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SHJWC Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Lesson Fun and games Your Name Khulood Mohammed

(New words)

MST Ms. Kefah School Afra bint Obaid

MCT Ms. Liz Taylor

Class Grade:2 Date 1-11-2017


Discuss one aspect that YOU feel you did very well with your teaching and one aspect that went
well with childrens learning. Try to analyze why you think it worked well and what hints you would
share with other teachers about the successful strategy/ resource/activity/management style etc.

Then one aspect that YOU feel could be better about your teaching and one aspect that could be
better about childrens learning. Show these two aspects in the next lesson plan (next steps)

Lesson Plan Reflection

My Teaching Childrens Learning (use

assessments of LO)
WWW What Went Well
1. using the warm before 1. Students engaged before I
begin the lesson. start the lesson.
2. Explain the new lesson by 2. Learners understand the
acting with ball. words clearly in enjoyable
3. Finish the lesson in the way.
right time by gave them 3. Students had something
activities that have more to do it in the whole of
challenging. lesson because they took
time to thinking for the
answer in activities.

EBI Even Better If

- I give one student to - Confused and talking with
distribution the activities. each other while I
distribute the activities.
Next Steps
(Identify which lesson this will be I will put in every class helper Students will focus more and will
seen in) student to distribution the not confuse and talking with each
activities. other.
(I will use this step in the short u