additional allowances, pension & vehicle
Security System Technicians 25,591 + additional allowances, pension & vehicle
Administration Officer 19,559 + additional allowances & pension
Successful applicants for the above posts will be based at Aldermaston and Burghfield where an Environmental
Allowance is payable - see Civil Service Jobs for full details of the benefits package.

Service Manager 25,945 + 5,500 allowances, pension & vehicle

Security System Technicians 26,782 + 5,500 allowances, pension & vehicle
Successful applicants for the above posts will be based from Woolwich, working for the MOD and Government
departments based across London and the South East - see Civil Service Jobs for full details of the benefits package.

Security System Technicians 25,591 + additional allowances, pension & vehicle

Successful applicants for the above posts will be tasked from home, predominantly working within a defined SSG region
(Scotland, Northern England, SW England or East Anglia.

For further information please contact:

Steve Leigh 07802 358741 (Aldermaston and

Jim Keane 07785 938306 (Woolwich, London and SE)
Geoff Janion 07867 351414 (National Technicians)

For more details and to apply online, please visit


IP lighting combats crime at

historic house
Raytec Network Illuminators have been
deployed as a key element of a bespoke IP
security solution for a Grade II listed Manor
House in Shropshire, UK to deliver night-time
surveillance images and actively combat crime.
Previously a target of crime, the estate had
no professional CCTV system, relying only on
halogen lighting with inbuilt PIR detectors. The
security team needed a solution which would
allow 24/7 monitoring over the property,
particularly at night, with the ability to respond
instantly to any security breaches.
SMC designed an IP surveillance system,
integrated with Raytec White-Light IP
Illuminators which were installed around the hours of darkness, providing information to the
estate perimeter and around the Manor House. staff as to who or what is on-site. The security
IP addressability and connectivity was crucial to team are able to use the Crestron system via a
the system design, ensuring that the IP lighting touch screen interface to take live control over
could be automatically triggered by any network any individual illuminator or group of
device to provide an instant, visual response to illuminators. Selecting them via a map view,
any incident in real-time. they can flash key zones of illuminators in the
A bespoke integration with a Crestron Control exact place an incident is occurring as a further
System also allowed remote control over the warning signal to deter crime.
lighting at any time and was designed in house Sean Gill, SMC Security Manager, comments:
by SMC using Raytecs network lighting API. We selected the Raytec IP lighting as it could
Optex PIRs were installed to detect the first be easily integrated with the wider system and
signs of an intruder and automatically trigger the enables us to respond instantly to any potential
Raytec Network Lighting as a first line of response break-ins, even if they occur out-of-hours. The
to deter any potential intruders. Simultaneously LED lighting is also crucial to helping our CCTV
the system sounds an internal alarm in the estate operate at night. In fact, the new IP system has
office and the managers apartment. already allowed us to prevent a potential break-
The LED lighting enables Samsung PTZ in and helped us to clearly identify the
network cameras to deliver images during the intruders!

Temporary buildings at M3 A Kentec fire control panel is helping protect the

services protected from fire temporary buildings at Welcome Breaks M3
southbound Fleet Services on the
Surrey/Hampshire border, erected following a
devastating fire in December 2016 that almost
completely destroyed the former services
At its height, more than 100 firefighters from
across the Hampshire/Surrey border fought to
bring the flames under control. The M3 was closed
in both directions for a short while and the
southbound services were entirely closed until
early January.
The temporary building, erected in the truck
park to provide full facilities whilst the new
permanent building is completed, houses a full
range of outlets including Starbucks, a little
Waitrose, Burger King, Harry Ramsden and WH
A new fire safety system, comprising a Kentec
Syncro AS 16 zone control panel with Apollo
devices, now protects the new structure, while the
new permanent building is completed.
Available with one or two detection loops
capable of hosting up to 126 devices (Apollo), 240
devices (Argus Vega) or 127 devices (Hochiki),
Syncro AS uses microprocessor based electronics
to provide a flexible control system with high
reliability. 53

St. Christophers provides primary through to

secondary classes, from reception to Sixth Form.
Students are able to sit British GCSE and A-level
Arencon Security undertook the security system
upgrade for the schools Saar and Isa Town
campuses, with the main objective being to
monitor the entrances and perimeter of each site.
AMG Systems provided the switches which
transmit images from the cameras to the digital
Arencon Security is a Bahrain-based installation
company which provides CCTV, access control,
alarm and perimeter security systems. Arencon
General Manager Richard Monkhouse, whose
children attend St. Christophers, said the new
Switches support CCTV upgrade system improves the safety of the premises for
both staff and students.
at British school in Bahrain The systems supplement the manned guard
AMG Systems ruggedised Ethernet switches have force and the centralised monitoring improves
helped to provide an IP CCTV system for two their ability to respond swiftly to any suspicious
campuses of St. Christophers School, the British activity, as well as providing recorded evidence to
curriculum school in Bahrain. aid any subsequent investigation, he said.

Managing the communications with shoplifters or even potentially an

at Canary Wharf Retail emergency and evacuation. Mall Call enables
Multitone Electronics has announced that its the estate management team to instantly
Mall Call communications system has been communicate with the security teams and retail
chosen by Canary Wharf Group for its retail tenants when required.
facilities. Lee England at Canary Wharf Shopping also
Peter Lomax, Director of Strategic commented, The Mall Call solution was ideal
Partnerships at Multitone, commented, We are for our communication needs. The system has
delighted that Canary Wharf Group has chosen scope far beyond that which we are utilising
to use Multitones Mall Call solution to manage initially.
communications with retail tenants. With over Based upon Multitones i-Message platform,
490 Mall Call Units being installed, more than Mall Call is designed to provide communications
300 stores, banks, services and restaurants over availability to all relevant teams, with a tailored
five malls will be covered. interface for the bespoke requirements of the
Mall Call is a dedicated communications tool specific applications and organisation using it.
for a busy, large-scale sites, for sending service Mall Call uses a touchscreen interface, which
alerts to tackling crime and managing major can be utilised on any suitable smart device
events. including a smart watch. The whole system will
Peter continued: The scope of be hosted on a secure fixed and wireless system
communications requirements at Canary Wharf at Canary Wharf for full control of
is vast, from everyday planning messages (such communications.
as opening times or maintenance), to dealing From a users point of view, communications
centre around the Mall Call Units, which are
tamper-proof, fixed tablet-style devices that fully
utilise the multi-content facility of the system
and will be installed with each retailer. Along
with text information and audible alerts, Mall
Call also allows for the sharing of graphics or
photo images and documents. This could be
used for regular admin updates from the
facilities team, warnings on known suspects to
identify criminal individuals or to find a lost child
or missing person, for example.
Peter Lomax concluded, With Phase One of
the project underway, we are working closely
with the team at Canary Wharf Group to
investigate potential ways of expanding the
project in the future. For example, Mall Call can
be utilised over multiple sites, which offers
further scope for expansion should it be
required moving forward.

Keeping hospital staff safe in one of the
UKs busiest A&E departments


Kings College Hospital in Lambeth is located in amongst the

highest concentration of gang culture within the UK. This, along
with having one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Britain
means that the safety of its 12,000 staff who treat a staggering 1.5
million patients a year at the hospital, is of paramount importance.
Kent based NT Security has installed over 900 CCTV cameras since
upgrading the hospitals CCTV system. NT Security has also fitted
over 1,300 access controlled doors, which are recording over
400,000 activations a day.
Ian Taylor, Head of Security at the hospital, commented on the
investment: CCTV and access control measures do not always stop
crime, but they certainly assist in identifying suspects, provide
evidence of wrongdoing and deter all but the most determined. The
Trust has and continues to invest a large amount of capital in
helping to keep the hospital safe and secure and having a very
visible security team on duty 24/7 provides reassurance to the
public and staff that the Trust takes their safety seriously.
Andy Purvis, Director of NT Security commented: Such is the
size and nature of somewhere like Kings College, a fully integrated
and robust security offering is of the utmost importance. This is not
just a case of putting a couple of extra cameras by the door. It needs
to be state of the art equipment, leaving no room for complacency.
Prior to NT Securitys involvement, the hospital had a variety of
different systems in place, which were not up to the task due to the
volume of access controls needs. NT Security was able to provide a
single solution, the ACT PRO. This solution offers a range of access
controls suitable for multi sites and for sites the size of Kings
College Hospital.
The Enterprise software allows the system administrators to
facilitate and manage the day to day operation of the system which
processes more than 400,000 door actions per day.

Get In Touch Follow
+44 (0) 2920 455 512 @DVSLTD /DVSLimited


New Access Control as a Service offering increases efficiency

Genetec has announced Security Center Synergis SaaS edition, which offers a turnkey access
control solution for easier deployment and maintenance. Synergis SaaS edition removes the
need to purchase and install on-premises servers and streamlines maintenance, allowing
corporate IT staff to focus on other business-critical projects. Synergis SaaS edition is expected
to be available from November 2017.
Synergis is the access control solution in Genetec Security Center, an open-
architecture, IP security platform that combines video surveillance, access
control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and
analytics. All Synergis access control software editions integrate with a
selection of access control hardware from other manufacturers.
The new Synergis SaaS edition will give customers the flexibility to
adjust the system usage as needs change, reportedly reducing budget
requirements for access control capital expenditures. Customers will also be
able to quickly deploy their access control system, and benefit from automated update notifications. Multi-site organisations will be
able to centrally manage their access control systems more efficiently, says the company.

Enhanced situation awareness and controls Cloud-based mobile command and control

The latest version of exacqVision video management system

(v8.8) from Johnson Controls provides tools that are described as
able to improve situation awareness and control for both
administrators and users. Qognifys suite of integrated mobile solutions, Qognify Extend,
To better react to imminent events that could potentially affect enables organisations to leverage field resources and
business, users can now embed a web page as a panel within the responders to increase situational awareness.
exacqVision client to get important information. This could be Powered by CloudScann, the cloud-based solution extends
used to display breaking news headlines, or even for connectivity the reach, coverage and effectiveness of an enterprises control
to web-enabled security or other mission critical systems. room and operations, by enabling personnel and their
Additionally, event links can be displayed as an association smartphones to become sensors.
which will appear on top of the live video feed. Ideal for Qognify Situator has open platform architecture that allows
associating access control or intrusion breaches, this feature is partners to develop applications on top of Situator extending
also listed as useful in applications such as retail, where its capabilities.
metal/foil detectors are now being deployed to detect foil-lined The Qognify Extend suite includes several modules
bags, a new tool for shoplifters. Once the serial data profile is set including SeeItSendIt which is geared to enable field
up from the metal detector, whenever a foil-lined bag is detected, personnel to report into the control room using their
an alert will trigger and automatically appear on top of the smartphones and also Live Video Broadcast, a special module
corresponding live video, providing critical information to the allowing field personnel to broadcast live video directly to the
retailer trying to prevent rising theft. control room.
This latest release also adds controls for administrators Qognify VICC (Visual Intelligence Command Center) is a
looking to more strictly manage how and when users can access desktop application that collects and aggregates the
the VMS. Expiring inactive accounts, automatically unlocking information from the various mobile applications, presenting it
accounts, and assigning temporary guest accounts are a few of on a map.
the new features that give system administrators visibility and As part of the integration with Qognifys Situator and
control over system access. VisionHub solutions, incidents are automatically triggered in
exacqVision v8.8 has also introduced the hover feature to Situator, including textual, visual and geographic information
accelerates the process of identifying where cameras are located observed and captured by the smartphone.
(e.g. lobby, parking lot). While for CCTV set-up, multiple IP Connectivity to VisionHub and Qognifys video
cameras can be imported to several servers at one analytics suite, means additional power to
time via a CSV file, which includes the cameras IP automatically analyse the information received and
addresses, usernames, passwords, etc. take effective action.
VMS with new intuitive interface

Read PSI magazine
Vivoteks latest release of its video management on your tablet or
software, VAST 2 builds on the software engine of
VAST with a new intuitive user interface and a range
of user-centered functionalities, including auto
smartphone using
setup, advanced search, and custom layout as well as
additional add-on functions for failover protection, the FREE app
transportation, and transaction solutions.
VAST 2 is designed for efficient video management,
allowing security operators to reduce both operational and
maintenance costs.
Utilising automatic configuration wizards, VAST 2 makes it
simple to set up surveillance systems. Users can adjust layout
by dragging a corner of the window, a feature which also
supports Vivotek fisheye dewarp. With the addition of the
evidence-lock function, it is easy to manage numerous
investigation scenarios by manually extending the retention
time of recorded videos. These videos are easily exported with
custom layouts and a quick snapshot function is also available
to instantly preserve this critical evidence.

Monitor, manage, and maintain remotely

Vanderbilt has added SPC Connect 2.4 to its SPC product
portfolio. SPC Connect is a hosted cloud-based solution
designed specifically for installers to monitor, manage, and
maintain SPC panels remotely from any location.
The latest features include push notifications, local user
management, and alarm verification. The new push
notifications for IOS devices ensure SPC Connect users are
informed of new information related to their SPC system, even
when the app is closed. The system also includes new local
user management features, facilitating the ability to add new
accounts through the server, import lists of multiple users, and
automatically register multiple accounts at any given time,
simplifying the user experience.
SPC Connect speeds up the process of adding and
configuring users. It means that the system administrator can
now quickly configure users to have access to their
SPC system, while simultaneously saving them time
and money, explains John ODonnell, Product
Manager at Vanderbilt.

NOTE: All technical specifications listed

are provided by manufacturers

Free entry for security developers

Cloud hosted maintenance tool Milestone Systems offers XProtect Essential+ as a free entry
product to the companys portfolio. The software and SDK can be
downloaded at no cost from the Milestone website.
Documentation, eLearning courses, and an online developer
forum are some of the resources to which open platform software
developers gain free access allowing any Microsoft-certified
developer can start developing business video solutions.
XProtect Essential+ is designed to provide a professional-
grade security experience as a stand-alone video business
solution. Users have access to their system from anywhere via
three easy-to-use clients.
XProtect Essential+ 2017 R2 supports up to eight cameras
Honeywells Total Connect Pro Manager is a maintenance tool
from more than 6,000 supported devices. This enables the user
hosted in the Honeywell Cloud, allowing installers to remotely
to pick and mix camera models and brands and upon installation,
access their customers Total Connect Box wireless control
the users of the free XProtect Essential+ will gain access to the
panels. Installers can perform diagnostics, adjust
Milestone online support community at no cost.
configurations and offer maintenance to customers on the go.
With this information at their fingertips, installers can offer
pre-emptive maintenance to home and small business owners.
For example, installers can alert customers if a battery level is
low on their system, or if a change to a sensor location has
caused poor radio transmission levels. By providing this extra
level of customer service, installers can ensure home and
small business owners are getting the best out of
their Total Connect Box system and prevent costly,
inconvenient site visits.

Open architecture software suite for

seamless integration Limitless interfaces and integrations
SeeTec Cayuga
The CathexisVision IP Video
Management Software suite
provides a range of
software offers
solutions to satisfy security
and infrastructure
management requirements.
options, with
The open architecture
simple, flexible
enables IP cameras,
recording servers, viewing
and intuitive
infrastructure, and third
use. The system can be used to implement sector-specific and
party systems suited to a particular application to be integrated.
security-specific solutions of any size or complexity thanks to
This provides clients with optimum solutions and maximum
its modular Multi Solution Platform meaning that a variety of
return on investment.
functions can be added to the core software via interfaces,
CathexisVision Video Management Software can operate on
metadata, protocols, expansion modules and sector-specific
both Windows and Linux operating systems with features such as
solutions as and when required.
CatObserver which enables a selected viewing monitor to be
SeeTec Cayuga is not dependent on a specific
configured as a virtual camera so that all the activity viewed on
manufacturer, over 1000 camera models from around 40
the computer screen is recorded. CatMobile enables users to
manufacturers supported. Additional camera models can also
view up to four cameras simultaneously on a smartphone, review
be integrated via the ONVIF standard and analogue cameras
recorded footage from selected cameras and control PTZ cameras
and systems are integrated via video servers and can therefore
from the user interface. Of particular interest to installers, the
still be used.
Cathexis Health Manager provides real-time analysis of the
Security systems such as building management and PSIM
system and can be configured to send alarms to selected
systems, access control systems, intruder and fire alarm
recipients if problems are detected. Camera failures, hard drive
systems as well as alarm centres and control room solutions
analysis, environmental conditions, communication integrity,
are integrated via interfaces. Web and mobile clients
software errors, and other parameters are monitored
are available for remote viewing on tablets and
to provide peace of mind. The software also provides
full reporting capability to enable you to generate
system status reports.
Best Value Security Products from Insight Security Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500


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PANASONIC SYSTEM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY also offers an internal technical support team, dedicated field support engineers along with a suite of
training courses and services. ADI also offers a variety of fast, reliable delivery options, including specified
EUROPE time delivery, next day or collection from any one of 28 branches nationwide. Plus, with an ADI online
account, installers can order up to 7pm for next day delivery.
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210 Wharfedale Road, IQ Winnersh, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 5TP Reading, Berkshire RG74GB, United Kingdom
Tel: 0118 912 5000 Fax: 0118 912 5001 Tel: +44(0) 845 470 5000 Fax: +44(0) 845 470 5001 Email:


Hikivision & MaxxOne (logos) Authorised Dealer PERIMETER PROTECTION
Unit A10 Pear Mill, Lower Bredbury,
Stockport. SK6 2BP
Tel +44 (0)161 430 3849


IDENTIFICATION Unit 2 Birch Business Park, Whittle Lane, Heywood, OL10 2SX
Tel: + 44 (0) 1706 363998
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14 Low Farm Place, Moulton Park
Northampton, NN3 6HY UK
COMPLETE SOLUTIONS FOR IDENTIFICATION Tel: +44(0)1604 648344 Fax: +44(0)1604 646097
1 The Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent,
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH
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Tel: 0845 389 3889 Unit A, Cwm Cynon Business Park, Mountain Ash, CF45 4ER
Email: Tel: 01443 471900 Fax: 01443 479 374
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Twitter: @thebsia


7-11 Earsdon Road, West Monkseaton UPS - UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLIES
NE25 9SX Adept House, 65 South Way, Walworth Business Park
Tel: 0191 2963242 Andover, Hants SP10 5AF
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Tel: +44 (0) 844 8000 235 Woodgate, Bartley Wood Business Park
E-mail: Hook, Hampshire RG27 9XA
Tel: 01256 386700 5152 e-mail: Tel: +44 (0)1273 475500

Lincoln House,
Malcolm Street
INSIGHT SECURITY Tel: 0871 208 1187
Units 1 & 2 Cliffe Industrial Estate
Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6JL
Tel: 01273 475500
Challenge Way, Martland Park,
Fax: +44 (0) 1942 829867
Challenger House, 125 Gunnersbury Lane, London W3 8LH Website:
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Aviary Court, Wade Road, Basingstoke
CONSTANT SECURITY SERVICES Tel: +44 (0) 1256 475555
Fax: +44 (0) 1256 466268
Cliff Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S64 9HU Email:
Tel: 0845 330 4400 Web:

FENCING SPECIALISTS Secure House, Braithwell Way, Hellaby,
J B CORRIE & CO LTD Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 8QY.
Frenchmans Road Tel: +44 (0) 1709 700 100 Fax: +44 (0) 1709 701 042
Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3AP
Tel: 01730 237100
Fax: 01730 264915

OPTEX (EUROPE) LTD PO Box 750, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB9 5ZJ
Tel: 0330 1239979
Redwall infrared and laser detectors for CCTV applications and Fiber SenSys fibre
optic perimeter security solutions are owned by Optex. Platinum House, Unit 32B E-mail:
Clivemont Road, Cordwallis Industrial Estate, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7BZ Web:
Tel: +44 (0) 1628 631000 Fax: +44 (0) 1628 636311

CQR SECURITY Secure House, Braithwell Way, Hellaby,
125 Pasture road, Moreton, Wirral UK CH46 4 TH Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 8QY
Tel: 0151 606 1000 TEL +44 (0) 1709 700 100 FAX +44 (0) 1709 701 042
Fax: 0151 606 1122

CSL Eaton is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of security equipment
T: +44 (0)1895 474 474 its Scantronic and Menvier product lines are suitable for all types of commercial and residential installations.
@CSLDualCom Tel: 01594 545 400 Email: Web: Twitter: @securityTP


Commerce House, Whitbrook Way, Stakehill Distribution Park, Middleton, Brunel Way, Fareham
Manchester, M24 2SS Hampshire, PO15 5TX
Tel: 0161 655 5500 Fax: 0161 655 5501 United Kingdom
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