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ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE ‘Words and Music by PHIL COLLINS Moderately E an? Fim? Fin? ate bref a pany ra g, Bm? Fim? Hi a é aa VERSE ” fitit 1. She calls out_ to the man on the street, See lyrics for verses 2, 3 & 4 (4) “Sir__ can you help_ mp 2 E, Bm? z ae fae a “It's cold— and T've no - where to. sleep,— me?" is there some-where_ you can tell . (© 1989 PsP COLLINS LO. and HIT 8 RUN MUSIC PUBLISHING) LT. Al highs Cotroled an Aaminered by EMI APRL MUSIC ‘Alinignts Reserved International Copyright Secured Used by Permision Ere Dmaj7/FR fm no- ther day for you, E m7 leg! Ho EFA Dmaj7/FR ae ’cos it’s an - oth-er day for you andme in Fim think E/FE tne twice, "cos it's a - Fat (4) Just think a-bout— it E Bm? Think a-bout_ Flo? e Bn? Fim fi Ht To Coda @ (8) Think a- bout it. is there no-thing more a-ny-bo-dy can do, E A ee bat tial there must be something you can say. ___ Di.alCoda CODA Bm? ee a It’sjust an - oth-er day for Fim? rE Bm7 He fa It’s just an - VERSE 2: He walks on, doesn’t look back, He pretends he can’t hear her, Starts to whistle as he crosses the street, Seems embarrased to be there. VERSE 3: She calls out to the man on the street, He can see she’s been crying, ‘She's got blisters on the soles of her feet, She can’t walk, but she's trying. VERSE 4: (#) ‘You can tell from the lines on her face, ‘You can see that she’s been there, Probably been moved on from every place, °Cos she didn’t fit in there