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Proceedings of the

2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON)

Penang, Malaysia
November 5 8, 2017

IEEE Malaysia Section

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

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ISBN: 978-1-5090-1133-9

IEEE TENCON 2017-iii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Message from the IEEE President

Karen Bartleson
2017 IEEE President and CEO

IEEE members and delegates, it is an honor to welcome you to 2017 IEEE TENCON, the flagship
conference for Region 10. I would like to thank all the volunteers, chairs, and coordinators who have given
unselfishly of their time, energy, and expertise in creating this truly exceptional event.

IEEE Region 10 has always been one of the most dynamic and vibrant regions of IEEE. For the past half-
century, the members and volunteers of IEEE Region 10 have been a driver of technological advancement
and economic growth. You have harnessed the unmatched power of technology to improve peoples lives
throughout the world.

The generations of engineers and scientists who formed IEEE Region 10 have developed it into one of
the powerhouse regions within IEEEs global presence. Throughout the years, Region 10 members have
helped to lead IEEE at its highest levels, and their work has been integral to our organizations ongoing
evolution and expansion. Since its origin, IEEE Region 10 also has nurtured its young leaders and built an
open, diverse community of members across its numerous borders.

IEEE is at its best when we bring together the totality of our offerings with the rich diversity of our
global community of professionals from academia, government, and industry to solve the problems facing
humanity. A thriving multitude of global, leading-edge viewpoints on technology and innovation is
imperative as we continue to pursue IEEEs mission of advancing technology for humanity.

I will wish you all a successful conference.


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Message from the R10 Director

Kukjin Chun
Region 10 Director
Seoul National University

Warm Greetings from Region 10!

On behalf of Region 10, I would like to congratulate IEEE TENCON 2017 in Penang, Malaysia which is one of
the UNESCO world heritage site with a rich multicultural history.

TENCON is a flagship conference of Asia-Pacific Region10 of IEEE which attracts the biggest attendees from
its 50-Years of history. TENCON has established and continued very good tradition of good quality papers
presentations in a wide variety of technical disciplines with great deal of attendees.

The theme for TENCON 2017 is Bridging the Gap, where the industry forum, HardTech Summit will be held
during the conference as well as Sessions for Mini-POCO, HTC, TISP, SIGHT, WIE, YP, Student.

IEEE core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity and I wish
this conference to carry forward IEEEs long-standing tradition of commitment to advancing technology for the
benefit of humanity.

I would like to thank all the volunteers who prepared for this event especially General Chairs Norliza Mohd Noor,
Zuhaina Zakaria and Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi, Suhaila Subahir, Rozita Jailani, Christopher Chew, Ahmad
Shukri Muhammad Noor, Lee Yoot Khuan, Md Pauzi Abdullah, Syed Khaleel Ahmed, Chong Yu Zheng, Mohd
Naim Mohd Ibrahim for their great effort. Special thanks also go to Malaysia Section, Malaysia and Penang
Convention & Exhibition Bureaus and all the sponsors.

I congratulate again for very successful TENCON 2017 and thank you very much.


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Message from Malaysia Section Chair

Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi

IEEE Malaysia Section Chair
Multimedia University

On behalf of IEEE Malaysia Section, I would like to welcome all of you to IEEE TENCON 2017, held at The Wembley -
A St Giles Hotel, in the state of Penang, Malaysia. TENCON is the flagship conference of IEEE Region 10, held annually
since 1980. This year is the 37th edition of the conference, and IEEE Malaysia Section is honored to have the opportunity
to host this prestigious event in Malaysia.

IEEE Malaysia Section was formally established in 1985 and just recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015. Over
the course of the years the section has grown from a small Section into one of the largest sections in Region 10. To
better serve the members, especially those in East Malaysia, IEEE Malaysia Section now has its first Subsection, with
the formation of the IEEE Sarawak Subsection in 2016. And we will soon have our second subsection, to better serve
our members in the state of Sabah. Along with 24 chapters, 3 affinity groups, 23 student branches and 15 student branch
chapters, Malaysia Section has really grown to be one of the most active sections in Region 10.

IEEE TENCON is a premier conference of high quality in the Asia Pacific Region. The conference theme this year
is "Bridging the Gap". TENCON 2017 focuses on emerging technologies not only to bridge the gap between theory
and practice, but also between technology and the public. TENCON 2017 will feature 4 plenary speakers in different
fields across the electrical and electronics engineering discipline. Besides the paper presentations, to be delivered during
the oral and interactive sessions, TENCON 2017 also features tutorials, workshops, forums for industry, Women in
Engineering and Young Professionals, as well as a student meet up session.

In conjunction with TENCON, we also organized the HardTech Summit and Mini-POCO on November 4 in Kuala
Lumpur. We hope all these various activities will greatly benefit TENCON participants. The rich conference program of
IEEE TENCON 2017 could not have materialized without the hard work of authors, reviewers, conference organizing
committee, IEEE Region 10 committee, IEEE Malaysia Section committee, and helpers. On behalf of IEEE Malaysia
Section, I would like to pay special thanks to all these people for their excellent job. Last but not least, I would also like
to express my sincere gratitude to our supporters, sponsors and industrial partners for their valuable support.

Nicknamed the Pearl of the Orient, Penang is one of the 13 states in Malaysia. Like Malaysia, its heterogeneous
population is highly diverse in ethnicity, culture, language and religion. Thanks to its industries, Penang is one of the
most vital economic powerhouses in Malaysia. It is also a thriving tourist destination, with its capital George Town been
inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. Famous for its soft sandy beaches and fondly regarded as the
food capital of Malaysia, it is a perfect location for major conferences such as TENCON. IEEE Malaysia Section hopes
that all TENCON participants enjoy their stay in Penang, and truly experience the Malaysian hospitality.

Thank you!


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Message from the General Chairs

Norliza binti Mohd Noor Zuhaina Zakaria

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Universiti Teknologi MARA

Welcome to IEEE TENCON 2017

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to welcome all participants to the 2017 IEEE Region 10
Conference (TENCON) held in Penang Island, Malaysia from 5th to 8th November 2017.

TENCON is a flagship technical conference of IEEE Region 10 and it is an honour for IEEE Malaysia to host
this conference for the second time after 17 years. Our gratitude to IEEE Region 10 Director and R10 technical
committee for giving us the chance to host TENCON2017.

The theme for TENCON 2017 is Bridging the Gap and it focuses on emerging technologies not only to link the
gap between theory and practice but also bridging the gap between technology and public. It is hoped that the
program which include technical paper presentations, interactive oral sessions, workshop and forums will enable
interactive exchanges among attendees and forge further collaborations.

TENCON 2017 is proud of having distinguished keynote speakers: IEEE President, Karen Bartleson, Professor
Chuah Hein Teik and Vincenzo Piuri presenting issues from their various viewpoints. We would like to thank
them for their presence here and their contributions.

TENCON 2017 will not be a successful conference without the submission of technical papers from researches
who have invested their time and energy writing on a variety of topics. Thus, we would like to thank all authors
for supporting TENCON 2017 and wish you a fruitful discussion. We hope that you will also take the opportunity
to visit Penang, as well as other cities in Malaysia during your stay.

The technical program committee members and external reviewers also deserved a pat on the back for a job well
done reviewing almost 1000 submissions while maintaining the high standard of quality for this conference.

Finally, TENCON 2017 would not be possible without the dedicated work and efforts of the organizing committee,
subcommittee and students volunteer who worked tirelessly in every aspect. We wish to express our gratitude for
your hard work and commitment towards making TENCON 2017 a success.

IEEE TENCON 2017-vii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Technical Chairs Overview

Ahmad Shukri Muhammad Noor Lee Yoot Khuan Md Pauzi Abdullah

Universiti Putra Malaysia Universiti Teknologi MARA Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Welcome to IEEE TENCON 2017, the flagship Conference of IEEE Region 10.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to IEEE TENCON 2017, in Pulau
Penang, Malaysia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Malaysia Section is indeed honoured to be entrusted to host this prestigious event of IEEE Region 10, after
the successful Tensymp2014, a flagship symposium of IEEE Region 10, just three years ago. Themed with
Bridging the Gap, IEEE TENCON 2017 intends to bring together global leaders in academia and industry, not
forgetting the graduate students, to make visible, bridge and embrace the gap towards IR 4.0, over an incredibly
wide spectrum of research areas. The Technical Program encompasses this wealth of knowledge in 7 Technical
tracks that runs in parallel for 3 days, 2 interactive sessions, 2 workshops, 2 tutorials and many exhibition from
our industrial partners, held in Pulau Penang and Kuala Lumpur. To top it all, 4 esteem keynote speakers have
confirmed to sharing of novel emergent research in their respective fields.

This year, we have received a total of 1098 paper submissions from 38 countries. After rigorous blind review,
562 papers were accepted, yielding an acceptance rate of 51%. Of these, 70% will be presented according to
the traditional lecture style, while the other 30% will be presented in Oral Interactive Session, which allows free
discussion. Despite the difference in style of presentation, quality of papers presented in both styles are of equal
standing. Completion of reviews of this scale within the time-frame would not have been possible without the
relentless, dedicated and generous effort from each and every member of the Technical Program Committee. The
Technical Program Chairs are deeply indebted to their sacrifice in time and effort.

While the Technical Program promises to be a rewarding experience, we hope that you will also have some time
to enjoy all that the UNESCO World Heritage of Pulau Penang has to offer.

We would like to take this opportunity as well to thank all members of the Organizing Committee, all the Au-
thors, all the Reviewers and all the Volunteers for their valuable support to make IEEE TENCON 2017 a happening.


IEEE TENCON 2017-viii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Organizing Committee

General Chair: Norliza Mohd Noor

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), KL
General Co-Chair: Zuhaina Zakaria
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Program Chair: Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi
Multimedia University (MMU)
Secretary/Exhibition Chair: Suhaila Subahir
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Local Arrangement/Secretariat Chair: Rozita Jailani
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Finance Chair: Christopher Chew
Standard Financial Adviser Sdn Bhd.
Technical Chair: Ahmad Shukri Muhammad Noor
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Lee Yoot Khuan
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Md Pauzi Abdullah
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai
Publication Chair: Syed Khaleel Ahmed
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
Tutorial and Special Sessions Chair: Chong Yu Zheng
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
Publicity Chair: Mohd Naim Mohd Ibrahim
Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Keynote 1: Karen Bartleson

2017 IEEE President and CEO
IEEE: The Force Behind Innovation
November 6, 2017, 9:30 am
Wembley Ballroom 2

2017 IEEE President Karen Bartleson will discuss several exciting IEEE initiatives, including IEEEs participation in
global public policy and ensuring ethical considerations in technology and design, support for young professionals and
women in engineering, and continuing worldwide industry engagement.

Speaker biography
Karen Bartleson is 2016 IEEE President-elect, 2017 IEEE President. She has over 35 years of experience in the
semiconductor industry, specifically in electronic design automation. She retired as senior director of corporate programs
and initiatives at Synopsys, an electronic design automation company, in Mountain View CA USA. Her responsibilities
have included creating programs for technical standards development, software tool interoperability, software quality,
strong relationships with universities and research institutions worldwide, compute platform product support, and
customer engagement through social media. She joined Synopsys in 1995 as manager of its standards group, and
later was director of quality from 2000-2002. Since 2003, her duties at Synopsys increased widely, contributing to the
companys innovation and success. She represented Synopsys on the Silicon Integration Initiatives Board of Directors
and from 2000-2009 and 2014-2015. She was an officer of the Board of Directors of Accellera from 2000-2009, an
organization which creates, supports, promotes, and advances system-level design, modeling, and verification standards
for use by the worldwide electronics industry.

Prior to Synopsys, Ms. Bartleson was CAD manager at UTMC (United Technologies Microelectronics Center),
responsible for the design system used to create high-reliability application-specific integrated circuits. Before that, she
worked at Texas Instruments as logic analysis manager, responsible for development and support of TIs internal logic
simulation products.

Ms. Bartleson was President of the IEEE Standards Association in 2013 and 2014. As President, she led the development
of a new strategic plan, furthered the principles of the OpenStand market-driven standardization paradigm, and finalized
IEEEs membership in the Global Standards Collaboration. As a member of the IEEE Board of Directors in 2013 and
2014, she chaired and led the development of the strategic plan for the IEEE Internet Initiative committee, whose charter
is to raise IEEEs influence and profile in the areas of Internet governance, cyber-security, and cyber-privacy policy
development. She was also a member of the IEEE strategy committee, overseeing the development of the role of IEEE in
global public policy.

She has published numerous articles about standards and universities. She is the author of the book, The Ten Command-
ments for Effective Standards: Practical Insights for Creating Technical Standards, [Synopsys Press, 2010] and the blog,
The Standards Game. In 2003, she received the Marie R. Pistilli Women in Electronic Design Automation Achievement
Award at the 40th Design Automation Conference. Ms. Bartleson earned a B.S. in Engineering Science with a concentra-
tion in Electronic Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo CA USA, in 1980.


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Keynote 2: Hein Teik Chuah

IEEE Fellow and President, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

4th Industrial Revolution and One Belt One Road: Challenges faced
by Future Engineering Graduates
November 6, 2017, 10:45 am
Wembley Ballroom 2

Many are now talking about 4th Industrial Revolution and effects on the ways we work and live. In this talk, various trends and
challenges facing the world, due to the coming of the new Digital Revolution, are discussed which include urbanization and
inequality in wealth distribution, clean water, food distribution, energy, global warning and climate change, aging population
and physical-space and cyber-space security. To tackle the challenges, we require new ideas and inventions which will only
be possible with excellent knowledge workers. A brand new set of technology breakthrough will require different new skill
sets in the workforce, particularly on STEM skill sets. Different countries have their different initiatives and projects to
bring awareness and to prepare for this new era of human civilization. In particular the Belt and Road Initiative of China
will be discussed. This 21st Century Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road connecting Asia, Europe and Africa will have
great impact on cross-border trades and activities. Educating good engineers is considered as the driver for the success of any
nation in this globalized world. The talk will also touch on the challenges faced by future engineers vis--vis globalization and
mobility of engineers; and what skills young engineering graduates should acquire to face the challenges. What is important
is now for the educators to train future graduates who can embrace life-long learning and with strong basic fundamentals of
natural sciences and engineering and who are ready-to-evolve rather than graduates who are just ready-to-market.
Speaker biography
Dr. Chuah Hean Teik graduated with a BEng (First Class Honours), MEngSc and PhD in electrical engineering, all from
University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia. From July 1988-April 1997, he was on the faculty of the Electrical Engineering De-
partment, UM. From March-Nov 1994, he was a Fulbright Scholar at the Wave Scattering Research Centre, University of
Texas at Arlington, USA. From May 1997-Jan 2008, Dr Chuah was a Senior Professor at the Multimedia University (MMU),
during which he held various posts as Vice President (R&D and Academic Development), Dean of Engineering, and Director
of Research. From June 2001-Jan 2008, he also assumed the duty of the Penang State Government Professor of ICT in MMU.
Since April 2008, he has been President of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia.
His research interests include microwave remote sensing and applied electromagnetics. He has authored/co-authored more
than 260 papers in international journals and conferences. Dr. Chuah has received many awards locally and internationally.
Among them include the Professor Chin Fung Kee Gold Medal for Engineering Management (1986), the inaugural Young
Engineer Award, the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (1991); 1990 Young Scientist Award at the 23rd General Assembly,
the International Union of Radio Science (URSI), Prague, Czechoslovakia; 1993 Young Scientist Award, the 24th General
Assembly of URSI, Kyoto, Japan; 1995 Young Scientist Award (Industrial Sector), Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technol-
ogy and the Environment; 1999 Malaysian Toray Science Foundation Science and Technology Award for contributions in
microwave remote sensing; 2002 Sterling Award from the Sterling Group of Universities (UK) for services to promotion of
engineering profession; 2011 IET Malaysia Outstanding Achievement Award; Rotary Charity Foundation of Kuala Lumpur
Research Gold Medal 2012 for excellence in original research and significant achievement in the field of electrical engi-
neering; 2014 Distinguished Engineer Award, IEM Penang Branch, 2016 Taiwan Professional Education and Culture Medal
for contribution towards education and cultural exchange between Malaysia and Taiwan, and 2017 Exemplary Leadership
Award (Education Caterory) by The Federation of Hokkien Assoications of Malaysia. In recognition of his valuable services,
the Governor of the State of Penang Malaysia conferred upon him an Order of Chivalry, Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri, which
carries the title Dato, in July 2005. For his significant contribution in engineering profession, he was awarded Honorary
Doctor of Engineering by MMU in August 2013.
Dr. Chuah is an eminent technical leader. He is currently the President of the ASEAN Academy of Engineering and
Technology (AAET), Past President of the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (FEIAP) from 2011-
2015, and current Chairman of FEIAP Standing Committee on Engineering Education. Dr. Chuah was the President of IEM
(2009-2011). He is a Senior Fellow of the Academy of Sciences, Malaysia (ASM); Hon. Fellow of the ASEAN Federation
of Engineering Organisations, IEM, and Myanmar Engineering Society; a Founding Fellow of the AAET and The Academy
of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World; Fellow, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society, UK; Institu-
tion of Engineering and Technology, UK; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA; and the Electromagnetics
Academy, USA. He is a Professional Engineer in Malaysia, a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council, UK; an
APEC Engineer, International Professional Engineer and ASEAN Engineer; and Hon. Member of the Golden Key Interna-
tional Honour Society. Dr. Chuah serves as reviewer for technical papers submitted to several international journals He is
currently a member of several Technical/Advisory Committees of regional & international conferences & symposia. Due to
his technical expertise, he has been appointed to various committees at national level.


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Keynote 3: Vincenco Piuri

IEEE Fellow
Biometric Technologies for Ambient Intelligence and Smart Living
November 7, 2017, 8:30 am
Wembley Ballroom 2

Adaptability and advanced services for ambient intelligence and smart living require an intelligent technological
support for knowing the needs and the desires of users in the interactions with the environment for their daily
use. To this purpose in some cases we can discover these characteristics by observing the human behavior, while
in others we can retrieve stored information associated to the person. In both cases, the use of biometrics can be
extremely useful both to understand the human behavior and to identify the person or the class of persons with
similar characteristics so as to derive their needs and desires.

Biometric technologies allow us in fact for analyzing human traits (e.g., face, fingerprint, palm) for identity
management without requiring individuals to carry tokens or remembering information. These technologies allow
us also for classifying the persons by observing some soft-biometric traits (e.g., gait, height, weight, emotions),
thus associating the needs typical of the detected class. Besides, some other soft-biometric traits (e.g., gestures,
gait) allow us for specifying actions desired by the person.

This talk will analyze the opportunities offered by biometric technologies and applications to support the realization
of adaptable operations and intelligent services in ambient intelligence for smart living, based on a user-centric

Speaker biography
Vincenzo PIURI has received his Ph.D. in computer engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy (1989). He has
been Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Italy and Visiting Professor at the University of Texas at Austin
and at George Mason University, USA. He is Full Professor in computer engineering at the Universit degli Studi
di Milano, Italy (since 2000).

His main research interests are: signal and image processing, biometrics, machine learning, pattern analysis and
recognition, intelligence systems, computational intelligence, theory and industrial applications of neural net-
works, intelligent measurement systems, industrial applications, fault tolerance, digital processing architectures,
embedded systems, and arithmetic architectures. Original results have been published in more than 400 papers in
international journals, proceedings of international conferences, books, and book chapters.

He is Fellow of the IEEE, Distinguished Scientist of ACM, and Senior Member of INNS. He has been IEEE
Vice President for Technical Activities (2015), IEEE Director, President of the IEEE Computational Intelligence
Society, Vice President for Education of the IEEE Biometrics Council, Vice President for Publications of the IEEE
Instrumentation and Measurement Society and the IEEE Systems Council, and Vice President for Membership
of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. He is Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Systems Journal (2013-17),
and has been Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and the IEEE Transactions on
Instrumentation and Measurement.

He received the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Technical Award (2002) for the contributions to
the advancement of theory and practice of computational intelligence in measurement systems and industrial ap-
plications. He is Honorary Professor He is Honorary Professor at the Obuda University, Budapest, Hungary (since
2014), Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, China (since 2014), Muroran Institute of Technology,
Japan (since 2016).

IEEE TENCON 2017-xii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Keynote 4: Tan Eng Tong

Vice President of Strategic Management, SilTerra Malaysia
Entrepreneurship: Incubating Opportunities
November 8, 2017, 8:30 am
Wembley Ballroom 2

Quote from InfoDev: Innovation and Enterpreneurship

According to an ILO study (ILO/06/48), of the 1.1 billion young people aged 15 to 24 worldwide, one
out of three is either seeking but unable to find work, has given up the job search entirely or is
working but living on less than US$2 a day (2003).

Governments around the world are geared towards improving education in technology to prepare their youth for
the 4th industrial revolution in a new world of increasing innovation and economic development - with varying
levels of success. Malaysia is no different.

What had been tops down production line-like educational processes is being recognized as having limitations,
giving way to a softer set of unstructured processes widely considered as entrepreneurial skills. These themselves
have been difficult to teach adequately in academic environments leading to the conclusion that industry itself
need to participate in the transfer.

Entrepreneurship is considered a generator of opportunities, providing the youth of today with additional avenues
to work, sometimes more fulfilling and rewarding than conventional salaried work. Recognising that, academic
institutions are forging ties with industry alike.

Silterra, a leading innovation and technology company in Malaysia, has built a strong working relationship with
universities in Malaysia both private and public as well as research institutions around the world - to further
prepare todays young adults for the world ahead, and at the same time to maintain itself as a leading edge provider
of semiconductors.

Speaker biography
Mr. Tan Eng Tong brings more than 30 years of global experience at blue chip MNCs, with wide experience
ranging from corporate and product strategy to marketing, manufacturing, R&D and product development. He led
teams to create and introduce products which became global standards in the area of wireless, storage and security
technologies. He held executive positions in Hewlett-Packard, HP Laboratories, Seagate Technology in the UK
and US.

Mr. Tan is a chartered engineer (EEng, UK), an IET member, and an Associate of City and Guild Institute (ACGI).
He joined SilTerra on 1st November, 2016 as Vice President, Strategic Management.

IEEE TENCON 2017-xiii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Invited Talks
Speaker 1: Bidyadhar Subudhi
Professor, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India
Control of Photovoltaic Power System
November 6, 2017, 3:45 pm
Wembley 10

This invited talk will include discussion on development of a new control scheme for synchronization of a photovoltaic
(PV) system for a three phase grid employing self-tuning concept. The proposed synchronization approach is developed
to mitigate load current harmonics, to extract maximum power from the PV array, to inject it into the grid. Incremental
conductance-based maximum (INC) power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm is used to estimate the reference DC-link voltage
of a Voltage Source Inverter (VSI). The DC-link voltage is regulated using a PI controller to track the reference DC-link
voltage to extract maximum PV power. In the proposed self-tuning filter (STF) algorithm, only a single module of STF is
required to extract the fundamental components of three phases of load current and grid voltage thus reducing system size,
complexity and overall response time. Simulation of the proposed system is carried out using MATLAB/Simulink followed
by experimentation on a prototype of grid connected PV system developed in our laboratory. The efficacy of the proposed
STF control scheme is compared with a recently reported algorithm called improved linear sinusoidal tracer (ILST) and dual
second order generalized integrator (DSOGI). From the comparison with DSOGI and ILST, it is observed that the STF based
control scheme provides faster response and reduces Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of the grid current despite of the
distorted and unbalanced grid condition.

Speaker 2: Dong Sik Kim

Professor of Electronics Engineering, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea.
Estimation of noise power spectrum of low frequency components in radiography imaging.
November 6, 2017, 3:45 pm
Wembley 7

Speaker 3: Jayanthi Krishnasamy Balasundaram

Professor & Head, Department, Electronics & Communication Engg Dept, K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology, Tiruchen-
gode, India
Deep Learning in Signal and Image Data Analytics
November 6, 2017, 3:45 pm
Wembley 9

Speaker 4: Tadashi Takano

Visiting Professor / Nihon University; Professor Emeritus / ISAS of JAXA; Director / Space Solar Power System Society
Space Solar Power System Beneficial Power Source to Equatorial Countries
November 7, 2017, 9:45 am

The whole world is facing to the tri-lemma of energy shortage, environment degradation due to fossil fuels and serious
hazards caused by atomic power accidents. A space solar power system (SSPS) is one of the powerful solutions to this
problem. The SSPS generates electric power in a satellite in the orbit, and transfers the power to the earth via microwave.
The program offers challenging research topics as a large-scaled satellite, huge antennas, and high-power microwave circuits
are needed. To accomplish this space utilization, the international collaboration is inevitable. And, as the satellite is placed
over the equator, the participation of equatorial countries are preferred. In this presentation, I first describe the sociological
importance of SSPS for the whole world, and the special benefit to equatorial countries. Then, the technological issues of
SSPS are presented to show the attractive research topics relevant to SSPS and wireless power transfer.

IEEE TENCON 2017-xiv

Speaker 5: Borhanuddin Mohd Ali
Professor, Universiti Putra Malaysia; IEEE R10 Vice Chair Professional Activities
Telecoms in Malaysia: Past, Present and Future
November 7, 2017, 9:45 am
Wembley 9

Speaker 6: Rajesh Ingle

Dean and Professor, PICT, Pune, India & IEEE R10 Student Activities Chair
Emerging trends and research directions in IOT
November 7, 2017, 9:45 am
Wembley 6

Speaker 7: Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin

Director of Strategic Alliance, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia & IEEE Malaysia Section Vice Chair
Testing of Micro Electrode Dot Array-based Microfluidic Biochips: Progress and Challenges
November 7, 2017, 9:45 am
Wembley 8

Digital Microfluidics is a developing technology that manipulates small amount of liquids on a biochip. These biochips
have enabled the automation of laboratory procedures and are used in various application areas including on-chip DNA
analysis and point-of-care diagnosis. With the introduction of highly scalable, reconfigurable and field programmable Micro-
Electrode-Dot-Array (MEDA) architecture, the limitation of conventional Digital Microfluidic Biochips (DMFBs) in varying
the droplet size/volume in fine grain manner has been resolved. However, due to a large number of micro-electrode cells, the
complexity of MEDA is very high as compared to the conventional DMFBs. This consequently intensifies test problems and
design-for-testability (DFT) becomes crucial. Reliability is a critical performance parameter as these biochips are employed
in various clinical diagnostic applications. These biochips may become faulty due to manufacturing defects such as dielectric
breakdown and particle contamination that affect the performance of physical micro-electrodes. Thus, the MEDA-based
biochips must be adequately tested upon fabrication to guarantee the correctness of bioassays. To address these issues, DFT
elements are integrated into the MEDA-based biochips. The offline testing approach, which uses oscillation-based testing
(OBT) methodology, can be easily integrated with the micro-electrodes array.

Speaker 8: Raja Syamsul Azmir Raja Abdullah

Associate Professor & Head, Dept of Computer and Communication Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti
Putra Malaysia
The Importance of Antenna and Microwave Propagation Knowledge in Radar System
November 7, 2017, 3:45 pm
Wembley 6

In a complete radar system, no one can deny the importance of contribution from other areas such as signal processing tech-
nique, antenna technology, wave propagation characteristics and the performance of microwave devices. The integration from
these areas produce a wonderful radar system. As the radar system advancing to more sophisticated design for different pur-
poses, many more information is required to develop the advanced radar system. Thus, this talk will discuss how knowledge
from antenna and microwave propagation can help to gain a better understanding of a radar system and thus resolve unknown
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Humanitarian Activities Committee Track Invited Speakers

Speaker 1: Alpha Agape Gopalai
Chair, IEEE-EMBS Malaysia Chapter
Gait parameter prediction - diagnosing/monitoring gait disorders among children
November 6, 2017, 11:30 am
Wembley 9

Speaker 2: Saeed Pirbodaghi

Monash University Malaysia
Assistive neuroprosthesis for gait rehabilitation on among children
November 6, 2017, 11:45 am
Wembley 9

Speaker 3: Darwin Gouwanda

Senior Lecturer, Monash University
Design considerations for rehabilitation on robot
November 6, 2017, 12:00 noon
Wembley 9

Speaker 4: Shaikh Anowarul Fattah

Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Smart humanitarian technologies for elderly underserved community
November 6, 2017, 12:15 pm
Wembley 9

Speaker 5: Celia Shahnaz

Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Low cost assistive humanitarian technologies for physically challenged people
November 6, 2017, 12:30 pm
Wembley 9

Supported by the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee.

IEEE TENCON 2017-xvi

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Education Workshop
IEEE Teacher in Service Program (TISP) - Volunteer Training Workshop
November 5, 2017, 9:00 am
Wembley 9

Speakers Facilitators

Zuhaina Zakaria Supavadee Aramvith Lee Yoot Khuan Syed Khaleel Ahmed
R10 Educational Activities IEEE EAB Pre-University Section Educational Vice Chair
Chair Education Coordination Activities Chair IEEE Control Systems Society
. Committee (PECC) IEEE Malaysia Section Malaysia Chapter

In conjunction with IEEE TENCON 2017, IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities and IEEE Malaysia Section
are organising an IEEE Teacher-in-Service-Program (TISP) Volunteer Training Workshop on 5th November 2017.
This event is supported by IEEE Educational Activities Board.

Who should attend?

IEEE volunteers who have the passion to support engineering education and the development of future engineering
students by:

increasing the level of technological literacy in local schools,

contributing to the establishment of pre-engineering programs,

facilitating enhancements in school science and technology curricula, and

developing collaborative relationships with educators.

At the end of the workshop, participants will learn:

How to provide training to local primary and secondary school teachers of the use of engineering, design &
technology lesson plans and hands-on activities in the classroom.
How to begin TISP in their local section and collaborate with their local pre-university community.

Supported by IEEE Educational Activities Board

IEEE TENCON 2017-xvii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Trainer Workshop
IEEE SIGHT Train-The-Trainer Workshop
November 5, 2017, 2:00 pm
Wembley 9

Simay Akar
Engagement Subcommittee

IEEE SIGHT trainers are the feet on the ground volunteers who are willing to take initiative to support and
deliver trainings to their sight groups to apply their unique skill sets to tackle complex local challenges and create
positive social impact.

Why should i consider applying for trainers of ieee sight trainers network?

I am a member of IEEE SIGHT Group

Supporting your IEEE SIGHT Group for the vitality and sustainability for the initiatives and projects

Increasing overall awareness of SIGHT both within IEEE and beyond.

Strengthening the overall resources for your SIGHT group.

I am not a member of any existing IEEE SIGHT Group

Supporting your organizational unit for formation of new IEEE SIGHT Groups and Projects applications

Increasing overall awareness Humanitarian Technology Initiatives for your community

IEEE TENCON 2017-xviii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Photovoltaic power systems: modeling, design, simulation, and control
November 7, 2017, 6:00-9:00 pm
Wembley 9

The tutorial covers a practical introduction to PV power systems featuring an array of real-world examples. It will guide
audience through all facets of photovoltaic (PV) power system analysis, modeling, simulation, research, design, and control.
The development of this tutorial follows the authors 15year experience as an electrical engineer in the PV engineering
sector and as an educator in academia. It features a systematic presentation; organized to facilitate smooth transitions from
fundamental knowledge to advanced subjects, making it a valuable tool for guiding research in academic contexts and for
fostering performance enhancements in industry. The approach for modeling and simulation is based on the system dynamics
for audience to understand the fundamental principle behind various simulation tools.

The tutorial is divided into 7 sections that are organized in a flow for easy following and understanding.

Section 1 provides a brief introduction about solar power systems.

Section 2 provides a comprehensive classification of photovoltaic power systems, mainly for the grid-tied systems,
which is the majority of recent PV system installation. Different from the traditional classification, the system is
defined by the granularity level, at which the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is applied. The classification
avoids any vague and confusing system definition and is clear to understand the latest system approach and inform the
direction for research and development.

Section 3 guides the research and develop PV power systems with the consideration of the safety standards, guidance,
and regulations. The information is useful for academia to prevent research deviation from the standard practice in
industry. For people in industry, it provides the reference for safe engineering and design. It covers the certification
of PV modules, the safety standards of power interfaces, the system requirement for grid interconnection, and the
important means for protection. Even though the standards are mainly referred to the applications in either Europe
or USA, the general principle for safety can be applied to countries that the PV power system regulation is not well

Section 4 presents the information of PV output characteristics and mathematical models for simulation and analysis.

Section 5 provides the information to specify, design, simulate, and evaluate the power conditioning circuit and acces-
sories for PV power utilization.

Section 6 mainly focuses on the dynamic modelling in PV power systems and the application of the linear control
theory. When the system is modelled and the closed-loop is designed, the evaluation of relative stability and system
robustness is discussed.

Section 7 focuses on the technology of maximum power point tracking (MPPT), which is important and unique for PV
power systems.

Section 8 If time is allowed, this section addresses the design and integration of grid-tied PV power systems including
small-scale single phase interconnection or utility-level three phase system.

Weidong Xiao
Associate professor, Centre for Future Energy Networks
School of Electrical & Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & IT,

IEEE TENCON 2017-xix

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Industry Forum Moderator

Bridging The Gap Between Industry and Academia

November 6, 2017, 2:00 pm
Wembley Ballroom 2

Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin

Vice Chair, IEEE Malaysia
Director of Strategic Alliance
Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Karen Bartleson NorAzmi Alias, Kamarul Zaman Abdul Rashid Ery Punta Hendraswara
President & CEO Senior Vice President of IOTG Systems Technologist Managing Director
IEEE Inc., USA Research Intel Malaysia Indigo Creative Nation
CREST, Malaysia PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia

TENCON recognises the importance of university-industry collaboration in facing the fourth industrial revolution.
During the forum, several issues will be discussed related to the challenges of bridging the gap between the
industry and academia. The speakers will share their experience as leaders in their respective domains on how
to enable impactful university-industry partnerships. The speakers represent the triple helix elements of such
partnerships (i.e. government, industry, academia). Participants will have the chance to interact with the panelist
and raise issues for discussion.

Join us in the forum on 6th November 2017 in Penang.


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Student Luncheon Coordinator

Student Meet-Up Luncheon @ TENCON

November 7, 2017, 12:00 noon
Mezzanine Level, The Wembley

Noor Ain Kamsani

Student Activities Chair
IEEE Malaysia Section
Universiti Putra Malaysia
Guest Speakers

Rajesh Ingle Karen Bartleson Kukjin Chun

Student Activities Coordinator President & CEO Director
IEEE Region 10 IEEE Inc., USA IEEE Region 10

The student meet up session provides the platform for students to meet Rajesh Ingle, Karen Bartleson, and Kukjin
Chun in person to discuss student activity opportunities. The students will also be able to share experiences on
running students activities and its best practices with other student leaders and counsellors from all over the Asia

Exhibition from Paper Contest Winners.
Welcome Note - IEEE Region 10 Student Meetup 2017: Rajesh Ingle - IEEE Region 10 Student Activiti-

Professional success through IEEE membership: Karen Bartleson, IEEE President

Retention of Student Members: Kukjin Chun, Director, IEEE Region 10
Panel Discussion on Student activities and best practices
R10 SAC Meeting/ Brainstorming/Luncheon

R10 SAC Concluding remarks

Photo session

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxi

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Young Professionals Forum

Meet N Greet Session
November 8, 2017, 2:00 pm
Wembley 10


Zaid Omar Hussain Falih Mahdi

Chair, IEEE Young Professionals Malaysia South East Asia (SEA) Coordinator
IEEE Young Professionals Region 10

Dont miss this special slot at TENCON 2017. Hosted by YP Malaysia, the Meet N Greet aims to gather young
researchers and professionals from all over the Asia-Pacific region. As well as being an informal mingle, the
session will see YP affinity groups from throughout Region 10 share their best practices, and conduct a discussion
on how best IEEE and Young Professionals can benefit and serve the young community.

The session will be moderated by:

1. Zaid Omar, Chair of IEEE Young Professionals Malaysia and Senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi
Malaysia (UTM).

2. Hussain Falih Mahdi, IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals South East Asia Coordinator.

Open to all TENCON 2017 participants aged 40 years and below.

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxiii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Dinner Programme | 6th November 2017

Majestic Theater

19:00 : Arrival of participants

19:30 : Welcome remarks by General Chair 2017

Cultural Show
Presentation from TENCON 2018
Award Ceremony

R10 Awards
MGA Awards
TENCON2017 Best Paper Awards

22:00 : Dinner Ends

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxiv

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Conference Program

Day 1 1
BME01: Biomedical Engineering 1
1 An Automatic Scheme for Brain Tumor Region Detection from 3D MRI Data Based on Enhanced Intensity
Samee Azad; Shaikh Anowarul Fattah; Celia Shahnaz
7 Tensor Gradient Based Discriminative Region Analysis for Cognitive State Classification
J Siva Ramakrishna; Hariharan Ramasangu
13 An Improved Extreme Learning Machine for Pathological Brain Detection
Deepak Ranjan Nayak; Ratnakar Dash; Banshidhar Majhi
19 A Unified Approach for Detection of Diagnostically Significant Regions-of-Interest in Retinal Fundus Images
Jattenahalli Rajegowda Harish Kumar; Simran Sachi; Kunaljit Chaudhury; Sridhar Harsha; Birendra Singh
25 Automatic Optic Cup Segmentation Using Ksas Circle Fitting Technique
Jattenahalli Rajegowda Harish Kumar; Sridhar Harsha; Yogish Kamath; Rajani Jampala; Chandra Sekhar

CS01: Circuits & Systems 31

31 Peak-Triggered Sampling Circuitry for a Fine-Structure-Aware Cochlear Implant
Cheng-Kai Lu; Shiwei Wang
35 Implementation of a Real-Time Rayleigh, Rician and AWGN Multipath Channel Emulator
Peter Green
40 A Design Method of nMOS Dynamic Shift Registers for Small Liquid Crystal Displays
Shuji Tsukiyama; Shinji Higa
45 A Proposed Reliable and Power Efficient 14T Full Adder Circuit Design
Shahmini Subramaniam; Gajula Ramana Murthy
49 Performance Study of Multi-bit Vote Count with Weak Range
Haiyan Shu; Wenyu Jiang

PE01: Power & Energy 54

54 Maximization of Wind Energy Utilization Through A Multi-Objective Optimization Framework
Jiashen Teh; Yeong Chin Koo; Lai Ching-Ming; Yu-Huei Cheng
60 Selective Frequency Synchronization Technique for a Fast Seamless Mode Transition in Droop Control
Young-Bok Lee; Ki-Young Choi; Rae-Young Kim
66 Transient Stability Evaluation by the Time Domain Equal-area Criterion Using the Taylor Series Expansion
Tomomi Sadakawa; Ako Sato; Ryu Tanabe; Shinichi Iwamoto
72 Economic-Emission Dispatch of a Droop-Controlled DC Microgrid
Avirup Maulik; Debapriya Das
78 Ferroresonance Characteristics in Unsymmetrical Flux Distribution of 150 kV Three Phase Transformer
I Made Yulistya Negara; I Gusti Satriyadi; Dimas Asfani; Daniar Fahmi; Yusrizal Afif; Mochammad Wahyudi

PE02: Power & Energy 82

82 Application of COMSOL Multiphysics in Finding Temperature Distribution Pattern in EPR Cable with Presence
of Void
Nurun Najah Abdul Rahim; Nor Asiah Muhamad
88 Inductive Coupling Method for On-line Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) for Transformer Winding Diag-
Sooriya Bandara Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage; Kye Yak See; Manish Prajapati; Kangrong Li; Nishshanka Ban-
dara Narampanawe; Fei Fan
93 4-E Analysis of a Kalina Cycle System 11 Integrated 500MWe Combined Thermal Power Plant
Goutam Khankari; Sujit Karmakar
99 Study on Upgrade and Renewal of Transformers Using Safety-First Model of the Optimal Portfolio Selection
Yuta Mori; Yasukuni Nagakawa; Yuta Aihara; Shinichi Iwamoto
105 Electric Field Analysis Along Pin-plane Electrodes near the Contaminated Dielectric Surface Using FEM
Nurin Nadzrah; Mohamad Kamarol Mohd Jamil

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxv

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

SIP01: Signal and Image Processing 111

111 An Accelerometer Based Handwriting Recognition of English Alphabets Using Basic Strokes
Nishith Kotak; Anil Roy
117 Real-Time Monocular Human Height Estimation Using Bimodal Background Subtraction
Somkiat Wangsiripitak; Wongsatorn Saelao
123 Examination of Sub-stroke and Face Authentication for e-Testing
Taisuke Kawamata; Takako Akakura
127 Detecting Orientation of In-Plain Rotated Face Images Based on Category Classification by Deep Learning
Yoshihiro Shima; Yumi Nakashima; Michio Yasuda
133 2D and 3D Face Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network
Huiying Hu; Syed Afaq Ali Shah; Mohammed Bennamoun; Michael Molton

WCN01: Wireless Communication and Network 139

139 Plummeting Flood Based Distributed-DoS Attack to Upsurge Networks Performance in Ad-Hoc Networks Using
Neighborhood Table Technique
Vrince Vimal; Madhav J. Nigam
145 An Investigation of an S-box Mechanism in Modern Block Cipher Design
Jiqiang Lu; Hwajung Seo
153 Cyclic Shift Resolution Effects on OFDM System Employing Cyclic-SLM with Delayed Correlation and Matched
Panca Pamungkasari; Yukitoshi Sanada; Filbert H. Juwono; Dadang Gunawan
158 Approximate Analysis of ACRDA MAC Protocol with Decollision Algorithm for Satellite Uplink Access
David Tung Chong Wong; Qian Chen; Xiaoming Peng; Francois Chin
164 Performance Analysis of Multi-Channel Pure Collective Aloha MAC Protocol for Satellite Uplink Access
David Tung Chong Wong; Qian Chen; Xiaoming Peng; Francois Chin

BME02: Biomedical Engineering 170

170 Errors in Remote Healthcare System: Where, How and by Whom?
Mehdi Hasan; Fumihiko Yokota; Rafiqul Maruf; Akira Fukuda; Ashir Ahmed
176 Denoising of Medical Ultrasound Images Based on Non-local Similarity: A Low-Rank Approach
Sameera Sagheer; Sudhish N George
182 Lung Disease Classification Using Reticular Pattern Scoring and Five Class Features with Greedy Stepwise
Based on GLCM
Joel Chia Ming Than; Norliza Mohd Noor; Omar Mohd Rijal; Rosminah Kassim; Ashari Yunus
187 Preliminary 3D Performance Evaluation on Automatic Lung Segmentation for Interstitial Lung Disease Using
High Resolution Computed Tomography
Chuen Rue Ng; Joel Chia Ming Than; Norliza Mohd Noor; Omar Mohd Rijal; Rosminah Kassim; Ashari Yunus
192 Lung Disease Severity Classification Using Reticular Pattern and Five Class Features Based on GLCM
Joel Chia Ming Than; Norliza Mohd Noor; Omar Mohd Rijal; Rosminah Kassim; Ashari Yunus
197 Gas Turbine Health Prognostics Using Artificial Neural Network
Yeap Xin Wei; Tamiru Alemu

CS02: Circuits & Systems 203

203 Implementation of a Maximum Power Point Tracking System and an LDO Regulator for Interface Circuits of
Solar Energy Harvesters for Wireless Sensor Nodes
Marc Jefferson Huab; Louis Alarcon; Chris Vincent Densing; Rico Jossel M Maestro; Marc Rosales; Maria
Theresa de Leon
207 Efficient Implementation of Adder Circuits in Memristive Crossbar Array
Phrangboklang L Thangkhiew; Rahul Gharpinde; Dev N Yadav; Kamalika Datta; Indranil Sen Gupta
213 Switched-Capacitor Regulator with Digital Feedback
John Jairus D.P. Eslit; Kate Kristian Olasiman; Antonio Karlos Uy; Maria Theresa de Leon; Chris Vincent
Densing; Marc Rosales; Louis Alarcn
219 Analyzation of Antenna Measurement Method for Wireless Power Transmission
Assyfa Ariffin; Atsushi Mori; Mamiko Inamori

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxvi

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

223 A New Supervised Learning Approach for Visual Pattern Recognition Using Discrete Circuit Elements and
Memristor Array
Mrinmoy Sarkar; Anik Chowdhury; Aqeeb Iqbal Arka; A B M Harun ur Rashid
229 Design of High Frequency D Flip Flop Circuit for Phase Detector Application
Suraj Saw; Preetisudha Meher; Swarnendu Chakraborty
234 Minimal Test Set Generation for Input Stuck-at and Bridging Faults in Reversible Circuits
Mousum Handique; Jatindra Kumar Deka; Santosh Biswas; Kamalika Datta

PE03: Power & Energy 240

240 Dynamic Coupling Based Amplitude Death Solution for Stabilizing DC Microgrids
Sanjeet Kumar Subudhi; Somnath Maity
245 Optimization of Market Clearing Price Using Firefly and PSO Algorithm in Bilateral Electricity Market
Veena Manikuttan; Emil Skariah; Polly Thomas; Prabhakar Karthikeyan
250 An Artificial Neural Network Based Controller for MLC-UPQC with Power Angle Adjustment
Venkata Reddy Kota; Sudheer Vinnakoti
256 Modeling and Analysis of the Novel Memristor-based Photovoltaic Cell
Wenliang Liu; Hui Peng; Zhekang Dong; Donglian Qi; Jie Yang; Qiao Wang
262 A Novel Variable Width PWM Switching Based Buck Converter to Control Power Factor Correction Phe-
nomenon for an Efficacious Grid Integrated Electric Vehicle Battery Charger
Saurav Das; Khosru Salim; Dhiman Chowdhury
268 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System with an Adaptive Control Algorithm for Reducing the Impact
of Smart Power Generation
Trilochan Penthia; Anup Panda; Pratap Ranjan Mohanty
274 A Comparative Analysis of Weighted and Unweighted Power Grid Networks
Premananda Panigrahi; Somnath Maity

PE04: Power & Energy 280

280 A Reflex-Charging Based Bidirectional DC Charger for Light Electric Vehicle and DC-Microgrid
Lai Ching-Ming; Jiashen Teh; Yu-Huei Cheng; Yun-Hsiu Li
285 MW-Scale MediumVoltage Cascaded H-bridge Battery Storage System Based on Virtual Synchronous Genera-
Hashim Hasabelrasul; Xiangwu Yan; Abuzaid Saeed Gadalla
291 Boost Converter Based on Coupled Inductor and Voltage Lift Cell
Dulika Nayanasiri; Thilina Ambagahawaththa
297 Model Predictive Control for Circulating Current Suppression in Parallel-Connected PMSM Drive
Shin-Won Kang; Jae-Hwan Soh; Rae-Young Kim
303 An Inductor-less Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Topology for High Voltage Gain Applications
Anurag Priyadarshi; Pratik Kumar Kar; Srinivas Bhaskar Karanki
309 Performance of Indirect Matrix Converter with Improved Control Feeding to Induction Motor for Speed Control
by Using PI and Fuzzy Controllers
Lavanya N; O Chandra Sekhar; M Ramamoorty

RCT01: Robotics, Control & Theory 315

315 On Creating Low Dimensional 3D Feature Descriptors with PCA
Sai Manoj Prakhya; Bingbing Liu; Weisi Lin; Kun Li; Yong Xiao
321 Deep Affordance Learning for Single- And Multiple-Instance Object Detection
Jian-Gang Wang; Prabhu Shankar Mahendran; Eam Khwang Teoh
327 Obstacle Avoidance with Brake Points by Invasion and Escape Avoiding Virtual Stakes
Makoto Kato; Susumu Oda; Hisashi Yonezawa; Shinnya Kawai
333 Network Based Control of 2-DOF Serial Flexible Link Manipulator
Umesh Sahu; Dipti Patra; Bidyadhar Subudhi
339 Concept of an Inspection Robot for H-shaped Steel Structures
Yoshiyuki Higashi
344 Effect of Activity Space on Detection of Human Activities by Domestic Service Robots
Chapa Sirithunge Hewa Pelendage; Buddhika Prabhath Jayasekara; Dedduwa Pathiranage Chandima

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxvii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

SIP02: Signal and Image Processing 350

350 A Distinctive Similarity Rendering Approach to Reconstitute Hyperbola Apices in GPR Images
Gollapudi RameshChandra; Kode Rajiv; Bobba BasaveswaraRao
354 A Low-rank Enhancement Reconstruction Algorithm for Compressed Image Sensing
Ruidong Tang; Chun-Ling Yang; Li Hong Ma
360 Interpolation Based on Similarity in Subband Generation for Image Super Resolution
Sobhan Kanti Dhara; Debashis Sen
366 A Detection and Tracking Method Based on Monopulse Radar in FSK Mode Applied in Smart Transportation
Hongping Zhou; Chang Gao; Xiong Xu; Fei Shen; Guo Zhongyi
369 Robust Distributed Active Noise Control in Presence of Secondary Path and Error Sensor Disturbances
Ruchi Kukde; M Sabarimalai Manikandan; Ganapati Panda
375 A Real-valued Approach for Wideband DOA Estimation Using Spherical Arrays
Jingbiao Huang; Qinghua Huang; Lin Zhang; Fang Yong

WCN02: Wireless Communication and Network 381

381 An Energy Efficient Routing Using Multi-hop Intra Clustering Technique in WSNs
Sunil Kumar Singh; Prabhat Kumar; Jyoti Prakash Singh; Mohammad Alryalat
387 SDN-enabled Loss Mitigation of Wireless Sensor Network Data Traffic
Regina Alyssa Esguerra; Aaron Dominic Truelen; Cedric Angelo Festin; Wilson Tan
393 Localization in Wireless Sensor Network Using LLE-ISOMAP Algorithm
Krishna Pratap Singh; Rajat Bhai; Vishrut Mishra; Pradeep Nagar; Jyoti Kashniyal
398 A Contention Based Routing Enhanced MAC Protocol for Transmission Delay Reduction in a Multi-Hop WSN
Ripudaman Singh; Brijesh Kumar Rai; Sanjay Kumar Bose
403 PreCoRe: Predictive Connectivity Re-establishment in Wireless Sensor Network in the Presence of Dumb Nodes
Pushpendu Kar; Subhransu Das; Arun Kumar
409 Energy Efficient Geographic Clustered Multi-hop Routing for Underwater Sensor Networks
Dipanwita Das; Ameer P M
415 Simulation Analysis of Multi-Dimensional WSNs Using NS-3
Ravi Kishore Kodali; N v s n Sarma

Day 2 421
CAS01: Computer Architecture & Systems 421
421 PWSF: Planar-West-South-First Routing Algorithm for 3D Network-on-Chip
Jindun Dai; Renjie Li; Xin Jiang; Takahiro Watanabe
427 A Fast Online Task Placement Algorithm on 3D Partially Reconfigurable Devices
Tingyu Zhou; Tieyuan Pan; Takahiro Watanabe
433 VLSI Realization of Low Complexity Pipelined LMS Filter Using Distributed Arithmetic
Tasleem Khan; Shaik Rafi Ahamed
439 Performance Evaluation of Genetic Algorithm to Solve Hardware-Software Partitioning Design: A Factorial
Design Analysis
Earn Tzeh Tan; Zaini Abdul Halim
443 A Study on Partial Reconfiguration with Compression via Modularizing Secondary Processes of a General Pur-
pose Processor
Eimabelle Clavo de Comer; Yves Lean Krishner Macayana; Vance Anthony Coronel; Lorenzo Martin Manalac;
Alexis Czezar Torreno; Louis Alarcn; Maria Theresa de Leon; Chris Vincent Densing; Marc Rosales; Rico
Jossel M Maestro
449 Low-Cost IMU and GPS Fusion Strategy for Apron Vehicle Positioning
Bondan Suwandi; Teruaki Kitasuka; Masayoshi Aritsugi

CIS01: Computational Intelligence 455

455 Learning to Predict the Adequacy of Answers in Chat-Oriented Human-Agent Dialogs
Luis Fernando DHaro; Rafael E. Banchs

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxviii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

461 Mining the past to Determine the Future Market: Sales Forecasting Using TSDM Framework
Angelique Lacasandile; Jasmin Niguidula; Jonathan Caballero
467 Web Authoriser Tool to Build Assessments Using Wikipedia Articles
Pramod Kumar Singh; S Adithya
471 Gramatika: A Grammar Checker for the Low-Resourced Filipino Language
Matthew Phillip Go; Nicco Nocon; Allan Borra
476 Augmenting MulVAL with Automated Extraction of Vulnerabilities Descriptions
James Wee Jing Tan; Wee Yong Lim; Dinil Mon Divakaran; Vrizlynn L. L. Thing

CS03: Circuits & Systems 482

482 Three-Axis Digital Accelerometer Based Wireless Gait Analysis with Wearable System-On-Chip Designs
Ramon Cisco Fullante; Angelito Silverio; Angelina Silverio; Wen-Yaw Chung
488 Highly Consistent Bulk Driven Quasi Floating Gate (BDQFG) PMOS Pseudo-resistor Design and Implementa-
tion in 0.18 Micron Meter Technology
Kulbhushan Sharma; Rajnish Sharma
494 A Low Cost Robust Radiation Hardened Flip-Flop Circuit
Abhishek Jain; Akash Gupta; Sakshi Garg; Andrea Veggetti; Alex Castelnovo; Dennis Crippa; Simone Gerardin;
Marta Bagatin; Carlo Cazzaniga
500 Design of Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters Implemented in 65nm Digital CMOS Process for LoRa
Doreen Dellosa; Mel-Jie Bentz del Mundo; Gelyn Manzanares; Edrian Daniel Marqueses; Edzhel Rose Valverde;
Louis Alarcon; Chris Vincent Densing; Rico Jossel M Maestro; Marc Rosales; Maria Theresa de Leon
505 0.5 V Output Digital Low Dropout (DLDO) Voltage Regulator with VCO-based Digital Feedback Loop
Dexter Darwin Bernardo; Justine Luis Lopez; Marc Derik Lopez; Maria Theresa de Leon; Marc Rosales; Louis
510 Subthreshold CMOS Low-Transconductance OTA for Powerline Interference Elimination Notch
Atifa Aqueel; Mohd. Samar Ansari

PE05: Power & Energy 516

516 Performance Comparison of Hybrid ANN Based Control of DFIG for Various Faulty Conditions
Venu Madhav Gopala; Yeddula Pedda Obulesu
522 Myths and Facts of Dual-Frequency Operation of LED Lamps
Piyush Verma; Nitish Patel; Nirmal Nair
528 Comprehensive Modeling and Joint Optimization of Ice Thermal and Battery Energy Storage with Provision of
Grid Services
Hu Wuhua; Chin Choy Chai; Wenxian Yang; Yu Rongshan
534 An Exhaustive Search Based Topology Error Detection Method and Its Validation in Real Time Digital Simulator
Ankur Srivastava; Anamika Dubey; Saikat Chakrabarti
540 Real-time Active and Reactive Power Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Energy Con-
version System
Prangya Parimita Pradhan; Bidyadhar Subudhi

PE06: Power & Energy 545

545 Wavelet-Based Open Switch Fault Diagnosis in Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter-fed Induction Motor
Anjali Anand K; Nithin Raj; Saly George; Jagadanand G
551 Analysis of Power Losses for a Nine-Switch Inverter in Common-Frequency Mode Application
Neerakorn Jarutus; Yuttana Kumsuwan
557 A Reliable Multilevel Inverter with Fault Tolerance
Sidharth Sabyasachi; Vijay Borghate; Santosh kumar Maddugari; Raghavendra Reddy Karasani
563 Improvement of Power Regeneration Efficiency in the Electronic Vehicle Using Charge Switching by the Current
Naoto Tachibana; Shota Kuroda; Natsuki Imanishi; Shunsuke Ohashi
567 Review and Simulation of Flyback Topology for Module Level Parallel Inverters in PV Power Systems
Weidong Xiao

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxix

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

573 Loss Reduction and Field Testing for Switched Capacitor-Based Cell-Level Power Balancing Utilizing Diffusion
Capacitance of Photovoltaic Cells
Masatoshi Uno; Yota Saito; Masaya Yamamoto

RCT02: Robotics, Control & Theory 579

579 Fruit Conveyor Prototype Based on Ball and Beam System
Joseph K. P. Tsoi; Nitish Patel; Akshya Kumar Swain; Muhammad Usman Butt
585 MRAC with Variable Adaptation Gain for First Order Systems
Pinapilli Ramesh; Yadaiah Narri
591 Analytical Structure of a General Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy PID Controller
Ritu Raj; Murali Bosukonda
597 Optimal Detuning Parameter Design for Decentralized Control of MIMO Processes
Shubham Khandelwal; Ketan Detroja
602 Artificial Bee Colony Based Design of the Interval Type-2 Fuzzy PID Controller for Robot Manipulator
Anupam Kumar; Vijay Kumar
608 An Optimally Tuned Modified Active Disturbance Rejection Controller for Power System Load Frequency Con-
Malladi Srikanth; Yadaiah Narri

WCN03: Wireless Communication and Network 614

614 Distributed Device Discovery in ProSe Environments
Syed Shan e Raza Jaffry; Syed Faraz Hasan; Xiang Gui; Yaw-Wen Kuo
619 Signal Analysis for Touch Application Using Intra-Body Communication
Ryota Kato; Yutaro Toyoshima; Kenta Nezu; Mitsuru Shinagawa; Ken Seo; Daisuke Saito; Kyoji Ohashi
624 Influence of Non-Uniform User Distribution on Throughput Performance in Outdoor Macro-Cellular Environ-
Nadhiya Liyana Mohd Kamal; Kevin W Sowerby; Michael J Neve
630 Peak-to-Average Power Ratio and Power Amplifier Back-off Requirements in Wireless Transmissions
Peter Green
634 UWB Positioning Accuracy and Enhancements
Syed Naveen Altaf Ahmed; Yonghong Zeng

CIS02: Computational Intelligence 639

639 A*DAX-DAT: A Toolkit Framework for Big Data Analytics
Htoo Htet Aung; Shili Xiang; Min Chim Lim; Gim Guan Chua; Shuqiao Guo; Ang Loon Chan; Mun Thye Mak;
Wee Boon Koh; Wee Siong Ng
645 BIND: An Indexing Strategy for Big Data Processing
Adib Habbal; Fatima Adamu; Suhaidi Hassan; Les Cottrell; Bebo White; Mustafa Kaiiali; Ahmad Samer Wazan
651 Big Data Provenance Research Directions
Anu Chacko; S D Madhu Kumar
657 Cloud-to-Cloud Parallel Data Transfer via Spawning Intermediate Nodes
Calvin Boey; Boon Yaik Ooi; Soung Yue Liew
662 Analyzing the QoS Criteria from End Users Perspective in Computational Grid Environment
Omar Dakkak; Shahrudin Awang Nor; Ahmad Suki Che Mohamed Arif
668 Resource Usage Aware Scheduling in OpenStack
Yi-Ting Lai; Pei-Wen Hsiao; Hsin-Wen Wei; Wei-Tsong Lee; Vooi Voon Yap

CS04: Circuits & Systems 673

673 Design, Modeling and Analysis of A New Dual Input-Output Switched Capacitor Converter
Ainur Zhaikhan; Vivekanandan Subburaj; Debashisha Jena; Parthiban Perumal; Alex Ruderman
678 Development of a Smart Railway System for Bangladesh
Masharul Mahfuz; Md. Shakhawat Hossain; Zohair Mehtab Ali; Avijit Das
684 An Efficient Spectrum Sensing Technique for Burst Signals Detection Based on Correlation and FFT
Syed Naveen Altaf Ahmed; Pramod Kumar Meher; A P Vinod

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxx

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

689 A Low Power Architecture of Real Time Stereo Vision Algorithm Using Discrete Cosine Transform
Kj Dhanaraj; Jinesh Kb
695 A Linear Electronically Tunable Quadrature Oscillator
Rabindranath Nandi-; Koushick Mathur
700 Probe Location Checker for IC Physical Verification
Infall Syafalni; Katsuhiko Wakasugi; Tsutomu Sasao

HAC02: Humanitarian Technologies 706

706 Characteristic Functions of Wireless Sensing Node Network for Landslide Disaster
Masanori Homma; Takeyoshi Nakano; Vu Van Khoa; Shigeru Takayama
712 Smart Emergency Response System
Ravi Kishore Kodali; Shishir Kopulwar
718 Performance of CMIP5 Global Climate Models for Climate Simulation in Southeast Asia
Suchada Kamworapan; Chinnawat Surussavadee
723 Computer-assisted Thematic Analysis of Typhoon Fung-Wong Tweets
Jeffrey Ancheta; Christian Sy; Lany Maceda; Nathaniel Oco; Rachel Edita Roxas
727 Rain Water Level Information with Flood Warning System Using Flat Clustering Predictive Technique
Edward B Panganiban; Jennifer Dela Cruz
733 A Theoretical Framework in Mapping the Philippine Creativity Landscape with ICT
Christine Diane Lim

PE07: Power & Energy 739

739 Neutral to Earth Voltage (NTEV) on the Commercial Building with Considering the Low and High Frequencies
Mode of the Grounding System
Mohd Abdul Talib Mat Yusoh; Ahmad Farid Abidin; Zuhaila Mat Yasin; Usamah Mat
745 Consensus-based Voltage and Frequency Restoration Scheme for Inertia-less Islanded Microgrid with Commu-
nication Latency
Sonam Shrivastava; Bidyadhar Subudhi; Susmita Das
751 A New Low-Frequency Oscillatory Modes Estimation Using TLS-ESPRIT and Least Mean Squares Sign-Data
(LMSSD) Adaptive Filtering
Bidyadhar Subudhi; Sudhansu Kumar Samal; Sandip Ghosh
757 Enhanced Firefly Algorithm for PQ Improvement of Wind Energy Conversion System with UPQC
Gowtham Nagaraju
763 A Comprehensive Review on PV Configurations to Maximize Power Under Partial Shading
Charles Kho; Jubaer Ahmed; Saad Kashem; Yi Lung Then
769 A Methodology to Develop Energy Adaptive Software Using Model-Driven Development
Fumiya Tanaka; Kenji Hisazumi; Shigemi Ishida; Akira Fukuda

SIP03: Signal and Image Processing 775

775 Vector Ordering Based Multimodal Video Skimming for User Videos
Vivekraj Kupsad; Debashis Sen; Balasubramanian R
781 Content Based Video Retrieval via Object Based Approach
Sasithradevi Anbalagan; S. Mohamed Mansoor Roomi; Maragatham G
787 Advanced One-bit Transform Algorithm with Edge Enhancement and Representative Feature Extraction for
Low-Complexity and Accurate Motion Estimation
Hung-Yi Chen; Jian-Jiun Ding; Yih-Cherng Lee
793 Heterogeneous Stereo: A Human Vision Inspired Method for General Robotics Sensing
Shenghai Yuan; Han Wang; Keyu Wu
799 Road Lane Reconstruction Using Vision-Based Macro Block Spatial Predictions
Edison Roxas; Argel Bandala; Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra; Arvin Fernando; Elmer Dadios
805 An Efficient VLSI Design of CAVLC Encoder
Rohan Mukherjee; Anupam Banerjee; Avirup Maulik; Indrajit Chakrabarti; Pranab K. Dutta; Ajoy Ray

SW01: Software & Database 811

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxxi

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

811 Identifying Focus Research Areas of Computer Science Researchers from Publications
Chinnawat Noosrikong; Sudsanguan Ngamsuriyaroj; Srisupa Palakvangsa Na Ayudhya
817 PhilLoveHistory: Enhancing Knowledge in Philippine History Using Mobile Game Application
For-Ian V Sandoval; Francis F. Balahadia
822 A Hybrid Symbolic Execution Assisted Fuzzing Method
Li Zhang; Vrizlynn L. L. Thing
828 Board Me App: A Mobile Application for Finding Boarding Houses in University Belt
Marilou N Jamis; Meldrick Abella; Lander Pecdasen; Lyka Pascual; Gideon Gerald Fajardo
833 Consolidating Evidence Based Studies in Software Cost/Effort Estimation - A Tertiary Study
Sreekumar Parameswaran; S D Madhu Kumar; Radha Ramanan T
839 Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection Using Filter Based Feature Selection on KDD-CUP 99
Prashant Kushwaha; Himanshu Buckchash; Balasubramanian R

WCN04: Wireless Communication and Network 845

845 Baseband Receiver Design for IEEE 802.11ah
Yuhong Wang; Peng Hui Tan; Sumei Sun; Ernest Kurniawan
851 A Dynamic Approach for Channel Time Allocation in IEEE 802.15.3 Based Parent-Child Piconet Model
Arijit Bhattacharjee; Ratnajit Bhattacharjee; Sanjay Kumar Bose
857 Negative Impact of CSMA/CD on WLAN IEEE 802.11
Chalakorn Karupongsiri
863 A Testbed Implementation of Secure and Lightweight Privacy Preservation Mechanism Using Scrambled Fi-
bonacci and XOR for Zigbee
Amiruddin Amiruddin; Anak Agung Putri Ratna; Riri Fitri Sari
869 Two Way Secure Communication with Two Half-Duplex DF Relay
Shashibhushan Sharma; Sanjay Dhar Roy; Sumit Kundu
875 Performance Analysis of Physical Layer Security over Different T-error Correcting Codes
Mohammed Ahmed Magzoub Albashier; Azlan Abdul Aziz; Hadhrami Ab Ghani

IT1: Interactive Session 1 879

879 Stability-Guaranteed Minimax Design of Variable Bandpass Digital Filter
Tian-Bo Deng
883 A Novel Way of 3D Map Making Using A Laser Rangefinder for Plane Surfaces
Syed Samiullah Mashrur; MD. Mahmudul Alam Nirjhor; Md. Saiful Islam Sazib; Hasan U. Zaman
889 A Complete Logic Based Backup Protection Scheme for Three and Six Phase Transmission System by Using
Negative Sequence Currents
Chandra Sekhar
895 Simplified Data Partitioning in a Consistent Hashing Based Sharding Implementation
Narayanan Venkateswaran; Suvamoy Changder
901 Robust Human Re-identification Using Mean Shape Analysis of Face Images
Sarattha Kanchanapreechakorn; Worapan Kusakunniran
906 Validation of Clusters for M-Foot Shape Measurement: Malaysian Women Foot Shape
Mohd Faizal Mohd Hamzah; Omar Mohd Rijal; Norliza Mohd Noor
912 The Comparative Study on Separation of Sound Sources in Various Cases
Cheng Xu; Tadahiko Kimoto
918 Cooperative Load Frequency Control of Generator and Battery Using a Recurrent Neural Network
Takato Otani; Ryu Tanabe; Yui Koyanagi; Shinichi Iwamoto
924 Resonant Converters in DC Microgrid System
Bor-Ren Lin
929 Impulse Noise Removal from Color Images: An Approach Using SVM Classification Based Fuzzy Filter
Amarjit Roy; Joyeeta Singha; Rabul Laskar
935 Joint Routing, MAC and Physical Layer Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jawad Haqbeen; Takayuki Ito; Mohammad Arifuzzaman; Takanobu Otsuka

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxxii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

941 Hyperbolic Tangent Based Reconstruction of Compressively Sampled Cardiac Cine MRI Using Smooth Sparsity
Norm Approximation
Abdulhaseeb Ishtiaq Ahmed; Jawad Shah; Ijaz Qureshi; Muhammad Bilal; Kushsairy Kadir; Sheroz Khan
945 Cost-Effective Gateway Selection Scheme for Delay-Tolerant Data Transmission in Internet of Things
Wei Ting Chai; Boon Yaik Ooi; Soung Yue Liew; Tan Teik Boon Tan
951 Signal-Propagation Analysis for Two-Person Intra-Body Communication Services
Narumi Sekine; Yuki Sato; Mitsuru Shinagawa; Daisuke Saito; Kyoji Ohashi
957 Noise Analysis for Interference Waveform in Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography
Hiroshi Sunaga; Kazuma Endo; Takafumi Ogawa; Mitsuru Shinagawa; Masahiro Ueno; Seiji Toyoda; Yuzo
Sasaki; Meishin Chin; Tadashi Sakamoto
963 Optimal Digital Rational Approximation of Fullband Differentiator Designed Using Adaptive Gbest-Guided
Gravitational Search Algorithm
Rajib Kar; Suman Kumar Saha; Shibendu Mahata; Durbadal Mandal; Sanjay Dhar Roy
968 Power Management IC Architecture in Automotive Environment: Case Study of Rear View Camera
Gowri Krishna Kanth Avalur; Azeemuddin Syed
974 Marathi Digit Recognition Using Lip Geometric Shape Features and Dynamic Time Warping
Namita Kale; Umesh S Bhadade
980 Small-Signal Analysis for Designing A Stable Voltage-Doubler PFC System
Pratap Ranjan Mohanty; Anup Panda; Vutukuri Yaswanth Kumar; Trilochan Penthia
986 Factors Affecting the Continuous Use of Cloud Computing Services from Experts Perspective
Mohammed A. Al-Sharafi; Ruzaini Abdullah Arshah; Emad Abu-Shanab
992 Proportional Generation and Proportional Load Based Transmission Loss Allocation Considering Reactive Power
Demand in Restructured Environment
Prabhakar Karthikeyan; Shafeeque Ahmed; M Venu Gopala Rao
998 Time Series Performance for Electricity Load Demand in Johor
Hanif Jifri; Hassan Elia Erwani; Nor Hamizah Miswan; Intan Azmira
1004 SmallStore: A Region-of-Interest Based Adaptive System for Compressing Human Face Videos
Karan Ahuja; Anubhav Pandey; Ferdous Barbhuiya; Seema Nagar; Kuntal Dey
1010 Disparity Estimation Using Adaptive Superpixel Assignment and Gradient Weight, Binary Cost, and Dilation
Based Local Matching Algorithm
Hao-Hsueh Yang; Jian-Jiun Ding; Chia-Chun Hsu; Yih-Cherng Lee
1016 Design and Analysis of a Hybrid Energy Harvester for Self-powered Sensor
Syafiq Shaharizal; Mohamad Radzi Ahmad; Huzein Fahmi Hawari
1022 Feature Selection for Myoelectric Pattern Recognition Using Two Channel Surface Electromyography Signals
Omkar S Powar; Krishnan Chemmangat
1027 Visual Positioning System for Automated Indoor/Outdoor Navigation
Anup S; Abhinav Goel; Suresh Padmanabhan
1032 Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter Using Less Number of Switches
Kishor Thakre; Kanungo Barada Mohanty; Rabi Narayan Mishra; Vinaya Sagar Kommukuri
1037 Energy Efficient, Noise Immune 4X4 Vedic Multiplier Using Semi-Domino Logic Style
Sapna Ghimiray; Preetisudha Meher; Pranab Dutta
1042 Proposal of Hamming Distance Detectors Using a Clocked Neuron MOS Inverter to CAM
Takanori Kurano; Masaaki Fukuhara
1048 An Integrated Path Planning System for a Robot Designed for Oil Palm Plantations
Mohammed Ayoub Juman; Yee Wan Wong; Rajprasad Kumar Rajkumar; Cong Yuan Hng
1054 Verification and Analysis of Electromagnetic Environment Based on Simulink
Fei Shen; Lu Li; Xiong Xu; Ruowu Wu; Hongping Zhou; Chao Liu; Guo Zhongyi
1058 Switched Capacitor-Based PWM Converter Integrating String Converter and Voltage Equalizer for Photovoltaic
Strings Under Partial Shading
Masatoshi Uno; Masaya Yamamoto
1064 Organic Photovoltaic Cell Fabrication with Reduced Graphene Oxide and Chlorophyllin as Layers
Arun Kumar; Piyush Sinha; Rajasekar Natarajan
1069 Load Prediction Using Support Vector Regression
Lee Wai Chong; Divish Rengasamy; Yee Wan Wong; Rajprasad Kumar Rajkumar

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxxiii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

1075 Localization of License Plates Using Optimized Edge and Contour Detection Technique
Ana Riza Quiros; Aaron Christian Uy; Rhen Anjerome Bedruz; Jose Martin Z Maningo; Alexander Abad; Argel
Bandala; Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra; Elmer Dadios
1081 A kNN-based Approach for the Machine Vision of Character Recognition of License Plate Numbers
Ana Riza Quiros; Aaron Christian Uy; Alexander Abad; Argel Bandala; Rhen Anjerome Bedruz; Arvin Fer-
nando; Elmer Dadios
1087 Effect of Depth and Salinity of Basin Water on Performance of Solar Still
Apurba Layek
1092 Development of a Smart Controller for Hybrid Net Metering
Conrado Ostia, Jr
1097 Non-Isolated Multi-Port Converter Integrating PWM and Phase-Shift Converters
Yusuke Sato; Hikaru Nagata; Masatoshi Uno
1103 Consideration on Oscillation Frequency and Amplitude Condition in a VHF Self-Excitation Gate Driver Using
a Class-2 Resonant Inverter
Naoyuki Ishibashi; Takuya Mizushima; Masahiko Hirokawa; Akihiko Katsuki
1109 Designing Modular Robotic Architecture for E-commerce Bin Picking Task Fulfillment
Johan Zhi Kang Kok; Albert Causo; Zheng-Hao Chong; I-Ming Chen
1115 Single-Switch Voltage Equalizer Based on Forward-Flyback Resonant Voltage Multiplier for Partially-Shaded
Series-Connected Photovoltaic Modules
Toru Nakane; Toshiki Shinohara; Masatoshi Uno
1121 Lead Source Separation for Indian Instrumental Audio
Ashwini Bhat; Nischal Ramesh; Sachin Naik
1127 Precision of the Detective Quantum Efficiency in Digital Mammography Detectors
Dong Sik Kim; Eunae Lee
1131 Robust Damping Controller Design for Damping Enhancement of Inter-Area Oscillations Considering Commu-
nication Network Constraints
Maddela Chinna Obaiah; Bidyadhar Subudhi
1137 Experimental Realization of a Decentralized Active Disturbance Rejection Controller for a Coupled Tank System
Soumya Ranjan Mahapatro; Bidyadhar Subudhi; Sandip Ghosh
1142 A Study on Pre-Processing Methods for Copy-Move Forgery Detection Based on SIFT
Regina Lionnie; Rizal Broer Bahaweres; Said Attamimi; Mudrik Alaydrus
1148 A Human Care System by a Mobile Robot Employing Cooperative Objects Recognition
Seiji Ishikawa; Joo Kooi Tan; Soichiro Takaki
1153 Investigation of Face Recognition Using Gabor Filter with Random Forest as Learning Framework
Yuen Chark See; Norliza Mohd Noor
1159 Inverse Kinematic Control of a Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Smart Needle for Percutaneous Intervention
Felix Orlando Maria Joseph
1165 Multi-factor Analysis of Texture and Color-Texture Features for Robust Hand Detection in Non-Ideal Conditions
Songhita Misra; Rabul Laskar
1171 A Study on Evoked Potential by Inaudible Auditory Stimulation Toward Continuous Biometric Authentication
Takehiro Maruoka; Kenta Kambe; Hideki Harada; Isao Nakanishi
1175 Efficient Plant Leaf Representations: A Comparative Study
Shitala Prasad; Sateesh Kumar Peddoju; Debashis Ghosh
1181 Optimal Design of Discrete Rational Approximation of the S Operator Without Using a Generating Function
Shibendu Mahata; Rajib Kar; Durbadal Mandal; Suman Kumar Saha
1185 Keep-out Distance of the IEEE 802.11af System from Digital TV Broadcast Contour
Yee Loo Foo
1189 Forecasting of Photovoltaic Power Using Deep Belief Network
Ying Qi Neo; Tiong Teck Teo; Wai Lok Woo; Anurag Sharma; Thillainathan Logenthiran
1195 Design Methodology and Sensorless Control of Electric Propulsion System Using DTC-SVM
Parthiban Perumal; Deepak Ronanki
1201 Local Auxiliary-Color Maximum Vector Pattern: A New Feature Descriptor for Image Indexing and Retrieval
Naquid Khalili; Chandan Prasad; Vedprakash M; Sachin Chaudhary; Subrahmanyam Murala

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxxiv

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

1207 An Efficient Non-invasive Method for Brain Tumor Grade Analysis on MR Images
Monica Subashini; Indra Gandhi
1213 Optimal ESSs and Demand Response Can Help to Make Profitable Optimal Thermal UC in Case of High Pene-
tration of PVs
Harun Or Rashid Howlader; Abdul Matin Ibrahimi; Tomonobu Senjyu; Toshihisa Funabashi
1219 An Efficient Authorization Framework for Securing Industrial Internet of Things
Guizi Chen; Wee Siong Ng
1225 MIMO Receiver and Decoder Using Vector Processor
Veena K; Rajeshwari B
1231 Cost Effective Optimal Solution for Hybrid Power System Among Diverse Sources of Renewable Energy
Md Sohel Mahmood; Mohammad Sakib Mahmood
1235 Modeling ECG Waveform Using Optimal Smoothing Bzier-Bernstein Curves
Rachanart Soontornvorn; Hiroyuki Fujioka; Vanvisa Chutchavong; K. Janchitrapongvej
1239 Multimodal Interface for Temporal Pattern Based Interactive Large Volumetric Visualization
Piyush Kumar
1245 FPGA Based Fuzzy Control Technique for Obstacle Avoidance
Vinod Kapse; Bhavana Jharia; S. s. Thakur
1251 Physiological Measurements on a Gaming Virtual Reality Headset Using Photoplethysmography
Seiya Otsuka; Kanami Kurosaki; Mitsuhiro Ogawa
1257 Grid-Flux-Oriented Control and Synchronization for a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator System
Sutthimat Mueangngoen; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1263 e-ARP: An Efficient, Adaptive and Robust Protocol for Effective Data Communication in VANETs
Nitin Singh Rajput; Rahul Banerjee; Ajinkya Rajput; Abhimanyu Siwach
1269 Orthogonal Least Squares Algorithm for the Multiple-Measurement Vectors Problem
Junhan Kim; Byonghyo Shim
1273 Design of Database and Secure Communication Protocols for Internet-of-Things-based Smart Home System
Trio Adiono; Revie Marthensa; Rahmat Muttaqin; Syifaul Fuada; Suksmandhira Harimurti; Waskita Adijarto
1279 An Improved ZVS-PWM Buck Converter with ZCS Auxiliary Circuit
Manikant Kumar; Monalisa Pattnaik; Jyotismita Mishra
1285 Empirical Mode of Detection in DFIG Based WECS
Shyamasundar Padhi; Prangya Parimita Pradhan
1290 Tracking of Object in Occluded and Non-occluded Environment Using SIFT and Kalman Filter
Palaniappan Mirunalini; Seetharani Murugaiyan Jaisakthi; Radhakrishnan Sujana
1296 An Effective Combination Scheme for Improving Speaker Verification Performance
Krishna Dutta; Jagabandhu Mishra; Debadatta Pati
1300 An Automatic Ulcer Detection Scheme Using Histogram in YIQ Domain from Wireless Capsule Endoscopy
Amit Kumar Kundu; Arnab Bhattacharjee; Shaikh Anowarul Fattah; Celia Shahnaz
1304 Prototyping Design of IR Remote Controller for Smart Home Applications
Trio Adiono; Bryan Tandiawan; Syifaul Fuada; Rahmat Muttaqin; Maulana Yusuf Fathany; Waskita Adijarto;
Suksmandhira Harimurti
1309 Hardware Implementation of Compressive Sensing for Image Compression
Amit Joshi; Ravi Kumar Maddila; Chitrakant Sahu; Mohd. Samar Ansari
1315 Development of a Low Power 8-Bit Successive Approximation Register ADC in 90nm Process Technology for
Biomedical Application
Jay Nickson Tabing; Adonis Santos; Jomar Carandang; Jonathan Fortu; Jayson Mojares
1321 A Novel Approach for the Identification of Chronic Alcohol Users from ECG Signals
Rakshith Vishwanatha; Apoorv V; Akarsh N Kolekar; Arjun Krishnamurthy; Niranjana Krupa; Pratima Murthy;
Vedamurthachar A
1327 Rust Detection Using Image Processing via Matlab
Julianne Alyson Diaz; Manuel Ligeralde; John Anthony Jose
1332 Affirmation of Electronic Patient Record Through Bio-electric Signal for Medical Data Encryption Authenticity
Vidya M J; Padmaja K v

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxxv

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

1337 Performance Analysis of Unified Power Quality Conditioner Controlled with ANN and Fuzzy Logic Based
Control Approaches
Satyanarayana Vanapalli; M Venu Gopala Rao; Prabhakar Karthikeyan Shanmugam
1343 Three Operand Fused Floating Point Add- Subtract Unit Using Redundant Adder
Prachi Palsodkar; Prasanna Palsodkar
1347 Archetypal Coherent Color Acquisition
Rija Hasan; Syed Muhammad Ghazanfar Monir
1352 Transformer-Less Cell Voltage Equalizer Using Switched Capacitor Voltage Divider and Series-Resonant Volt-
age Multiplier for Series-Connected Electric Double-Layer Capacitors
Koki Hasegawa; Kazuki Yashiro; Masatoshi Uno
1358 New Dimension in Cross-Polarization Reduction of a Hexagonal Microstrip Antenna Using Two Circular Sub-
strate Integrated Cavities
Susamay Samanta; P Soni Reddy; Kaushik Mandal
1364 Automatic Bengali Number Plate Reader
Md. Tanvir Shahed; Md. Rahatul Islam Udoy; Biswajit Saha; Asir Intisar Khan; Samia Subrina
1369 Basic Hand Action Classification Based on Surface EMG Using Autoregressive Reflection Coefficient
Shaikh Anowarul Fattah; Odrika Iqbal; Saima Zahin; Md. Gholam Rosul; Celia Shahnaz
1375 Efficient Contour Generation on GPU for Multivalued High Resolution Images
Muhammad Usman Butt; John Morris; Nitish Patel; Joseph K. P. Tsoi
1381 Automated Traffic Measurement System Based on FCD and Image Processing
Md Tahmid Rashid; Ahad Hossain; Md Najmul Hussain
1386 A Study and Analysis of Image Enhancement Techniques Augmenting Dental Pantamograms to Review Jawbone
Cysts and Tumors
Veena Divya Krishnappa; Anand Jatti; Revan P; Deepu S
1391 Improved Face Recognition on Video Surveillance Images Using Pose Correction
Nur Ain Jamil; Usman Ullah Sheikh; Musa Mohd Mokji; Zaid Omar; Ab Al-Hadi Ab Rahman
1396 Self-controlling Mechanism over Newly Proposed Variable Step Size LMS Algorithm
Jhapat Bahadur Gurung; Ritesh Khanna
1399 Parameter Estimation of Wiener Nonlinear Model Using Least Mean Square (LMS) Algorithm
Saurav Gupta; Ajit Sahoo; Upendra Sahoo
1404 A Novel CS Beamformer root-MUSIC Algorithm and Its Subspace Deviation Analysis
Palanisamy P; Abhishek Aich
1409 Home Access Control Through a Smart Digital Locking-Unlocking System
Pradip Tilala; Anil Roy; Manik Lal Das
1415 Development of Playback Attacks Detection System
Madhusudan Singh; Jagabandhu Mishra; Debadatta Pati
1421 Analysis of D-Statcom for Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution Network
Prabir Ranjan Kasari; Manish Paul; Bikram Das; Abanishwar Chakraborti
1427 Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Reconfigurable Modulator for Satellite Applications
Kiran Bhandarkar; Goutham T; Manikandan J; V. Sambasiva Rao
1433 Energy Management Technique for Home Micro Grid System
Rajasekar Natarajan; Nishant Bilakanti; Masafumi Miyatake
1439 Modeling and Simulation of Neural Based Speed Controller for Direct Torque Control of Three Phase Induction
Sundararaju Karuppannan
1445 A Case Study to Design a Mobility as a Service Model for Urban Female Corporates to Improve Their Work
Nuren Abedin; Jecinta Kamau; Mohammad Ismail Hossain; Rafiqul Islam Maruf; Akira Fukuda; Ashir Ahmed
1451 Scale Registration Based on Descriptor Analysis and B-spline Matching
Wenyu Chen; Wei Xiong; Jia Du; Jierong Cheng
1457 Optimum Long-Term Planning for Microgrid
Wei Long Alvin Lim; Tiong Teck Teo; Muhammad Ramadan Bin Mohamad Saifuddin; Thillainathan Logenthi-
ran; Vantung Phan

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxxvi

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

1463 Real-Time Paediatric Neurorehabilitation System

Rozita Jailani; Wan Zharfan Wan Zainal Abiddin; Fazah Akhtar Hanapiah
1469 Optimal PEVs Charging Control for Frequency Stabilization Considering Communication Delay in Remote
Natchanan Kesorn; Achara Pichetjamroen; Sanchai Dechanupaprittha; Chaowanan Jamroen
1475 Real-time Detection of S2 Sound Using Simultaneous Recording of PCG and PPG
Ajay Kambhampati; Barathram. Ramkumar; M Sabarimalai Manikandan
1481 Quantifying Blood Glucose Level Using S11 Parameters
Lloyd Charles Landicho; Camille Cordero; Jennifer Dela Cruz; Ramon Garcia
1487 Economic and Emission Generation Scheduling of Thermal Power Plant Incorporating Wind Energy
Suresh K. Damodaran; Sunil Kumar T. K
1493 Enhanced Fast Retina Keypoint Descriptor
Jamshid Kavanancheri; Muhammed Anees V; Santhosh Kumar G
1499 A Fast Automated Lung Segmentation Method for the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
Ratishchandra Huidrom; Yambem Chanu; Kh. Manglem Singh
1503 An IoT Ecosystem for the Implementation of Scalable Wireless Home Automation Systems at Smart City Level
Jay Lohokare; Reshul Dani; Ajit Rajurkar; Ameya Apte
1509 Fast Matrix Decomposition for DOSY Using the Eigenvalue Decomposition and the Difference Approximation
Yuho Tanaka; Kazunori Uruma; Tomoki Nakao; Kenya Izumi; Hiroaki Utsumi; Toshihiro Furukawa
1515 Robust Features for Automatic Estimation of Physical Parameters from Speech
Kalluri Shareef Babu; Deepu Vijayasenan
1520 Sitting Posture Recognition for Computer Users Using Smartphones and a Web Camera
Jheanel Estrada; Larry Vea
1526 Sensor Based Human Arm Motion and Gesture Replication System Using MATLAB
Shajnush Amir; Mirza Sarwar Kamal; K. M. A. Salam; Mohammad Rezaul Bari
1532 Hybrid Trie Based Approach for Longest Prefix Matching in IP Packet Processing
Surajeet Ghosh
1538 A Study on the Effects of Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling on an Error Detection Block for a LoRa
Communications System
Rafael M Pangilinan; Jahn Carroll Dimayuga; Ian Christian B. Fernandez; Alfonso Elias C Lopez; Louis Alar-
cn; Maria Theresa de Leon; Rico Jossel M Maestro; Marc Rosales; Chris Vincent Densing
1544 Threat Modeling for Multi-UAV Adhoc Networks
Kuldeep Singh; Anil Verma
1550 Development of Modified Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Configuration with Less Number of Switches
Bikram Das; Aniruddha Bhattacharya; Debashis Chatterjee; Prabir Ranjan Kasari
1556 Acoustic Analysis of Indian Classical Music Using Signal Processing Methods
Seema Ghisingh; Shivam Sharma; Vinay Kumar Mittal
1562 Emotion Recognition from Speech Signal
Esther Ramdinmawii; Abhijit Mohanta; Vinay Kumar Mittal
1568 Automated Detection of Nonphysiological Artifacts in Polysomnographic EEG Using Conventional Signal Pro-
cessing Techniques
Chinmayee Dora; Pradyut Kumar Biswal
1573 Big Data Provenance and Analytics in Telecom Contact Centers
Binesh Jose; Radha Ramanan T; S D Madhu Kumar
1579 Optimal Data Subcarrier Allocation for Wireless Power Transmission System
Nozomi Shibata; Toshiki Ohmori; Mamiko Inamori
1583 Sampling Clock Offset Estimation and Correction in Frequency Domain for OFDM Receivers
Harish Chuppala; Rajasekar Mohan; Shashank R
1588 A Compact Fuzzy Rule Interpretation of SVM Classifier for Medical Whole Slide Images
Prashant Shukla; Abhishek Singh; Shekhar Verma
1593 Design of an AC Excitation Hall Sensor Front-End System with 12-bit SAR ADC
Angelito Silverio; Roozbeh Falah Ramezani; Wen-Yaw Chung; Jyun-Yu Lai; Angelina Silverio

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxxvii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

ANT01: Antenna & Microwave 1598

1598 Compact Low Loss Millimeter Wave 8-way Radial Waveguide Power Combiner
Bo Shi; Guohua Zhai
1602 Evolutionary Technique Based CAD Model for Microstrip Antenna Synthesis
Sambhudutta Nanda; Chandraneel Das; Prasanna Kumar Sahu; Rabindra Kishore Mishra
1606 Non-Bianisotropic Split Ring Resonator Based CPW-Fed Dual Band Antenna
1610 A Novel GHz Bandwidth RF Predistortion Linearizer for Ka Band Power Amplifier
Bo Shi; Siew Weng Leong; Luo Bin; Wenjiang Wang
1614 A Capsule-Like Flexible Multiband Antenna for WBAN Applications
Emranul Haque; Subaha Mahmuda; Feroz Ahmed
1620 Modified Y-Shape Patch Ultra-Wide Band Monopole Antenna
Fitri Yuli Zulkifli; Kadek Dwi Pradnyana; Damaraji Wijoyono; Gradi Adriandi

BME03: Biomedical Engineering 1624

1624 Classification of Forearm Movements from sEMG Time Domain Features Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Retheep Raj; Noble Jose; Adithya Pk; Sivanandan K. s
1629 S1 and S2 Heart Sound Segmentation Using Variational Mode Decomposition
Ajay Kambhampati; Barathram. Ramkumar; M Sabarimalai Manikandan
1635 A Highly Integrated Embedded System for Bio-Signal Computing
Nazrul Khan; Mike Eklund
1640 Analysis of Myocardial Infarction Using Wavelet Transform and Multiscale Energy Analysis
Sushree Satvatee Swain; Dipti Patra
1646 A Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Neural Network-based Predictive Coding Scheme for Lossless Compression of ECG
Chin-Kun Tseng; Lih-Jen Kau; Wei-Yen Cheng
1651 EEG BSI-HHT in Ischaemic Stroke with Multifocal Infarction
Fathrul Azarshah Abdul Aziz; Hilman Fauzi; Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai; Aznida Firzah Abdul Aziz; Gerard B.
Remijn; Zool H Ismail
1657 Time-Frequency Analysis of Executed and Imagined Motor Movement EEG Signals for Neuro-based Home
Appliance System
Mohd Hilmi Zakaria; Wahidah Mansor, W.; Khuan Y Lee

DMP01: Devices, Materials & Processing 1661

1661 Au-decorated Graphene-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Thin Film for Sub-100 Ohm/sq Transparent Conductive Elec-
Pradeep Kumar; Hoe Chee Ling; Chun Hong Kang; Mohamed Shuaib Mohamed Saheed; Zainal Arif Burhanudin
1666 Transport Characterization of Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistors with Strain and Scattering
Imtiaj Khan; Ovishek Morshed; Sharif Mohammad Mominuzzaman
1670 Design of a FEM Based Simulator for MEMS Devices
Sridevi Gugulothu; Gaurav Kumar; Harshal Nemade; Gaurav Trivedi
1676 Temperature Dependence of Drain Current Transient Response by Gate Pulse Voltage in AlGaN/GaN High
Electron Mobility Transistors
Akiyoshi Ohtake; Soya Nakano; Kimihiro Yamanaka; Hirohisa Taguchi
1680 Comparative Study of Ambipolar Characteristics for Short Channel Tunnel-FETs of Different Structures
Dip Joti Paul; Md. Abdullah-Al- Kaiser; Quazi Khosru
1685 Analysis of Intrinsic Delay Time in InAlAs/InGaAs High-Electron-Mobility Transistors at Cryogenic Tempera-
Soya Nakano; Hirohisa Taguchi
1690 High Voltage Insulating Material Life Under Partial Discharge Degradation
Tatsuki Okamoto

PE08: Power & Energy 1696

1696 A Fast MPPT Technique Based on I-V Curve Characteristics Under Partial Shading
Jubaer Ahmed; Zainal Salam; Yi Lung Then; Saad Kashem

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxxviii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

1702 RTRL Based Adaptive Neuro-Controller for Damping SSR Oscillations in SCIG Based Windfarms
Kadannamanna Covilakam Sindhu Thampatty
1708 Optimal Load Curtailment for DG Integrated Islanded Power System Utilizing Backtracking Search Algorithm
Aziah Khamis; Ong Beng Tai
1715 One Rank Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Optimal Placement of Multiple Distributed Generators in Distribution
Truong Hoang Khoa; Perumal Nallagownden; Zuhairi Baharudin; Dieu Vo
1721 Adaptable Load Scheduling for Smart Grids
Chin Choy Chai; Liu Xiang
1727 Distributed Discrete Level Energy Scheduling for Residential Load Control in Smart Grids
Chin Choy Chai
1733 Development of Wind Turbine Controller for Low Wind Speeds
Hidehito Matayoshi; Koji Hata; Son Dang; Tomonobu Senjyu; Toshihisa Funabashi; Abdul Howlader; Nobuaki

PE09: Power & Energy 1737

1737 DTC of Induction Motor with Advanced SVM Strategies
Naresh B; Mallapu Vijayakumar; Yadaiah Narri
1743 A Novel Torque Ripple Minimization Scheme for Solar Powered BLDC Motor
Venkata Reddy Kota; Bapayya naidu K; Muralidhar Nayak Bhukya
1749 A Reduced Order Smoothing Filter for Speed Estimation of Three Phase Induction Motor
Uma Syamkumar; Jayanand B
1755 Universal Bus Front End PFC Fourth-Order Buck Converter as LED Drivers
Anmol Ratna Saxena; Ashima Kulshreshtha
1761 Bridgeless AC-DC Buck-Boost Converter with Switched Capacitor for Low Power Applications
Khalid Saifullah; Md. Abdullah Al Hysam; Md. Zihad Ul Haque; Sakif Asif; Golam Sarowar; Mohammad
Tanvirul Ferdaous
1766 A CB-SVPWM Control Strategy for Neutral-Point Voltage Balancing in Three-Level NPC Inverters
Hussapong Kitidet; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1772 Design and Comparison Analysis of Speed Controllers for PMSM
Anshul Kumar Mishra; Ankur Gangwal; Raspreet Singh; Rishabh Trivedi; Bharat Singh Rajpurohit; Rajeev Kumar

SIP04: Signal and Image Processing 1778

1778 Animated Texts Application in Visualizing Speech Features for Foreign Language Learning
Nur Syafikah Samsudin; Kazunori Mano
1784 Electromagnetic Articulograph Sensor-To-Sound Unit Mapping-Based Intelligibility Assessment of Dysarthric
Dhanalakshmi Munirathnam; Mariya Celin Thekekara Antony; Nagarajan T; P Vijayalakshmi
1790 Automatic Pause Marking for Speech Synthesis
Loitongbam Gyanendro Singh; Nagaraj Adiga; Bidisha Sharma; Sanasam Ranbir Singh; S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna
1795 Tonal Feature Based Dialect Discrimination in Two Dialects in Ao
Moakala Tzudir; Priyankoo Sarmah; S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna
1800 Non-Linear Filtering for Feature Enhancement of Reverberant Speech
Amit Verma; Hemendra Tomar; Srikanth Raj Chetupalli; Thippur V. Sreenivas
1806 Punctuation Prediction Using a Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Network with Part-of-Speech Tagging
Chin Char Juin; Richard Xiong Jun Wei; Luis Fernando DHaro; Rafael E. Banchs
1812 Acoustic Event Classification Using Graph Signals
Manjunath Mulimani; Jahnavi U P; Shashidhar G. Koolagudi

WCN05: Wireless Communication and Network 1817

1817 Reliable Multicast Disruption Tolerant Networking: Conceptual Implementation Using Message Ferry
Khang-Siang Wong; Tat-Chee Wan
1823 An Index Coded Approach for Reducing Number of Broadcasts in Vehicular Networks
Ashish Anandrao Patil

IEEE TENCON 2017-xxxix

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

1828 ML Based Velocity Estimator via Gamma Distributed Handover Counts in HetNets
Ravi Tiwari; Siddharth Deshmukh
1834 Spectrum Handoff Performance in Opportunistic and Negotiated Situations for Cognitive Radio Networks
Shanidul Hoque; Ram Karsh; Srimanta Baishya; Wasim Arif
1839 Data Aggregation in Named Data Networking
Sho Harada; Zhiwei Yan; Yong Jin Park; Kashif Nisar; Ag. Asri Ag. Ibrahim
1843 Cycle-Based Traffic Load Balancing Method for Clustered Network with Multiple SDN Controllers
Mitsunobu Homma; Norihiko Shinomiya
1847 Performance Analysis of Different Network Topologies for Driver Safety Monitoring Application in WESN
Md. Alam; Azrina Abd Aziz; Azlan Awang; Suhaimi Latif

Day 3 1853
CIS03: Computational Intelligence 1853
1853 A Spell Checker for a Low-resourced and Morphologically Rich Language
Manolito Octaviano, Jr.; Allan Borra
1857 Prediction of Star Ratings from Online Reviews
Ch. Sarath Reddy; K. Uday Kumar; J. Dheeraj Keshav; Bakshi Rohit Prasad; Sonali Agarwal
1862 CMDR: Classifying Nodes for Mining Data Records with Different HTML Structures
Kar Wai Fok; Wee Yong Lim; Vrizlynn L. L. Thing; Victor Pomponiu
1868 FPGA Implementation of Extreme Learning Machine System for Classification
Tan Chong Yeam; Takanori Matsuzaki; Nordinah Ismail; Koichiro Mashiko
1874 Similarity Based Regularization for Online Matrix-Factorization Problem: An Application to Course Recom-
mender Systems
Dhruv Shah; Pratik Shah
1880 Credit Card Fraud Detection Based on Transaction Behavior
John Richard D Kho; Larry Vea

PE10: Power & Energy 1885

1885 Security Constrained Dynamic Optimal Power Flow with Multiple Energy Storage
Rony Seto Wibowo
1890 Harmonics Elimination Based on Curve Fitting Method for Modular Multilevel Converters
Majdee Tohtayong; Sheroz Khan; Mashkuri Yaacob; Siti Yusoff; Nur Shahida Midi; Musse Mohamud Ahmed,
Dr; Kushsairy Kadir; Jawad Shah
1896 Optimized Load Sharing of LED Drivers in DC Homes Using Game Theoretic Approach
Ashima Kulshreshtha; Anmol Ratna Saxena
1902 Modelling of Dry Low Emission Gas Turbine Using Black-Box Approach
Mohammad Haizad Mohd Tarik; Madiah Binti Omar; Mohd Faris Abdullah; Rosdiazli Ibrahim
1907 A Study on Consumer Switching Behavior with a Matching Problem in Electricity Markets
Mitsue Imahori; Ryo Hase; Norihiko Shinomiya
1913 A Robust Resonance Damping of LCL-filter Based Grid-Connected Converter with Linear Active Disturbance
Rejection Control
Muhammad Saleem; Rae-Young Kim

PE11: Power & Energy 1919

1919 Islanding Detection of Distributed Generation in Presence of Fault Events
Muhammad Ramadan Bin Mohamad Saifuddin; Thillainathan Logenthiran; R T Naayagi
1925 Suitability Study on Using Rowens Model for Dry-Low Emission Gas Turbine Operational Performance
Madiah Binti Omar; Mohammad Haizad Mohd Tarik; Rosdiazli Ibrahim; Mohd Faris Abdullah
1931 Reactive Power Optimization and Voltage Control for Half-Wavelength Power Transmission System
Hao Tian; Yutian Liu; Dong Yang; Xiaohui Qin
1936 Grid Code for PV Integration in Distribution Circuits Considering Overvoltage and Voltage Variation
Pisitpol Chirapongsananurak; Naebboon Hoonchareon


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

1942 Calculation of Nodal Price Based on Modified DC-OPF and Its Application in Loss Allocation
Changhang Zhang; Li Zhang
1947 Power System Dynamics Equivalent Model Based on AutoRegressive Model with eXogenous Inputs
Changgang Li; Yawei Yu; Jiongcheng Yan; Yutian Liu

PHO01: Photonics 1953

1953 Color-Shift-Keying Performance Under Cross Talk
Amena Aziz; Kainam Thomas Wong
1957 New Technology to Expose Core from Fiber for Optical Sensing Application
Amalina Athira Ibrahim; Nurul Atiqah Baharudin; Osamu Mikami; Sumiaty Ambran; Fauzan Ahmad; Chiemi
Fujikawa; Mohd. Adzir b. Mahdi; Mohd Hanif Yaacob
1961 Optimal Shape of Spot Size Converter by Mask- Transfer Method for Silicon Photonics
Nurul Atiqah Baharudin; Chiemi Fujikawa; Osamu Mikami; Sumiaty Ambran; Osamu Mitomi
1964 Numerical Modeling of Surface Acoustic Wave for Silica Tapered Fiber
Hui Jing Lee; Aiman Ismail; Fairuz Abdullah
1969 Noise Reduction Method for Electro-Optic Measurement System Using Variable Gain Amplifier
Masahiro Yada; Yukihiro Ishihara; Tomoya Naoe; Mitsuru Shinagawa; Hiroyuki Sugino; Hiroaki Tanaka; Jun
Katsuyama; Yoshinori Matsumoto
1973 Urea Biosensor Utilizing Graphene-MoS2 and Kretschmann-based SPR
Nur Akmar Jamil; P. Susthitha Menon; Siew Mei Gan

RCT03: Robotics, Control & Theory 1978

1978 Secure Sensing Inputs for Autonomous Vehicles
Jia Yi Ho; Wen Yao Koh; Bharadwaj Veeravalli; Jun Wen Wong; Huaqun Guo
1984 A New Backstepping Control Design Method for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Diving and Steering Plane
Biranchi Narayan Rath; Bidyadhar Subudhi; Vladimir Filaretov; Alexander Zuev
1988 Development and Implementation of Swarm Sweep Cleaning Protocol for Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
(QUAV) Swarm
Argel Bandala; Christian Kyle Fermin; Arthur Lanz Imperial; Karlo Felipe Molato; Jesse Daniel Santos; Jose
Martin Z Maningo; Gerard Ely Faelden
1992 Position Estimation System with UWB, IMU and a Distance Sensor for Quad-rotors
Shunsuke Akahori; Yoshiyuki Higashi; Arata Masuda
1997 Modeling and Control of Torque and Impact Rate During Screwing Process
Hoe Chi Leong; Rosmiwati Mohd-Mokhtar; Nur Syazreen Ahmad; Cheah Wei Leow
2003 Power Efficient Permanent Magnet DC Motor Drive with Regenerative Braking
Muhammad Saad Bin Ubaid; Malik Umair

SMC01: Systems, Man & Cybernetics 2006

2006 Host Based Intrusion Detection System Using Frequency Analysis of N-Gram Terms
Basant Subba
2012 Recurrent Neural Network for Tactile Texture Recognition Using Pressure and 6-axis Acceleration Sensor Data
Hideaki Orii; Satoshi Tsuji; Takaharu Kouda; Teruhiko Kohama
2017 Real-Time Three-Dimensional Smooth Path Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Completely Unknown
Cluttered Environments
Keyu Wu; Tao Xi; Han Wang
2023 Regions of Interest on Pareto Front Using MOGA Automated Feedback Mechanism
Muneendra Ojha; Krishna Pratap Singh; Pavan Chakraborty; Shekhar Verma
2029 Equilibria of Rumor Propagation: Deterministic and Network Approaches
Kumar Gaurav; Sayantari Ghosh; Saumik Bhattacharya; Yatindra Nath Singh
2035 Analysis on Assignment Balance of Store Staff by Multistage Queue Model
Yoichi Utsunomiya; Takashi Okuda

WCN06: Wireless Communication and Network 2041

2041 Connectivity at Wireless Network Borders Under Superimposed Fading-Shadowing Effects
Mridula. K. M.; Ameer P M

IEEE TENCON 2017-xli

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

2047 Impact of Severe Fading Conditions on the AF Cooperative Systems Outage Probability
Jamaluddin Zakaria; Mohd Fadzli Mohd Salleh
2051 Performance Evaluation of NP and ML Based Spectrum Sensing in FDCRNs Under Small Scale Fading Scenario
Tripta Sharan; Abhishek Kumar; Seemanti Saha
2056 Energy Efficient Hard Decision Fusion Rules for Fading and Non-Fading Environment
Meenakshi Awasthi; Madhav J. Nigam; Vijay Kumar
2061 Applying NFV/SDN in Mitigating DDoS Attacks
Luying Zhou; Huaqun Guo
2067 Sensing Criteria of TV White Space Devices
Yee Loo Foo

EEM01: Engineering Education & Management 2072

2072 Evaluation on e-Learning Readiness of Yangon and Mandalay Technological Universities, Myanmar
Mon Mon The; Tsuyoshi Usagawa
2077 Development of Bilateral Science Education Program by Engineering Students
Eri Ota; Proadpran Punyabukkana
2083 Assisting Students Health Consciousness by the Use of Wearable Device
Toshiki Ueda; Yoshikazu Ikeda
2088 MCU-Based: Energy Consumption Management System for Dormitories
Melannie Mendoza; Aileen May Herrera; John Matthew Pableo; Jian Lorenz Tumang
2093 Preliminary Investigation of Augmented Intelligence for Remote Assistance Using a Wearable Display
Wei Ling Koh; Joyce Kaliappan; Mark Rice; Keng-Teck Ma; Hong Huei Tay; Wah Pheow Tan
2099 A Preliminary Study on the Hand Grip and Pinch Strength Among Adults in an Indigenous People Community
in Royal Belum Forest, Malaysia
Nurul Aini Bani; Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki; Hazilah Mad Kaidi; Mohd Nabil Muhtazaruddin; Siti Armiza Mohd
Aris; Siti Zura A. Jalil; Norliza Mohd Noor; Abdullahi Abubakar Masud; Sahnius Usman

MIS01: Miscellaneous Topics 2104

2104 Hierarchical Random Exploring with Multiple Linking Modes
Zhengguo Li; Wenchao Gao; Albertus Adiwahono; Wei-Yun Yau
2110 Design of an 8-Bit Five Stage Pipelined RISC Microprocessor for Sensor Platform Application
Reuben James Austria; Annaliza Sambile; Jay Nickson Tabing; Kahr-Lile Villegas
2116 Designing Wireless Transceiver Blocks for LoRa Application
Matthew De Vera; Cathlene Mae Garcia; Levi Klein Marifosque; Jessica Palafox; Denise Soriano; Louis Alar-
cn; Chris Vincent Densing; Maria Theresa de Leon; Rico Jossel M Maestro; Marc Rosales
2122 New Modulo Multipliers Using Residue Signed-Digit Adders
Shugang Wei
2127 Design of Touch Screen Based Robot with Obstacle Detection Module for Autonomous Path Navigation
Sateesh Reddy Avutu; Dinesh Bhatia; Venkateswara reddy Bheemireddy
2132 A Study of Ferromagnetic Object Detection in Ocean Environment Using Empirical Mode Decomposition
Md. Imrul Hasan; Manik Dautta; Mohammad Ariful Haque

PE12: Power & Energy 2138

2138 A Fuzzy Based Adaptive Controller for Grid Connected DFIG Based Windfarm for Damping SSR Oscillations
Kadannamanna Covilakam Sindhu Thampatty
2144 Voltage Stability Improvement by Demand Response
Mitsuki Sagara; Ryuto Shigenobu; Oludamilare Adewuyi; Mir Sayed Shah Danish; Atsushi Yona; Tomonobu
Senjyu; Toshihisa Funabashi
2150 Impacts of Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems on Voltage Unbalance and Network Losses
Nur Izzati Zolkifri; Chin Kim Gan; Aziah Khamis; Kyairul Azmi Baharin; Musa Yusup Lada
2156 Research on Area Comprehensive Utilization Rate Based on Entropy Weight and Gray Comprehensive Relational
Analysis Method
Yuan Zeng; Waiying Guo; Fengbin Zhang; Qian Yang; Bo Hu; Xinyang Han; Kaihui Nan
2161 Three-Phase Transient Analysis Based on the Space Vector Approach
Diego Bellan; Gabrio Superti-Furga

IEEE TENCON 2017-xlii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

2165 Quadratic Regulator Based Optimal State Feedback Controller for Stability Improvement of Inverter Based Mi-
Ayesha Firdaus; Sukumar Mishra; Dushyant Sharma

PE13: Power & Energy 2171

2171 Evaluation of Combustion Performance of Petroleum Coke/Rice Straw Blends for Cofiring in a FBC Boiler
Isheeka Dasgupta; Sreethul Das
2177 Analysis on Load-Factor Dependence of Triple Active Bridge Converters Transmission Efficiency for Au-
tonomous Power Networks
Keigo Katagiri; Shota Nakagawa; Yuichi Kado; Keiji Wada
2182 Classification of Single and Multiple PQ Disturbances Based on DWT and RF Classifiers
Anton Domini Sta. Cruz; Jordan Rel Orillaza
2188 Reconfiguration of Balanced and Unbalanced Distribution Systems for Cost Minimization
Arjun Tyagi; Ashu Verma; P. Bijwe
2193 Genetic Algorithm Based PI Tuning of VSC-HVDC System and Implementation Using OPAL-RT
Kumaravel S; Ram Narayan; Terence O Donnell; Cathal OLoughlin
2198 A Multi-Objective Optimal Sizing and Operation for Off-Grid Smart House
Ryuto Shigenobu; Oludamilare Adewuyi; Tomonobu Senjyu

SIP05: Signal and Image Processing 2204

2204 Vision-Based 1D Barcode Localization Method for Scale and Rotation Invariant
Inyong Yun; Joong-Kyu Kim
2209 An Effective Method to Tackle Illumination Problem in Collaborative Representation
Mohammed Ahmed Magzoub Albashier; Alan Tan; Azlan Abdul Aziz; Fawaz Sammani
2214 Image Authentication Under Geometric Attacks via Concentric Square Partition Based Image Hashing
Arunav Saikia; Ram Karsh; Rabul Laskar
2220 Curvelet Thresholding with Multiscale NLM Filtering for Color Image Denoising
Susant Kumar Panigrahi; Supratim Gupta; Prasanna Kumar Sahu
2226 Viable Vestige Segregation by Support Vectors
Rija Hasan; Syed Muhammad Ghazanfar Monir
2231 Removal of Fixed Valued Impulse Noise Using Global Noise Statistics Based Adaptive Histogram Fuzzy Filter
Lalit Manam; Amarjit Roy; Rabul Laskar; Fazal Talukdar

SIT01: Social Implications of Technology 2236

2236 Drawing Guessing Game for the Elderly
Woan Ning Lim; Chien Sing Lee; Wai Yip Foo
2242 Milktrack: Design and Development of Mobile Application and Logistics System in Empowering Breastfeeding
Practice in the Philippines
Dennis dela Cruz; Dion Michael Mendoza
2247 KeptAom: Savings Management System to Increase Long Term Savings Behavior of Children
Srisupa Palakvangsa Na Ayudhya; Siwakorn Pongchandaj; Setnipat Kriangsakdachai; Kritsada Sunthornwutthikrai
2253 Measurement of Illness and Wellness Score of Non-Communicable Disease Patients
Tanvir Khan; Kazi Mozaher Hossein; Rafiqul Maruf; Akira Fukuda; Ashir Ahmed
2258 Efficient, Real-time Tracking of Public Transport, Using LoRaWAN and RF Transceivers
Jerrin George James; Sreekumar Nair
2262 Mobile Game for the Elderly: Bundled Bingo Game
Woan Ning Lim; Yi Jia Chin; Chien Sing Lee

WCN07: Wireless Communication and Network 2268

2268 Automatic Gain Control Scheme for Bursty Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Communication System
Peter Green; Lee Kee Goh; Syed Naveen Altaf Ahmed
2273 REFLO: Reactive Firewall System with OpenFlow and Flow Monitoring System
Vasaka Visoottiviseth; Suthasinee Lertviriyasawat; Peerada Suppiyatrakoon; Pattarajit Chitkornkitsil; Nariyoshi

IEEE TENCON 2017-xliii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

2279 PENTOS: Penetration Testing Tool for Internet of Thing Devices

Vasaka Visoottiviseth; Phuripat Akarasiriwong; Siravit Chotivatunyu; Siravitch Chaiyasart
2285 Enhancing CII Firewall Performance Through Hash Based Rule Lookup
Jaime L Pabilona; Huaqun Guo; Bharadwaj Veeravalli
2291 Higher Order Eigenvalue-Moment-Ratio Based Blind Spectrum Sensing: Application to Cognitive Radio
Shrishail M Hiremath; Sarat Kumar Patra
2297 Performance of Simple Turbo Process with Non-Standard Mapping
Hazilah Mad Kaidi; Mohd Azri Mohd Izhar; Rudzidatul Dziyauddin; Liza A. Latiff; Norliza Mohamed; Nurul
Aini Bani; Siti Armiza Mohd Aris; Siti Zura A. Jalil; Mohd Nabil Muhtazaruddin; Norulhusna Ahmad

IT2: Interactive Session 2 2301

2301 Effects of Rain Attenuation on 28-30GHz Bands for Beyond 4G Terrestrial Mobile Communications
Ho On; Siva Priya Thiagarajah; P. Susthitha Menon; Geetha Remy Vincent
2307 Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for Swarm of Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Artificial Potential
Reagan Galvez; Gerard Ely Faelden; Jose Martin Z Maningo; Reiichiro Christian Nakano; Elmer Dadios; Ryan
Rhay P. Vicerra; Arvin Fernando; Argel Bandala
2313 A Hybrid Meta-cognitive Restricted Boltzmann Machine Classifier for Credit Scoring
Savitha Ramasamy; Kanagasabai Rajaraman
2319 Day-Ahead Scheduling of Wind Generation and Energy Storage
Mohamed Shaaban; Wen Shan Tan; Md Pauzi Abdullah
2325 Sustainable Load Scheduling Algorithm for Stand-Alone PV-Battery System
Ching Yi Chai; Chean Hung Lai; Hong Siang Chua; Wallace Wong
2331 HoG Based Naive Bayes Classifier for Glaucoma Detection
Nirmala K
2337 Green Approach of Graphene Layer Produced from Waste Cooking Palm Oil at Different Precursor Temperatures
M Robaiah; Mohamad Rusop; Saifollah Abdullah; Zuraida Khusaimi; Azhan Hashim; Salifairus Mohammad
Jafar; Nur Munirah Safiay; Noor Asnida Asli; Muhammad Aslam Mahmud
2342 Numerical Analysis of MoTe2 Thin Film Solar Cell with Cu2Te BSF Layer
Sakib Faisal; Sheikh Ifatur Rahman; Sarwar Ahmed; Tanvir Islam Dhrubo
2347 Experimental Design and Performance for Medium Transmission Lines Using TQ NE9080 Line Simulator
Michael Pacis; Rafael G. Maramba
2353 RNN Based Noise Annoyance Measurement for Urban Noise Evaluation
Haiyan Shu; Ying Song; Huan Zhou
2357 A Right-of-way Negotiation System Using Inter-Vehicle Communication on a Road with a Mix of Autonomous
and Human-Driven Vehicles
Hayato Yajima; Kazumasa Takami
2363 Raised Cosine Adaptive Gamma Correction for Efficient Image and Video Contrast Enhancement
Deivalakshmi S; Arnab Saha; R. Pandeeswari
2369 Development of a Biomorphic and Hyper- Redundant Caecilian Based Robots
Argel Bandala; Karl Fabico; Jan Karlo Hernandez; Simon Joseph Plata; Kevin Puzon; Jeremy Sipin
2374 A Compact Dual-band Circularly Polarized Antenna for Satellite Systems
N Nasimuddin; Xianming Qing; Zhi Ning Chen
2378 Metasurface-based Low Profile Broadband Circularly Polarized Antenna
N Nasimuddin; Xianming Qing; Zhi Ning Chen
2383 Printed Silver Nanoparticles on Kapton Tape as Passive Saturable Absorber
Muhammad Quisar Lokman; Fauzan Ahmad; Sulaiman Wadi Harun; Hafizal Yahaya; Fauzan Khairi Che Harun;
Osamu Mikami
2388 Classification of Multi Speaker Shouted Speech and Single Speaker Normal Speech
Shikha Baghel; S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna; Prithwijit Guha
2393 Influence of Particle Shape on the Efficacy of Plasmonic Metal Nanoparticles to Enhance the Energy Conversion
Efficiency of Thin-Film Solar Cells
Saniat Choudhury; Nuzhat Nawshin; Mustafa Chowdhury

IEEE TENCON 2017-xliv

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

2399 Multi-Pair Patch Mapping in Joint-Similarity Sparse Coding with Feed-Forward Soft Decision
Li Hong Ma; Xiaoe Wang; Jing Tian; Yin Huang; Chun-Ling Yang
2405 Crosstalk Analysis in Homogeneous 12-core Multicore Fiber with Different Core Layouts for LP01 and LP02
Dablu Kumar; Rakesh Ranjan
2409 Towards the Development of Typhoon-Related Tweet Classifiers Despite the Sparseness of Strongly-Annotated
Alron Jan Lam; Nathaniel Oco; Rachel Edita Roxas
2415 A Two-stage Method for DOA Estimation Using Spherical Arrays
Lin Zhang; Qinghua Huang; Jingbiao Huang; Fang Yong
2421 Twisted Laguerre-Gaussian Mode Division Multiplexing to Support Blockchain Applications
Yousef Fazea; Suhaidi Hassan; Adib Habbal; Huda Ibrahim
2426 Comparison of Shepherding Control Behaviors
Kaoru Fujioka
2431 Solar Powered Tricycle for Fish Vending Women
Gaswin Kastro
2435 Analysis on Various Segmentation Techniques - IMT Measurement of Common Carotid Artery
C Rajasekaran; Jayanthi Krishnasamy Balasundaram; Nirmala Madian; Thyagarajah K
2441 OPAESFH: Ontology-based Personalized Adaptive E-learning System Using FPN and HMM
Monika Rani; Ranjana Vyas; Om Prakash Vyas
2447 Detection of Gaussian Noise and Its Level Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Joon Huang Chuah; Hui Ying Khaw; Foo Chong Soon; Chee Onn Chow
2451 2D Code Construction Using DW Code Families for SAC-OCDMA Systems
Soma Kumawat; Ravi Kumar Maddila; Satyasai Jagannath Nanda
2456 Soft Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Sensor Networks Using PSO Based Classification
Rakesh Ranjan Swain; Pabitra Mohan Khilar
2462 Performance Comparison Review of 8-3 Compressor on FPGA
Leong Yuhao; Hai Hiung Lo; Micheal Drieberg; Abu Bakar Sayuti HM Saman; Patrick Sebastian
2466 Chromosome Banding for Karyotype Based on Fractional Order Derivative
Jayanthi Krishnasamy Balasundaram; Nirmala Madian; Kiruthika P
2472 SWT Based Bearing Fault Detection Using Frequency Spectral Subtraction of Stator Current with and Without
an Adaptive Filter
Krishna Chaitanya Deekshit Kompella; M Venu Gopala Rao; Srinivasa Rao Rayapudi
2478 Detection of Aspiration in Rabha Alveolar Fricatives Using Zero Frequency Filtering
Saswati Rabha; Phunuma Mazumdar; Priyankoo Sarmah; S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna
2483 Odevity Virtual Space Vector Modulation Method of Removing the Low Frequency Oscillations for Three-Level
Neutral Point Clamped Inverter
Jiating Liu; Huixian Huang
2488 Feasibility Study of an Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Energy System
Ram Karsh; Nirmala Soren; Raj Debnath; Amit Roy; Subhasis Bhakta
2494 Buffer Aware Arbiter Design to Achieve Improved QoS for NoC
Afshan Amin Khan; Roohie Naaz; Hakim Najeeb-ud-din Shah
2500 Optimization of Sukhoi Su-30MKM Maintenance Planning for Maximum Operational Readiness
Ainal Izzati Jamal Shah; Nelidya Md. Yusoff; Norliza Mohd Noor
2504 Bridging the Gap - A Workshop of Industry Practitioners and University Researchers
Richa Awasthy; Shayne Flint; Ramesh Sankaranarayana; Richard Jones
2510 Strain-Elasticity of Popliteal Vein in Pregnancy for Early Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis
Nabilah Ibrahim; Noor Hafizzatul Izzah Mat Harun; Nur Shazilah Aziz
2516 Automated Segmentation of Lung Field in HRCT Images Using Active Shape Model
Sunita Agarwala; Debashis Nandi; Abhishek Kumar; Ashis Dhara; Sumitra Basu Thakur; Anup Sadhu; Ashok
2521 Cost-effective Digital Campus with Tablet PC, Educational Cloud Service and Open E-Learning Contents
Yoshikazu Ikeda; Toshiki Ueda

IEEE TENCON 2017-xlv

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

2526 Discovering Topics from Qualitative Responses of a Disaster Preparedness E-Participation System
Joyce Emlyn Guiao; Jennifer Carreon; Alvin Malicdem; Nathaniel Oco; Rachel Edita Roxas; Brandie Nonnecke;
Shrestha Mohanty; Andrew Lee; Jonathan Lee; Justin Mi; Sequoia Beckman; Camille Crittenden; Ken Goldberg
2531 Elimination of Impulsive Disturbances from Archive Audio Signals Using Sparse Representation in Mixed Dic-
M Sabarimalai Manikandan
2536 Improved Dual-SOGI Control for Three-Phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner Under Distorted Grid and
Load Conditions
Hareesh Yada; Sateesh Adepu
2542 Insect Detection and Monitoring in Stored Grains Using MFCCs and Artificial Neural Network
Robert Martin C Santiago; Elmer Dadios; Edwin Sybingco; Edwin Calilung; Robert Kerwin Billones
2548 Comparison of Seven Backpropagation Algorithms for Three Phase Power Quality Assessment
Chetan Khadse; Madhuri Chaudhari; Vijay Borghate
2554 Automated Conditioning System for Mangrove Nursery
Lendl Sam Damasco; John Paulo Enriquez; Meg Noriel Razon; Mark Angelo Purio
2560 Variance Thresholded EMD-CCA Technique for Fast Eye Blink Artifacts Removal in EEG
Ashvaany Egambaram; Nasreen Badruddin; Vijanth Sagayan Asirvadam; Tahamina Begum; E Fauvet; Christophe
2566 Tracking System for Patients with Alzheimers Disease in a Nursing Home
Melannie Mendoza; Camille Bergado; Ray Gerson Siasat; James Lemuel De Castro
2571 Development of an E Hard Hat for the Safety of Construction Workers
Melannie Mendoza; John Paul Cabral; Denielle Ma. Kiana Celestra; Joy Cortez
2576 Efficient FDWT/IDWT Hardware Implementation with Line-based and Dual-scan Image Memory Accesses
Laila Ahmed; Mohd Fadzli Mohd Salleh
2582 Design and Development of Ground and Rainwater Purification Control System in Remote Areas
Zyrus Galindez; Trishia Mae S. Ituralde; Regina Jazel R. Pablo; Mark Angelo Purio
2588 Partial Discharge Characteristics of Spherical Metal Particle in Mineral Oil and PFAE Under AC Voltage
Kiasatina Azmi; Dahaman Ishak; Nor Asiah Muhamad; Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah; Mohamad Kamarol Mohd Jamil
2594 FPGA Controlled DSTATCOM Under Distorted Grid Condition
Ashitha T; Shahin A; Elizabeth Cheriyan; Rijil Ramchand
2600 Thermal Transport in Defected Armchair Graphene Nanoribbon: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Maliha Noshin; Asir Intisar Khan; Ishtiaque Ahmed Navid; Samia Subrina
2604 Overmodulation Gain Dynamics in Thulium Doped Fiber Amplifiers Including Amplified Spontaneous Emission
Mohd Mansoor Khan; Ramesh Kumar Sonkar
2609 Dynamic Texture Using Deep Learning
Rishabh Bansal; Arun Singh Pundir; Balasubramanian R
2615 Design of a Flexible Interactive Tool for Guided Bronchoscopy
Abanti Afroz; Rishti Hossain
2620 Correction Factor Estimation for a Parametric Model Between Pulse Transit Time and Systolic Blood Pressure,
for Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Estimation
Udari De Alwis; R. Nuwanthika Sandeepani Rajapaksha; Niroshani Ranaweera; Pansilu Pitigalaarachchi; Ajith
2626 Seizure Activity Classification Using Parameters of Gaussian PDF in the Gamma and Theta Band DWT Coeffi-
cients of EEG Signals
Tanima Tasmin Chowdhury; Shaikh Anowarul Fattah; Celia Shahnaz
2632 Sparse Representation Classification over Discriminatively Learned Dictionary for Language Recognition
Om Prakash Singh; Rohit Sinha
2637 A Cost Effective GPS Guided Autonomous Object Transporter Robot for Disaster Management and Industrial
Md. Abdullah-Al- Kaiser; Dip Joti Paul; Asir Intisar Khan; Celia Shahnaz; Shaikh Anowarul Fattah
2642 Frequency Reconfigurable Square Slot Antenna for Wireless Applications
Shajat Hassan; Zeba Eqbal; Ruchi Varma; Jayanta Ghosh

IEEE TENCON 2017-xlvi

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

2648 Low-cost EEG Based Electric Wheelchair with Advanced Control Features
Ahmed Maksud; Rakibul Islam Chowdhury; Tanima Tasmin Chowdhury; Shaikh Anowarul Fattah; Celia Shah-
naz; Sayeed Shafayet Chowdhury
2654 Miniaturized Planar Inverted-F Antenna for Off-Body Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) Application
Fariha Afrin; Wazhia Yenisey; Musaddeque Syed
2658 Low RCS Using Superluminal Propagation
N Kumutha; Hariharan Kaluvan; Amutha Narayanasamy; Manimegalai Balakrishnan
2662 Case Study Psychological Questionnaire Evaluated by Hidden Markov Models
Supakit Nootyaskool; Pimolrat Ounsrimuang
2666 Enhancement of Noisy Speech Based on Decision-directed Wiener Approach in Perceptual Wavelet Packet Do-
Md Tauhidul Islam; Mahtab Noor Shaan; Eashraque Jahan Easha; Ahmed Tahseen Minhaz; Celia Shahnaz;
Shaikh Anowarul Fattah
2672 Artificial Neural Network Model for Solar Resource Assessment: An Application to Efficient Design of Photo-
voltaic System
Robert Martin C Santiago; Argel Bandala; Elmer Dadios
2677 Traffic Load-Based Analysis of MBQA-OLSR Routing Protocol in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Waheb Abduljabbar Shaif Abdullah; Mahamod Ismail; Rosdiadee Nordin; Roshahliza M. Ramli
2683 A Novel Level-Shifter Integrated on the Edge Termination Region of the High Voltage Device
Jiayu Wu; Xingbi Chen; Bo Yi
2687 Artificial Immune System Based Fault Diagnosis in Large Wireless Sensor Network Topology
Santoshinee Mohapatra; Pabitra Mohan Khilar
2693 Accurate Region of Interest Selection for Video Based Heart Rate Monitoring for a Person Driving a Car
Humaira Nisar; Hian Phin Yeoh; Siu Hong Loh; Koon Chun Lai; Teh Peh Chiong
2698 Optical Interconnect Chip with SPR-based Photonic Crystal Waveguide Sensor
Kalaivani Tarumaraja; P. Susthitha Menon; Fairus Atida Said; Nur Akmar Jamil; Siew Mei Gan; Sahbudin
Shaari; Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis
2702 Economic Asset Management of Microgrids
Kunna Wu; Samson Shih; Xin Kong
2708 CFD Analysis of Tidal Turbine Blades
R T Naayagi
2712 Implementation of Industrial Training Course: Enhancement of Processes and Procedures
Rahimi Baharom; Ihsan M. Yassin
2716 A Model of Queuing Theory for the Performance Analysis of Nodes in WDM Networking
Kanyarat Sriwistiyakun; Krit Chaiwong
2722 Medicinal Plant Leaf Information Extraction Using Deep Features
Shitala Prasad; Pankaj Pratap Singh
2727 Networked DC Nano-grid Based on Multi-port Power Converters
Dulika Nayanasiri; Pasan Gunawardena
2733 Transmission Performance of Hybrid WDM-FSO System for Using Diversity Multiplexing in the Presence of
Optical Nonlinearities and Fading
Somnath Chandra; Raman Jee; Madhusudan Singh
2739 1.8GHz Printed Bow-Tie Dipole Rectenna with Voltage Quadrupler for RF Energy Harvesting
Shasa Salsabila; Achmad Munir
2743 An Audio Secret Sharing Using XOR Operations with Scalable Shares
Arup Kumar Chattopadhyay; Amitava Nag; Shayak Sadhu; Jyoti Prakash Singh
2747 Multi-objective Whale Optimization
Ishwar Kumawat; Satyasai Jagannath Nanda; Ravi Kumar Maddila
2753 A Physiological Index for Situational Interest in Classroom Settings Using EEG (Preliminary Result)
Areej Babiker; Ibrahima Faye; Aamir S Malik
2759 SakunAPP: A Framework for Mobile Application Development in Disaster Awareness, Preparedness and Re-
Margarette Toledo; Johannah Crisanta Sarvida; Bill Kevin Patiten; Daniel Carl Mitamura; Ryan Richard H.

IEEE TENCON 2017-xlvii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

2765 New Cardinality Notations and Styles for Modeling NoSQL Document-store Databases
Abdullahi Abubakar Imam; Shuib Basri; Rohiza Ahmad; Norshakirah Aziz; Mara Teresa Gonzlez Aparicio
2771 NI myRIO Application for Eye Gaze Tracking on FPGA-based Onscreen Keyboard System
Dionis Padilla
2775 Implementation of Eye Gaze Tracking Technique on FPGA-based On-screen Keyboard System Using Verilog
and Matlab
Joseph Aaron Adriano; Dionis Padilla
2781 InformalOnt: An Ontology to Empower the Informal Sector Workforce
Amrita Mukherjee; Adishree Mazumder; Abhijit Adhikari; Animesh Dutta
2787 Study of Uniaxial Tensile Properties of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanoribbons
Ratul Paul; Tamanna Tasnim; Rajkumar Dhar; Satyajit Mojumder; Sourav Saha; Mohammad Abdul Motalab
2793 Development of an Ultra-low Power Current Reference Circuit for Passive RFID Application in 90nm CMOS
Jay Nickson Tabing; Adonis Santos; Mark Arvie Aguinaga; Mervin Desengao; Kier Joshua Dimaunahan;
Frince Aristotle Pinpin; Francis Malabanan
2799 A Low Cost Intelligent Smart System for Real Time Infant Monitoring and Cry Detection
Pruthvi Raj, Myakala; Rajasree Nalumachu; Shivam Sharma; Vinay Kumar Mittal
2805 Food Classification from Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
David Joseph Attokaren; Ian Fernandes; Anirudh Sriram; Vishnu Srinivasa Murthy Yarlagadda; Shashidhar G.
2811 CDFIR:Cummulative Distribution Function Based Image Retrieval
Rajani N; Anjanappa Sreenivasa Murthy
2817 TMSM-based Optimal Clustering in a Gaussian Distributed Wireless Sensor Network
Vinay Kumar; Sadanand Yadav; Joydeep Sengupta; Sudhir Kumar; Rabindra K. Barik; Rajeev Tripathi; Sudar-
shan Tiwari
2823 A Switching Vector Median Filter for Impulse Noise Removal from Color Images
Palungbam Chanu; Khumanthem Singh
2829 Multilayer Perceptron with Binary Weights and Activations for Intrusion Detection of Cyber-Physical Systems
Paul Vincent Alpao; Rowel O Atienza; Jhoanna Rhodette Pedrasa
2834 Local Government Unit Analytics for Program Planning & Policy-Making in Caloocan City
Christine Diane Lim; Gian Carlo Roxas; Shermaine Sy; Geraldine Atayan
2839 Calcification Boundary Detection in Coronary Artery Using Intravascular Ultrasound Images
Hannah Sofian; Chuen Rue Ng; Joel Chia Ming Than; Suraya Mohamad; Norliza Mohd Noor
2844 Characterization of Aspirated and Unaspirated Sounds in Speech
Pravin Bhaskar Ramteke; Anmol Sadanand; Shashidhar G. Koolagudi; Vidya Pai
2850 Intelligent Control of Shunt Active Power Filter for Minimization of Current Harmonics
Raheni Td; P Thirumoorthi
2856 Bi-directional English-Hiligaynon Statistical Machine Translation
Dana Genevieve Macabante; John Casper Tambanillo; Angelica Dela Cruz; Nove Ellema; Manolito Octaviano,
Jr.; Ramon L. Rodriguez; Rachel Edita Roxas
2858 Performance of Radio Frequency Signal Strength on Fiber Reinforced Plastic Material
Muhammad Hanis Omar; Siti Zura A. Jalil
2862 The Importance of Monitoring Cloud Computing: An Intensive Review
Ahmed Mohammed Fahad; Abdulghani Ali Ahmed; Mohd Nizam Mohmad Kahar
2868 Type-2 Fuzzy Ontology-Based Multi-Agents System for Wireless Sensor Network
Mohit Mittal; Monika Rani; Seshadhri Srinivasan
2874 Comparison of Sensors Performance for the Development of Wrist Pulse Acquisition System
Sandeep Khandai; Sachin Kumar Jain
2880 Linear Discriminant Analysis for Detection of Salivary NS1 from SERS Spectra
Nur Hainani Othman; Khuan Y Lee; Afaf Rozan M. Radzol; Wahidah Mansor, W.; Nora Nurhairul Mohd Ramlan
2884 Exploring Recurrent Neural Network Based Acoustic and Linguistic Modeling for Childrens Speech Recogni-
Ganji Sreeram; Rohit Sinha

IEEE TENCON 2017-xlviii

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

2889 Fractional Order Differentiator Based Edge Detection in Remote Sensing Images
Koushlendra Kumar Singh; Akarsh Dang; Vandana Kumari; Binod Singh; Manish Bajpai
2894 A Fast Assessment Method for Voltage Stability in Multi-Bus Power System
Palukuru Nagendra
2900 Multi Objective Gain Tuning Approach for Time Delayed Automatic Generation Control
Dushyant Sharma; Sukumar Mishra; Ayesha Firdaus
2905 Firefly Algorithm Based Multi-Objective Optimization Using OUPFC in a Power System
Balachennaiah P; Palukuru Nagendra

ANT02: Antenna & Microwave 2913

2913 Microstrip Octagonal Patch Wideband Antenna for Mobile Communication Application
Fitri Yuli Zulkifli; Gradi Adriandi; Damaraji Wijoyono; Kadek Dwi Pradnyana; Kresna Devara
2916 Dual-band Microstrip Antennas for 5G and Short-Range Applications
Regina Lionnie; Lili Ruhyana; Mudrik Alaydrus
2920 2.4 GHz Pattern Reconfigurable Corner Reflector Antennas Using Frequency Selective Conductor Loops and
Bernalyn Decena; Joshua Reginal Luzon; Miguel Carlo Purisima
2926 Dual Band Double U-slot Loaded Antenna with Ground Slot for WiFi and WiMAX Applications
Ruchi Varma; Jayanta Ghosh
2929 Normal Mode 3.3GHz Bifilar Helical Antenna for Wireless Communication
Achmad Munir; Hermanto Chua
2933 Simulation Study of Monopole Plasma Antenna for 2.4 GHz Application
Hajar Jaafar; Ahmad Nazri Dagang; Rina Abdullah; Nuraiza Ismail; Suziana Omar
2937 UWB Printed Antenna for Medical Applications
Abdul Rahman Shanwar; Noor S Othman

CS05: Circuits & Systems 2943

2943 Design of a 0.52 mW -141 dBc/Hz and 450 MHz Frequency Synthesizer Using Low Power and Low Phase Noise
Current Reuse VCO
Dinesh Kumar B; Hitesh Shrimali
2949 A Nearest Neighbor Quantum Cost Metric for the Reversible Circuit Level
Abhoy Kole; Kamalika Datta; Robert Wille; Indranil Sen Gupta
2955 Memristor-based High Performance Third Order Quadrature Oscillator
Vipin Kumar Sharma; Mohd. Samar Ansari; Amit Joshi
2961 Implementation of Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling on A Processor for Wireless Sensing Applications
Aldrin Rolf Ison; Ryan Albert Antonio; Ruelle Yutuc; Deanne Bianca Roque; Robert Adrian Pajado; Rafael Mari
de la Costa; Wesley Kaiser Lim; Marc Rosales; Chris Vincent Densing; Maria Theresa de Leon; Louis Alarcn
2967 VLSI Architecture of Integer DCT Based Watermarking with Error Correction Capability
Amit Joshi; Mohd. Samar Ansari; Ravi Kumar Maddila
2973 Efficacy of Order Reduction Techniques in the Analysis of Fractional Order Systems
Nitisha Shrivastava; Pragya Varshney

PE14: Power & Energy 2979

2979 Day-Ahead Forecasting of Wholesale Electricity Pricing Using Extreme Learning Machine
Jie Er Tee; Tiong Teck Teo; Thillainathan Logenthiran; Wai Lok Woo; Khalid Abidi
2984 Power Quality Event Identification Using Wavelet Packet Transform: A Comprehensive Investigation
Faizal Hafiz; Scott Abecrombie; Andrew Eaton; Chirag Naik; Akshya Kumar Swain
2990 Feature Selection for Power Quality Event Identification
Faizal Hafiz; Akshya Kumar Swain; Chirag Naik; Nitish Patel
2996 Design of PV-DC Mini Grid Using PI-based Fuzzy MPPT Control Considering Load Demand
Kharisma Bani Adam; Hajime Miyauchi
3002 Adaptive Load Shedding Method Based on Power Imbalance Estimated by ANN
Jiongcheng Yan; Changgang Li; Yutian Liu
3006 An SO-SOGI Based Control for a Three-Phase DVR Under Distorted Grid Conditions Including DC Offset
Hareesh Yada; Sateesh Adepu

IEEE TENCON 2017-xlix

Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

3012 Impact of Fault Resistance on Impedance Relay: Adaptive Mho Directional Type Scheme Development Using
David Majambere; Goro Fujita

PE15: Power & Energy 3018

3018 A Study on Vibration Energy Harvesting in Electric Generators
Michael Pacis; Rogelio Bersano, Jr.
3024 Application of Thermoelectric Generation System Under Low Temperature in Case of Temperature Ununifor-
Tomoki Nomoto; Tomoyo Nakai; Shunsuke Ohashi
3028 A Simplified OPF Framework for an Integrated AC and Multi-Terminal HVDC System
Shri Ram Vaishya; Vaskar Sarkar
3034 Network Reconfiguration for Unbalanced Distribution Systems
Priyanka Gangwar; S n Singh; Saikat Chakrabarti
3039 A MEAN Stack Based Remote Monitoring System for Electrical Distribution Feeders in Sri Lanka
Lahiru De Silva; Gayani De Soysa; Channa Ashan Rathnathilake
3045 Design of a Small Scale Wind Energy Harvester Using Piezo-electric Cantilever Generator for Wireless Flame
Conrado Ostia, Jr; Jesus Martinez

RCT04: Robotics, Control & Theory 3051

3051 Dynamic Scheduling for Heterogeneous Resources with Time Windows and Precedence Relation
Shudong Liu; Ernest Kurniawan; Peng Hui Tan; Peng Zhang; Sumei Sun; Ye Sarah
3057 Identification of Friendly and Deictic Gestures in a Sequence Using Upper Body Skeletal Information
Chapa Sirithunge Hewa Pelendage; Arjuna Srimal; Buddhika Prabhath Jayasekara; Dedduwa Pathiranage
3063 Modeling and Simulation of an Attitude Control System Using Leg Motion of a Legged Air Vehicle
S. Chang; Yoshiyuki Higashi
3069 Efficient Counting and Localizing Objects of Interest for Agricultural Automation
Lay Ying Ang; Humaira Nisar; Vooi Voon Yap
3074 Human Tracking and Following in Dynamic Environment for Service Robots
Albertus Adiwahono; Vincencius Billy Saputra; Kam Pheng Ng; Qinyuan Ren; Boon Hwa Tan; Tai Wen Chang;
Wenchao Gao
3080 Three Fingers Precision Grasping Operation of 3D Printed Multi-fingered Hand
Nur Farah Elya; Siti Anom Ahmad; Ribhan Zafira Abdul Rahman; Muhammad Aizat Abdul Wahit
3084 A Robot Controlled 3D Mapping and Communication System Using Ultrasonic Sensor
Harshit Gupta; Afreen Basha; Christina Kani Raja; Pronit Ghosal; Sowmya Lakshminarayanan; Sameer Sa-
heerudeen Mohammed

SIP06: Signal and Image Processing 3090

3090 Modeling Head-Related Impulse Response Based on Adaptive Fourier Decomposition
Chenguang Ke; Qinghua Huang; Lin Zhang; Fang Yong
3095 Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network to Classify Urban Sounds
Huan Zhou; Ying Song; Haiyan Shu
3099 Reducing the Effect of Covariate Factors in Gait Recognition Using Robust Estimator
Sonia Das; Sukadev Meher; Upendra Sahoo
3105 Application of Active Control Technique on a Bone Conduction Headphone for Estimating a Cross-talk Com-
pensation Filter
Irwansyah Irwansyah; Tsuyoshi Usagawa
3111 Infant Cry Analysis of Cry Signal Segments Towards Identifying the Cry-Cause Factors
Shivam Sharma; Vinay Kumar Mittal
3117 Jazz Music Sub-Genre Classification Using Deep Learning
Rene Josiah M. Quinto; Rowel O Atienza; Nestor Michael C. Tiglao


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

3123 A Metaheuristic Approach to Design Digital Fractional Order Differentiator/Integrator Without Employing Any
Discretization Operator
Rajib Kar; Shibendu Mahata; Durbadal Mandal; Suman Kumar Saha

WCN08: Wireless Communication and Network 3129

3129 On the Placement of Controllers for Designing a Wide Area Software Defined Networks
Kshira Sagar Sahoo; Bibhudatta Sahoo; Sampa Sahoo; Ratnakar Dash; Anamay Sarkar
3135 IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-power and Lossy Networks Implementation in Network Simulator - 3
John Patrick Agustin; Joshua Jacinto; Wilbert Jethro Limjoco; Jhoanna Rhodette Pedrasa
3141 Achievable Rate and Power Efficiency of Massive MIMO in Cooperative Network with ZF Receivers
Varun Kumar; Sarat Kumar Patra; Poonam Singh
3147 Deterministic Batch Scheduling Algorithm for Optimal Channel Utilization in Optical Burst Switching Networks
Venkata Rao Tavanam; BN Bhandari; D karuna Sagar
3153 HF-AQM: An Efficient Active Queue Management Scheme for Wireless Local Area Network Environment
Suhaidi Hassan; Atheer Hassan; Suki Arif
3159 Dynamic Controller Placement in Edge-Core Software Defined Networks
Saumya Hegde; Roshni Ajayghosh; Shashidhar G. Koolagudi; Swapan Bhattacharya
3165 A Color Space Exploration in Optical Spatial Modulation
Ngoc-Tan Nguyen; Quoc Tuan Nguyen; Hoang-Nam Nguyen; Kumbesan Sandy Sandrasegaran

Index of Authors 3171


Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

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Arun Kumar, 403, 1064 Boon Hwa Tan, 3074
Arun Singh Pundir, 2609 Boon Yaik Ooi, 657, 945
Arunav Saikia, 2214 Bor-Ren Lin, 924
Arup Kumar Chattopadhyay, 2743 Brandie Nonnecke, 2526
Arvin Fernando, 799, 1081, 2307 Brijesh Kumar Rai, 398
Ashari Yunus, 182, 187, 192 Bryan Tandiawan, 1304
Ashima Kulshreshtha, 1755, 1896 Buddhika Prabhath Jayasekara, 344, 3057
Ashir Ahmed, 170, 1445, 2253 Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis, 2698
Ashis Dhara, 2516 Byonghyo Shim, 1269
Ashish Anandrao Patil, 1823
Ashitha T, 2594 C Rajasekaran, 2435
Ashok Bhadra, 2516 Calvin Boey, 657
Ashu Verma, 2188 Camille Bergado, 2566
Ashvaany Egambaram, 2560 Camille Cordero, 1481
Ashwini Bhat, 1121 Camille Crittenden, 2526
Asir Intisar Khan, 1364, 2600, 2637 Carlo Cazzaniga, 494
Assyfa Ariffin, 219 Cathal OLoughlin, 2193
Atheer Hassan, 3153 Cathlene Mae Garcia, 2116
Atifa Aqueel, 510 Cedric Angelo Festin, 387
Atsushi Mori, 219 Celia Shahnaz, 1, 1300, 1369, 2626, 2637, 2648, 2666
Atsushi Yona, 2144 Ch. Sarath Reddy, 1857
Avijit Das, 678 Chalakorn Karupongsiri, 857
Avirup Maulik, 72, 805 Chandan Prasad, 1201
Ayesha Firdaus, 2165, 2900 Chandra Sekhar, 889
Azeemuddin Syed, 968 Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula, 25
Azhan Hashim, 2337 Chandraneel Das, 1602
Aziah Khamis, 1708, 2150 Chang Gao, 366
Azlan Abdul Aziz, 875, 2209 Changgang Li, 1947, 3002
Azlan Awang, 1847 Changhang Zhang, 1942
Aznida Firzah Abdul Aziz, 1651 Channa Ashan Rathnathilake, 3039
Azrina Abd Aziz, 1847 Chao Liu, 1054
Chaowanan Jamroen, 1469
Bakshi Rohit Prasad, 1857 Chapa Sirithunge Hewa Pelendage, 344, 3057
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Charles Kho, 763 Denise Soriano, 2116

Cheah Wei Leow, 1997 Dennis Crippa, 494
Chean Hung Lai, 2325 Dennis dela Cruz, 2242
Chee Onn Chow, 2447 Dev N Yadav, 207
Cheng Xu, 912 Dexter Darwin Bernardo, 505
Cheng-Kai Lu, 31 Dhanalakshmi Munirathnam, 1784
Chenguang Ke, 3090 Dhiman Chowdhury, 262
Chetan Khadse, 2548 Dhruv Shah, 1874
Chia-Chun Hsu, 1010 Diego Bellan, 2161
Chiemi Fujikawa, 1957, 1961 Dieu Vo, 1715
Chien Sing Lee, 2236, 2262 Dimas Asfani, 78
Chin Char Juin, 1806 Dinesh Bhatia, 2127
Chin Choy Chai, 528, 1721, 1727 Dinesh Kumar B, 2943
Chin Kim Gan, 2150 Dinil Mon Divakaran, 476
Chin-Kun Tseng, 1646 Dion Michael Mendoza, 2242
Ching Yi Chai, 2325 Dionis Padilla, 2771, 2775
Chinmayee Dora, 1568 Dip Joti Paul, 1680, 2637
Chinnawat Noosrikong, 811 Dipanwita Das, 409
Chinnawat Surussavadee, 718 Dipti Patra, 333, 1640
Chirag Naik, 2984, 2990 Divish Rengasamy, 1069
Chitrakant Sahu, 1309 Dong Sik Kim, 1127
Chris Vincent Densing, 203, 213, 443, 500, 1538, 2116, Dong Yang, 1931
2961 Donglian Qi, 256
Christian Kyle Fermin, 1988 Doreen Dellosa, 500
Christian Sy, 723 Dulika Nayanasiri, 291, 2727
Christina Kani Raja, 3084 Durbadal Mandal, 963, 1181, 3123
Christine Diane Lim, 733, 2834 Dushyant Sharma, 2165, 2900
Christophe Stolz, 2560
Chuen Rue Ng, 187, 2839 E Fauvet, 2560
Chun Hong Kang, 1661 Eam Khwang Teoh, 321
Chun-Ling Yang, 354, 2399 Earn Tzeh Tan, 439
Cong Yuan Hng, 1048 Eashraque Jahan Easha, 2666
Conrado Ostia, Jr, 1092, 3045 Edison Roxas, 799
Edrian Daniel Marqueses, 500
D karuna Sagar, 3147 Edward B Panganiban, 727
Dablu Kumar, 2405 Edwin Calilung, 2542
Dadang Gunawan, 153 Edwin Sybingco, 2542
Dahaman Ishak, 2588 Edzhel Rose Valverde, 500
Daisuke Saito, 619, 951 Eimabelle Clavo de Comer, 443
Damaraji Wijoyono, 1620, 2913 Elizabeth Cheriyan, 2594
Dana Genevieve Macabante, 2856 Elmer Dadios, 799, 1075, 1081, 2307, 2542, 2672
Daniar Fahmi, 78 Emad Abu-Shanab, 986
Daniel Carl Mitamura, 2759 Emil Skariah, 245
David Joseph Attokaren, 2805 Emranul Haque, 1614
David Majambere, 3012 Eri Ota, 2077
David Tung Chong Wong, 158, 164 Ernest Kurniawan, 845, 3051
Deanne Bianca Roque, 2961 Esther Ramdinmawii, 1562
Debadatta Pati, 1296, 1415 Eunae Lee, 1127
Debapriya Das, 72
Debashis Chatterjee, 1550 Fairus Atida Said, 2698
Debashis Ghosh, 1175 Fairuz Abdullah, 1964
Debashis Nandi, 2516 Faizal Hafiz, 2984, 2990
Debashis Sen, 360, 775 Fang Yong, 375, 2415, 3090
Debashisha Jena, 673 Fariha Afrin, 2654
Dedduwa Pathiranage Chandima, 344, 3057 Fathrul Azarshah Abdul Aziz, 1651
Deepak Ranjan Nayak, 13 Fatima Adamu, 645
Deepak Ronanki, 1195 Fauzan Ahmad, 1957, 2383
Deepu S, 1386 Fauzan Khairi Che Harun, 2383
Deepu Vijayasenan, 1515 Fawaz Sammani, 2209
Deivalakshmi S, 2363 Fazah Akhtar Hanapiah, 1463
Denielle Ma. Kiana Celestra, 2571 Fazal Talukdar, 2231
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Fei Fan, 88 Harish Chuppala, 1583

Fei Shen, 366, 1054 Harshal Nemade, 1670
Felix Orlando Maria Joseph, 1159 Harshit Gupta, 3084
Fengbin Zhang, 2156 Harun Or Rashid Howlader, 1213
Ferdous Barbhuiya, 1004 Hasan U. Zaman, 883
Feroz Ahmed, 1614 Hashim Hasabelrasul, 285
Filbert H. Juwono, 153 Hassan Elia Erwani, 998
Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki, 2099 Hayato Yajima, 2357
Fitri Yuli Zulkifli, 1620, 2913 Hazilah Mad Kaidi, 2099, 2297
Foo Chong Soon, 2447 Hemendra Tomar, 1800
For-Ian V Sandoval, 817 Hermanto Chua, 2929
Francis F. Balahadia, 817 Hian Phin Yeoh, 2693
Francis Malabanan, 2793 Hideaki Orii, 2012
Francois Chin, 158, 164 Hidehito Matayoshi, 1733
Frince Aristotle Pinpin, 2793 Hideki Harada, 1171
Fumihiko Yokota, 170 Hikaru Nagata, 1097
Fumiya Tanaka, 769 Hilman Fauzi, 1651
Himanshu Buckchash, 839
Gabrio Superti-Furga, 2161 Hiroaki Tanaka, 1969
Gajula Ramana Murthy, 45 Hiroaki Utsumi, 1509
Ganapati Panda, 369 Hirohisa Taguchi, 1676, 1685
Ganji Sreeram, 2884 Hiroshi Sunaga, 957
Gaswin Kastro, 2431 Hiroyuki Fujioka, 1235
Gaurav Kumar, 1670 Hiroyuki Sugino, 1969
Gaurav Trivedi, 1670 Hisashi Yonezawa, 327
Gayani De Soysa, 3039 Hitesh Shrimali, 2943
Geetha Remy Vincent, 2301 Ho On, 2301
Gelyn Manzanares, 500 Hoang-Nam Nguyen, 3165
Geraldine Atayan, 2834 Hoe Chee Ling, 1661
Gerard B. Remijn, 1651 Hoe Chi Leong, 1997
Gerard Ely Faelden, 1988, 2307 Hong Huei Tay, 2093
Gian Carlo Roxas, 2834 Hong Siang Chua, 2325
Gideon Gerald Fajardo, 828 Hongping Zhou, 366, 1054
Gim Guan Chua, 639 Hsin-Wen Wei, 668
Golam Sarowar, 1761 Htoo Htet Aung, 639
Gollapudi RameshChandra, 350 Hu Wuhua, 528
Goro Fujita, 3012 Huan Zhou, 2353, 3095
Goutam Khankari, 93 Huaqun Guo, 1978, 2061, 2285
Goutham T, 1427 Huda Ibrahim, 2421
Gowri Krishna Kanth Avalur, 968 Hui Jing Lee, 1964
Gowtham Nagaraju, 757 Hui Peng, 256
Gradi Adriandi, 1620, 2913 Hui Ying Khaw, 2447
Guizi Chen, 1219 Huixian Huang, 2483
Guo Zhongyi, 366, 1054 Huiying Hu, 133
Guohua Zhai, 1598 Humaira Nisar, 2693, 3069
Hung-Yi Chen, 787
Hadhrami Ab Ghani, 875 Hussapong Kitidet, 1766
Hafizal Yahaya, 2383 Huzein Fahmi Hawari, 1016
Hai Hiung Lo, 2462 Hwajung Seo, 145
Haiyan Shu, 49, 2353, 3095
Hajar Jaafar, 2933 I Gusti Satriyadi, 78
Hajime Miyauchi, 2996 I Made Yulistya Negara, 78
Hakim Najeeb-ud-din Shah, 2494 I-Ming Chen, 1109
Han Wang, 793, 2017 Ian Christian B. Fernandez, 1538
Hanif Jifri, 998 Ian Fernandes, 2805
Hannah Sofian, 2839 Ibrahima Faye, 2753
Hao Tian, 1931 Ihsan M. Yassin, 2712
Hao-Hsueh Yang, 1010 Ijaz Qureshi, 941
Hareesh Yada, 2536, 3006 Imtiaj Khan, 1666
Hariharan Kaluvan, 2658 Indra Gandhi, 1207
Hariharan Ramasangu, 7 Indrajit Chakrabarti, 805
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Indranil Sen Gupta, 207, 2949 Jiongcheng Yan, 1947, 3002

Infall Syafalni, 700 Jiqiang Lu, 145
Intan Azmira, 998 Joel Chia Ming Than, 182, 187, 192, 2839
Inyong Yun, 2204 Johan Zhi Kang Kok, 1109
Irwansyah Irwansyah, 3105 Johannah Crisanta Sarvida, 2759
Isao Nakanishi, 1171 John Anthony Jose, 1327
Isheeka Dasgupta, 2171 John Casper Tambanillo, 2856
Ishtiaque Ahmed Navid, 2600 John Jairus D.P. Eslit, 213
Ishwar Kumawat, 2747 John Matthew Pableo, 2088
John Morris, 1375
J Siva Ramakrishna, 7 John Patrick Agustin, 3135
J. Dheeraj Keshav, 1857 John Paul Cabral, 2571
Jae-Hwan Soh, 297 John Paulo Enriquez, 2554
Jagabandhu Mishra, 1296, 1415 John Richard D Kho, 1880
Jagadanand G, 545 Jomar Carandang, 1315
Jahn Carroll Dimayuga, 1538 Jonathan Caballero, 461
Jahnavi U P, 1812 Jonathan Fortu, 1315
Jaime L Pabilona, 2285 Jonathan Lee, 2526
Jamaluddin Zakaria, 2047 Joo Kooi Tan, 1148
James Lemuel De Castro, 2566 Joon Huang Chuah, 2447
James Wee Jing Tan, 476 Joong-Kyu Kim, 2204
Jamshid Kavanancheri, 1493 Jordan Rel Orillaza, 2182
Jan Karlo Hernandez, 2369 Jose Martin Z Maningo, 1075, 1988, 2307
Jasmin Niguidula, 461 Joseph Aaron Adriano, 2775
Jatindra Kumar Deka, 234 Joseph K. P. Tsoi, 579, 1375
Jattenahalli Rajegowda Harish Kumar, 19, 25 Joshua Jacinto, 3135
Jawad Haqbeen, 935 Joshua Reginal Luzon, 2920
Jawad Shah, 941, 1890 Joy Cortez, 2571
Jay Lohokare, 1503 Joyce Emlyn Guiao, 2526
Jay Nickson Tabing, 1315, 2110, 2793 Joyce Kaliappan, 2093
Jayanand B, 1749 Joydeep Sengupta, 2817
Jayanta Ghosh, 2642, 2926 Joyeeta Singha, 929
Jayanthi Krishnasamy Balasundaram, 2435, 2466 Jubaer Ahmed, 763, 1696
Jayson Mojares, 1315 Julianne Alyson Diaz, 1327
Jecinta Kamau, 1445 Jun Katsuyama, 1969
Jeffrey Ancheta, 723 Jun Wen Wong, 1978
Jennifer Carreon, 2526 Junhan Kim, 1269
Jennifer Dela Cruz, 727, 1481 Justin Mi, 2526
Jeremy Sipin, 2369 Justine Luis Lopez, 505
Jerrin George James, 2258 Jyoti Kashniyal, 393
Jesse Daniel Santos, 1988 Jyoti Prakash Singh, 381, 2743
Jessica Palafox, 2116 Jyotismita Mishra, 1279
Jesus Martinez, 3045 Jyun-Yu Lai, 1593
Jhapat Bahadur Gurung, 1396
Jheanel Estrada, 1520 K. Janchitrapongvej, 1235
Jhoanna Rhodette Pedrasa, 2829, 3135 K. M. A. Salam, 1526
Jia Du, 1451 K. Uday Kumar, 1857
Jia Yi Ho, 1978 Kadannamanna Covilakam Sindhu Thampatty, 1702,
Jian Lorenz Tumang, 2088 2138
Jian-Gang Wang, 321 Kadek Dwi Pradnyana, 1620, 2913
Jian-Jiun Ding, 787, 1010 Kahr-Lile Villegas, 2110
Jiashen Teh, 54, 280 Kaihui Nan, 2156
Jiating Liu, 2483 Kainam Thomas Wong, 1953
Jiayu Wu, 2683 Kalaivani Tarumaraja, 2698
Jie Er Tee, 2979 Kalluri Shareef Babu, 1515
Jie Yang, 256 Kam Pheng Ng, 3074
Jierong Cheng, 1451 Kamalika Datta, 207, 234, 2949
Jindun Dai, 421 Kanagasabai Rajaraman, 2313
Jinesh Kb, 689 Kanami Kurosaki, 1251
Jing Tian, 2399 Kangrong Li, 88
Jingbiao Huang, 375, 2415 Kanungo Barada Mohanty, 1032
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Kanyarat Sriwistiyakun, 2716 Kulbhushan Sharma, 488

Kaoru Fujioka, 2426 Kuldeep Singh, 1544
Kar Wai Fok, 1862 Kumar Gaurav, 2029
Karan Ahuja, 1004 Kumaravel S, 2193
Karl Fabico, 2369 Kumbesan Sandy Sandrasegaran, 3165
Karlo Felipe Molato, 1988 Kun Li, 315
Kashif Nisar, 1839 Kunaljit Chaudhury, 19
Kate Kristian Olasiman, 213 Kunna Wu, 2702
Katsuhiko Wakasugi, 700 Kuntal Dey, 1004
Kaushik Mandal, 1358 Kushsairy Kadir, 941, 1890
Kazi Mozaher Hossein, 2253 Kyairul Azmi Baharin, 2150
Kazuki Yashiro, 1352 Kye Yak See, 88
Kazuma Endo, 957 Kyoji Ohashi, 619, 951
Kazumasa Takami, 2357
Kazunori Mano, 1778 Lahiru De Silva, 3039
Kazunori Uruma, 1509 Lai Ching-Ming, 54, 280
Keigo Katagiri, 2177 Laila Ahmed, 2576
Keiji Wada, 2177 Lalit Manam, 2231
Ken Goldberg, 2526 Lander Pecdasen, 828
Ken Seo, 619 Lany Maceda, 723
Keng-Teck Ma, 2093 Larry Vea, 1520, 1880
Kenji Hisazumi, 769 Lavanya N, 309
Kenta Kambe, 1171 Lay Ying Ang, 3069
Lee Kee Goh, 2268
Kenta Nezu, 619
Lee Wai Chong, 1069
Kenya Izumi, 1509
Lendl Sam Damasco, 2554
Ketan Detroja, 597
Leong Yuhao, 2462
Kevin Puzon, 2369
Les Cottrell, 645
Kevin W Sowerby, 624
Levi Klein Marifosque, 2116
Keyu Wu, 793, 2017
Li Hong Ma, 354, 2399
Kh. Manglem Singh, 1499
Li Zhang, 822, 1942
Khalid Abidi, 2979
Lih-Jen Kau, 1646
Khalid Saifullah, 1761
Lili Ruhyana, 2916
Khang-Siang Wong, 1817
Lin Zhang, 375, 2415, 3090
Kharisma Bani Adam, 2996
Liu Xiang, 1721
Khosru Salim, 262
Liza A. Latiff, 2297
Khuan Y Lee, 1657, 2880
Lloyd Charles Landicho, 1481
Khumanthem Singh, 2823
Loitongbam Gyanendro Singh, 1790
Ki-Young Choi, 60 Lorenzo Martin Manalac, 443
Kiasatina Azmi, 2588 Louis Alarcon, 203, 500, 505
Kier Joshua Dimaunahan, 2793 Louis Alarcn, 213, 443, 1538, 2116, 2961
Kimihiro Yamanaka, 1676 Lu Li, 1054
Kiran Bhandarkar, 1427 Luis Fernando DHaro, 455, 1806
Kiruthika P, 2466 Luo Bin, 1610
Kishor Thakre, 1032 Luying Zhou, 2061
Kj Dhanaraj, 689 Lyka Pascual, 828
Kode Rajiv, 350
Koichiro Mashiko, 1868 M Ramamoorty, 309
Koji Hata, 1733 M Robaiah, 2337
Koki Hasegawa, 1352 M Sabarimalai Manikandan, 369, 1475, 1629, 2531
Koon Chun Lai, 2693 M Venu Gopala Rao, 992, 1337, 2472
Koushick Mathur, 695 Maddela Chinna Obaiah, 1131
Koushlendra Kumar Singh, 2889 Madhav J. Nigam, 139, 2056
Kresna Devara, 2913 Madhuri Chaudhari, 2548
Krishna Chaitanya Deekshit Kompella, 2472 Madhusudan Singh, 1415, 2733
Krishna Dutta, 1296 Madiah Binti Omar, 1902, 1925
Krishna Pratap Singh, 393, 2023 Mahamod Ismail, 2677
Krishnan Chemmangat, 1022 Mahtab Noor Shaan, 2666
Krit Chaiwong, 2716 Majdee Tohtayong, 1890
Kritsada Sunthornwutthikrai, 2247 Makoto Kato, 327
Kshira Sagar Sahoo, 3129 Maliha Noshin, 2600
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Malik Umair, 2003 Meg Noriel Razon, 2554

Malladi Srikanth, 608 Mehdi Hasan, 170
Mallapu Vijayakumar, 1737 Meishin Chin, 957
Mamiko Inamori, 219, 1579 Mel-Jie Bentz del Mundo, 500
Manik Dautta, 2132 Melannie Mendoza, 2088, 2566, 2571
Manik Lal Das, 1409 Meldrick Abella, 828
Manikandan J, 1427 Mervin Desengao, 2793
Manikant Kumar, 1279 Michael J Neve, 624
Manimegalai Balakrishnan, 2658 Michael Molton, 133
Manish Bajpai, 2889 Michael Pacis, 2347, 3018
Manish Paul, 1421 Micheal Drieberg, 2462
Manish Prajapati, 88 Michio Yasuda, 127
Manjunath Mulimani, 1812 Miguel Carlo Purisima, 2920
Manolito Octaviano, Jr., 1853, 2856 Mike Eklund, 1635
Manuel Ligeralde, 1327 Min Chim Lim, 639
Maragatham G, 781 Mir Sayed Shah Danish, 2144
Marc Derik Lopez, 505 Mirza Sarwar Kamal, 1526
Marc Jefferson Huab, 203 Mitsue Imahori, 1907
Marc Rosales, 203, 213, 443, 500, 505, 1538, 2116, 2961 Mitsuhiro Ogawa, 1251
Margarette Toledo, 2759 Mitsuki Sagara, 2144
Maria Theresa de Leon, 203, 213, 443, 500, 505, 1538, Mitsunobu Homma, 1843
2116, 2961 Mitsuru Shinagawa, 619, 951, 957, 1969
Marilou N Jamis, 828 Moakala Tzudir, 1795
Mariya Celin Thekekara Antony, 1784 Mochammad Wahyudi, 78
Mark Angelo Purio, 2554, 2582 Mohamad Kamarol Mohd Jamil, 105, 2588
Mark Arvie Aguinaga, 2793 Mohamad Radzi Ahmad, 1016
Mark Rice, 2093 Mohamad Rusop, 2337
Marta Bagatin, 494 Mohamed Shaaban, 2319
Mara Teresa Gonzlez Aparicio, 2765 Mohamed Shuaib Mohamed Saheed, 1661
Masaaki Fukuhara, 1042 Mohammad Abdul Motalab, 2787
Masafumi Miyatake, 1433 Mohammad Alryalat, 381
Masahiko Hirokawa, 1103 Mohammad Ariful Haque, 2132
Masahiro Ueno, 957 Mohammad Arifuzzaman, 935
Masahiro Yada, 1969 Mohammad Haizad Mohd Tarik, 1902, 1925
Masanori Homma, 706 Mohammad Ismail Hossain, 1445
Masatoshi Uno, 573, 1058, 1097, 1115, 1352 Mohammad Rezaul Bari, 1526
Masaya Yamamoto, 573, 1058 Mohammad Sakib Mahmood, 1231
Masayoshi Aritsugi, 449 Mohammad Tanvirul Ferdaous, 1761
Masharul Mahfuz, 678 Mohammed A. Al-Sharafi, 986
Mashkuri Yaacob, 1890 Mohammed Ahmed Magzoub Albashier, 875, 2209
Matthew De Vera, 2116 Mohammed Ayoub Juman, 1048
Matthew Phillip Go, 471 Mohammed Bennamoun, 133
Maulana Yusuf Fathany, 1304 Mohd Abdul Talib Mat Yusoh, 739
Md Najmul Hussain, 1381 Mohd Azri Mohd Izhar, 2297
Md Pauzi Abdullah, 2319 Mohd Fadzli Mohd Salleh, 2047, 2576
Md Sohel Mahmood, 1231 Mohd Faizal Mohd Hamzah, 906
Md Tahmid Rashid, 1381 Mohd Faris Abdullah, 1902, 1925
Md Tauhidul Islam, 2666 Mohd Hanif Yaacob, 1957
Md. Abdullah Al Hysam, 1761 Mohd Hilmi Zakaria, 1657
Md. Abdullah-Al- Kaiser, 1680, 2637 Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai, 1651
Md. Alam, 1847 Mohd Mansoor Khan, 2604
Md. Gholam Rosul, 1369 Mohd Nabil Muhtazaruddin, 2099, 2297
Md. Imrul Hasan, 2132 Mohd Nizam Mohmad Kahar, 2862
MD. Mahmudul Alam Nirjhor, 883 Mohd. Adzir b. Mahdi, 1957
Md. Rahatul Islam Udoy, 1364 Mohd. Samar Ansari, 510, 1309, 2955, 2967
Md. Saiful Islam Sazib, 883 Mohit Mittal, 2868
Md. Shakhawat Hossain, 678 Mon Mon The, 2072
Md. Tanvir Shahed, 1364 Monalisa Pattnaik, 1279
Md. Zihad Ul Haque, 1761 Monica Subashini, 1207
Meenakshi Awasthi, 2056 Monika Rani, 2441, 2868
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Mousum Handique, 234 Nishshanka Bandara Narampanawe, 88

Mridula. K. M., 2041 Nithin Raj, 545
Mrinmoy Sarkar, 223 Nitin Singh Rajput, 1263
Mudrik Alaydrus, 1142, 2916 Nitish Patel, 522, 579, 1375, 2990
Muhammad Aizat Abdul Wahit, 3080 Nitisha Shrivastava, 2973
Muhammad Aslam Mahmud, 2337 Noble Jose, 1624
Muhammad Bilal, 941 Nobuaki Hiranaka, 1733
Muhammad Hanis Omar, 2858 Noor Asnida Asli, 2337
Muhammad Quisar Lokman, 2383 Noor Hafizzatul Izzah Mat Harun, 2510
Muhammad Ramadan Bin Mohamad Saifuddin, 1457, Noor S Othman, 2937
1919 Nor Asiah Muhamad, 82, 2588
Muhammad Saad Bin Ubaid, 2003 Nor Hamizah Miswan, 998
Muhammad Saleem, 1913 Nora Nurhairul Mohd Ramlan, 2880
Muhammad Usman Butt, 579, 1375 Nordinah Ismail, 1868
Muhammed Anees V, 1493 Norihiko Shinomiya, 1843, 1907
Mun Thye Mak, 639 Norliza Mohamed, 2297
Muneendra Ojha, 2023 Norliza Mohd Noor, 182, 187, 192, 906, 1153, 2099,
Murali Bosukonda, 591 2500, 2839
Muralidhar Nayak Bhukya, 1743 Norshakirah Aziz, 2765
Musa Mohd Mokji, 1391 Norulhusna Ahmad, 2297
Musa Yusup Lada, 2150 Nove Ellema, 2856
Musaddeque Syed, 2654 Nozomi Shibata, 1579
Musse Mohamud Ahmed, Dr, 1890 Nur Ain Jamil, 1391
Mustafa Chowdhury, 2393 Nur Akmar Jamil, 1973, 2698
Mustafa Kaiiali, 645 Nur Farah Elya, 3080
Nur Hainani Othman, 2880
N Kumutha, 2658 Nur Izzati Zolkifri, 2150
N Nasimuddin, 2374, 2378 Nur Munirah Safiay, 2337
N v s n Sarma, 415 Nur Shahida Midi, 1890
Nabilah Ibrahim, 2510 Nur Shazilah Aziz, 2510
Nadhiya Liyana Mohd Kamal, 624 Nur Syafikah Samsudin, 1778
Naebboon Hoonchareon, 1936 Nur Syazreen Ahmad, 1997
Nagaraj Adiga, 1790 Nuraiza Ismail, 2933
Nagarajan T, 1784 Nuren Abedin, 1445
Namita Kale, 974 Nurin Nadzrah, 105
Naoto Tachibana, 563 Nurul Aini Bani, 2099, 2297
Naoyuki Ishibashi, 1103 Nurul Atiqah Baharudin, 1957, 1961
Naquid Khalili, 1201 Nurun Najah Abdul Rahim, 82
Narayanan Venkateswaran, 895 Nuzhat Nawshin, 2393
Naresh B, 1737
Nariyoshi Yamai, 2273 O Chandra Sekhar, 309
Narumi Sekine, 951 Odrika Iqbal, 1369
Nasreen Badruddin, 2560 Oludamilare Adewuyi, 2144, 2198
Natchanan Kesorn, 1469 Om Prakash Singh, 2632
Nathaniel Oco, 723, 2409, 2526 Om Prakash Vyas, 2441
Natsuki Imanishi, 563 Omar Dakkak, 662
Nazrul Khan, 1635 Omar Mohd Rijal, 182, 187, 192, 906
Neerakorn Jarutus, 551 Omkar S Powar, 1022
Nelidya Md. Yusoff, 2500 Ong Beng Tai, 1708
Nestor Michael C. Tiglao, 3117 Osamu Mikami, 1957, 1961, 2383
Ngoc-Tan Nguyen, 3165 Osamu Mitomi, 1961
Nicco Nocon, 471 Ovishek Morshed, 1666
Niranjana Krupa, 1321
Nirmal Nair, 522 P Soni Reddy, 1358
Nirmala K, 2331 P Thirumoorthi, 2850
Nirmala Madian, 2435, 2466 P Vijayalakshmi, 1784
Nirmala Soren, 2488 P. Bijwe, 2188
Niroshani Ranaweera, 2620 P. Susthitha Menon, 1973, 2301, 2698
Nischal Ramesh, 1121 Pabitra Mohan Khilar, 2456, 2687
Nishant Bilakanti, 1433 Padmaja K v, 1332
Nishith Kotak, 111 Palaniappan Mirunalini, 1290
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Palanisamy P, 1404 Pronit Ghosal, 3084

Palukuru Nagendra, 2894, 2905 Pruthvi Raj, Myakala, 2799
Palungbam Chanu, 2823 Pushpendu Kar, 403
Panca Pamungkasari, 153
Pankaj Pratap Singh, 2722 Qian Chen, 158, 164
Pansilu Pitigalaarachchi, 2620 Qian Yang, 2156
Parthiban Perumal, 673, 1195 Qiao Wang, 256
Pasan Gunawardena, 2727 Qinghua Huang, 375, 2415, 3090
Patrick Sebastian, 2462 Qinyuan Ren, 3074
Pattarajit Chitkornkitsil, 2273 Quazi Khosru, 1680
Paul Vincent Alpao, 2829 Quoc Tuan Nguyen, 3165
Pavan Chakraborty, 2023
Peerada Suppiyatrakoon, 2273 R T Naayagi, 1919, 2708
R. Nuwanthika Sandeepani Rajapaksha, 2620
Pei-Wen Hsiao, 668
R. Pandeeswari, 2363
Peng Hui Tan, 845, 3051
R.Pandeeswari, 1606
Peng Zhang, 3051
Rabi Narayan Mishra, 1032
Perumal Nallagownden, 1715
Rabindra K. Barik, 2817
Peter Green, 35, 630, 2268
Rabindra Kishore Mishra, 1602
Phrangboklang L Thangkhiew, 207
Rabindranath Nandi-, 695
Phunuma Mazumdar, 2478
Rabul Laskar, 929, 1165, 2214, 2231
Phuripat Akarasiriwong, 2279
Rachanart Soontornvorn, 1235
Pimolrat Ounsrimuang, 2662
Rachel Edita Roxas, 723, 2409, 2526, 2856
Pinapilli Ramesh, 585
Radha Ramanan T, 833, 1573
Pisitpol Chirapongsananurak, 1936
Radhakrishnan Sujana, 1290
Piyush Kumar, 1239
Rae-Young Kim, 60, 297, 1913
Piyush Sinha, 1064
Rafael E. Banchs, 455, 1806
Piyush Verma, 522 Rafael G. Maramba, 2347
Polly Thomas, 245 Rafael M Pangilinan, 1538
Poonam Singh, 3141 Rafael Mari de la Costa, 2961
Prabhakar Karthikeyan, 245, 992 Rafiqul Islam Maruf, 1445
Prabhakar Karthikeyan Shanmugam, 1337 Rafiqul Maruf, 170, 2253
Prabhat Kumar, 381 Raghavendra Reddy Karasani, 557
Prabhu Shankar Mahendran, 321 Raheni Td, 2850
Prabir Ranjan Kasari, 1421, 1550 Rahimi Baharom, 2712
Prachi Palsodkar, 1343 Rahmat Muttaqin, 1273, 1304
Pradeep Kumar, 1661 Rahul Banerjee, 1263
Pradeep Nagar, 393 Rahul Gharpinde, 207
Pradip Tilala, 1409 Raj Debnath, 2488
Pradyut Kumar Biswal, 1568 Rajani Jampala, 25
Pragya Varshney, 2973 Rajani N, 2811
Pramod Kumar Meher, 684 Rajasekar Mohan, 1583
Pramod Kumar Singh, 467 Rajasekar Natarajan, 1064, 1433
Pranab Dutta, 1037 Rajasree Nalumachu, 2799
Pranab K. Dutta, 805 Rajat Bhai, 393
Prangya Parimita Pradhan, 540, 1285 Rajeev Kumar, 1772
Prasanna Kumar Sahu, 1602, 2220 Rajeev Tripathi, 2817
Prasanna Palsodkar, 1343 Rajeshwari B, 1225
Prashant Kushwaha, 839 Rajib Kar, 963, 1181, 3123
Prashant Shukla, 1588 Rajkumar Dhar, 2787
Pratap Ranjan Mohanty, 268, 980 Rajnish Sharma, 488
Pratik Kumar Kar, 303 Rajprasad Kumar Rajkumar, 1048, 1069
Pratik Shah, 1874 Rakesh Ranjan, 2405
Pratima Murthy, 1321 Rakesh Ranjan Swain, 2456
Pravin Bhaskar Ramteke, 2844 Rakibul Islam Chowdhury, 2648
Preetisudha Meher, 229, 1037 Rakshith Vishwanatha, 1321
Premananda Panigrahi, 274 Ram Karsh, 1834, 2214, 2488
Prithwijit Guha, 2388 Ram Narayan, 2193
Priyanka Gangwar, 3034 Raman Jee, 2733
Priyankoo Sarmah, 1795, 2478 Ramesh Kumar Sonkar, 2604
Proadpran Punyabukkana, 2077 Ramesh Sankaranarayana, 2504
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Ramon Cisco Fullante, 482 Rozita Jailani, 1463

Ramon Garcia, 1481 Ruchi Kukde, 369
Ramon L. Rodriguez, 2856 Ruchi Varma, 2642, 2926
Ranjana Vyas, 2441 Rudzidatul Dziyauddin, 2297
Raspreet Singh, 1772 Ruelle Yutuc, 2961
Ratishchandra Huidrom, 1499 Ruidong Tang, 354
Ratnajit Bhattacharjee, 851 Ruowu Wu, 1054
Ratnakar Dash, 13, 3129 Ruzaini Abdullah Arshah, 986
Ratul Paul, 2787 Ryan Albert Antonio, 2961
Ravi Kishore Kodali, 415, 712 Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, 799, 1075, 2307
Ravi Kumar Maddila, 1309, 2451, 2747, 2967 Ryan Richard H. Guadaa, 2759
Ravi Tiwari, 1828 Ryo Hase, 1907
Ray Gerson Siasat, 2566 Ryota Kato, 619
Reagan Galvez, 2307 Ryu Tanabe, 66, 918
Regina Alyssa Esguerra, 387 Ryuto Shigenobu, 2144, 2198
Regina Jazel R. Pablo, 2582
Regina Lionnie, 1142, 2916 S Adithya, 467
Reiichiro Christian Nakano, 2307 S D Madhu Kumar, 651, 833, 1573
Rene Josiah M. Quinto, 3117 S n Singh, 3034
S. Chang, 3063
Renjie Li, 421
S. Mohamed Mansoor Roomi, 781
Reshul Dani, 1503
S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna, 1790, 1795, 2388, 2478
Retheep Raj, 1624
S. s. Thakur, 1245
Reuben James Austria, 2110
Saad Kashem, 763, 1696
Revan P, 1386
Sachin Chaudhary, 1201
Revie Marthensa, 1273
Sachin Kumar Jain, 2874
Rhen Anjerome Bedruz, 1075, 1081
Sachin Naik, 1121
Ribhan Zafira Abdul Rahman, 3080
Sadanand Yadav, 2817
Richa Awasthy, 2504
Sahbudin Shaari, 2698
Richard Jones, 2504
Sahnius Usman, 2099
Richard Xiong Jun Wei, 1806
Sai Manoj Prakhya, 315
Rico Jossel M Maestro, 203, 443, 500, 1538, 2116 Said Attamimi, 1142
Rija Hasan, 1347, 2226 Saifollah Abdullah, 2337
Rijil Ramchand, 2594 Saikat Chakrabarti, 534, 3034
Rina Abdullah, 2933 Saima Zahin, 1369
Ripudaman Singh, 398 Sakib Faisal, 2342
Riri Fitri Sari, 863 Sakif Asif, 1761
Rishabh Bansal, 2609 Sakshi Garg, 494
Rishabh Trivedi, 1772 Salifairus Mohammad Jafar, 2337
Rishti Hossain, 2615 Saly George, 545
Ritesh Khanna, 1396 Sambhudutta Nanda, 1602
Ritu Raj, 591 Samee Azad, 1
Rizal Broer Bahaweres, 1142 Sameer Saheerudeen Mohammed, 3084
Robert Adrian Pajado, 2961 Sameera Sagheer, 176
Robert Kerwin Billones, 2542 Samia Subrina, 1364, 2600
Robert Martin C Santiago, 2542, 2672 Sampa Sahoo, 3129
Robert Wille, 2949 Samson Shih, 2702
Rogelio Bersano, Jr., 3018 Sanasam Ranbir Singh, 1790
Rohan Mukherjee, 805 Sanchai Dechanupaprittha, 1469
Rohit Sinha, 2632, 2884 Sandeep Khandai, 2874
Rohiza Ahmad, 2765 Sandip Ghosh, 751, 1137
Rony Seto Wibowo, 1885 Saniat Choudhury, 2393
Roohie Naaz, 2494 Sanjay Dhar Roy, 869, 963
Roozbeh Falah Ramezani, 1593 Sanjay Kumar Bose, 398, 851
Rosdiadee Nordin, 2677 Sanjeet Kumar Subudhi, 240
Rosdiazli Ibrahim, 1902, 1925 Santhosh Kumar G, 1493
Roshahliza M. Ramli, 2677 Santosh Biswas, 234
Roshni Ajayghosh, 3159 Santosh kumar Maddugari, 557
Rosminah Kassim, 182, 187, 192 Santoshinee Mohapatra, 2687
Rosmiwati Mohd-Mokhtar, 1997 Sapna Ghimiray, 1037
Rowel O Atienza, 2829, 3117 Sarat Kumar Patra, 2291, 3141
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Sarattha Kanchanapreechakorn, 901 Shishir Kopulwar, 712

Sarwar Ahmed, 2342 Shitala Prasad, 1175, 2722
Sasithradevi Anbalagan, 781 Shivam Sharma, 1556, 2799, 3111
Saswati Rabha, 2478 Shiwei Wang, 31
Sateesh Adepu, 2536, 3006 Sho Harada, 1839
Sateesh Kumar Peddoju, 1175 Shota Kuroda, 563
Sateesh Reddy Avutu, 2127 Shota Nakagawa, 2177
Satoshi Tsuji, 2012 Shrestha Mohanty, 2526
Satyajit Mojumder, 2787 Shri Ram Vaishya, 3028
Satyanarayana Vanapalli, 1337 Shrishail M Hiremath, 2291
Satyasai Jagannath Nanda, 2451, 2747 Shubham Khandelwal, 597
Saumik Bhattacharya, 2029 Shudong Liu, 3051
Saumya Hegde, 3159 Shugang Wei, 2122
Saurav Das, 262 Shuib Basri, 2765
Saurav Gupta, 1399 Shuji Tsukiyama, 40
Savitha Ramasamy, 2313 Shunsuke Akahori, 1992
Sayantari Ghosh, 2029 Shunsuke Ohashi, 563, 3024
Sayeed Shafayet Chowdhury, 2648 Shuqiao Guo, 639
Scott Abecrombie, 2984 Shyamasundar Padhi, 1285
Seema Ghisingh, 1556 Siddharth Deshmukh, 1828
Seema Nagar, 1004 Sidharth Sabyasachi, 557
Seemanti Saha, 2051 Siew Mei Gan, 1973, 2698
Seetharani Murugaiyan Jaisakthi, 1290 Siew Weng Leong, 1610
Seiji Ishikawa, 1148 Simon Joseph Plata, 2369
Seiji Toyoda, 957 Simone Gerardin, 494
Seiya Otsuka, 1251 Simran Sachi, 19
Sequoia Beckman, 2526 Siravit Chotivatunyu, 2279
Seshadhri Srinivasan, 2868 Siravitch Chaiyasart, 2279
Setnipat Kriangsakdachai, 2247 Siti Anom Ahmad, 3080
Shafeeque Ahmed, 992 Siti Armiza Mohd Aris, 2099, 2297
Shahin A, 2594 Siti Yusoff, 1890
Shahmini Subramaniam, 45 Siti Zura A. Jalil, 2099, 2297, 2858
Shahrudin Awang Nor, 662 Siu Hong Loh, 2693
Shaik Rafi Ahamed, 433 Siva Priya Thiagarajah, 2301
Shaikh Anowarul Fattah, 1, 1300, 1369, 2626, 2637, 2648, Sivanandan K. s, 1624
2666 Siwakorn Pongchandaj, 2247
Shajat Hassan, 2642 Sobhan Kanti Dhara, 360
Shajnush Amir, 1526 Soichiro Takaki, 1148
Shanidul Hoque, 1834 Soma Kumawat, 2451
Sharif Mohammad Mominuzzaman, 1666 Somkiat Wangsiripitak, 117
Shasa Salsabila, 2739 Somnath Chandra, 2733
Shashank R, 1583 Somnath Maity, 240, 274
Shashibhushan Sharma, 869 Son Dang, 1733
Shashidhar G. Koolagudi, 1812, 2805, 2844, 3159 Sonali Agarwal, 1857
Shayak Sadhu, 2743 Sonam Shrivastava, 745
Shayne Flint, 2504 Songhita Misra, 1165
Sheikh Ifatur Rahman, 2342 Sonia Das, 3099
Shekhar Verma, 1588, 2023 Sooriya Bandara Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage, 88
Shenghai Yuan, 793 Soumya Ranjan Mahapatro, 1137
Shermaine Sy, 2834 Soung Yue Liew, 657, 945
Sheroz Khan, 941, 1890 Sourav Saha, 2787
Shibendu Mahata, 963, 1181, 3123 Sowmya Lakshminarayanan, 3084
Shigemi Ishida, 769 Soya Nakano, 1676, 1685
Shigeru Takayama, 706 Sreekumar Nair, 2258
Shikha Baghel, 2388 Sreekumar Parameswaran, 833
Shili Xiang, 639 Sreethul Das, 2171
Shin-Won Kang, 297 Sridevi Gugulothu, 1670
Shinichi Iwamoto, 66, 99, 918 Sridhar Harsha, 19, 25
Shinji Higa, 40 Srikanth Raj Chetupalli, 1800
Shinnya Kawai, 327 Srimanta Baishya, 1834
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Srinivas Bhaskar Karanki, 303 Tai Wen Chang, 3074

Srinivasa Rao Rayapudi, 2472 Taisuke Kawamata, 123
Srisupa Palakvangsa Na Ayudhya, 811, 2247 Takafumi Ogawa, 957
Subaha Mahmuda, 1614 Takaharu Kouda, 2012
Subhasis Bhakta, 2488 Takahiro Watanabe, 421, 427
Subhransu Das, 403 Takako Akakura, 123
Subrahmanyam Murala, 1201 Takanobu Otsuka, 935
Suchada Kamworapan, 718 Takanori Kurano, 1042
Sudarshan Tiwari, 2817 Takanori Matsuzaki, 1868
Sudhansu Kumar Samal, 751 Takashi Okuda, 2035
Sudheer Vinnakoti, 250 Takato Otani, 918
Sudhir Kumar, 2817 Takayuki Ito, 935
Sudhish N George, 176 Takehiro Maruoka, 1171
Sudsanguan Ngamsuriyaroj, 811 Takeyoshi Nakano, 706
Suhaidi Hassan, 645, 2421, 3153 Takuya Mizushima, 1103
Suhaimi Latif, 1847 Tamanna Tasnim, 2787
Sujit Karmakar, 93 Tamiru Alemu, 197
Sukadev Meher, 3099 Tan Chong Yeam, 1868
Suki Arif, 3153 Tan Teik Boon Tan, 945
Suksmandhira Harimurti, 1273, 1304 Tanima Tasmin Chowdhury, 2626, 2648
Sukumar Mishra, 2165, 2900 Tanvir Islam Dhrubo, 2342
Sulaiman Wadi Harun, 2383 Tanvir Khan, 2253
Suman Kumar Saha, 963, 1181, 3123 Tao Xi, 2017
Sumei Sun, 845, 3051 Tasleem Khan, 433
Sumiaty Ambran, 1957, 1961 Tat-Chee Wan, 1817
Sumit Kundu, 869 Tatsuki Okamoto, 1690
Sumitra Basu Thakur, 2516 Teh Peh Chiong, 2693
Sundararaju Karuppannan, 1439 Terence O Donnell, 2193
Sunil Kumar Singh, 381 Teruaki Kitasuka, 449
Sunil Kumar T. K, 1487 Teruhiko Kohama, 2012
Sunita Agarwala, 2516 Thilina Ambagahawaththa, 291
Supakit Nootyaskool, 2662 Thillainathan Logenthiran, 1189, 1457, 1919, 2979
Supratim Gupta, 2220 Thippur V. Sreenivas, 1800
Suraj Saw, 229 Thyagarajah K, 2435
Surajeet Ghosh, 1532 Tian-Bo Deng, 879
Suraya Mohamad, 2839 Tieyuan Pan, 427
Suresh K. Damodaran, 1487 Tingyu Zhou, 427
Suresh Padmanabhan, 1027 Tiong Teck Teo, 1189, 1457, 2979
Susamay Samanta, 1358 Tomoki Nakao, 1509
Susant Kumar Panigrahi, 2220 Tomoki Nomoto, 3024
Sushree Satvatee Swain, 1640 Tomomi Sadakawa, 66
Susmita Das, 745 Tomonobu Senjyu, 1213, 1733, 2144, 2198
Susumu Oda, 327 Tomoya Naoe, 1969
Suthasinee Lertviriyasawat, 2273 Tomoyo Nakai, 3024
Sutthimat Mueangngoen, 1257 Toru Nakane, 1115
Suvamoy Changder, 895 Toshihiro Furukawa, 1509
Suziana Omar, 2933 Toshihisa Funabashi, 1213, 1733, 2144
Swapan Bhattacharya, 3159 Toshiki Ohmori, 1579
Swarnendu Chakraborty, 229 Toshiki Shinohara, 1115
Syafiq Shaharizal, 1016 Toshiki Ueda, 2083, 2521
Syed Afaq Ali Shah, 133 Trilochan Penthia, 268, 980
Syed Faraz Hasan, 614 Trio Adiono, 1273, 1304
Syed Muhammad Ghazanfar Monir, 1347, 2226 Tripta Sharan, 2051
Syed Naveen Altaf Ahmed, 634, 684, 2268 Trishia Mae S. Ituralde, 2582
Syed Samiullah Mashrur, 883 Truong Hoang Khoa, 1715
Syed Shan e Raza Jaffry, 614 Tsutomu Sasao, 700
Syifaul Fuada, 1273, 1304 Tsuyoshi Usagawa, 2072, 3105

Tadahiko Kimoto, 912 Udari De Alwis, 2620

Tadashi Sakamoto, 957 Uma Syamkumar, 1749
Tahamina Begum, 2560 Umesh S Bhadade, 974
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Umesh Sahu, 333 Wei Ting Chai, 945

Upendra Sahoo, 1399, 3099 Wei Xiong, 1451
Usamah Mat, 739 Wei-Tsong Lee, 668
Usman Ullah Sheikh, 1391 Wei-Yen Cheng, 1646
Wei-Yun Yau, 2104
V. Sambasiva Rao, 1427 Weidong Xiao, 567
Vance Anthony Coronel, 443 Weisi Lin, 315
Vandana Kumari, 2889 Wen Shan Tan, 2319
Vantung Phan, 1457 Wen Yao Koh, 1978
Vanvisa Chutchavong, 1235 Wen-Yaw Chung, 482, 1593
Varun Kumar, 3141 Wenchao Gao, 2104, 3074
Vasaka Visoottiviseth, 2273, 2279 Wenjiang Wang, 1610
Vaskar Sarkar, 3028 Wenliang Liu, 256
Vedamurthachar A, 1321 Wenxian Yang, 528
Vedprakash M, 1201 Wenyu Chen, 1451
Veena Divya Krishnappa, 1386 Wenyu Jiang, 49
Veena K, 1225 Wesley Kaiser Lim, 2961
Veena Manikuttan, 245 Wilbert Jethro Limjoco, 3135
Venkata Rao Tavanam, 3147 Wilson Tan, 387
Venkata Reddy Kota, 250, 1743 Woan Ning Lim, 2236, 2262
Venkateswara reddy Bheemireddy, 2127 Wongsatorn Saelao, 117
Venu Madhav Gopala, 516 Worapan Kusakunniran, 901
Victor Pomponiu, 1862
Vidya M J, 1332 Xiang Gui, 614
Vidya Pai, 2844 Xiangwu Yan, 285
Vijanth Sagayan Asirvadam, 2560 Xianming Qing, 2374, 2378
Vijay Borghate, 557, 2548 Xiaoe Wang, 2399
Vijay Kumar, 602, 2056 Xiaohui Qin, 1931
Vinay Kumar, 2817 Xiaoming Peng, 158, 164
Vinay Kumar Mittal, 1556, 1562, 2799, 3111 Xin Jiang, 421
Vinaya Sagar Kommukuri, 1032 Xin Kong, 2702
Vincencius Billy Saputra, 3074 Xingbi Chen, 2683
Vinod Kapse, 1245 Xinyang Han, 2156
Vipin Kumar Sharma, 2955 Xiong Xu, 366, 1054
Vishnu Srinivasa Murthy Yarlagadda, 2805
Vishrut Mishra, 393 Yadaiah Narri, 585, 608, 1737
Vivekanandan Subburaj, 673 Yambem Chanu, 1499
Vivekraj Kupsad, 775 Yasukuni Nagakawa, 99
Vladimir Filaretov, 1984 Yatindra Nath Singh, 2029
Vooi Voon Yap, 668, 3069 Yaw-Wen Kuo, 614
Vrince Vimal, 139 Yawei Yu, 1947
Vrizlynn L. L. Thing, 476, 822, 1862 Ye Sarah, 3051
Vu Van Khoa, 706 Yeap Xin Wei, 197
Vutukuri Yaswanth Kumar, 980 Yeddula Pedda Obulesu, 516
Yee Loo Foo, 1185, 2067
Wah Pheow Tan, 2093 Yee Wan Wong, 1048, 1069
Waheb Abduljabbar Shaif Abdullah, 2677 Yeong Chin Koo, 54
Wahidah Mansor, W., 1657, 2880 Yi Jia Chin, 2262
Wai Lok Woo, 1189, 2979 Yi Lung Then, 763, 1696
Wai Yip Foo, 2236 Yi-Ting Lai, 668
Waiying Guo, 2156 Yih-Cherng Lee, 787, 1010
Wallace Wong, 2325 Yin Huang, 2399
Wan Zharfan Wan Zainal Abiddin, 1463 Ying Qi Neo, 1189
Wasim Arif, 1834 Ying Song, 2353, 3095
Waskita Adijarto, 1273, 1304 Yogish Kamath, 25
Wazhia Yenisey, 2654 Yoichi Utsunomiya, 2035
Wee Boon Koh, 639 Yong Jin Park, 1839
Wee Siong Ng, 639, 1219 Yong Xiao, 315
Wee Yong Lim, 476, 1862 Yonghong Zeng, 634
Wei Ling Koh, 2093 Yoshihiro Shima, 127
Wei Long Alvin Lim, 1457 Yoshikazu Ikeda, 2083, 2521
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Yoshinori Matsumoto, 1969 Yutaro Toyoshima, 619

Yoshiyuki Higashi, 339, 1992, 3063 Yutian Liu, 1931, 1947, 3002
Yota Saito, 573 Yuttana Kumsuwan, 551, 1257, 1766
Young-Bok Lee, 60 Yuzo Sasaki, 957
Yousef Fazea, 2421 Yves Lean Krishner Macayana, 443
Yu Rongshan, 528
Yu-Huei Cheng, 54, 280 Zaid Omar, 1391
Yuan Zeng, 2156 Zainal Arif Burhanudin, 1661
Yuen Chark See, 1153 Zainal Salam, 1696
Yuho Tanaka, 1509 Zaini Abdul Halim, 439
Yuhong Wang, 845 Zeba Eqbal, 2642
Yui Koyanagi, 918 Zhekang Dong, 256
Yuichi Kado, 2177 Zheng-Hao Chong, 1109
Yuki Sato, 951 Zhengguo Li, 2104
Yukihiro Ishihara, 1969 Zhi Ning Chen, 2374, 2378
Yukitoshi Sanada, 153 Zhiwei Yan, 1839
Yumi Nakashima, 127 Zohair Mehtab Ali, 678
Yun-Hsiu Li, 280 Zool H Ismail, 1651
Yusrizal Afif, 78 Zuhaila Mat Yasin, 739
Yusuke Sato, 1097 Zuhairi Baharudin, 1715
Yuta Aihara, 99 Zuraida Khusaimi, 2337
Yuta Mori, 99 Zyrus Galindez, 2582
Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Malaysia, November 5-8, 2017

Gold Sponsor

Silterra Overview

Silterra is a project of strategic national interest to

promote front-end semiconductor manufacturing and a
catalyst for high technology investments in Malaysia. It
was founded in November 1995 as Wafer Technology
Malaysia Sdn Bhd and was renamed as Silterra Malaysia
Sdn Bhd in December 1999.

Silterra broke ground on first manufacturing facility in

Kulim, Malaysia in June 1999 and produced working
silicon in November 2000. Since its inception, Silterra
has served many top-tier global fabless design and
product companies covering the consumer electronics,
communications & computing, and mobile device
market segments.

Silterra offer foundry matched CMOS Logic, Mixed

Signal/RFCMOS, High Voltage, Power, BCDMOS,
MEMS and Specialty technologies, with technology
range from 180nm to 110nm nodes, to serve our global
customers needs. In addition, we provide complete
design solutions and deliver excellent manufacturing
services to enable our customers to shorten design cycle
time and rapidly ramp up their products into volume

Silterra offer two-pronged of technology strategies,

namely Main Stream and More - Than - Moore tech-
nologies, to serve myriad of end market applications in-
cludes IoT, Power MOSFET, Power Management IC,
Display Driver, Finger Print Sensor and other consumer
& communication products.