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I am working to this store for seven months now.

I am 27 years old and

a single mom of two kids. Actually, today was the first year since my ex-
husband decide to separate with me. Weve been together for seven
years, but he cheated on me, and sadly, he chooses my friend.
Honestly, when we get separated, were okay. After building our house,
he left us. We didnt fight, he just left and Im okay with it. I just
realized that if he is not happy with me, if hes not okay, Ill just let him
go. I know, everything will fall into its right places.
-Sarah Lavides
While talking to miss Sarah, I realized that even if everything was
a messed, you shouldnt feel down or depressed. You just have to
accept it. Then deal with it. Acceptance is one of the key ahead in life.